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News Comments > Old School RuneScape Adds F2P
3. Re: Old School RuneScape Adds F2P Feb 20, 2015, 12:55 Jivaro
Suppa7 wrote on Feb 20, 2015, 12:36:
Jivaro wrote on Feb 20, 2015, 10:14:
Wait a damn minute.

2007 is old school?

Think about birth cohorts. Someone who was born in at the edge of the 1990's and around 2000.

IMHO, if they are that young they aren't old enough to reference anything they have experienced in life as "old school".
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News Comments > etc.
5. Re: etc. Feb 20, 2015, 11:45 Jivaro
I recently had a discussion about CGI with a buddy, basically my side of it went like this:

Michael Bay, in my opinion, made terrible Transformer movies. He made some great robot battle scenes but he made terrible Transformer movies. Michael Bay thinks Transformer movies should only be about big robots having big battles, making big explosions. The actual story and plot don't matter. Plug any actor or actress in, get any writer, the results will be the same because the guy controlling the end result is the same. Michael Bay doesn't think this way because of the existence of CGI. He thinks this way because he sees big robots from another planet and that is what his mind conjures up. Michael Bay would have made shitty Transformer movies using the Star Trek: TOS or the Japanese Gozilla movie technology of the 60s. Change the tools, change the decade...I don't believe it would really matter.

CGI isn't the problem, it is simply a tool. Like any tool, it's only as good as the wielder. Blaming a tool for a shitty result only works when it's the only tool available to use.
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
1. Re: Morning Mobilization Feb 20, 2015, 11:09 Jivaro
The only game I ever really play on my Galaxy S3 is that Marvel Puzzle Quest. Fun little game for occasionally passing the time in the lobby of a doctor's office or something and I am sure they are making a mint off of it.  
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News Comments > Old School RuneScape Adds F2P
1. Re: Old School RuneScape Adds F2P Feb 20, 2015, 10:14 Jivaro
Wait a damn minute.

2007 is old school?
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
5. Re: Morning Consolidation Feb 17, 2015, 23:06 Jivaro
Really too bad about the Last Guardian.

To me, if it ever sees the light of day I might buy it if it reviews REALLY well....but I gave up on the game a long time ago. History hasn't been kind to games that fall into this kind of development hell.
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News Comments > Carmageddon: Reincarnation Public Beta
19. Re: Carmageddon: Reincarnation Public Beta Feb 15, 2015, 00:22 Jivaro
xXBatmanXx wrote on Feb 14, 2015, 19:43:
I love the game. It does a great job of bringing the feel back. Backer since day 1.

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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
3. Re: Saturday Interviews Feb 14, 2015, 13:38 Jivaro
He is becoming somewhat of a sacrificial lamb for gamer frustration. Not saying he hasn't earned it, but there will be a point where they are beating a dead horse.
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
39. Re: Morning Interviews Feb 13, 2015, 21:25 Jivaro
Necrophob wrote on Feb 13, 2015, 17:05:
It feels like low hanging fruit to me. The "journalist" found some one he can whip on for clicks, and no fear of reprisal. It's not like RockPaperShotgun is worried about never having early access to 22Can games. If this was Bobby Kotick (who deserves a talking to, imo), I'm sure it would have been much more polite.

fair enough...I am no Kotick fan but what has Bobby lied about? He has made lots of decisions that fans of his company's games didn't appreciate but he hasn't lied to customers or shareholders to my knowledge. Not running your company the way some folks think you should is far less offensive than straight up lieing to the people who give you money. This interview doesn't feel like low hanging fruit to me at all. It was exactly what was needed. At any time Peter could have walked out of that room and he didn't. He knows he has dug himself into a hole and he was hoping to talk himself out of it because talking is what he is good at. John didn't let him do that when many so-called journalists would have.
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News Comments > Peter Molyneux's Vows of Silence
10. Re: Peter Molyneux's Vows of Silence Feb 13, 2015, 21:14 Jivaro
That has to be one of the most awkward, confusing, intense, and revealing interviews that I have ever read. Like, in any industry...not just video games. PMoly believes his own bullshit all the way up until he becomes aware it is bullshit, and which time he comes up with new bullshit...that much is clear.

Part of me feels like it was kind of unprofessional of the interviewer to be so accusatory and emotional with the phrasing of some of those questions but the reality is that I would have been pretty damn frustrated and accusatory if I was the interviewer as well. PMoly was consistently giving nonsensical and contradictory answers and when he was called out on it he would simply continue to dodge instead of just saying "we fucked up". The only time he comes out and says he messed up was with Brian...and even than it's because he can't really say anything other than that. I mean...2 damn years? What in the hell?
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News Comments > Just Cause 3 Trailer
22. Re: Just Cause 3 Trailer Feb 13, 2015, 17:31 Jivaro
My step-son didn't really get into the first game but he loved the second game. Played it for hours and hours on both PC and PS3. I haven't told him about a third game yet because I am hoping to surprise him.

I on the other hand was kind of "meh" about both the 1st and 2nd game. Nothing really jumps out at me as a reason, they just didn't grab me I guess. Might have to go re-install the second one and give it a whirl just to see.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 4 Multiplayer Revealed
23. Re: Mass Effect 4 Multiplayer Revealed Feb 13, 2015, 17:26 Jivaro
Task wrote on Feb 13, 2015, 16:53:
Or will they do a cop out and resurrect Sheppard AGAIN with space magic.

They already said no Shephard. It could be a lie they made up to mess with us I suppose.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 4 Multiplayer Revealed
11. Re: Mass Effect 4 Multiplayer Revealed Feb 13, 2015, 10:54 Jivaro
HorrorScope wrote on Feb 13, 2015, 10:35:
SlimRam wrote on Feb 13, 2015, 10:34:
Because Mass Effect was always about multiplayer...

From my hearings quite a few had fun with Mass 3's MP.

Yeah, my friends and I liked the multiplayer in ME3 too. I don't think any of us bought the game looking forward to that particular game mode, but it was a nice bonus.

I didn't feel like the multiplayer took away from the single player game in ME3, so as long as that continues to be true in ME4 I have no problem with them adding that sort of gameplay mode. The ME universe, with all of it's variety and history, lends itself well to a multiplayer component.
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News Comments > Into the Black
9. Re: Into the Black Feb 12, 2015, 22:46 Jivaro
Don't be shocked if John Oliver gets the job. Jon isn't leaving before September, perhaps later if they need him to stay at the desk until a suitable replacement can be found. John Oliver was so successful at filling in for Jon Stewart while he was off filming his movie that he got his own show...but i doubt that little web show came with a long term contract. If Comedy Central wants John Oliver they will get him.

Let's face it, Oliver is the only man not named Stephen Colbert that has even come close to being able to do that show. If they go with someone completely new and it fails they will kill all the momentum that show has built up over the last 16 to 17 years. Why do that when you can hand the ball to Oliver?
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
3. Re: Morning Consolidation Feb 12, 2015, 16:58 Jivaro
Trashy wrote on Feb 12, 2015, 13:58:
Wasn't Today a planned Maintenance day according to the story posted here a few days ago.

Yep, but it took longer than was expected to come back up for some folks in certain areas. Also, every time a MMO or gaming service has maintenance on a non-regular day there will always be users who scream bloody murder because they don't read the announcements before posting their complaints. For example, if an MMO has normal maintenance from 3-7am on Tuesdays and on any given week they change it to a Thursday from 3-9am the forums that Thursday morning are filled with nerd rage tears. It's a predictable phenomena at this point.
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News Comments > Shadow Realms Cancelled
14. Re: Shadow Realms Cancelled Feb 10, 2015, 11:25 Jivaro
When a company cancels a game, I assume it to be a fantastic move. (aside from the possibility that someone might have lost their job....that of course sucks balls) I don't want a crap game and I don't want a company wasting resources on a crap game that could be put towards a good game. I think sometimes devs and pubs don't cancel stuff when they should because they want to earn some of the money spent back. I don't blame them, from a business perspective, but it's nice to see a company say "that's not going to work, let's bail".  
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News Comments > On Sale
8. Re: On Sale Feb 9, 2015, 10:54 Jivaro
Alamar wrote on Feb 9, 2015, 01:05:
3 months... 50% off already... Good times ; )

Umm..the game has been out for a long time. Because a very late port goes on sale 3 months after release is hardly a sign of something bad.

Anyway, Valkyria Chronicles was a fantastic game if you are into that particular genre. My step-daughter bought it for me as a birthday present when it came out on PS3. I made the mistake of thinking it would be this cutesy anime story with easy TBS combat. I was only going to give it a go because I didn't want to offend my step-daughter. The story is pretty gritty and even depressing, which is appropriate for a game that takes place during a time of war. The missions can be unforgiving, which I was surprised by. You can't just charge through things, you need to plan things out. I think the art style lulled me into thinking the game would be easy or "just for kids". There are times when the writing does get a bit teeny-bop emo, but overall I thought it was pretty good in that department as well. I don't think a 40 year old who was never into anime in the first place, like me, is the target audience and I tried to keep that in mind.

I haven't played the PC port, so I can't really comment on it's quality but I would think a game from this genre would be excellent on PC.
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News Comments > Mortal Kombat X Trailer
4. Re: Mortal Kombat X Trailer Feb 7, 2015, 18:49 Jivaro
This is really looking good. The faction war system is very promising.
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News Comments > On Sale
6. Re: On Sale Feb 4, 2015, 11:25 Jivaro
Orogogus wrote on Feb 4, 2015, 04:32:
Humble Bundle doesn't sell GOG keys and that's the only place X-Wing & TIE Fighter are currently available, why would you have any hope or expectation that it's going to happen?

yeah...because you know...there aren't any games that first get released on GOG and than later on Steam. That never happens. Rolleyes

and besides that...I mean...fuck optimism. Stop it with that optimism crap. Rolleyes2

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News Comments > On Sale
3. Re: On Sale Feb 4, 2015, 01:26 Jivaro
I went ahead and picked up the SW bundle. I have all of it in hard copy but that's a fair price to get digital versions for a modern OS. I was going to buy the XWing/TieFighter games through GOG as a birthday present to myself but I guess I had better wait and see what this bundle finishes with.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
30. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 2, 2015, 16:48 Jivaro
Marvin T. Martian wrote on Feb 2, 2015, 08:32:
1badmf wrote on Feb 2, 2015, 08:14:
Marvin T. Martian wrote on Feb 2, 2015, 07:29:
Jivaro wrote on Feb 2, 2015, 00:39:
Paranoid Jack wrote on Feb 1, 2015, 23:01:
Best game Super Bowl or otherwise I have seen in decades. The last few minutes were priceless.

It was a fantastic game. Had Seattle won I would still think it was a fantastic game to have watched. Pete is taking the blame in the media for that call but his OC is going to take a shit ton of blame.
Pete should not be coaching next year.

well at least we know martians don't know shit about football.

and you know shit about anything! Worst coaching decision in any s SB! ever!

The lack of logic that it takes to fire someone over what "might" have been their decision on one play when they have taken a team to the Super Bowl two years in a row....winning the first by a startling.

Go home Martian, you're drunk.
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