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News Comments > BF3 Back to Karkand Release Dates
29. Re: BF3 Back to Karkand Release Dates Dec 3, 2011, 13:48 RoTide
I can't wait for Wake Island! I've had so much fun on that map in the past!

That being said, I am a server admin and I probably won't put it in my rotation. Why? I don't feel like having the server die out when, eventually, 50% of the playerbase doesn't have that "expansion".

Map switches to Wake, the normal attrition rate of 15-20% kicks in due to people having IRL stuff to do and then blammo, half the server drops due to not having the map. 70% of the server just emptied and now the rest don't see a point in sticking around. Empty server.

There is that issue, plus just the idea of even going along with their plan of monetizing maps is just.. ughhhhh.. Back in the day this would have been a "point release" and they would have been free, oh, and the release itself wouldn't have cost a dime.
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News Comments > Battlefield 3 Community Town Hall Summit
12. Re: Battlefield 3 Community Town Hall Summit Oct 23, 2011, 18:57 RoTide
Icewind wrote on Oct 23, 2011, 18:41:
Shame this game is exclusive to Origin. I won't support Origin at all.

I see this a lot.

One question for you. Do you really think that having only one digital platform for game purchasing, distribution and management is a good thing, let alone going to stay that way forever?

It was only a matter of time until another company tried to compete with steam, and now it looks like it's starting to happen.

It makes sense and I support it. Especially if they start overlapping on games and you get a choice of who to purchase from (price wars).

Does it suck that you have to run multiple platforms? Sure. But it also sucks that I have to run _one_ as well. Oh, you want access to your friends list? Run the whole client all the time.

I forsee the friends list, etc, being dropped from the main client eventually and everyone returning to AIM, or more likely, a new IM platform.
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News Comments > BF3 Caspian Border Testing; Open Beta Issues
41. Re: BF3 Caspian Border Testing; Open Beta Issues Oct 7, 2011, 22:03 RoTide
Bludd wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 20:54:
Caspian is kinda glitchy, but when you get in some good, glitch-free rounds it is fantastic. Metro? More like Shitro.
Only real glitch I've seen is related to pure server stability (which is the main point of the beta). I have a 50/50 shot of being disconnected before the round ends... Losing all my stats for that round.

Wish they saved periodically. Nothing sucks worse than fighting an awesome battle for an hour just to get DC'd near the end and not even get the "XP" you earned.
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News Comments > BF3 Caspian Border Testing; Open Beta Issues
38. Re: BF3 Caspian Border Testing; Open Beta Issues Oct 7, 2011, 20:07 RoTide
Krovven wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 19:38:
RoTide wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 17:18:
But Beta tests aren't for you to "have fun" in.. No seriously.. They are to _test_ the game or the specific functions they want you to test.

But they are meant to have customizable controls. A large percentage of people cannot even "test" because they can't use their own controls. How exactly are you supposed to "test" the planes and choppers in Caspian when you can't config the joystick?

The BF3 beta is one big giant fail. Guaranteed they have lost many many pre-orders over the state of it. I've decided I'm going to keep my pre-order, just to retain the right to bitch at launch when they fuck it up...and they will fuck it up.

Whatever floats your boat but the fact that you're still willing to give them your money says volumes more than the words you typed.
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News Comments > BF3 Caspian Border Testing; Open Beta Issues
35. Re: BF3 Caspian Border Testing; Open Beta Issues Oct 7, 2011, 17:18 RoTide
necrosis wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 15:29:
JaguarUSF wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 12:07:
necrosis wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 11:02:
How are you to beta test something then you don't have the most up to date code?

The sole purpose of this beta is to test the netcode and servers. That's it.
So if they want us to test netcode and the servers while aggravating us with old assed code that has a TON of other bugs? Yeah, that makes sense.

Honestly, no offense here.. But Beta tests aren't for you to "have fun" in.. No seriously.. They are to _test_ the game or the specific functions they want you to test. In this case it's the netcode and server stability.

If you're not willing to continue testing those portions or at least realizing that's the entire point then your choice is obvious. Stop playing.

To anyone that thinks a Beta is to rank up, relax, and enjoy the game. You're doing it wrong. Sure you _can_ have fun in some betas (this happens to be one I'm having fun with), but that's not the point, at all.
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News Comments > Netflix Renames DVD Rental Service, Adds Video Games
3. Re: Netflix Renames DVD Rental Service, Adds Video Games Sep 19, 2011, 09:39 RoTide
What do you do when you're getting ready to sell off a portion of your business? Entirely separate it. New site (not even connected to the old one), new name, separate billing, etc.

Not too surprising.

Just hope they can do _something_ besides slowly gut their streaming business as well. They just lost Starz and haven't replaced it with anything.
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News Comments > Saturday Metaverse
1. Re: Saturday Metaverse Sep 18, 2011, 09:42 RoTide
Just an FYI on that Subscription-Free HD DVR.

No "subscription" but there is a $99.99 fee to get a 7 day guide. Otherwise you're limited to the channel/guide data the channel itself sends OTA (most don't in my experience).

So it ends up being $500.
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News Comments > Battlefield 3 Operation Guillotine Full Trailer
7. Re: Re: Battlefield 3 Operation Guillotine Full Trailer Sep 17, 2011, 09:33 RoTide
If that were true, why are they showcasing the SP campaign?

I agree that in the Battlefield franchise, there either was _no_ SP or it was extremely limited. Still love flying choppers in DC for 1942.

I just find it suspect that they would showcase the "filler" instead of the actual meat and potatoes.
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News Comments > Battlefield 3 Operation Guillotine Full Trailer
5. Re: Battlefield 3 Operation Guillotine Full Trailer Sep 17, 2011, 08:55 RoTide
Interesting how many Quick Time Event esque (Read: Fully scripted) moments happen in that trailer.

Setting up/Loading/Firing Mortar
Climbing Wall where it is scripted to do so
Kicking in the door [OMG HIT B NOW]
Falling back in slow-mo to shoot the guy on the other side of the next door.
Randomly running away from the car at the end to avoid being killed with your teammates when it explodes.

There were only a couple sections in that trailer where you actually aimed and shot at something.

I want to love this game.. But it seems to just fall in line with all the other "interactive movie" bullshit "games" that have been released lately. What happened to giving me a gun and letting me decide how best to kill all the enemies?
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News Comments > Diablo III Auction House to Use Paypal
26. Re: Diablo III Auction House to Use Paypal Sep 15, 2011, 09:56 RoTide
InBlack wrote on Sep 15, 2011, 08:15:

Diablo isnt WoW. It also isnt meant to replace it. If you followed the development of Diablo3 you would know that. Im pretty sure Blizzard will make enough money just from the player to player transactions.

Next time you start spewing crap, better open your OWN eyes and flex those thinking muscles and arm yourself with some arguments based on facts instead of egomaniacal drivel.

I never said Diablo 3 was to replace WoW. So why don't we hop off that strawman now.

Simply put, Activision is very much about squeezing every penny they can from a game. If you honestly believe Activision will sit by and allow Blizzard to not hop on the "sell items for money" boat (the same one they are not only empowering, but _encouraging_ their playerbase to hop on) then [insert some cliche about selling bridges here]..

The fact of the matter is, Activision is very good at bleeding customers for every penny and they will, mark my words, "encourage" Blizzard to find ways to further monetize the game. Selling items is the _easy_ way to move forward, _most especially_ when you consider that that will be one of the focal points of the game.

"Play Diablo 3 to find and sell items!!!! But trust us, we won't try to sell you anything! Even though we already have a track record of making exclusive items for sale in other games we make!"
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News Comments > Diablo III Auction House to Use Paypal
22. Re: Diablo III Auction House to Use Paypal Sep 15, 2011, 07:28 RoTide
InBlack wrote on Sep 15, 2011, 04:55:
And there right in your post is the "Fail" in your reasoning. You see, Blizzard wont be doing any selling or buying. Sure they get a cut (1% If i remember correctly). But all the items on sale will be by players for players.

I'm sorry, but one doesn't have to look far to see how ridiculous that statement is.

World of Warcraft was a game where Blizzard sold nothing and wouldn't allow you to sell anything. Now, they sell items while still banning the playerbase from selling them. Think about that. They feel justified selling items while the playerbase is banned from doing so.

Now, they are making a game where one of the selling points is that you can sell your items/gear for real money. And you think Blizzard isn't going to start selling items themselves now? They took a piece of that pie in WoW and you expect, in a game where they want the playerbase to make/spend cash on items, them to not sell their own items?

If you believe Blizzard/Activision isn't going to nickle and dime you on D3, I'm not sure your eyes are open at this point...
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News Comments > Need for Speed: The Run Trailer
11. Driving Game? Jun 7, 2011, 10:39 RoTide
Isn't Need for Speed a driving/racing game? What's with the on foot movies and Quick Time Events that keep interrupting the driving?

I'm also finding it funny how the game is so ridiculously linear as well. Totally forgivable if it was just about driving around a track, but this whole game just looks like a long set of QTEs with portions of steering in between.

Amazing how they have managed to utterly destroy the IP.
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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer
2. UART Jun 2, 2011, 11:54 RoTide
Remember to adjust your UART to play! oh, wait, that's not required anymore, is it? Amazing how much has changed since Duke3D.  
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News Comments > Premium WoW Cross-Realm Play
14. Re: Premium WoW Cross-Realm Play May 18, 2011, 12:18 RoTide
Wallshadows wrote on May 18, 2011, 11:35:
This is not only a problem now but a future problem as well. Think of the implications this may have on Diablo III or future Blizzard games.

This is exactly how I'm seeing this. Without sounding like a ranting 12 yr old, Blizzard really seems to have jumped the shark on this one, in my book.

Don't get me wrong, they have made some.. interesting.. decisions lately (SC2 in 3 parts, RealID, Mobile App monthly fees). Those made me cringe, except for the SC2 being announced as 3 releases, that, that made me simply not buy it.

However, this crap they are pulling now, premium prices for making different groups in game, no. That's shady crap right there. I haven't played WoW in years, but that right there tells me that I need to expect this kind of crap in the future from all their games.

We'll see how they play this one out, but honestly, I won't support a company that nickles and dimes you like that. Want to sell a mobile app? Whatever. Want to tell your customers that the game is pre-split into 3 parts and you basically have to buy it 3 times, ok, I can choose not to get on that particular boat, but to go in this many years after a game is released and say, "ya, that new feature we're adding into the core game, you have to pay us more per month to use that button, again, in game". No.

If they don't reverse that decision, I will simply stop trusting them as a gaming company. That's just not right on many levels. Reading my posting history, I'm not really huge on Diablo3 and I'm on the fence about it, but this seriously pushes me clear over it with a warning to never return.

Blizzard, why oh why did you have to join forces with Activision? Maybe correlation is not causation in this instance, but I for one LOVED your games until that merger. Stuff just seemed to start sliding down hill after that...

..Obligatory lawn comment here..
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News Comments > Modern Warfare 3 in November?
5. Re: Modern Warfare 3 in November? May 13, 2011, 12:28 RoTide
ASeven wrote on May 13, 2011, 12:17:
What are the chances that this may have been an internal leak from some disgruntled employer at IW as revenge for what happened at IW?

Nahh, they are just taking the cow's remains, putting it into a press and seeing how much milk residue they can get. In 6 months they will melt the cow down, boil off what they can and see if any milk is there. After that, they will just give you water with a milk label on it.
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News Comments > WoW Subscriptions Down 5% Since 10/10
4. Re: WoW Subscriptions Down 5% Since 10/10 May 9, 2011, 22:39 RoTide
Ya, it certainly isn't quality people are after. Just ram more content in there! It works for CoD! Just release more of the same as fast as you can!  
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News Comments > Why RAGE Has No Deathmatch
21. Re: Why RAGE Has No Deathmatch May 1, 2011, 16:02 RoTide
Co-Op is fun, kinda. I like it when you can reliably play with a friend, but really, it's just single player done a little differently.

I'm frankly done buying games with no lasting power. If all you want to do is make a game I play through once, maybe twice and uninstall, sorry, I'll save my money (Portal 2 being the exception, however, I was disappointed by it).

Quake, etc, was never about the single player experience. It was about team multiplayer. Counter-Strike was great back when I had the patience for it!

Basically put, if they don't want to keep me around with good multiplayer, then I don't even care to purchase it, unfortunately.
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News Comments > Diablo III Interview
13. Re: Diablo III Interview Apr 18, 2011, 09:41 RoTide
Optional nickname wrote on Apr 18, 2011, 08:51:
By the time D3 comes out, it will be long forgotten as to what D1 and D2 were all about. Way too long, and the vets no longer care. They can dumb down D3 for all it's worth, (as I have seen in the Botox/Collagen look of the assassin's face , Really Blizzard?) even call it a different name, I have moved on. I will play D3, however, I am as eager for any new PC game release. Let it sit in queue. who cares anymore, Blizzard has turned sour with their pompousness.

It's not even about being pompous.. Diablo 1 came out when I was 16. It was great fun! 4 years later (20 now), we get Diablo 2. Woo, more fun! It's about this time I finally get cable internet and stop lagging!

It's been 11 years (to be entirely fair, 10, since LoD came out in 2001, but the following point still stands) since the last Diablo came out. I'm 31 now. I just don't care. Nostalgia hits and playing a new Diablo sounds like great fun, but to be honest, I'm just not a kid with tons of time on my hands. I can't finish my homework and play until I fall asleep.

To be honest, gaming for me has been waning. I'm just not as interested in games anymore. I'm not saying all of us 30 something gamers feel that way, but there just are more fun things to do in life than gaming.

My point? Stop rehashing decade old IP with version number increments. Release new IP within the same formula to build a new generation of gamer fanbase for the genre. By all means, release a new Hack n' Slash dungeon crawler, just do it under a new IP to get new gamers interested. Some of us old folk that know and love(d) Diablo just don't care anymore.

Of course, that's assuming the game wouldn't be hurt with a name change. Maybe "Diablo" has enough brand/name recognition to generate sales above what a new title would garner? Even if target demographic for D3 is those that were too young to have played D2:LoD?
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News Comments > EA Forum Ban Prevents Game Access?
29. Re: EA Forum Ban Prevents Game Access? Mar 11, 2011, 13:38 RoTide
Dirwulf wrote on Mar 11, 2011, 13:29:

You can't expect a newspaper to publish your opinion piece if it doesn't comply with the rules of the newspaper. Why would anyone reasonably assume they can post anything they want on someone else's forum.

This isn't really even about the forum post. This is more about the banning of a user from their Single Player game that they purchased. Ban him from the forums, ban him from multiplayer access through the companies servers (doesn't exist for this game, but the point stands). But you should never have your access to the game, on your computer, that doesn't affect any other person in the world, revoked.

If you're an asshat in my book store, I have every right to ban you from it and deny you access to the premises. But I don't have the right to confiscate the book you just bought. The book club I run tuesday nights in the back of the store (multiplayer), sure, you're banned from that too, but I can not, and will not, take your book back.
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News Comments > EA Forum Ban Prevents Game Access?
4. Re: EA Forum Ban Prevents Game Access? Mar 11, 2011, 12:33 RoTide
Verno wrote on Mar 11, 2011, 12:16:
Hah good point DangerDog. Seems almost petty for a company to do this, they should be above this kind of silliness.

I can understand Blizzard banning people from the (Edit: World of Warcraft) game world for actions taken on their forums. The whole place is one big community. If you're a trouble maker in one part, I can understand how you can be considered, at least a high risk, in the other part. If they let you stay, you can see the argument being made that you pose a risk to profits as people quit due to your behavior.

But how does being a jerk on the forums make you any threat to a single player game? How does banning you from a single player game help profits? Are they hoping he'll purchase another copy somehow? Are they hoping others think that this company is good to deal with? What is the profit based motive on the part of the companies involved?

It just doesn't make sense...
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