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News Comments > Shadow Warrior Classic Available in Germany
2. Re: Shadow Warrior Classic Available in Germany Nov 10, 2016, 11:05 Badboyquake
the germanz have age restrictions, the index (media not allowed to write about, sale in the open, do promotion openly = which means a index title is commercially dead), and really banned stuff.

after 20 years(?) a title gets deleted from the index, but a publisher need to file a application to test it again (from usk and bpjm), that costs money, i dont know how much that is.

germany had always a strong youth protection system. in very old german version games there are curiosities because of this. sometimes human enemys got green blood, or human enemys where switch into robots, or the story was rewritten.

and theres another speciality, videogames are not defined as art. its forbidden to show nazi symbolica in it, even it plays in that time and the player is a allied hero who fights the wk2 nazis.

anyway. i recommend shadow warrior classic redux, its a good port, actually the best port. there are 2 free older ports. but the commercial port is the way to go. the weird mouse behaviour is more fixed. played it 3-4 years ago with the 2 addons and had fun. for the addons, the start level of each is the best and very detailed. one addon has a airplan map later which is great.

sh classic is hard, every two meters you can die my personal foe are the bees, lol.

This comment was edited on Nov 10, 2016, 11:36.
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News Comments > "Lost" Left 4 Dead Campaign Released
8. Re: L4D1 Nov 7, 2016, 14:19 Badboyquake
my spiter was very good. and death charger is always good for raging  
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News Comments > "Lost" Left 4 Dead Campaign Released
6. Re: make a l4d2 copy Nov 7, 2016, 06:45 Badboyquake
>L4d2 is still buggy. I wish valve wasn't so lazy with the bug/glitch fixes.

thats true, i played 4v4 versus, the bugs were insane, even today. i think its the combination of random factors AND hard bugs that is so frustrating.

still, i love l4d2, even its not playable competitive.
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News Comments > "Lost" Left 4 Dead Campaign Released
3. No subject Nov 6, 2016, 13:05 Badboyquake
this isnt the damit it campaign from before.

ok i played it through. its a sensation for me

very short, some textures are missing. some things could be better if it were a commercial release, but i like the few ideas in it. the foggy fruit plantage, the old cars etc.

i think, no im sure, in the future some mappers will do a l4d2 version, and maybe add some things to it.

im sure this is playable online the next 3 weeks (you find players).

This comment was edited on Nov 6, 2016, 13:13.
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News Comments > QUAKE LIVE Going Standalone; Linux and OS X Support Ending
16. Re: QUAKE LIVE Going Standalone; Linux and OS X Support Ending Nov 10, 2013, 11:45 Badboyquake
have a few things to say after reading the comments.

1. no q3 revival
there is no going back to q3. quakelive is different from quake3 with features and major bugfixes, it feels like a completely other game. i can list 30 major fixes which do a impact. nobody is going back to q3 because these things matters now.

2. no linux/mac client
ttimo is not anymore at id. its just a cost-benefit calculation. Sponge: "currently linux is at 2% and mac is at 4% for quake live. mac and linux is 6% combined and subscribers are a portion of that."

>They weren't really serious about quake live. They never committed significant resources to the project.

maybe true. it was and is a side project. but look at dice with f2p, they go in full power and than leave and give it to 3rd party (heroes, bf2). who wants that.

other arena shooters lacking players. quakelive has the most playerbase of all.

>I did not understand the Quake LIVE experiment at all.

quake series has the most splitted community of all games. goal was to unite, do a forum, fix quake3 because id tech3 is great, fill the gab until quake5 arrives. the experiment works. start to play it!

>I wonder if this move will cause CPMA to gobble up the QL people.

point 1. i admit its a good mode and mod (concept, netcode, ex-arrogant leader). CPM mode failed at the player count. vq3 (baseq3 emulation) in cmpa was played in duel esport 2 years long, but not everybody played it. until quakelive started. CPM mode isnt accepted from mainplayers. the crowd wants a baseq3 equivalent. CPM was and is a elitest cult. which is fine with me btw. cults are funny.

>please remake QuakeWorld Clan Arena! the speed of the original q1 with rocket jumping is the best...

quakelive has a pro-mode for subscribers. if you like quakeworld, just play the original. qw has a small but active scene.

>this will be the first Quake game not to be on Linux.

thats not true, you can play it right now on linux and later with emulation. not everbody thinks like valve, do financial risks and has their amount of money. see point 2.

>Just cancelled by subscription. Used to love it, played on Linux.

if the data in point 2 is right, your one of under 4-5% of the pay players. how can a modern gamer not have a win partition.

>Quake II+ stylings, not Quake. It lost all its soul.

every quake was different. i think that was the attraction, but on the other hand it is the reason for so many split communitys in quake.

>If I was John Carmack I would be off doing other things as well.

carmack still influences id. no expert is needed for that to see. carmack is into tech, not gameplay. his job for the next few games based on id tech 5 is done. as in the past i think he will optimise the code from game to game. it seems he has time left to spare do to other things.

i have a good feeling about the new client. it is needed. yes it saddens me that linux/mac support is gone.

This comment was edited on Nov 10, 2013, 15:29.
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News Comments > Extraction Closed Beta Next Month
2. Re: Extraction Closed Beta Next Month Sep 18, 2013, 03:58 Badboyquake
you heard from the game, they changed name from Dirty Bomb. SD has much to do, they developed a f2p ios game called rad soldiers, roundbased. i played it, its fun. they founded their own publisher which i think is great and so they left the shadow of id software. i think they had the chance to get bethesda as publisher. they also plan 2 different new titles, 1 for pc, 1 for consoles. plus f2p extraction for pc.

well quakewars was based on rtcw/enemy territory with fast and skilled movement. so the movement needed to be fast to make a connection to rtcw/quake. quakewars failed for many reasons i think. too late patches, public server people didnt understand the asyncron gameplay, idtech 4 in multiplayer, rtcw/et players wanted infantery only and hated the vehicles. around 2007 was the time when game followers failed (quakewars, quake 4, unreal3) because the originals (enemy territory, quake 3, ut2k4) were just better and the communitys had built so many things over the years (maps, mods, tools) that a out of box game couldnt have. the followers fought with nearly perfect balanced games driven by the community.

brink suffered from the wrong console gaming design. jittery animations, 2nd fire modus like cod which quake/et players dislike, unprecise feeling, awfull comic graphics.

about extraction, some say it is a follower to rtcw/enemy territory, some say its a cod clone. im not sure if people already played it. splash damage is able to do great things, but its wise after the brink desaster not to get the hopes high. without knowing extraction i bet it wouldnt be a new et/quakewars. i stay open and only judge the result.

This comment was edited on Sep 18, 2013, 04:30.
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News Comments > Rise of the Triad Patch and Free DLC
4. Re: Rise of the Triad Patch and Free DLC Sep 17, 2013, 05:33 Badboyquake
the friday 13th update gives more performance now. interceptor is a little indi studio. the devers made this game in their free time, as i understand. and they kept their word. they spoke of the following features before release: free DLC (done), Mapeditor, DirectX 11 patch. so theres coming more.

im glad there is a nice for oldschool FPS with hard reset, serious sam 3, shadow warrior classic redux, rise of the triad remake, shadow warrior remake (release 26th).

the only thing that makes me sad that often the reviews of big sites are strange to read about oldschool FPS. its like they want every time another COD, and a deep story, or the reviewers have no clue of old gameplay elements. when these reviwers play old games in video specials (wolf3d, doom, quake, duke etc) they just so abysmal bad.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3: BFG Edition
11. Re: It's console Doom 3! Oct 17, 2012, 01:18 Badboyquake
Console is disabled by default in the game, but you can access it by using the following command line in the launch option: +seta com_allowconsole 1

change fov with g_fov XX or +set g_fov XX

some people like the lost missions.

dont forget the doom II addon from nerve "No Rest for the Living". first time for pc, xbox360 players know it. it got the cacoward, a doom mapping community price. i liked it.

This comment was edited on Oct 17, 2012, 01:24.
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News Comments > Doom The Way id Did
6. Re: Doom The Way id Did Dec 12, 2011, 13:19 Badboyquake
nice, doom and quaker players here  
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News Comments > Commercial Nexuiz Remake Next Year
1. Re: Commercial Nexuiz Remake Next Year Dec 12, 2011, 13:09 Badboyquake
Xonotic is the new name of the fan made game. mostly ctf and duel is played. it has some movement alikes (bunnyhopping, aircontrol) as in quake 1 quakeworld, quake 3 mod cpm.

webseite has some video footage.
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News Comments > GSC/S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Statement Monday
46. Re: GSC/S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Statement Monday Dec 11, 2011, 20:14 Badboyquake
sure, fov is important in a (competitive) multiplayer game. its unimportant in a singleplayer game.  
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
2. Re: Steam Top 10 Dec 11, 2011, 20:11 Badboyquake
i have only killing floor. i played it 5 minutes :>  
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News Comments > Doom The Way id Did
1. Re: Doom The Way id Did Dec 11, 2011, 20:09 Badboyquake
i know nobody cares about the old doom. but i tell you all, old games are much better than new ones.

thanks for this news!

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News Comments > BioWare Developing C&C Generals 2 for 2013
21. Re: BioWare Developing C&C Generals 2 for 2013 Dec 11, 2011, 20:07 Badboyquake
c&c4 was totally lame :>  
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News Comments > Epic's Fortnite Announced
15. Re: Epic's Fortnite Announced Dec 11, 2011, 20:05 Badboyquake
im a quaker but i must say UT is original, and very good also. so who cares, quake and UT are both good games.

no clue what epic is doing now. gears is console and i have non. in europe man have pcs. and i dislike 3rd person. so gl and hf with this new game, epic. for sure its a risk.

i hope someday there is a place for a new quake and UT.
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News Comments > Battlefield Bad Company 2 Patch Nears
20. Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Patch Nears Sep 18, 2011, 09:09 Badboyquake
they did indeed enough patches. fixing serverbrowser (running gag), increase performance, weapon nerfs, exploit fixes.

only thing was its like with brink and all new games, the tournament features are missing (bfbc2=no ingame console, proper spec mode, demorecording, a good hud).

the game was a suprise hit for me, i still play it, sometimes i get angry about the millions of camp snipers with cheat radars or a really annoying helicopter.
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News Comments > Gone Gold - RAGE
30. Re: Gone Gold - RAGE Sep 17, 2011, 11:58 Badboyquake
rage and battlefield 3 preorder for me!  
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News Comments > Valve Time Bites L4D2 Cold Stream DLC
4. Re: Valve Time Bites L4D2 Cold Stream DLC Sep 17, 2011, 11:56 Badboyquake
you people what are you talking about. the topic is left 4 dead 2, and valve really rocks to release the old campaigns. and there is more to come: crash course. im glad dead air and blood harvest was recently integrated. im very happy  
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News Comments > Call of Duty: Black Ops Free Weekend
12. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops Free Weekend Jun 2, 2011, 09:47 Badboyquake
im looking forward to this. dont hit me.

its funny that in esport and on lan tournaments cod4 is still played. cod4 online was/is very nice.
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News Comments > Crysis 2 Patch [Updated]
11. Re: Crysis 2 DirectX 11 Patch Jun 2, 2011, 09:44 Badboyquake
hehe, news on bluenews are the fastest, so for blue the dx11 patch just arrived

i like to say hello to all. im new here, heynow, just registered.
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