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Description I enjoy testing and developing video games.
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Signed On Apr 20, 2010, 08:25
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News Comments > Steam Opens Early Access
40. Re: Steam Opens Early Access Mar 21, 2013, 18:19 Closed Betas
Hell, why not pay for Arma 4 already with that logic
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News Comments > Steam Opens Early Access
36. Re: Steam Opens Early Access Mar 20, 2013, 23:14 Closed Betas
I think if you play the class action lawsuit game with them and their heavily publically promoted FREE community alpha, you'll get a free invite to the phoney lite version.. the alpha itself is nothing more than a demo  
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News Comments > Steam Opens Early Access
35. Re: Steam Opens Early Access Mar 20, 2013, 23:13 Closed Betas
Ingenious? God, I need to get a product and get into marketing or something. Fools are down from a dime a dozen to a dime a gross.

Wake up, They're selling beta's, there's no magical interface in between... There's no special designed coded section.. it's the same platform, the same feedback system, lol. They market what 90% of you bithc on forums about what you hate and you suck it up like its some new form of wheat product
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News Comments > U.K. Sales Charts
4. Re: U.K. Sales Charts Mar 11, 2013, 18:34 Closed Betas
Did I forget how to read or did he just say two titles are #3 and two titles are #1?

Oh my bad, different chart... horribly written article, or statement, whatever this is.
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News Comments > Arma 3 Alpha Next Week
37. Re: Arma 3 Alpha Next Week Mar 3, 2013, 00:49 Closed Betas
Krizzen wrote on Feb 27, 2013, 18:17:
I just gotta say, dual-marketing their engine to consumers and the government is just pure genius. However, claiming their military base research was 'for a game' didn't give them a free pass. Regardless, it's still really cool (and CPU destroying) tech.

Arma has been nothing but a game made off their simulation training program for military / police... Its simply taking the elements of the simulation and stripping off the tools and fat, and building a mission scenario around that... (and lately they have guessed, adding single player campaign will boost sales) not very polished and lame work won't help much there as shown... Their clunkiness, and poor choice of marine weapons taking out the (little bird) and fun options almost bankrupted the game side... They got smart and added that stuff back in for OA, but still went totally in the wrong direction

Has hardly made them any money, in fact, so very little, hardly many work on it... The fact they don't work on needed elements, (better docs for modders) and better models, interface work has almost put the company to rest, cept for the lucky mod that took the game to mainstream...

Bohemia makes its mountains of cash in training, not sales of the products.. To train a person in basics of the software, companies and militaries shell our $10,000's of dollars per pupil for visits to their little school sessions.. You'd barph at what the costs are for a 3 day session where they teach you how to run a mission in real time.. or perhaps stick a model into the simulation.. lol

I think they know that mod support is what they should be focusing on.. will steam interfere with this.. again i believe so... this company has taken lots of daggers and the team is getting old and boring... think this is their last hoopla.

shame, with the proper docs, and good server support, and modding help.. this game could be 10,000 games in one... but its just too clunky, to lost from its initial infantry combat, to now technical current combat air focus... adding in sea and current will just suck resources to the max, meaning poor ai and a worthless combat zone..

oh but don't worry, the zombies are now ragdoll physics, so kicking them around will be some fun..

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News Comments > Arma 3 Alpha Next Week
36. Re: Arma 3 Alpha Next Week Mar 3, 2013, 00:36 Closed Betas
Completely disagree, and i been around arma long enough to know the truth, most buy their copies off steam for reasons steam alone cause problems with their boot options.. making playing on modded servers a huge headache, and the utilties out there reak havoc with steam users to the point, people have to mod files by hand and get lucky if itll boot in the servers out there...

Steam is contradictory to Arma end users, plain and simple and the interview clearly says they are doing it for DRM reaons, because stand alone was'nt ready for a suitable option and obviously steam was an easy out
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News Comments > Lord British's Countdown
21. Re: Lord British's Countdown Mar 3, 2013, 00:19 Closed Betas
nothing to see here, what a wackjob  
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News Comments > TACTICAL INTERVENTION This Month
2. Re: TACTICAL INTERVENTION This Month Mar 1, 2013, 23:31 Closed Betas
tested it probably 2 years ago... was not impressed at that time, but they also were in no position to be testing it.. they seemed to not even have an office set up.. Don't know what to expect at this stage.. but i wont be booting it back up.. Think it was released already maybe trying again a 2nd time? lol  
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News Comments > Heroes & Generals Open Beta
11. Re: Heroes & Generals Open Beta Mar 1, 2013, 23:21 Closed Betas
played the game, it could have been a great game, another FPS trying to be a MMORPG and P2W tactics... WW2 games are great in general for a reason... The technology, the story, and the ironsight weapons that just make for a great video game...

I wanted to love this game, it impressed me in the first few minutes of playing the demo/tutorial mission

Unfortunately, many things just led me to alt-f4 to never return...

1. P2W, I was attacking a point. I seen a enemy and he seen me but I was behind a wooden barricade... I retreated when out of site, and took a prone position, knowing he would be aggressive thinking, i'd be standing behind the wooden barricade.. Life is questionable at this point, a gamble must be made.. I guessed he would be coming from his left, (or the right side of the barricade in front of me) because its common most players play that (I'm a well trained mental tactics guru) I go prone and zoom in on the spot... 3 seconds later holding my breath in anxiousness, he comes out and I fire my M1 Carbine, the most perfect gun to have in this scenario of about 40meters, with my iron site dug into his chest (and i've shot enough m1's to know how to aim for all the haters out there :p... The shot came out, and I should have had a instant kill and very satisfying feeling, getting my first kill.... Sadly the random newb ballistics made the bullet go nowhere close, followed by the game mechanics to pretty much blind me and take my sight way out of perspective so next shot takes longer... This is not a reason to play a FPS game... Give my gun, and its capibilities, and don't fuck with it... Shooting games are for twitch gamers, and those who practice should excel, not controlled by time spent in game, or money spent..... Sadly, i lost all gratification, missing this shot, being blinded, not able to really zoom in fast enough for a 2nd shot, to have this unskilled nub run out in front of me at 30 meters and actually shoot me like nothing with his more experience ranked gun.... What a turn off..

2. The other things that irked me, was the total unpolish and outright laziness of the terrain designer... So many 3d models not having transparent textures put on the edges, so when walking over a bridge for example, the models were either not lined up quite right, or their textures were fighting for monitor viewing rights... so they create that annoying flickering.. (If you ever played 2nd life you probably know what i mean) These things tell me the game is rushed, and no care is given and hardly would anyone care to go back and fix up all this stuff...

p2w, undesired deviation, and weapon control that wont work unless you pay.. sadly i cant support it, and dont find it entertaining one bit... Very sad because it has that feeling it could be really fun, and was actually the closest thing I have seen in a long time to being a quality shooter... unfortunately it will fade out and just be milked for quick cash.
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News Comments > Ubisoft Courting PC Gamers
55. Re: Ubisoft Courting PC Gamers Feb 28, 2013, 18:39 Closed Betas
Lol, cry on Ubisoft, your household ban will remain forever, you don't get to play dictator, and when it has failed in your face, come crying home, ok sorry we will change..... We will be united and see you fall of the face of the earth in the corruptilism world you dream of... facist consumers is what you have bred  
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News Comments > Arma 3 Alpha Next Week
33. Re: Arma 3 Alpha Next Week Feb 27, 2013, 20:45 Closed Betas
The only reason they chose steam was for DRM, lets quit the BS...
They could have just skipped the DRM and any fan who would play it would buy it anyway. The company is not the brightest bunch on the planet, they truly don't know how they are starving themselves with their pompous attitude and behavior on their own forums. Basically shitting down their own customers throats thinking their on some mighty high horse, if you ever spend a day there reading anything.. . If it was not for the mass cult following of the zombie apocalypse fans and the simple fact the governments are funding the real work being done, this company would be belly up... Nothing truly impressive has come out, their laving their core focus "infantry combat" for years now... the new technology they think is what is their fanbase is far from it...

Only way Arma 3 will be a success is when they realize they are a sandbox and fix their documentation, help coders code their game and watch the entire world of pc gamers bookshelves have a license and a thrill to boot up

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News Comments > Homeworld and Remaining THQ IPs for Sale
38. Re: Homeworld and Remaining THQ IPs for Sale Feb 27, 2013, 20:24 Closed Betas
Closed Betas screeches..
"worms are people to ya know"

oh nooooooooooooooo squak
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News Comments > Homeworld and Remaining THQ IPs for Sale
37. Re: Homeworld and Remaining THQ IPs for Sale Feb 27, 2013, 20:21 Closed Betas
Man, would I cream to get my hands on the Worms IP. Will you all kickstart me $$, if I take it and promise a new amazing multiplayer experience build on the old school worms tradition :p~~~~~

This would actually be a forfillably dream... wonder what it would go fo

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News Comments > Arma 3 Alpha Next Week
10. Re: Arma 3 Alpha Next Week Feb 26, 2013, 21:50 Closed Betas
Half the initial features, I dont think new character models as promised, think they just sped up the old ones... interface has some easier interaction... I have VBS2 2.0 license and wasn't too impressed with that release, so not thinking this Arma 3 is going to blow anyone's mind away... Probably another step away from what this games core focus should be...  
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News Comments > More Valve Layoffs
7. Re: More Valve Layoffs Feb 13, 2013, 21:57 Closed Betas
Definate drama coming here, someone didnt jump when told to jump...
it will be out soon enough
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News Comments > Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Revealed
2. Re: Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Revealed Feb 13, 2013, 21:52 Closed Betas
Probably should have just made a zombie game, seems more fitting for this engine/game type.

Is it stand alone or expansion. both? why call it both?
Basically its its own game, but do you need the version, not if its stand alone right?
can you say confusion...

Something tells me its probably like the same game, just replaced model with zombies and a tad bit of changes ...

It's a shame games like this don't come with modding tools..
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News Comments > Developer: Demos Kill Sales
35. Re: Developer: Demos Kill Sales Feb 12, 2013, 22:59 Closed Betas
Golwar wrote on Feb 12, 2013, 18:56:
I agree with Schell's statement, it makes sense.

I can't remember when a demo made me buy a game the last time, when I initially didn't already plan to purchase it. Kingdoms of Amalur might have been the last candidate, though I didn't end up buying that game.

I generally don't play that many demos anymore these days. Those are imho relicts from an age before the internet. When you only had 1-3 gaming magazines and no other sources. Today we have instant access to tons of reviews and opinions, not to mention all those videos.
Add on top the experience of some dozens years of gaming and ... uh, whatfor would I really really need a demo?

Well if your like me, you realize that demo's were also an abused form of marketing by guess who... EA

I recall trying a demo out of the new Tiger Woods Golf game back in the day.. play the 17th hole at Sawgrass..

The demo was awesome, the gameplay felt so real.... got the game... the WAS NOTHING LIKE IT.. the gameplay was nothing like the demo, the graphics was nothing like the final product!!

Could tell the demo was so optimized and glorified the game play...... So much, i told all my friends the game sucked...
once again.. demo kills sales i guess, but bottom line was the product quality was the ultimate reason

I hope i didnt just train more idiots into cheating their demos by overpolishing phoniness
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News Comments > Developer: Demos Kill Sales
34. Re: Developer: Demos Kill Sales Feb 12, 2013, 22:53 Closed Betas
ViRGE wrote on Feb 12, 2013, 20:10:
Narf2029 wrote on Feb 12, 2013, 17:42:
DEMOS KILL SALES: A demo of a shitty game lets people know it's shitty before they buy. Thus, less sales. Next!
Am I the only one that sees this slightly differently? That this isn't about game quality?

Demos don't kill the sales of games based on their quality, but rather based on their hype. If you throw an 8 digit marketing campaign behind a game, you're going to build up a ton of hype for that game. People are going to be talking about your game, theorizing about your game, wanting your game. The entire point of marketing is to create demand for a product; to convince consumers that they absolutely must buy your game.

To that end, releasing a demo is shooting yourself in a foot. You've spent all this money creating demand, so the last thing you want to do is to give consumers a way to satiate their demand for free. If there's a demo, some portion of the consumer base is going to have their product lust satisfied. Conversely withholding a demo means that the only way they can satisfy that lust is to buy the game.

When purchasing decisions are based on emotions and irrationality, demos are your enemy. Demos are for people making rational decisions, which is not what heavily hyped AAA games are going for.

Naah, Rule #1
Know who your market is....
Your market is kids, most probably don't have a ton of money...
You want them to try and play a game, then they will invest what little they have...

2 problems... Too much selection, too much crap... = DEMO KILLS SALES.... a good product can never lose from a demo, its nothing short of HYPE, it is the hype.. it's even better, its the hook
but people don't pay for crap.. .and sorry crap is all thats out there on a grand scale
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News Comments > Developer: Demos Kill Sales
29. Re: Developer: Demos Kill Sales Feb 12, 2013, 18:25 Closed Betas
Narf2029 wrote on Feb 12, 2013, 17:42:
DEMOS KILL SALES: A demo of a shitty game lets people know it's shitty before they buy. Thus, less sales. Next!

Lol, so they finally admit the true reason... Nope not about putting all effort into the product, not about anything but making sure they scam the customer.
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News Comments > ShootMania Beta Updated
2. Re: ShootMania Beta Updated Feb 11, 2013, 20:02 Closed Betas
games that will never sell always stay in beta..

Should rename beta to milkshake.

Milking it for all it's worth....
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