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News Comments > id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms

48. Re: id On RAGE Oct 7, 2011, 23:58 Rendris
xXBatmanXx wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 22:34:
Why not make the PC the leading platform - isn't it easier to DUMB DOWN the game than to make it better after it is so shitty for a console?

Makes no sense. Wish I had never bought it.

I won't buy anymore of their games after his statements.

I would say no its not easier to scale down than to scale up. When you make a design decision around a certain performance or system characteristic, the whole design revolves around that. So it would be easier to design for the lesser power system and then scale up than to make a design for a high power system and then try to make it work on something less powerful. Its like trying to make a modern game play on a Pentium 1, the results wont be good.

In this case, the "best" way to approach the console and PC issue is to have two separate engines. One for consoles and one for the PC. This way each can be tailored to fit the system better. But now your talking even more development time, more people, and a lot more money. People can cry "greed" all they want but these games are not cheap to make. You want to reach the biggest audience possible and the consoles have a huge market share. I am not a console fan but its just the way it is right now.

I think the issue here is when they started Rage's development, consoles and the PC were about equal in performance. But obviously PC will always out scale consoles faster.Just a shame really. I have yet to finish the game but I don't feel its as bad as everyone is claiming. Its different.

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News Comments > More on RAGE Tweaking

8. Re: More on RAGE Tweaking Oct 6, 2011, 00:32 Rendris
The game is growing on me. It just took getting a few minor graphics issues worked out and a little getting use too since it is a bit different.

As for the driving, have you upgraded tires or suspension yet? I found with just a set of tires the car became a lot more controllable and the combat became was more fun. Although I do agree steering with the key board sucks.
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News Comments > EVE Online Mea Culpa; Expansion Plans

6. Re: EVE Online Mea Culpa; Expansion Plans Oct 6, 2011, 00:26 Rendris
Before the changes when you were docked at a station you saw your ship floating in the docking bay. You could then use the mouse to spin it around and look at it...ship spinning.

The captain's quarters was suppose to be the first step toward allowing players to walk around in stations and see their characters. Its basically like a hotel room you can walk around in and have access to features like character customization and all that. To see your ship now you have to walk (slowly) out to a catwalk but you can no longer spin the ship.

I thought it was a cool idea but was not too happy with how it turned out.
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News Comments > Unlock RAGE Hi-Rez Textures

27. Re: Unlock RAGE Hi-Rez Textures Oct 5, 2011, 16:35 Rendris
I have an older I7 930 with 6 gig and two GTX260s in SLI. When first playing I had some severe texture pop, screen tearing, and while it looked good the textures were less than stellar. Performance was great though. Have not checked frame rates but was constantly smooth.

Forcing V-sync in the control panel, going to the 8k textures with the config above, and turning on GPU Transcode has made a huge difference. The texture pop is mostly gone except on very quick movements and texture quality has improved dramatically. Especially in the more confined spaces. Looks stunning really and pretty good for an older system I think.
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News Comments > Trion on Free RIFT Transfers

3. Re: Trion on Free RIFT Transfers Jul 5, 2011, 11:51 Rendris
Trion probably designed Rift from the start to allow server changes. Blizzard on the other hand had to make changes to their system to allow it (I have no idea how their system is designed so cant say if it was easy or not). But I think the main reason Blizzard charges for transfers and it had such a long cool-down in the beginning was to keep raiders from jumping around for server and world first kills.  
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