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News Comments > Skyrim Patch Wednesday
2. Re: Skyrim Patch Wednesday Nov 28, 2011, 20:57 MisterBenn
Yeah it's a bit odd, and left and right don't seem to change?!?! I had what I expect is the NPC sleeping animation bug... during an Imperial quest I had to report to an NPC who happened to be in bed. I got there and he was laid there completely unanimated, screaming at me "Quick, you must act now!!!"

Very strange, but that's about the limits of my problems. We need the construction kit!
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > AMD Catalyst 11.11b Performance Drivers
9. Re: AMD Catalyst 11.11b Performance Drivers Nov 26, 2011, 23:04 MisterBenn
I also had some trouble with cities (not catastrophic but lower frame rates) and the best thing I found to improve things is in SkyrimPrefs.ini:


Check your value isn't higher than this, mine was 8000 although that may have been from a shadow mod's ini file while I was experimenting. It's the distance at which shadows are drawn, setting at 3000 is almost never noticable in towns and saved me a great deal of FPS, even with the quality of shadows set highter than Ultra. In the open wilderness 3000 is a little noticable though, we'll need a util to set these kinds of values depending on interior, exterior and wilderness locations I think. Also I suspect the FPS loss in cities is caused by CPU limit not GPU limit in many cases, mine was.

Edit: oh and I didn't really notice a performance increase with these drivers but I have not had a single crash since. Before while using one of the FXAA injectors I was CTDing occasionally.
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 24, 2011, 14:29 MisterBenn
Happy Thanksgiving. I confess I had to look up the date when Blue ran "Skyrim patch might come out the week after Thanksgiving" !!!  
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > 1M CoD Elite Premium Subscribers
26. Re: 1M CoD Elite Premium Subscribers Nov 22, 2011, 22:52 MisterBenn
If you enjoy steak, does it matter that millions eat fast food every day?  
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
19. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 18, 2011, 22:05 MisterBenn
Mine reports 1920x1080, I've never seen 1080p reported. When I play Duels of the Planeswalkers, it swaps mode and reports 1080i!?! Apart from the res I have no further control in that game.

I definitely think TVs are viable and cost effective these days, the only downside mine has is it needs to be turned on seperately and it waits 15 minutes on no signal before going to sleep. A 1080 dektop has never troubled me and sitting where I do I have to turn my head slightly to check the corners of the screen, you couldn't really imagine a screen taking more of your view!
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
17. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 18, 2011, 19:31 MisterBenn
Creston - I did exactly the same and bought a 32" Samsung HD TV when my old 30" monitor died. It's a UE32C6000 LCD.

I am connected via direct HDMI from my 6950 and there is no problem with sharpness. I did have to go through the options and set a few things to be more computer-relevant rather than TV.

Most important - turn off image post processing. You might have a direct control for turning that off, I struggled with that for a while and on my TV I had to Google around and I discovered that it was engaged automatically once you renamed one of the HDMI ports as a PC input! Before I engaged that the main problem I had was input delay, it was more than half a second and it felt like someone else was operating my mouse... I was horrified. Modern TVs remember this for each input so it won't affect regular TV if you use that too.

Second is to adjust the contrast, it's insanely high by default to penetrate a room and the bright areas can bleed depending on the colours, that might explain the blurriness of text. For example on mine I have picture mode to "Movie" (this is apparently THX compliant and is adjusted for a low level of backlight for movie watching in a fairly dark room), I also have power save mode to Medium (which is lower contrast and backlight). Finally the TV has automatic brightness which also tends to reduce the picture brightness when I play at night. After all of those it's a very similar level of clarity and brightness as a monitor, I can't tell the difference. Right now I am less than 2 feet from the screen and it's totally comfortable and all my surfing / Pro Evoing / Skyrimming (not sure I like that word!) takes place on it. I really did struggle with the picture settings at first (and the default brightness modes are pure pain at such close range) but I got there.

I didn't have to set anything specific with regard to aspect ratio or scaling with mine, I guess experiment with those if you've tried everything else but I think merely connecting via HDMI sets the important stuff correctly.

I am incredibly happy with mine overall, I dropped 1K on the old monitor and this one was 500ish a year ago. They go a bit cheaper than that but this is super slimline and other features are really good. The only slightest drawback is that the response time isn't quite as good as monitors, if someone was intent on competition gaming in something requiring reflexes it might be a tiny disadvantage. It's not really noticable in most games (and it is of course what consoles have all the time) but it's occasionally noticable in Touhou and it's definitely noticable in Tetris the Grand Master which is very timing intensive.

Edit: Still hunting around - in CCC I see my monitor is detected as Samsung PnP (I recall I didn't do anything special here originally) and I have GPU scaling off and ITC processing on (both of which were so by default).
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Origin/EA Bans Follow-up
25. Re: Origin/EA Bans Follow-up Nov 18, 2011, 07:56 MisterBenn
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Nov 18, 2011, 00:29:
We'll not only ban you, but lock you out of everything you've ever bought.
Here's the nub: some publishers are moving away from the purchase model and are locking in the "gaming as a service" model instead as digital distribution becomes the norm. Even though the full price is still paid up front, they consider the ability to access the game to be a priviledge rather than a right - to be granted and restricted on their terms. Persistent online requirements (and "cloud" connections which often resemble the same thing) reinforce this. The only way this can be regulated in by market forces, i.e. being prepared to forego titles that support and develop this way of thinking.
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Skyrim Ships 7M
26. Re: Skyrim Ships 7M Nov 17, 2011, 01:24 MisterBenn
Jerykk wrote on Nov 17, 2011, 01:14:
I think the issue is that they shouldn't have been mapped like that in the first place. It's completely illogical.

In fairness by default they are how the previous games have been, at least for a sword and shield character. It was the expansion to the two handed system and introducing the notions of left and right hand that made it weird for some.
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Skyrim Ships 7M
19. Re: Skyrim Ships 7M Nov 17, 2011, 00:54 MisterBenn
Flatline wrote on Nov 17, 2011, 00:18:
my weapons are mapped backwards
Use Left Hand and Use Right Hand are remappable ingame! They are reversed by default to be the same as previous games presumably.
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Skyrim Ships 7M
13. Re: Skyrim Ships 7M Nov 17, 2011, 00:00 MisterBenn
Elsweyr. Swamps and dusty plains and a detailed new unarmed fighting system!

I am still loving this, I am so happy that my fave series has a lease of new life. I was worried that all the landscapes would be the same but there is a lot more personality than I expected.

Here are my favourite 2 mods:

Skyrim Tweaks Complete - A tweaked set of configs. I was only playing of High before but I have better view distance and performance with this. Everywhere in game is amazing now, and only open towns like Whiterun have dips in FPS (which I had before mods).

Himmelsrand Custom Shader Suite - This adjusts some of the effects and adds some post processing effects. The colour balance is much more natural than the default and dark areas in the game are dark as they should be so you'll need light sources sometimes. I noticed no change in performance and the results are a huge improvement!
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > This is Your Brain on Games
6. Re: This is Your Brain on Games Nov 16, 2011, 00:14 MisterBenn
jacobvandy wrote on Nov 15, 2011, 23:58:
Pfft, 12 hours a week? I guess that means I'm somewhere around quintuple-screwed...

Do you have a giant lump on the side of your head which bulges to contain a massively overdeveloped reward centre? In some circles it's a badge of honour!
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > On Minecraft Mod Support
4. Re: On Minecraft Mod Support Nov 16, 2011, 00:10 MisterBenn
I understand he's talking about the front page menu option which suggests you could select and enable mods in the same way that you do texture packs. The text has been there for a while but to install mods you currently still need to open the jar file manually in an archive editor and inject the files of the mod that you require.

At the most basic level I think this would be automated somehow - however it opens a can of worms in that many mods are incompatible and can prevent minecraft from starting at all.
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > New ATI Catalyst Drivers
26. Re: New ATI Catalyst Drivers Nov 15, 2011, 21:34 MisterBenn
I'm running a 6950 and I have been completely stable. Once when I chose to quit, it closed with an illegal operation like the previous games often did, but that's all. I've played about 10 hours with the 8.10 drivers, then I thought to update to 10.10 for Skyrim and played another 10 hours since then. It's been stable with both sets. Didn't realise 11.10 was a day away!

Performance wise I am CPU limited, interiors and some widerness I get ~60fps on Ultra but I can't manage it in some of the towns so I play on High. Might have to look into an upgrade, apart from the 6950 it's all a couple of years old, it's that long since I felt like I wanted to upgrade for a game.
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > EA Forum Bans Still Earning Game Bans?
48. Re: EA Forum Bans Still Earning Game Bans? Nov 14, 2011, 18:37 MisterBenn
Regardless of the details of this specific case, the policy of denying all previous purchases for breaking a code of conduct is despicable behaviour. Voting with your feet is the only thing that EA will respond to, if you disapprove of this the only way to show it is to avoid their products. Looking back, Bad Company 2 is the only EA game I can remember buying in years (and I only played that for a couple weeks)... it's actually not that hard.  
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Skyrim Arrives
120. Re: Skyrim Arrives Nov 11, 2011, 22:31 MisterBenn
Most urgent mods in my eyes:

Dark Mod - night time wilderness and dungeons have too high an ambient light level for sure. Portable light sources and magic seem to have no use currently.

Primary Needs Mod - for hunger at the very least. The food is barely worth it at the moment as Creston said, just a tiny HP gain. There are food sources all over towns and the wilderness, making you think about food supplies makes all the inns and cooking skills have a purpose.

Drop Rate Mod - you seem to get showered with treasure right from the earliest levels. +50% mana regen here, +25% cold resist there, they come way too fast. (Also there should be more variety and partial forms of gems, that mod for oblivion that gave you all the gem fragments that you could grind down for alchemy was great).

Anyhow, I can't believe the most urgent things are gameplay tweaks! I really thought it would be a case of needing game breaking bug fixes at first. I know some issues are out there but the game's definitely in an acceptable initial state for me which feels like a miracle these days. I'm not a religeous man but when this was decrypting I was thinking please... God... don't let this game be shit!
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Skyrim Reviews
95. Re: Skyrim Reviews Nov 11, 2011, 01:13 MisterBenn
Teddy wrote on Nov 11, 2011, 00:38:
Alt = run

Huh? Shift is toggle run, not Alt. It is strange that autorun is on by default and shift enables walk mode though. Have to hit Caps Lock while in a menu to get it the way it used to be. Also E and space are swapped from how they used to be...
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Skyrim Reviews
83. Re: Skyrim Reviews Nov 10, 2011, 23:59 MisterBenn
Well it's almost five hours, gonna take a breather!

My impressions so far are very good! (No spoilers coming I promise:) It is quite easy to run as suspected, my 2 year old rig runs it on "high" pretty much flawlessly. "Ultra" exists which has longer slider distances for details just like previous games... it was still a pretty good frame rate but I like solid 30+ so stuck with High. BTW during the intro (before you have full control of yourself) the frame rate was lower for some reason - wait til you have full control before screwing with your settings).

I have had no bugs or crashes so far! I would say that the level of testedness upon release is good. One bad guy was pathing into an obstable and couldn't reach me until I moved, but that's it. Some of body animations are awkward and a bit basic at times but on the scale of Oblivion, there are far more interactive animations that people do, and they are more frequent and better integrated.

There is a skill level setting - with presets rather than a slider like before. I set it one up from the default, to Expert and the level of challenge is very good. Needed to reload a few times in the larger fights and had to use potions and scrolls to survive a couple of times!

There a few textures which are definitely poor quality but most a good, and the overall scenes I've seen so far are frequently very impressive! I think a dark mod is needed since the minimum light level indoors is the same as vanilla Oblivion and I prefer a reason to use light sources or magic. Also a primary needs mod is needed, food at the moment restores tiny HP and can be limitlessly eaten.

It's a bit odd without attributes but using the talent trees for a bit I can see what they're getting at, it does leave plenty of room for build specialisation.
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Skyrim Reviews
61. Re: Skyrim Reviews Nov 10, 2011, 19:01 MisterBenn
Steam version in england unlocked! Decrypting now.

Edit: There are 3 mandatory packages to install once you launch which take a minute, but no additional patches required to start playing.

This comment was edited on Nov 10, 2011, 19:07.
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Skyrim to Offer "Infinite Quests"
62. Re: Skyrim to Offer Nov 9, 2011, 16:57 MisterBenn
It is a bit silly for them to say the quests are infinite. However I do think the randomised questing will be a positive change compared to Oblivion. The possible locations you'll be asked to visit are all hand made, the possible opponents you'll meet are hand made and the tasks you'll have to perform will be hand written too. It will only be the selection of these and the permutations for each mission that will be randomised, I don't see that will lead to a reduction in the quality of quests.

When replaying in Oblivion you know that a specific mission is going to be to go a specific house and clear the rats, or go to a specific field and collect the plants, or go to a specific cave and rescue a person etc. With the randomisation you'll won't know what specific jobs you'll be asked to do... it should make a big improvement to replayability, particularly in modders' hands.
Avatar 56105
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News Comments > Skyrim Now on Sale in the Netherlands?
26. Re: Skyrim Now on Sale in the Netherlands? Nov 8, 2011, 21:14 MisterBenn
Creston wrote on Nov 8, 2011, 19:51:
Meanwhile, Steam still isn't even preloading.



Consider retracting that GRRRRRRR, preloads began - at least in England. Where are you based?
Avatar 56105
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