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News Comments > Star Citizen FPS Development Moves In-House
3. Re: Star Citizen FPS Development Moves In-House Aug 18, 2015, 12:08 Jivaro
Well, usually this kind of thing is the other way around...development studio hands off project to third party so as to shrink it's own staff or focus on something else. Of all the announcements, this is probably the most positive. It makes sense in just about any way, as opposed to selling more virtual ships or adding yet more stuff....or whatever else they usually announce.

It's rare, but there really isn't much negative to say about this move unless you are one of the people who has been let go.

edit: ...or one of the people who seems to have an unhealthy infatuation with criticizing this project every single time it's posted about, despite not actually having any money in it. I mean can only say "suckers..he is ripping you off!" so many ways and so many times. I mean, people might be getting ripped off but how many times you gonna bang your head on that brick wall?
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News Comments > The Witcher 3 Mod Tool Backlash
20. Re: Star Citizen Arena Commander Expands; New Ship Added Aug 16, 2015, 17:56 Jivaro
harlock wrote on Aug 16, 2015, 17:03:
Jerykk wrote on Aug 16, 2015, 16:58:
They probably didn't bother with the extended mod tools this time because Witcher 2 never really formed a strong mod community. The series has never been as popular amongst modders as Bethesda's games. It's kind of like how DAO had extensive mod tools but nobody really cared, so Bioware didn't bother with DA2 and Inquisition.

exactly.. there are like 10 mods for W2, and the most popular one was made by one of the devs

..which is hilarious because both Oblivion and Skyrim have a ton of Witcher 1, 2, and 3 inspired mods. Hell, you can basically dress everyone in Skyrim to look like everyone in the Witcher 2 at this point.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
10. Re: Morning Consolidation Aug 14, 2015, 13:34 Jivaro
My conspiracy theory is that the console manufacturer's deliberately make the UI clunky and hard to use so that you will use crap like Kinect and voice commands to do stuff. Motive? I have none, I suck at conspiracy theories. All I know is that as soon as I get used to how bad a console UI is and actually find a way to make it comfortably usable...they change it into something worse.

I am collector so I have never been a fan of digital purchases. I like knowing that as long as I keep the physical media and the console I have access to the game regardless of what the manufacturer decides to support or if they stay in business. Aside from that one of the other big reasons I make so few purchases currently is because I find the PS store to be so bad I am tempted to believe they do it on purpose just to see how much shit gamers will swim through to get to their next fix. The most unstable piece of shit software on my PS3? The Playstation Store, and it isn't even close. It loads slow, it's cumbersome, and it spontaneously reboots the console. They should have kept the old version of the store like they did with the Vita instead of trying to make it match the PS4 store. It's slow and cumbersome on the PS4 as well...but at least it doesn't cause it to reboot randomly.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
11. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 12, 2015, 14:47 Jivaro
The media keeps saying this hasn't happened before. Short memories. Staubach got decked too. In practice, not in the locker room, but still...

It effectively ended Clint Longley's career as well.
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News Comments > Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch Notes
12. Re: Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch Notes Aug 11, 2015, 01:43 Jivaro
Asmodai wrote on Aug 10, 2015, 20:23:
10 Patch applies
20 Patch completes
30 Try to play
40 You need to update this product
50 Goto 10

The explanation written in Basic made my night!
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
17. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 10, 2015, 19:51 Jivaro
Yeah eRe4s3r, that was basically where my line of thinking has gotten to at this point. It only happens with Windows 10. This computer has had Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and 10 on it. I didn't keep either 8 or 8.1 out of personal preference but they did support sleep mode and the shutdown worked fine. Win7 was my preferred operating system and it worked fine. I even had a Linux distro on here in a dual boot configuration and it worked fine as well. (never tried a sleep mode, but shutdown and reboots worked just fine) It's only Windows 10 that seems to have this. I only have to tap the power button to get a full shut off once it hangs, I don't have to push and hold for any amount of time.

Unless someone or some article throws a definitive solution at me I am probably going to leave it alone for this first couple of months and see if the steady stream of MS updates or the next Nvidia drivers address the problem. Frustrating but in the history of new Windows install issues of the past it is definitely one of the least problematic. I once attempted to install 45 computers with Windows ME all at once..I know true pain.
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News Comments > Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch Notes
5. Re: Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch Notes Aug 10, 2015, 18:27 Jivaro
I put this game aside early on because of various issues. I should probably get back to it, I imagine the drastic patching is done by now. I guess I will reroll and start over. I was only about 12 or so hours in anyway.  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
14. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 10, 2015, 17:49 Jivaro
Keilun wrote on Aug 10, 2015, 15:56:
On the sleep issue, have you tried running the powercfg lastwake command from the shell?

I've used that in the past to discover the offending device. This was back on Win7 though. I'm not sure how/if it translates to Win10. The hope is that it'll work and help you figure out which device to disable the wake.

Hi Keilun and thanks for your suggestion:

I hadn't tried that particular parameter so I just did and unfortunately it came back as simply "Wake History Count - 0".

I had tried the /sleepstudy parameter, something I became aware of after reading an article on Windows 8 sleep/power issues, but unfortunately I got the "S0 Low Power Idle" is not supported on this machine. Cannot run tool." message. Apparently this tool depends on the hardware being able to use a low power status that my motherboard isn't capable of being in.

I looked at a list of the known powercfg parameters on Wiki, which strangely seems more accurate than the one on MS's website, and I don't see another one that will help me. Thanks for the suggestion though..I appreciate the try.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
11. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 10, 2015, 15:45 Jivaro
Verno wrote on Aug 10, 2015, 15:30:
Sorry to hear your Sleep issue persists Jivaro, I will look more into it later and see if I can come up with anything you haven't thought of already.

Thanks, I appreciate that. Though obviously, you don't need to do that, I certainly welcome any extra help. I can't decide what bothers me more at this point...the fact that it isn't working properly or the fact that I am totally stumped as to what exactly is the issue. Even if the issue was not something I could fix without hardware replacement I would still feel better if I at least knew precisely what the problem was.

PS: I tried sleep and shutdown from the initial login screen to see if something third-party might be holding up things. By shutting down at the login screen I figured that would eliminate most third party stuff from having been loaded. It made no difference. Infuriating.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
9. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 10, 2015, 15:18 Jivaro
DangerDog wrote on Aug 10, 2015, 14:42:
The bit about Firefox being slower in Windows 10 sounds suspicious to me as well, are they intentionally gimping performance to get people to use their "fast" edge browser?

Chrome works as well or better after upgrading according to all reports I have read. I mean, I am no expert but it seems to me that if there was a conspiracy it would affect them as well. Chrome is the biggest competitor. Firefox was getting bloated and buggy long before Windows 10, which is one of the reasons that so many long term Firefox users have been switching to Chrome. As long ago as 2008 CNET was pointing out Firefox's increasing slowness. I really don't find it hard to believe that a change in OS only exasperated any problems that already existed. Mozilla hasn't really been running a tight ship of late. I am no Microsoft fanboy but blaming MS seems a bit convenient in this case.

In the interests of full disclosure, my personal experience is as follows: I run Firefox and Chrome on my system because some versions of Firefox are just crap and I have to run Chrome until they patch it. For me, it's been that way for over 2 years now. I would rather use Firefox but sometimes it is just so screwed up I go to the Google-side just so I can get my browsing done in a reasonable amount of time.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
5. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 10, 2015, 13:55 Jivaro
Verno wrote on Aug 10, 2015, 13:49:
Are you using S3 sleep? Try disabling hybrid sleep and see if it works. I haven't encountered that on my nvidia card but I'm sure our hardware configs and drivers differ.

What's the motherboard?

MSi motherboard of which the model and chip escapes me, but it is a a i5-2500 @ 3.30 GHz, so it's a bit older by the standards of this site's members. I don't know about the S3 sleep setting off the top of my head either so I will reset and go check the settings and than coe back and update this post. Thanks for giving me something else to try....drives me nuts to have nagging issues like this.

edit: Switching to S1 (my only other option) didn't change anything. Motherboard is a MSi Z68A-0317-B3-F13 using bios version 6.00PG.

This comment was edited on Aug 10, 2015, 14:37.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
3. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 10, 2015, 13:33 Jivaro
I would just be happy if my computer would use it's sleep mode. Since I upgraded from 7 to 10 my computer can no longer use sleep mode or even shut down properly. I read on a forum somewhere that it has to do with the current Nvidia drivers somehow, but other than that rather vague and unsubstantiated theory I have no idea what the problem is. I choose sleep or power off and the computer goes through all of it's normal steps, the screens go dark....and than the power just stays on and the fans & liquid cooling system keep running even though there is no video output or hard drive usage. I can't wake the machine up either. I end up having to press the power button which in the case of sleep mode appears to cause a hard off and in the case of powering down appears to finish the process properly. When I reboot from the sleep mode it makes me scan for errors (thus my hard off assumption) and when I reboot from power off everything works as if I powered down normally.

I upgraded from 7 and this is the only bug, complaint, or problem I have had. My computer actually runs the same or better with everything I do and I like the new interface but this issue is kind of a biggy. Sleep mode is my preferred non-use state and with 7 it woke up nearly instantly. I still haven't joined the SSD crowd so full reboots take longer than I would like. Whatever the cause, Nvidia or not, I hope it is fixed soon.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
5. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 8, 2015, 12:51 Jivaro
I understand early morning usage of the lawn mower when it's going to be a hot day later on. I was a resident of Phoenix for just over 6 years and I visited every summer for another 4. People were mowing lawns at like 6:00 AM to avoid the inevitable midday heat.

No idea what the temps are like in your neck of the woods Blue, but in the summer it kinda makes sense to get that stuff done early.
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News Comments > Diablo III Season 3 Ending This Month
4. Re: Diablo III Season 3 Ending This Month Aug 8, 2015, 01:47 Jivaro
Yeah, I am looking forward to it. Isn't really much reason to play until than.  
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
7. Re: Morning Metaverse Aug 4, 2015, 16:17 Jivaro
nin wrote on Aug 4, 2015, 13:59:
Based on the comments I read, people were claiming it was originally going to be DRM free, which is why at least some folks backed it. But then, to get full FF compatibility, they started tinkering with DRM.

There's also the question brought up about how they're able to refund everyone's money after a year of dev time. Were they bought out, and they don't want to admit it (yet)?

I get that...but if they are going to complain about the project failing AND complain about about the nature of their refunds it just comes across as complaining to complain. Even if the reason the project is failing is because they have decided to change something fundamental in the project (ie DRM) or if they were bought out shouldn't they be applauded for admitting they can't make what they promised and giving everyone their money back?

I am just glad I am getting my money back. This is my first failed KS venture but I always assumed that once I put my money in a KS it was either going to turn into something or disappear wasn't coming back.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
3. Re: Morning Metaverse Aug 4, 2015, 12:33 Jivaro
As long as they are giving refunds I don't really see why there is so much anger in the KS comments. I understand disappointment but wow...some of those folks are acting like the team just killed their dog, screwed their spouse, and stole their car.

When I get my money back I think I will get a Fire or a Roku. Probably a Fire since I am a Prime member but I will need to do some research.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
46. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 1, 2015, 11:23 Jivaro
While that is the cynical look at it, it is also hard to dispute of course.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
44. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 1, 2015, 10:01 Jivaro
1badmf wrote on Jul 31, 2015, 23:25:
really? people are that pissed that it's been delayed? as far as i'm concerned it's right on track, taking into account the added features. might not see 1.0 till next year, but what AAA title hasn't been delayed. only diff is SC did it publicly.

I don't disagree with your points. I just think that if a project like this originally says it's going to do "X" thing in "Y" amount of time and it changes both the "X" and the "Y" than the folks supporting the original venture should be able to get their money back. I am keeping my money in the pot because A) It's only 35 bucks and B) Because I am fine with the explained changes and timeline. The fact that I am fine with it doesn't mean everybody has to be though.

I would point out that I say "should be able to get their money back". I mean that in a very idealist sort of way. I am not saying that I believe that should be a law or even a rule. I am just saying I think that it's the right thing to do in some cases, specifically those with such dramatic changes from the original sales pitch. Kickstarters and the various similar ways of crowdsourcing are a risk and nobody should throw their money in expecting to be able to get it back. People compare it to investing but I compare it to gambling. Don't put any money in the game that you can't afford to lose. That being said, this is a very successful campaign that, despite the negative picture one might draw from the comments here on Blues, has a huge and devoted fan base that is largely in support of the game design expansion. With all the millions that they have generated I think giving refunds to those that kicked money in based on the plan of the original Kickstarter is the right thing to do. I meant it when I said I didn't think he would get his refund though...I am used to companies doing the "legal" thing or the "business" thing, not the right thing.

edit: When I refer to things as a clusterfuck here what I meant is that I agree with him on his main points of frustration. You are right, delays happen and the main difference between this project and a normal "AAA publisher" project is that the public gets to see it all unfold publicly. That doesn't really change the fact that he donated based on one set of promises and now there is a totally different set of promises that are said to be fulfilled on a totally different time schedule. One could say "well, that's game development...suck it up buttercup" and not be wrong. I am impressed that wasn't what he was told. I am not sure I can think of any other development studio or publisher that would have given his money back, BBB report or no.

This comment was edited on Aug 1, 2015, 10:13.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
38. Re: Out of the Blue Jul 31, 2015, 19:50 Jivaro
Kxmode wrote on Jul 31, 2015, 18:09: Here's the conclusion to my CIG refund request. Start at "UNEXPECTED REPLY FROM SANDI GARDINER (July 22, 2015)".

I'm now no longer a backer of Star Citizen. My entire US$930 was returned.

I have to admit man..I didn't think you would get any of it, let alone all of it. I am not at that point where I want a refund, but I am only in for 35 bucks so I can't really say our situations compare. Good job getting your money. I want to see the game finished and I think it will "eventually", but this whole thing has been such a clusterfuck and anybody who wants a refund really should get one.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
31. Re: Out of the Blue Jul 31, 2015, 15:01 Jivaro
Honestly, a mobile friendly version of the site is all I would really like to see.  
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