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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
7. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 18, 2017, 13:26 descender
Someone really just linked to a fake WSJ "fan site" run by The Daily Stormer, an admitted pro-Nazi and white supremacist news organization ... to convince us that the WSJ are the ones supporting white supremacists?? What a great place to get unbiased information about the WSJ! Rolleyes Looking over that website you must be quite OK with consuming fake news with no sources.

You don't win by pulling dishonest journalism.
You don't get to arbitrarily decide that journalism is fake or dishonest just because you don't agree with what it says. You are welcome to provide sources that disprove fake stories, but this new habit of just pointing at things you don't agree with and bleating "fake" like a sheep isn't impressing anyone.

There is no "pile of bullshit" here that he didn't create himself. Are you denying that he actually did or said the things he did? He isn't. He did make antisemitic jokes, he does repeatedly show nazi imagery on his channel, he purposely does and says outlandish things to get a rise out of people and now suddenly someone calling him out on doing those things is "wrong"?? He is just whining that acting like an idiot child finally cost him money... as it should have.

Companies fire people and cancel contracts for them saying and doing things like Felix did all the time. He's not special. He deserves every bit of bad press and lack of business opportunity coming to him. You reap what you sow.

This comment was edited on Feb 18, 2017, 13:44.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Origin Access Free Trial
83. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 18, 2017, 03:02 descender
Yeah, the majority of gaming public really gives two shits about the bellyaching you read around here regarding EA/Origin. Rolleyes No one cares about most if any of those things outside of a small (albeit vocal) minority of PC gaming elitists. Basically... entitled whiny douchebags. You really think most gamers actually care about these things? That is hilarious. EA sells millions of copies of their shovelware games every year and you think 4 people complaining about it on Blues is a sign of mass rebellion? There are not "millions of people" out there saying any of these things, Mr. Trump... the millions of people are the ones simply buying their games on Origin and not complaining about any of this.

You can call it "just a storefront" all you want, I don't care how wrong you are. If that were actually the case it would have some pretty stiff and direct competition right now from the other 20 "just storefronts" out there. It doesn't, though... so it must be offering something more than the other "just storefronts" are currently offering, mustn't it? I can't imagine why everyone else is trying to emulate all of the Steam features that aren't "just the storefront part" if that is all it really is.

We would all be so much better off if every developer had to run their own digital delivery services and you had to keep track of 200 different ISO's, patch them all manually and expect that developer to host the files for years beyond their budget allows for. I guess they would just pay for all of that with magic? Since Valve "does nothing for game developers" then you must think the world would be a better place if games like Starbound didn't exist... right?

Your horrendous attempts at math and budget analysis only show that you really don't understand how this works. Development costs are static. They are not a continually rolling "50%" of all future sales unless you are hosting your own digital storefront in-house, which would THEN actually be a rolling cost which is exactly WHY developers pay Steam for hosting instead.

When a game releases it has a set cost barring some post release technical support/patching. After the initial development costs are paid off the developer is still taking in 70% of their sales as profit. That is way more than Valve gets. You keep saying "the developer should get more than Valve does". THEY DO so long as they sell enough copies to cross that threshold. If your game doesn't sell enough copies to cover the initial development costs, the difference between Steam taking 5% or 30% really wasn't going to change that. Your game was still going to fail.

It's far cheaper and easier for smaller developers to pay Steam for "what they use" as a percentage of every sale actually made instead of paying a hosting company up front for "what they think you might need" for sales they haven't actually made yet. That up front cost is a far larger stumbling block for small developers to overcome than any cut that Steam takes of their sales because they have to come up with it before they have made any money.

And then again with the name calling... Grow up. We can have this conversation in a civil manner... or you can continue to be an emotional trainwreck. You decide.

This comment was edited on Feb 18, 2017, 04:09.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Origin Access Free Trial
80. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 17, 2017, 17:02 descender
You can't do anything about it when millions of people have an active boycott of any other platform other than Steam
The problem is the army of nincompoops that will only shop at one store.

These are called baseless assumptions.

People don't shop on Steam because of some fanciful boycott that you've concocted in your head... they shop there because there is no alternative service that offers even 1/10th what they get by purchasing through Steam. You can try to figure out this chicken and egg scenario until you are blue in the face but your over-reliance on blaming "stupid people" causes your arguments to fall flat. No one is impressed by your need to badger and disparage others to prove your point.

I thought competition was healthy for a marketplace, no? You can't open another store when the customers have made it clear that they will only shop at one place.

Competition is literally playing out in the marketplace and you are just whining that Valve is winning it.

When a viable alternative to Steam presents itself and people are able to make a legitimate choice between equal services then maybe you will start to see Valve reduce their take because developers will have more options. This premise that "you can't open a store because a better one exists" is just so blatantly wrong I don't know where to start. New stores are opened literally all the time and Walmart existing isn't putting them all out of business. Only the ones with shit business models. GOG, Blizzard, Ubisoft, EA's Origin and a host of other digital storefronts haven't gone out of business because of "big bad steam" they just don't do as much business because they also don't offer as much of a service.

If you want to wheel your argument all the way back to "Steam's cut is detrimental to developers with shitty business models" then I will happily accept that. This is the only salient point I've been able to discern from your ramblings.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
22. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 17, 2017, 15:45 descender
I hope they start moving off of the baby mama drama in Archer. It's been dragging down the show for a while. It was funny the first few times but we don't need 8 episodes about how Archer and Lana are parents now.  
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Origin Access Free Trial
70. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 23:00 descender
You don't get to arbitrarily decide that every game developer spends 50% on those things. You don't get to make up numbers and then decide that Valve's cut is too high because the number you just made up is lower.

"Buddy", you have no idea what their service costs and you are repeatedly highlighting that. Just give it up already, I do not accept your batshit premise of the percentages that you are putting forth.

You obviously can't produce evidence of a single developer complaining about this or that these are real world numbers or you wouldn't have ignored that request 3 times. You hate Steam for reasons that you've made up in your head that the people you are trying to "defend" don't seem to share. Who cares?

edit: And the more I try to look this up and find any "evidence" you would even put forth... the more I see that developers have basically always got the smallest piece when dealing with consoles. They currently get the highest cut of their game by either selling it themselves (on PC) or selling it through Steam. They are getting the highest percentage of their profit with the most exposure and the least overhead that they ever had in the history of game development and you've convinced yourself that this is somehow evil and they should have to suffer and sell less games because of some woefully misguided morals you are clinging on to. Find me a developer that actually shares your woes or kindly just stop talking about it.

This comment was edited on Feb 16, 2017, 23:11.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Origin Access Free Trial
64. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 20:29 descender
You realise that if you buy a product at retail, and it's broken, by law you are entitled to have the retailer deal with the problem.
You realize that the law you quoted literally does not say that. It guaruntees you a refund for a defective or broken product. Not technical support from the retailer or help fixing it.

You know what publishers also require for that money? Games that aren't personal projects and pipedreams.

When did you decide 30% was just "too damn high"? If it was 29% would you be complaining? 25%? At what point is their cut low enough to satisfy your bizarre idea of what it actually takes to run their service?

Where is the game developer complaining about this? Stop dodging this question. You wouldn't have to get so hyped up and try to yell to suppress me if you had any financial data to point to that proves out this is actually a problem.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Origin Access Free Trial
62. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 18:29 descender
Oh, you mean the Valve services like phone/chat support?
Did you get hit by a bale of straw while typing that? Developers are responsible for supporting their own games, just like you wouldn't expect BestBuy to help you if you can't figure out how to use your internet ready refrigerator.

And you think that this is enough to demand 150% of what the devs make?
No, I think your attempts at math are ludicrous and refuse to argue over it "being worth it" when you are just making up numbers regarding costs vs what they get and how much of their profits they are receiving.

You seem to have no clue what services they actually offer for the 30%, what it actually costs to provide the services that they do, you have no alternative service to point to that is "doing it better" as proof of concept... so what the hell are you on about?

GOG takes the same 30% that Steam does and offers a pittance of the service. If you use a publisher to fund development of your game they still take their cut on top of the digital stores. Your argument that 30% is somehow too much doesn't even make sense when you can't show any examples of it actually costing less. In the context of what Steam was created to avoid, it makes even less sense... Publishers took way more than 30% before Steam.

Steam is still a massively cheaper option for developers to publish a game themselves. The choice isn't between paying the 30% cut vs paying a lesser cut... it's between paying the 30%, doing it all in-house or paying even more to a publisher and then still eating the extra cut to online retailers in that contract.

Developers are flocking to paying Valve that 30% in droves because it is still the cheapest option. If it wasn't profitable there wouldn't be such a ridiculous flood of crapware on it. It can't be both ways.

This comment was edited on Feb 16, 2017, 18:39.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
12. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 18:12 descender
These companies seemingly have no idea what the actual effect of a social media storm actually is. Does it kill your business? Does it spawn the next Chik-Fil-A and double your business (until you fall out of the public eye)?

What makes you think they don't know by now what the effects are? Twitter is 10 years old already. We've seen some pretty good examples of what happens when social media turns against you for ethics and morals. If you think billion dollar companies are still just guessing at this social media thing, I've got a bridge to sell you.

You answered your own question with Chick-fil-a. You may see a short term bump in business due to backlash in either direction, but the long-term effect is always going to be less people willing to go into your store for reasons unrelated to your product. You are now not only fighting against the quality of your own product but the morals of society.

A smart company knows to stay the fuck away from anyone dumb enough to say the things that would upset anyone in either direction. PR departments weren't invented with the launch of social media, corporations are well aware of the value of public perception.

There is no blame to be placed. They are all technically correct in their actions. The idiot in this situation is the one complaining about it after the fact when he knew and admitted he was going too far in the past. Felix can say whatever he wants when he is representing himself on his own content channel, but when he takes money to represent other brands and businesses he can't complain if they don't like what he says in public. He is either standing up for first amendment rights or he isn't, he doesn't get to pick and choose who gets them.

If what he is saying really isn't "such a big deal" then he should have no problem finding a company willing to take him on now that he isn't working with Disney, right? Wouldn't that be the free-market proving him right if he were actually... right?

This comment was edited on Feb 16, 2017, 18:40.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Origin Access Free Trial
59. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 16:43 descender
It's not "just a hosting solution" and your attempts to minimize what Valve actually provides to developers through Steam are meaningless.

There is no developer standing here telling you they are about to leave Valve because of their costs. Valve makes no demands of the developers it hosts in it's storefront, and isn't stopping those developers from creating their own storefronts, so this is absolutely nothing like when Valve left Vivendi.

That math... boy... what the fuck were you trying to do there?

You are only highlighting your own cluelessness by referring to hosting and distributing content globally in "gigabytes". Is that how you think it works? You just put an ISO on a box in a NOC and take credit cards over email or something? Transaction security, distributed hosting, community and multiplayer hosting, digital rights management, dynamic patching, mod hosting, built in streaming... these are just a part of the myriad services that you can get from being part of the Steam ecosystem.

The things you want to assume as fact simply aren't. The only people whining about the "30% cut" are clueless gamers on this website. There is absolutely no outrage from any dev that I've seen over the fees that Valve charges to host content on Steam because they understand why some things are worth paying for.

So, go cry a river for all of these woeful developers struggling to overcome the burden of Steam's hosting costs... if you can actually find them. Until then, you are just pissing in the wind about something you don't seem to fully understand. Why don't you go read up on what they actually offer for their cut before you make all of these ridiculous and inaccurate assumptions?
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
33. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 16:24 descender
Living proof that being able to link to Wikipedia isn't the same thing as understanding what you are linking to. :p  
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
29. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 15:21 descender
I've had a kidney stone. Worst pain in existence a male in a modern society should expect to come across in his life barring accident or tragedy. Buck it up. My pain is more real than yours.

Seems accurate. Should have read that link before you linked it :p
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
35. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 14:09 descender
Ah, but to an observer outside the time dilation zone those waves basically wouldn't have been moving. The bigger hole here is that the signal they were receiving from the planet would have been so distorted it would have been unrecognizable until they had collected a few years worth. It wouldn't have been "a loop" as described, it would have been unintelligible noise until they looked at enough of it to compress it back down.

I really don't fault the movie for any of this stuff though. It's all based in scientific fact and was close enough IMO. The bigger problem I had with the plot was them going to these other planets in the first place. Why do you need to physically go to the planets at all? That's what those probes and robots are for. If you have self-sustaining sealed habitats to send into space to colonize another planet... why the fuck aren't you building them on Earth and putting people in them so they stop dying? The overly elaborate plan to get people off of earth or start a new earth wasn't remotely the best solution to their problems.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Origin Access Free Trial
57. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 13:47 descender
Gotcha, I was a little confused on the wording there.

I didn't see anyone making that argument against Origin but I agree it would be pretty stupid.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Origin Access Free Trial
55. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 13:31 descender
Every publisher should have a right to publish their IP through which ever channel they choose.

Except for Valve and Blizzard? You seem to be insinuating that they are somehow at fault for not selling their games through third-party storefronts?

There is literally no one in this thread debating this unless I missed it. EA and Valve both let other publishers sell games through their storefronts. Who cares if Valve and Blizzard only sell their own games through their own store? They are only hurting themselves (not really, they only lose sales from a few morality tryhards). They aren't stopping anyone from making their own storefronts, they aren't stopping anyone from selling games on multiple storefronts... can you explain what you are arguing?
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Origin Access Free Trial
52. Re: Origin Access Free Trial Feb 16, 2017, 11:16 descender
This whining about the Steam "cut" is just stupid. It costs money to host content on Steam, it's not a fucking charity. A game merely existing on Steam is getting marketing, hosting and exposure along with a host of tools that are available to developers to help create and improve the functionality of their game. None of your "math" shows us anything other than your ignorance towards what services Steam actually provides. That 30% is paying for a lot of things that you are seemingly unaware of.

The fact that they peddle shovelware that they don't even test for 30 seconds
OK, this is where this argument falls utterly flat. You argue that people should buy games from the developers and not go to Steam for hosting/etc, but then complain that developers sell crap "peddleware". This is like blaming Walmart for LG making a cheap TV and assuming that LG would not have done that if you could purchase from them directly. This makes no sense at all. Walmart didn't ask LG to make a shitty TV, LG wanted to sell you a shitty TV and would have done so no matter what store it was in. The same goes for Steam and this obsession with crap Greenlight/indie games. Steam didn't ask the developers to make shitty games, they've been doing that for decades. No one is holding a gun to your head. No one is forcing you to buy these games. You need to be as informed of a shopper on Steam as you do anywhere else.

knowingly buy stuff on Steam instead of the developer's own storefront
So then you'll be in the next GMG/GOG/etc stolen steam key sale thread badgering people for stealing from Valve too? Hypocrisy doesn't fly very far. You aren't making a very good argument here at all. I don't really understand the constant whining about Origin or having multiple storefronts/agents installed, but people whine about all sorts of stupid "first world problems" on here.

You get very defensive any time someone speaks ill of EA and it is directly related to your obsession with Battlefield games. You aren't fooling anyone :p
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
3. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 13, 2017, 14:25 descender
Comcast customers out there... Something I noticed while at my parents house... They apparently moved the public wifi options out of the modem config and onto some random page on their website (and turned the public wifi back on too). I had disabled this once before when they first announced it, so you might want to check to see that yours is still off.

Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
46. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 13, 2017, 14:09 descender
In the end, we only deny the existence of one more god than you do.

If you destroyed every holy book in the world and waited a thousand years they wouldn't all come back and be exactly the same. If you destroyed every bit of science we have and waited a thousand years it would all come back exactly the same.

I love this clip. It has to be one of the more concise arguments I've seen highlighting the absurdity of believing in any particular religion.

Throughout human history, no two cultures meeting for the first time have ever shared a matching religion. We humans are quite good at creating deities to surround our different cultures and explain away the things we don't or can't understand. Science is fundamentally different. It is verifiably true no matter who discovers it, what language they speak or what ideologies they possess. We use arabic arithmetic to prove greek geometry, italian physics and french chemistry and it all works because mathematics are pure and fundamentally true.

You can find peace and solace in the words and poetry of religious books, I don't find any fault in that. Treating it "as gospel" is essentially insane, though. Especially given the widespread misconceptions about what the bible actually contains and says.

My body is my temple, the air of life lives within me and the sun provides us with the warmth and energy to sustain life.

None of this knowledge requires one holy book or the other. This is all that your religion is trying to get you to understand. It's all pagan sun worship surrounded by proverbs... gone horribly wrong.

The problems start when you try to use a work of fiction to justify real world actions.

This comment was edited on Feb 13, 2017, 14:20.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Activision Blizzard Record Results, Layoffs
20. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 11, 2017, 10:43 descender
They laid people off from the less-profitable areas of their company... this isn't hard.

Infinity Ward and Beenox haven't been relevant for like a decade and Treyarch has been spiraling the drain since MW. They are utter failures as development houses in most of our minds... and the "record breaking profits" have nothing to do with any of them. Why shouldn't they be laid off?
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Steam Greenlight Giving Way to Steam Direct
45. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 11, 2017, 10:35 descender
All of this because of people whining that they had to scroll past games they didn't want in the store. Now the same people who were whining that there was too much crap on the list are worried that their particular brand of crap won't make it to the list. Hilarious :p  
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 10, 2017, 10:58 descender
It can't really end something that doesn't actually exist. There is no such thing as a naturally occurring "middle class" in any economic system. There are only 2 classes in capitalism... Employer and employee.

Skynet will kill both the employee by replacing him and the employer by putting their consumers out of work.

This comment was edited on Feb 10, 2017, 11:50.
Avatar 56185
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