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News Comments > NVIDIA GTX 1080 Review Roundup
58. Re: NVIDIA GTX 1080 Review Roundup May 17, 2016, 20:44 TheEmissary
Overon wrote on May 17, 2016, 17:23:
I don't get it why these niche high end graphics cards get so much press. Look at the Steam hardware surveys. Like 2% of Steam users actually have these super high end graphics card. The vast majority have midrange ones. I understand that these high end cards are profitable. But I wonder if midrange cards could make up for the low profitability by selling in high volume?

Anyway what I'm trying to say is who cares about a $700 card? So few people actually buy one yet everyone loses their shit when some new card is announced. I prefer the price/performance ratio as an indicator of what card to buy.

The average consumer may not care but a gaming or tech enthusiast will care because it is their hobby. People get excited about the potential the increased performance will bring. Strong cards like this also tends to push the competitor cards down in a price as well. The highend and lowend stands to gain.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
4. Re: Morning Tech Bits May 17, 2016, 19:20 TheEmissary
To be honest I would love to see more desktop CPU vendors out there. We need the healthy competition that brings and to avoid the stagnation that is happening now. Considering only a handful of companies hold a x86 license it isn't likely to happen soon. On the mobile side of things you are seeing ARM processors in practically everything designed by different companies.

I think at the end of the today what did AMD did in was the ATI purchase.
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News Comments > Op Ed
6. Re: Op Ed May 8, 2016, 19:24 TheEmissary
Quboid wrote on May 8, 2016, 19:11:
TheEmissary wrote on May 8, 2016, 18:48:
vilify any one that plays video games.

I have never felt that criticism of badly behaved gamers applied to me and I still find it rather bizarre how personally some people take this. I didn't even realise at first that people were taking "gamers are dead" to refer to all gamers; I thought and still think that this was just lousy writing, and a persecution complex (or guilt) leading to offense being taken.

If it was one site making that claim sure I wouldn't have given it more than a passing thought. The thing is you had a number of sites around the same time making these stereotypes. If it didn't get parroted around or morph in to other attacks I wouldn't care as much. I don't know maybe I am just tired of being called a pirate, entitled, or a misogynist without cause.
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News Comments > Op Ed
4. Re: Op Ed May 8, 2016, 18:48 TheEmissary
In the last decade or so I haven't really seen that big of uptick in trolling or toxic gamers. What I have seen increase is the number of people getting offended by who knows what. Practically any forum on any topic is going to have its bad apples from time to time but that doesn't mean the whole bushel is rotten.

It is getting quite annoying that the games media is continuing to invent new ways to vilify any one that plays video games.
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News Comments > NVIDIA GTX 1000 Series Announced
58. Re: NVIDIA GTX 1000 Series Announced May 8, 2016, 13:11 TheEmissary
Outside of pushing 4K and VR is there really any major demand to upgrade to these cards yet. The currently available cards are able to push DX12/Vulkan and most games to 60+fps. I want to upgrade but I keep weighting the cost of the upgrade verses the little gains I would get.

Right now I am pretty much on the same system I built in 2011 with the exception of adding a SSD and upgrading to a GTX 970 from a GTX580. The CPU side of things isn't looking all that great with 5-10% increases between generations which means my i7 2600k is still holding its own. I want a compelling reason to upgrade the full system but as of right now I am not seeing it.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
5. Re: Morning Tech Bits Apr 29, 2016, 12:42 TheEmissary
descender wrote on Apr 29, 2016, 12:33:
Wouldn't that soundcard (obviously a new one) just have it's own USB-C connector on it? That's all those USB headsets are anyway... software based soundcards... so it would just mean that the discrete cards would have to adopt the new connector.

Audiophiles and gamers that want higher quality sound are forced in to using either optical for surround and 3.5mm for the headset. Most if not all of the USB headsets use extremely cheap Digital-Analog-converters (DAC). The USB headsets are really just a cheap external soundcard and when in use the internal discrete soundcard is doing nothing.

If you want to have more control over the sound mixing or just higher quality sound in general USB isn't the way to go right now. If they could solve the DAC and audio passthrough from the internal soundcard then maybe this could be a good thing. If its the same situation as what we have now with just a different connector then no.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
3. Re: Morning Tech Bits Apr 29, 2016, 12:13 TheEmissary
There is a reason why the 3.5mm has stayed around on the PC. One you can just buy any off the shelf headset and have it work with a number of devices. Another reason is its needed if you want to use an internal discrete soundcard. If they want obsolete 3.5mm then they need to find a solution for the audio passthrough over USB from what ever soundcard/processor your using.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. Re: Morning Tech Bits Apr 15, 2016, 14:16 TheEmissary
I can't understand at all why VR headsets get a free pass for vendor lock-in and walled ecosystem. This really makes me not want to buy a Oculus at all.

Oculus this isn't a hack any more than the libraries that do the same with DX/OGL apis. Sigh I am not going to bother until VR gets rolled in to the next iteration of DX or Vulkan or OGL.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
6. Re: etc., etc. Apr 4, 2016, 23:04 TheEmissary
Saboth wrote on Apr 4, 2016, 22:48:
"The video was an unauthorized use of our IP. We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns. Surely EA is familiar with fair use and parody laws being *really* strong. I guess they are just hoping ignorance and fear are enough to scare away people.

Is it really a parody or just a commercial using Mass Effect as the backdrop. I think its the context as to why EA is going after this particular video. They aren't exactly going after the countless EA parodies of trailers or gameplay footage.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
3. Re: Morning Consolidation Apr 4, 2016, 10:15 TheEmissary
Dev wrote on Apr 4, 2016, 09:40:
Awesome story!

Sadly, the worker is liable to get in trouble, because he said he did it on his own time (not on behalf of Sony!), and the electronic communication he sent said that he couldn't modify it but was sending him a goody box. Only in the goodie box was the handwritten note.

Those are both hints that "hey dude, don't tell anyone, here's the official line, but on the down low I did this for you"

He should have never posted this on facebook unless he had permission from the worker to post it. Looking at the facebook posts, you can already see that people are thinking the company did it, not the worker on his own time. And the ignorant people posting things like that are just handing Sony more ammo to fire the guy. And that's why Sony wouldn't support a one off like this. Lots more people will expect it, and it hasn't gone through their Q&A.

I bet Sony will fire this guy, rather than take this work that was done and offer alternative controllers. Plus, if the guy used company funds and parts, that would make it worse.

Edit: Even nin's post below attributes it to "them" rather than "him"

I think he will probably get a slap on the wrist for "moonlighting" and if they do fire him it won't be for this specific reason. Sony would get a flak for firing a employee that tried to help a disabled gamer.
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News Comments > Oculus Rift Privacy Concerns
32. Re: Oculus Rift Privacy Concerns Apr 3, 2016, 19:05 TheEmissary
Peter M. Smith wrote on Apr 3, 2016, 17:52:
Cutter wrote on Apr 3, 2016, 17:48:
I don't object entirely to datamining, just ask permission first.

If you bought the product and you agreed to the EULA, then you gave permission. Twice.

Not necessarily, EULA are pretty flimsy legally. Buying the product doesn't necessarily give them permission as the user has no idea what the software features are until after its installed. Not mention they make no effort to educate the user about it and they bury the information deep in the EULA guaranteeing no one will read it.

Enforcement of a EULA is all over the place. Look up shrinkwrap EULA for instance.

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News Comments > MS on Win10 App Openness
21. Re: MS on Win10 App Openness Mar 31, 2016, 08:05 TheEmissary
It is technically open but not in spirit. Outside of the dedicated PC gamers and power-users most people aren't going to want to delve in to the control panel to change a toggle switch to be able to buy a game from a 3rd party store.

I think eventually what might happen is that Steam/GOG/Origin will probably get some security key to allow the 3rd party installs without changing the setting. Realistically I see developers writing scripts that will programmatically change that setting so the app can install/run. If this works out like the Amazon Appstore for Android it might be OK but still Not really ideal.
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News Comments > Black Desert Online Expands Tomorrow
2. Re: Black Desert Online Expands Tomorrow Mar 30, 2016, 10:14 TheEmissary
Ozmodan wrote on Mar 30, 2016, 09:07:
A game where you can't trade with fellow gamers and that does not have an auction house is NOT a MMO.

Pretty game, but a gankers paradise.

Not having an auction house or player trading doesn't invalidate it as an MMO. The term MMO is so loose it can mean literally anything with beyond a certain size of players. It is a persistent online world with "massive" number of players. What else would you call it.

Auction houses and player trading are just a features that people expect because of popular MMOs. To be honest its probably better that the game doesn't have it because of all the abuse and gold spam/exploiters it tends to bring.
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
4. Re: Sunday Consolidation Mar 20, 2016, 15:29 TheEmissary
Would it have been nicer to have been 1080p instead 720p? Yes but I don't see this as a big deal considering you have options such as the PC version. If the console resolution bothers you just play the Windows 10 version of the game at 1080p/4K.  
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Microsoft opens doors to Xbox-PlayStation cross-platform multiplayer Mar 15, 2016, 10:13 TheEmissary
CJ_Parker wrote on Mar 14, 2016, 21:50:
Good thinking there. Let the peasants mingle among themselves and keep them away from the PC master race. Me likes.

Not to burst your bubble there but Rocket League is going to support crossplay between PC, Xbox One, PS4. The Xbox spokesman made it seem like more games are going to support crossplay between the PC at the very least.
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News Comments > Sunday Metaverse
7. Re: Sunday Metaverse Mar 13, 2016, 20:57 TheEmissary
Eirikrautha wrote on Mar 13, 2016, 12:44:
Lesson #1: Always pre-nup your Twitch stream!

God, our society has become to sick to live...

They didn't sign a pre-nup but they signed a 5-year non-compete. Its a bit messy to tell you the truth. I am kind of surprised the judged didn't just force them to dissolve the LLC considering they both were founders. The value of the "Company" is in the personality and not the channel name.

This comment was edited on Mar 13, 2016, 21:38.
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News Comments > Diablo II Patch Adds OS X Support
11. Re: Diablo II Patch Adds OS X Support Mar 11, 2016, 22:12 TheEmissary
IT would be nice if you could provide an official/non-greymarket way of buying Warcraft: Orcs vs Human that works on modern Operating systems as well. The Windows versions of Warcraft II and III need some attention as well considering the cinematics barely work or have washed out colors.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
14. Re: Op Ed Mar 7, 2016, 23:27 TheEmissary
What ultimately drove the adoption of the PC as a platform was the fact that it was open and modular. If you start limiting the types of allowed software and hardware what is the point. I really don't want to see the desktop or laptop side of PC gaming turn in to what Apple ecosystem is like right now.

I have no problem with Microsoft making a walled garden for their specialty devices like the consoles and tablets. The Desktop and Laptop form factors need to be preserved to allow for content creation.
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News Comments > etc.
1. Re: etc. Mar 6, 2016, 16:53 TheEmissary
Man Youtube bitrate or quality settings have really nose dived. That video was pretty much a blurry mess. All the same It looked very impressive for a mod/indie team. Its going to be a shame when the inveitable cease and desist order comes from Disney.

They really should take what they have made and create something original but in the style of KOTOR.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
10. Re: Evening Metaverse Mar 5, 2016, 23:46 TheEmissary
Network TV did themselves in with how poor the content has become. Did we really need 3/4 of all the new shows to be cheap reality shows about fake survivial shows, celebrity dance offs, talent shows, or reality shows about people that don't deserve the attention and so on. I was pretty selective or outright avoiding some networks prior to netflix gaining traction. Adding insult to injury you have the ever rising cable bill soaring in to $100's for very little actual content among the junk channels that are forced because of bundling.

I am glad that that most of the premium networks like HBO, Showtime and the like are stand alone or addons for Hulu or amazon video.
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