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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 7, 2015, 23:02 jacobvandy
jdreyer wrote on Sep 7, 2015, 22:08:
PHJF wrote on Sep 7, 2015, 21:39:
This includes entirely counter-intuitive foods like cookies and bread

Salt is one of the four basic ingredients in any (normal) bread.

Yes, but bread and cookies aren't "salty" foods so it's not intuitive. You and I know this because we've either made them from scratch, or studied taste biomechanics, or studied cooking, or what have you, but ask any ignorant person and it's unlikely they'll guess that the cookie or bread they're eating contains salt.

But you'd have to eat the whole batch of cookies or the whole loaf of bread to even reach your recommended daily intake of sodium (2400mg), and at that point "too much salt" is pretty low on the list of problems with your diet, lol. I can understand if you're already suffering hypertension and keeping track of every little source of salt is important, but eating baked goods (in normal amounts) wasn't what got you into that predicament.
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News Comments > Laborious Metaverse
11. Re: Laborious Metaverse Sep 7, 2015, 21:35 jacobvandy
Tom wrote on Sep 7, 2015, 19:52:
If a site detects that I'm blocking ads and tries to punish me for it, I just make a mental note that the site is dead to me and effectively no longer exists. It goes into the bin along with paywalled sites and sites that are completely obnoxious on mobile.

There are plenty of other sites out there to choose from.

Definitely! I've expected this would happen since they started showing special placeholder images that still load after an ad-blocker removes the ad, saying "hey man, that's not cool, this is how we make money, blah blah blah." Now they detect you've got an ad-blocker running and have a script in place to prevent you from using the site at all unless you disable it. Screw that, you've effectively turned me off from your piece of shit website before you even have a chance to prove to me you're worthy of being whitelisted, let's see how that business model works out for you...
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
14. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 7, 2015, 20:26 jacobvandy
jdreyer wrote on Sep 7, 2015, 19:03:
RE: salt, there's a little bit talking past each other here. The vast majority of packaged foods already contain sodium, which is why it generally tastes good right out of the package. This includes entirely counter-intuitive foods like cookies and bread. Adding table salt to virtually any packaged/canned/prepared food is typically overkill/unhealthy.

If you cook from scratch, it will contain imperceptible amounts of sodium (unless you're cooking seafood) since most plants and animals do not naturally contain very much of it. There's a reason that the tongue has a region dedicated to it: you need about 500mg daily to be healthy. Not having enough salt in your body is deadly. Thus food from scratch invariably tastes better with added salt.

What? Salt in cookies isn't counter-intuitive at all, almost every single recipe out there calls for some to balance the flavors. It's not enough to make it actually taste salty, but it improves the taste overall. It's not just big, bad, processed food companies throwing some in for the hell of it. Sweet and salty in general taste good together, though. Try dipping pretzels or potato chips in melted milk chocolate some time.

I also disagree with the notion that all packaged food is anything but bland, intentionally bland to appeal to the broadest range of tastes. There are some exceptions, but for the most part it's gonna require either adding salt/spices or judicious application of condiments to make it comparable to the flavors found in any decent home-cooked meal.

This comment was edited on Sep 7, 2015, 20:34.
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News Comments > Laborious Legal Briefs
4. Re: Laborious Legal Briefs Sep 7, 2015, 17:04 jacobvandy
ZeroPike1 wrote on Sep 7, 2015, 12:54:
I've read that they cannot sue to have the data hidden, as its not legally protected to begin with or something to that effect. So they go for the emotional distress complaint to try to hide it again or get money from anywhere they can.

I'm getting emotional distress from those suing Amazon and GoDaddy, can I get a lawsuit that gives me millions too?

Pretty much. The hosting company is providing a service of bandwidth and storage space, they have nothing to do with what the client does with those assets. It's in your best interest as a host to preclude yourself from any further involvement except maybe at your client's express request and consent, so I'm certain they have all the legal jargon in the world in their contracts keeping themselves clear of any sort of liability.

Just like they're not going to be responsible for unforeseen or unavoidable service interruptions (power outages, etc.), they're certainly not responsible for any of the client's content or breaches of security that the client failed to prevent. It'd be a shame for any court to award anything to someone bringing this kind of suit, but these days you never know...
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
7. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 7, 2015, 15:18 jacobvandy
Meh, I don't care much if people want to turn their blood into a sodium smoothie. If it's not that, they're drinking or smoking or eating 5 burgers in one sitting... If you cringe every time you see something like that happen, how do you have time in the day to do anything else? :p  
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News Comments > Steam Top Nine
30. Re: Steam Top Nine Sep 7, 2015, 03:01 jacobvandy
Dacron wrote on Sep 7, 2015, 02:07:
Just grabbed Mad Max after all the positive words, Metal Gear will have to wait, I don't see it as a buy until on sale.

Btw, the gmg voucher us no good for Metal Gear (If tpp is referring to the phantom pain), it isn't for sale on gmg.

What country are you in? It's possible they're not offering it elsewhere, but here's for US.
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News Comments > Rise of the Tomb Raider Multiplayer Cut
12. Re: Rise of the Tomb Raider Multiplayer Cut Sep 6, 2015, 20:59 jacobvandy
The Half Elf wrote on Sep 6, 2015, 15:21:
Yosemite Sam wrote on Sep 6, 2015, 13:15:
Well based on my experience with ToO I can tell you why, they have no idea how to get it to work. The Temple of Osiris is a complete utter broken mess playing coop.

Temple of Osiris isn't even the same fucking game.

Crystal Dynamics made it, so it still speaks to their abilities. If they can't do good multiplayer in a game that was built from the ground up for co-op (I haven't played it, so I'm taking Sam's word for it), to me that says they certainly shouldn't bother trying to tack something onto a single-player game. Not that we needed any further evidence, though; the multi in the last Tomb Raider game sucked, too. All those multiplayer DLCs they churned out for that abortion must not have sold much at all if they've decided not to crowbar it into the sequel, as well.
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: etc. Sep 6, 2015, 16:18 jacobvandy
They said FO4 has more dialogue than FO3 and Skyrim combined. I wonder how much of that is the protagonist.  
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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
2. Re: Sunday Tech Bits Sep 6, 2015, 15:13 jacobvandy
jdreyer wrote on Sep 6, 2015, 13:43:
The Branding Gods (Mostly) Love Google's New Logo.

I was never a huge fan of the original, but this new one is just awful. It's more suitable for a preschool logo, or perhaps a line of baby wipes.

As evidenced by the introductory animation showing it being drawn with crayons.

That's the new style, though, apparently. What's better than a warm, fuzzy, family-friendly facade to make you seem like less of a giant, heartless corporation?
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News Comments > Steam Top Nine
8. Re: Steam Top Nine Sep 6, 2015, 15:05 jacobvandy
I've been enjoying Mad Max very much. The journey from wearing bloody rags and driving a slow, rusty clunker to full body armor with tons of gear hanging on it and decked out war machine covered in spikes is really fun and satisfying. Plus everything looks amazing, the lighting is the best I've ever seen and there is way more variety and detail in the environments than you'd expect from a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Oh, and I forget who it was asking about The Ripper pre-order bonus car, but I was wrong before, thinking it was an Archangel configuration. I didn't have it since GMG took a few extra days to get me the key (I assumed I wasn't going to get it, heh), but it is in fact a car body type you can switch to in the garage. It's just not incorporated into that initial story quest choice between the standard five. The marketing speak is super misleading, though, talking about it including a V8 engine, etc. All it is is a cosmetic appearance, one that I don't even like compared to some of the others.

I've never been into MGS at all, but all the hype around Phantom Pain is making me feel like I want to try it. Maybe around the Holiday Sale...
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News Comments > Saturday Mobilization
5. Re: Saturday Mobilization Sep 5, 2015, 17:23 jacobvandy
DukeFNukem wrote on Sep 5, 2015, 15:53:
And this is news exactly why? Because any other person on planet Earth who did the same thing would NOT be fired? *shakes his head in bewilderment*.

Because titillation masquerading as news is more lucrative than actual news. =/
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Evening Consolidation Sep 4, 2015, 18:54 jacobvandy
jdreyer wrote on Sep 4, 2015, 18:08:
So, you're going to buy a $200 device, and pay $40 per month, and play mobile games on your big screen TV? Without a game pad?? That's going to shake up gaming the same way a fly burdens an elephant when it lands on one.

They're not trying to compete with consoles, they're trying to create a whole new market by tapping into that segment of the population that doesn't play games on their TV at all. The article compares it to how mobile games got started, where you can just go to a "Games" section and play something simple that requires no extra equipment on top of what you've already bought for other purposes. So they're building a modicum of gaming-relevant control options into their remote, hoping devs take advantage and fill their App Store with TV games.

It doesn't interest me at all, either, but you have to admit it's a good idea.
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News Comments > QuakeCon 2016 Announced
4. Re: QuakeCon 2016 Announced Sep 3, 2015, 19:39 jacobvandy
RaZ0r! wrote on Sep 3, 2015, 17:30:
If I wasn't old school I'd have no idea what the Quake was in QuakeCon. Maybe they should name it after a franchise that's not dead now.

While you have a decent point, I don't think they're interested in appealing to new people at all. There's no need to when you sell out the event every year to the old-school crowd alone. I know most of that crowd wouldn't have it any other way, either.
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News Comments > Leaked Beta Arkham Knight Patch Shows Improvements
6. Re: Leaked Beta Arkham Knight Patch Shows Improvements Sep 3, 2015, 13:38 jacobvandy
HoSpanky wrote on Sep 3, 2015, 11:51:
Unfortunately, Steam's community pages don't load properly on an iPhone, so all I see is one guy with a 670 complaining that it runs poorly at 1440p, despite acknowledging his card is memory starved. He then continues to complain because he doesn't want to replace his card and thinks games should run with everything maxed out just fine, so it's basically a worthless post.

And there you have the modern PC gamer, the self-entitled man-child who's ruining it for the rest of us. You know how like 8 people on Twitter bitch about something and it becomes a national news story treating what they say as if it were the pulse of the entire country? Those same kind of morons are convincing game publishers that they know what they're talking about... The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and social media has given every idiot a fucking megaphone to broadcast their squeaking across the globe. Dead
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News Comments > WildStar F2P This Month
4. Re: WildStar F2P This Month Sep 3, 2015, 13:18 jacobvandy
They've been hyping free-to-play for the past 6 months... I wouldn't be surprised if people who were interested when they first announced the change forgot about it after realizing it hadn't happened yet.

I might give it a try, there's very little happening in October as far as new games.
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News Comments > No Star Wars Battlefront Server Browser
48. Re: No Star Wars Battlefront Server Browser Sep 2, 2015, 16:23 jacobvandy
I think you're spot on with a lot of that, DD. How many times does DICE have to repeat that this game isn't Battlefield, before people stop insisting that's what it's supposed to be like?

And before you say "well then it should be like the old Battlefronts," that's not how reboots work. It's not Battlefront 3, it's the new Battlefront, take it or leave it.

This comment was edited on Sep 2, 2015, 16:30.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
4. Re: Morning Metaverse Sep 2, 2015, 14:26 jacobvandy
They're shoving commercials promoting their original programming in your face, too, which is pretty shitty. Auto-playing a video when the app first starts up is bad enough, but I've had it happen before where they pre-rolled what content I chose to view with a 30-second fucking ad that could not be skipped... They're on a very slippery slope.  
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News Comments > Killing Floor 2 Free Content Pack
1. Re: Killing Floor 2 Free Content Pack Sep 1, 2015, 19:35 jacobvandy
So gore, much gratuitous.  
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News Comments > Mad Max Game Released; Movies on Steam
64. Re: Mad Max Game Released; Movies on Steam Sep 1, 2015, 19:24 jacobvandy
You can buy the keys wherever you want, just don't be surprised if it turns out you get it revoked. Simple as that.

There's a difference between "saving a few bucks" like buying something from Amazon compared to Best Buy and buying it at a ridiculously low price from the digital equivalent of some dude's van in a dark alley. That's called "too good to be true," and you might have the cops knocking on your door a few days later asking questions about it.

You are not a consumer, with the rights that that relationship with the producer entails, when you're not buying the product from sanctioned sources.

This comment was edited on Sep 1, 2015, 19:32.
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News Comments > Mad Max Game Released; Movies on Steam
41. Re: Mad Max Game Released; Movies on Steam Sep 1, 2015, 16:02 jacobvandy
El Pit wrote on Sep 1, 2015, 15:21:
jacobvandy wrote on Sep 1, 2015, 15:06:
Right? There's no way a controller-based game should ever be a top seller on PC... Oh, wait.

Get over your irrational bias, you're missing out on a lot of fun games.

Yeah, exactly. Because nobody has ever succeeded in translating the console controls to kb/m, right? So let's just plug in the console controllers because a good conversion to pc is no longer needed or wanted.

By the way: Bat's bias (and mine, too) is a little physical disability to use the console controllers efficiently. In Bat's case it's just temporary, I hope.

If you think it's so easy to accurately translate driving with analog steering and throttle controls into digital keys and clicks, why aren't you a developer? I'm sure your breakthrough techniques would be in high demand throughout the industry.

BTW, don't take comments on the internet that aren't even directed at you so personally. Obviously choosing your controls based on physical limitations is not the same as insisting that gamepads absolutely should not be ever used for PC games.
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