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Description Snazzy dresser.
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Signed On Feb 10, 2010, 21:08
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News Comments > Op Ed
8. Re: Op Ed Aug 12, 2011, 12:04 Avecrien
It doesn't matter to me what is more convenient for the corporation. I, as a consumer, have a responsibility to push for my needs and wants to be met instead of gobbling up whatevers slapped on my plate. The industry only goes this direction because we allow it. Fatalism and inaction do us no favors.

Competition for my entertainment dollar is at an all time high. It has never been easier for me to protest these decisions with my wallet and happily play the alternatives-or to join with like minded gamers to make sure they know about the alternatives. Or I could sulk about how nothing I do could possibly make a difference and buy what I'm told I'm supposed to.
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News Comments > WoW Drops More Subs
37. Re: WoW Drops More Subs Aug 4, 2011, 15:05 Avecrien
I left the game on account of restrictions to playstyle. Classes get refined until there's no flavor or fun left to them. The endgame was a landscape, now its a queue at the DMV.
I'm not going to pay them just so I can play what they want, how they want, where they want.

I've been itching for Diablo 3 for a decade, but the most recent round of info on that game has completely killed my interest. I think Blizz has lost touch with their customers. Shame, as they were once so dependable and steadfast in favor of the gamer over the corporate man.
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News Comments > RIFT Account Security Measures
18. Re: RIFT Account Security Measures Mar 19, 2011, 23:49 Avecrien
While the security thing is a big deal in my opinion of the company, I can't deny how great the game has been and how responsive the devs have been as a whole. Not being affected by it has to have something to do with my being able to get past it.
I've still got people from other games flowing in based on the experiences my gaming circle is having. Its hard to imagine Rift going f2p or flopping within a year if they keep on as they have.
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News Comments > RIFT Founder's Pricing Plan Extended
15. Re: RIFT Founder's Pricing Plan Extended Mar 10, 2011, 19:12 Avecrien
Its hard to make a strong argument for a game to go f2p on the heels of a successful launch, a great first patch, and growing buzz. I know some gamer friends who want to play but aren't in a good place to drop the cash who would love a free to play option so they could get into the game. I'd love to not have to pay for it! But enough people are paying for it and are willing to pay for it that the subscription method isn't likely to change for a while.

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News Comments > RIFT Launches
37. Re: RIFT Launches Mar 1, 2011, 18:31 Avecrien
To call the class system options slight variations of the same archetype is laughable.
Stealth, ranged, melee, and tanks are all swimming in the same pool you draw from to build a rogue. Heals, DoTs, Debuffs, CC, DD, and pet based mages are all in another for mages. And you aren't picking one only to be locked out of another. The classes in Rift are the best I've ever found in a MMO. I'm able to build exactly what I want to play.
I can be a hard cast healer, a HoT healer, an absorb healer, an offensive melee healer, an offensive ranged healer, or combine two or three of those options to make something I think is good for my playstyle or the group/encounter I see in my future. With the same class I can be ranged dps, melee dps, a tank, or a support char with strong buffs, some heals, a powerful pet, and even some CC. All of that is hardly your standard list of options when you pick a class in a MMO.

I don't have plans to play this game forever. I will probably go to GW2 when it ships. Until then, as a fan of the genre, I can't think of anything better to do with my time or moneys than play Rift.
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News Comments > RIFT Head Start Underway
9. Re: RIFT Head Start Underway Feb 25, 2011, 02:42 Avecrien
I had a 30 second wait in the queue when I got home from work. Game was completely stable for the first 6 hours I played for. I've had a few bumps in the last half hour.
It is very much a standard MMO in most regards, but the class dynamics and the group dynamics that result from them make the game fresh and fun for me. Stepping back away from the trinity is nice.
Of course when GW2 comes out and it's obliterated that'll be even better. But I see no reason not to enjoy myself between then and now.
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News Comments > Rift Open Beta Event Next Week
15. Re: Rift Open Beta Event Next Week Feb 7, 2011, 20:30 Avecrien
I was surprised by how much I've enjoyed the beta. It boils down to priorities in what you're looking for, I suppose. For me, class customization to make what I want to play comes first, solid dungeons come second. Rift nailed those. Its not a perfect game. They have horrible voice acting/cut-scenes and the quests were old a decade ago. Targeting is also problematic. They need a dual target system like Warhammer, shouldn't be a problem since they are fairly similar. I really wish they had /face for targeted opponents too.

I had no problems with graphics or lag, no moonwalking. I crashed once on a previous build of the beta. It's the most stable MMO beta I have ever seen. And possibly the most fleshed out.
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News Comments > Bloodline Champions Nears
2. Re: Bloodline Champions Nears Nov 13, 2010, 12:51 Avecrien
Its a lot more fun than I thought it'd be. The eurogamer link says its free, too. I'm happy to have a beta catch my interest instead of destroy it, which has sadly become the norm.  
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News Comments > Impulse and GamersGate Refute NPD Figures
9. Re: Impulse and GamersGate Refutes NPD Figures Jul 24, 2010, 01:28 Avecrien
I buy my games from Gamersgate. Their download speeds are solid, which is the important part. I've reinstalled the same games multiple times with no hassle and the company has been reliable for me. Their security is a one time thing that I don't mind.
Steam makes my skin crawl, so I'm happy to have options.
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News Comments > Free Total Annihilation Expansion on Impulse
5. Re: Free Total Annihilation Expansion on Impulse Apr 10, 2010, 12:21 Avecrien
I wouldn't compare Sup Com to TA. There are a few similarities, but I agree that the spirit is not the same. I'd love to see more in the TA vein.  
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News Comments > PC BioShock 2 Widescreen & Gamepad Issues
44. Re: PC BioShock 2 Widescreen & Gamepad Issues Feb 10, 2010, 16:27 Avecrien
I prefer to play these sorts of games with a 360 controller. I don't own a console.
If the game is being made for both the 360 and the PC, the resources needed to make sure I can use the controller on the PC are tiny.

Not being able to use my controllers means I'm not picking up this or Mass Effect2. I'm sure they're awesome, but at least I've got other good games to keep me busy that have controller support. I may come back to pick these up at some point down the road, but they won't be first on the list.
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