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Signed On Nov 8, 2010, 19:41
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News Comments > 0x10cͨ Screenshots
12. Re: 0x10<sup>c</sup>&#872; Screenshots Apr 12, 2012, 11:42 aphistic
creatorswhim wrote on Apr 12, 2012, 11:33:
I doubt he's going to start selling the alpha this week, so you guys should stand down. There'll be plenty of time to grouse about the game after he forces you to give him money again.

Sorry, when did anyone force you to give them money?
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News Comments > More Diablo III Class Skills
27. Re: More Diablo III Class Skills Mar 14, 2012, 15:24 aphistic
Blizzard will announce the release date of mid- to late-April on April 1st and nobody will take it seriously until it actually comes out on that day.  
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News Comments > The Old Republic Early Access Begins
16. Re: The Old Republic Early Access Begins Dec 13, 2011, 12:24 aphistic
Heh, they even start the Early Access 2 days before they originally said it would start (the 15th) and people are STILL whining?  
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News Comments > Valve Announces Steam Guard
24. Re: Valve Announces Steam Guard Mar 3, 2011, 14:35 aphistic
TurdFergasun wrote on Mar 3, 2011, 14:30:
Zyrxil wrote on Mar 3, 2011, 14:19:

Again, what? This is about changing account settings, not locking games to a specific PC.

no but it sets up the infrastructure for locking games in place more than it does any sort of account management protection. you'd be wise to be wary of some rape lurking behind this announcement. it'd be foolish to think otherwise with all the attention and effort this project seems to have behind it.

Hang on, let me get your tin foil hat for you...

Reducing the number of support requests for their #1 support issue is worth "all the attention and effort this project seems to have behind it" solely due to the cost savings of not having to support that issue as much any more. They have millions of users, if a small percentage of those open support tickets for account security issues, that translates into big bucks.
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News Comments > Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million
33. Re: Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million Nov 8, 2010, 16:35 aphistic
I'm looking back and I don't see anything from the last time I tried running it. I'm remoted in right now so I can't try running it again until I get home.

Verno wrote on Nov 8, 2010, 16:10:
Nuke the drivers with driver sweeper or something, don't just use the uninstaller. Reboot when its finished, then run the latest Forceware then reboot again. Make sure your cards are running at factory clock and use one of them just to eliminate an SLI issue as the cause.

What motherboard by the way?

After I reformatted I didn't have any drivers installed aside from the default windows drivers that are installed and I rebooted after each time. The cards are both running at the factory clock but I haven't tried with just a single card on the old (non 260, I can't remember the actual version number) drivers.

My motherboard is an Asus Striker Extreme with a Q6600.
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News Comments > Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million
29. Re: Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million Nov 8, 2010, 16:05 aphistic
Ok, here's the problem people (me in this case) are having:

- I installed the game from Steam, ran the defrag like steam asked me to and headed to work for the day.
- I got home for a nice night of New Vegas that I'd been looking forward to since I first heard it was coming.
- I started up the game but it was running in 1280x1024 or some other low resolution so I backed out of the game to change the resolution settings.
- For some reason the resolution wouldn't save. I'd change my options, go back to start the game and it would still be the old setting. Eventually I figured out that it wasn't retaining my settings and I found a workaround on Steam that required me to set Steam in offline mode, change my resolution and log back on steam.
- I got to the main menu and decided that I needed to modify the config file to add the mouse fixes because the default mouse functionality is stupid (really, who made that decision?).
- I started up the game and created a new game (WOOHOO, TIME TO PLAY!)
- I watched the intro video, saw the initial loading screen and then BAM, crash. ("Ok, WTF" I'm thinking)
- I restored my default configuration I'd backed up and tried again. Still crashed.
- I searched on the Steam forums and someone mentioned that there were some new nVidia drivers and I realized I hadn't updated my drivers to the 260.89 forceware drivers.
- I updated the forceware drivers, rebooted and right after I typed in my password to log in to Win7 I heard the crash dialog sound in my speakers but didn't see anything other than the spinny circle on the login screen.
- I did every type of software and hardware configuration I could think of with my 2x BFG GTX 275 OC's (SLI on, SLI off, each card in the computer on its own, etc) but nothing worked
- I reverted my drivers back to the previous version and gave up being able to play (this was after 3-4 hours of screwing around trying to get the game working)
- nVidia released Forceware 260.99 a week later and I had renewed hopes that I'd be able to finally play the game. I installed those drivers and now I was able to log in but dwm.exe would crash the instant the desktop loaded. It wouldn't run any accelerated applications, I couldn't even watch any videos.
- I juggled the cards around again and still nothing worked so I reverted back.
- At this point my video drivers were completely FUBAR so I decided it had been awhile and needed to reformat. I backed up all my stuff and reinstalled Win7 Pro x64.
- First thing I did was install the latest 260.99 drivers and they still caused the same problem, so I'm currently running 2 versions back.
- At this point I saw someone post a collection of New Vegas fixes (I can't find the page at the moment but something that extensive shouldn't be necessary) so I tried a bunch of different things they recommended including the d3d9 DLL fix. Nothing. Still crashes.
- This morning I ordered a completely new video card out of desperation and I'm hoping I'll actually be able to play the game I paid for.

Thanks nVidia, Bethesda and Obsidian. You all suck.
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News Comments > Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million
14. Re: Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million Nov 8, 2010, 14:47 aphistic
nullability wrote on Nov 8, 2010, 14:33:
wrlwnd wrote on Nov 8, 2010, 14:03:
Unfortunate so many gamers accept a low level of quality when it comes to bugs these days.

Yes, the game is complex. And yes bugs are to be expected. But not at this level.

Even the New York Times has typos.

In some cases this would be like the New York Times sending out a newspaper where the main headline says "FREE MONEY TO EVERYONE, Details Inside!" and then the rest of your paper is blank but you've heard tales of people getting a copy of the paper that actually has the details inside.
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News Comments > Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million
12. Re: Fallout: New Vegas Ships 5 Million Nov 8, 2010, 14:43 aphistic
5 Million Shipped, 3 Million who can actually play the game!

Maybe one of these days I'll actually get to the actual game part of New Vegas. I've seen the menus and the intro video enough.
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