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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 6, 2016, 14:05 Jivaro
Blue, in the Mets' defense it is an even year. Who the hell wants to play the Giants in the playoffs in an even year..let alone face Mad Bum in October, in the playoffs, and in an even year?

But seriously, it was a well played game beginning to end. The Mets were decimated this year by injuries and the Giants didn't have to go to their pen. Now we see if the this Giants team of mine, a team that has been horrible since the all-star break, can keep it going. As a fan of the team I want to be able to say "yeah, they got it back on track!", but momentum is a fickle friend in baseball. The Cubs look like a hell of a mountain to climb. Good management, good hitting, good pitching....the Cubs will be extremely tough.

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News Comments > Might & Magic Heroes VII Support Ends
1. Re: Might & Magic Heroes VII Support Ends Oct 6, 2016, 13:53 Jivaro
I am trying to find a way to be mad about this because it reads like something I should be mad about.

I am not mad though. I mean, I own the collector's edition and play the game but I have had nearly zero problems. (one corrupted save game that cost me nearly zero time and has not happened since) Maybe people who play more multiplayer or make their own stuff for the game have issues that still need to be addressed, but I got nothing.

I wouldn't encourage this to be regular practice among the big publishers but in this particular situation I am just not seeing an issue...and I am a huge fanboy of the games. I buy them on title alone and that is because I have enjoyed every entry in the Heroes line. (3 was my favorite, but I liked them all) The M&M line on the other hand, those I have to spend some time researching before I buy them. A few of them have really sucked balls.
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News Comments > Destiny 2 PC Rumors
17. Re: Destiny 2 PC Rumors Sep 28, 2016, 08:10 Jivaro
Tipsy McStagger wrote on Sep 28, 2016, 03:14:
as someone who hates playing console games unless I have to...

I played hundreds of hours of Destiny on my PS4. It has extremely well polished game mechanics so everything feels good.

What is lacked, was any sensible content that wasn't a massive grind to upgrade weapons/armor.I quit at Crota raids after I got all the items I wanted and never went back. I hear the new expansions are good but it really was a huge grind fest.

I didn't make it to the raids, but I enjoyed my time with the game. I just couldn't get myself to invest time and money into a shooter on console. I have moaned here before about my challenges with gamepads and FPS I won't do it again. That being said, sign me up for a Destiny game on PC, 1 re-made or a sequel. I would be all over it.

note: I am aware that, at one time at least, you could use a mouse and keyboard on PS4 in Destiny despite the obvious advantage in PVP situations. I didn't do it because I viewed it as cheating...which isn't really fun.
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News Comments > More Connect
2. Re: More Connect Sep 26, 2016, 11:34 Jivaro
free stuff taken and appreciated.  
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News Comments > Saturday Mobilization
8. Re: Saturday Mobilization Sep 25, 2016, 11:44 Jivaro
People are going to give up their steering wheels kicking and screaming but the roads, particularly in urban and metropolitan areas, would be safer if we all used robot cars.

Humans, as a species, can't drive for shit. Too selfish, too self-absorbed, and too aggressive. The last 20+ years or so of obscene traffic in our major cities has basically provided all the evidence we will ever need to factually state that robot cars would save lives.

Unfortunately humans, as a species, have another detrimental characteristic. We don't actually place much value on facts that don't either maintain our comfortable status quo or benefit us directly and immediately.

The robot car is the invention that could save thousands of lives annually but we will be so slow to adopt them that I suspect it will be decades before the mainstream population accepts them.

Folks in rural areas are a different thing. I can understand why Bubba Joe in a town of 1000 people in western Montana doesn't have a use for the tech and doesn't want anything to do with it. The lack of traffic, the amount of dirt roads..etc etc...that makes sense to me.
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News Comments > Oculus Facing Political Backlash [Updated]
134. Re: Oculus Facing Political Backlash [Updated] Sep 25, 2016, 11:36 Jivaro
Quboid wrote on Sep 25, 2016, 11:03:
Jivaro wrote on Sep 25, 2016, 10:58:
Well, this thread certainly didn't disappoint...

At least we've finally sorted these issues out, once and for all.

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News Comments > Gone Gold - Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
5. Re: Gone Gold - Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Sep 25, 2016, 11:24 Jivaro
Square Enix should just go full Capcom and start calling their Tomb Raider re-releases "Super" or "Ultra...or both.

"Ultra Super Rise of the Tomb Raider Featuring Lara Croft: The 20 Year Anniversary Collector's Edition"

I missed my calling in marketing right?
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News Comments > Civilization VI Specifications
14. Re: Civilization VI Specifications Sep 25, 2016, 11:01 Jivaro
descender wrote on Sep 23, 2016, 20:18:
I know this isn't what he meant but I don't know why anyone buys these games before the 2 expansions and the GOTY version drop. I suppose some people just hate their money :p

OOH OOH..I know this one! (waves hand frantically from the front row of the class)

As long as the game is moddable out of the box, people (like myself) will buy the Day One PC version. No idea what everyone is thinking though. If I didn't mod, I would wait for the GOTY.
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News Comments > Oculus Facing Political Backlash [Updated]
132. Re: Oculus Facing Political Backlash [Updated] Sep 25, 2016, 10:58 Jivaro
Well, this thread certainly didn't disappoint...

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 25, 2016, 10:42 Jivaro
1badmf wrote on Sep 25, 2016, 06:30:
nin wrote on Sep 24, 2016, 20:26:
Rebels season 3 is up at !!!!

ooh fellow rebels fan. nice! been wanting someone to fangirl with XD

I have only seen the first 3 episodes from season 1 due to time restrictions but all the hype around season 3 has got me getting ready to catch up to the current season ASAP. Clone Wars was popular, particularly with teens, but Rebels gets praise from just about everybody I talk to at any age...provided they are a SW fan that is.
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News Comments > Overwatch Public Custom Games Coming
4. Re: Overwatch Public Custom Games Coming Sep 23, 2016, 10:18 Jivaro
That is what I thought...but you know, if anybody is going to point out all the possibly bad stuff it will be us Blues News types.  
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News Comments > On Sale
1. Re: On Sale Sep 22, 2016, 13:51 Jivaro
Sell the SHIELD at 60% off first maybe?  
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News Comments > New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers
16. Re: New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Sep 22, 2016, 13:15 Jivaro
Verno wrote on Sep 22, 2016, 09:14:
No issues with these drivers as per the norm.

Every time I install the newest driver, basically for the last 3 months, a couple of my games start showing a symptom that can only be described as selective texture flickering. I literally have no idea what else to cause it. Textures on some models flicker while other textures are fine. It appears to be "moving" models that are more likely to flicker, but honestly...the flickering is so bad I am not sure it's "only" the moving ones. SWTOR is the only game I play regularly that is affected, but when I tested it on other games the problem was still there at various levels. Thus, I have to keep reverting back to driver version 368.81...which I think is like 4-6 non-beta releases ago. That driver works fine with everything I throw at it.

My current main gaming rig is fairly modest. It uses an i5-2500k@ factory default 3.30GHz, 8 GB of RAM, and a Nvidia 760 GTX.(Windows 10) That said, turning everything down or messing with things just hasn't generated a difference let alone a solution which leads me to believe it isn't a problem revolving around a lack of system capability.

As long as the 368.81 driver functions I suppose it isn't a big deal, but I have to admit the issue has me frustrated. I don't like unknown problems with my gaming rig, even if they have workarounds. It's probably something stupid and easy that I am overlooking. It usually is. :/

Anyway, I have seen a thread or 2 at various forums that have people with what appears to be a similar problem but none of their solutions have worked for me so far. Maybe it's just my system and not really a Nvidia issue. *shrug*
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News Comments > Overwatch Public Custom Games Coming
1. Re: Overwatch Public Custom Games Coming Sep 22, 2016, 12:46 Jivaro


I think?

Okay, I give up...someone tell me how this could possibly be a bad thing?
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News Comments > Op Ed
7. Re: Op Ed Sep 19, 2016, 12:12 Jivaro
The whole article contradicts itself a few times....which is cool because so does Valve.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
16. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 19, 2016, 11:09 Jivaro
I was at a Ren Fair all weekend and fairly disconnected from the world as a result. Came home to the headlines regarding the bombings in New Jersey/New York and the stabbings in Minnesota.

I hope everyone and their loved ones is well. Amazing to me that there were no deaths.
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News Comments > etc.
16. Re: etc. Sep 15, 2016, 12:23 Jivaro
jdreyer wrote on Sep 15, 2016, 05:23:
Verno wrote on Sep 14, 2016, 13:30:
Kajetan wrote on Sep 14, 2016, 12:40:
Remember the last studio, founded by dev celebrities departing from Blizzard, being richly funded from the start without having a proper project?

Ahh, yes, Flagship Studios! Oh boy, those were funny days

Hellgate: London had so much potential

Wasn't it patched up years later into something decent? I thought I read that somewhere...

There was a community patch that only dealt with the original game and than there was the version of the game that was re-published and from what I saw turned into a decent game with a crappy ingame store that many felt was basically P2W. (I didn't stay long enough or play long enough to have an opinion one way or the other BUT....there were EXP buffs and the like available for real money so that sounds like P2W)

I was a huge fan of the original game, warts and all.

This comment was edited on Sep 15, 2016, 12:28.
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
12. Re: Morning Mobilization Sep 14, 2016, 13:13 Jivaro
Weird that it claims the regular S7 does that. I have one as do like 10 of my friends and family and many of us have joked about how it feels like we are the only ones in our little circles currently not complaining about our phones. As always, personal experience doesn't always represent the global reality. Between all the headaches Apple and Samsung have been giving people recently I was sure I had completely lucked out.  
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News Comments > Join The Crew for Free
11. Re: Join The Crew for Free Sep 14, 2016, 13:07 Jivaro
I know that was an joking observation rather than a real question Red, but it got me thinking...which is always trouble...

This account says it was opened in 2010 but I used "corrandk" or something similar to it at both and here before yeah....a while. It was the late great Billy Wilson that pointed me towards this site. I visited both sites all the way up until Robert left VE3d. I checked by occasionally at VE3d after that but I wasn't a fan of Andrew (as the site runner, I am sure he is a fine human being) or IGN for that matter, so RPS became my new regular stop along with Blue.

I changed my online nick at most sites to try to unify the name across the various places I visit on the Internet. I think I opened a new account rather than change my name on the old account because I don't have access to the email the old account used as it was an old business email. (my business was Internet gaming appropriate given the circumstances at the time) In hindsight, I should have just messaged Blue I guess.

Ultimately it was fruitless because I use either my real name (Brant) or my WoW/City of Heroes/real life nickname (Sat) at everywhere but here and the Playstation. (Playstation ID uses my hotmail account which makes changing the name problematic because the email and the name are similar.)

I mean, at one point when I was the admin of a private TS server I used Brant/Sat/Jivaro/Corrandk just to make sure everybody knew they were the same person. Maybe I was actually making sure I knew they were all the same person?! Geez...I just realized the Internet has given me an identity crisis!

Anybody gone through this or am I the lone Internet schizophrenic?
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: etc. Sep 14, 2016, 12:39 Jivaro
Kxmode wrote on Sep 14, 2016, 12:18:
Chris Metzen isn't going to retire. I'm certain he'll end up at Rob's studio soon enough; maybe not this year, but likely next.

That's what I am assuming as well.

As a guy who plays and loves most of what Blizzard has ever released I should be excited about the potential of the new studio with ex-Blizz folks working at it. Instead, this whole thing is reminding me of Hellgate: London....sadly. Of course, that isn't fair to Rob's new studio....but it is what it is. Hopefully the make better business decisions under the pressures of not having ActiBlizz type budgets to work with.
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