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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
10. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Feb 24, 2017, 08:15 NetHead
Pigeon wrote on Feb 23, 2017, 08:39:

I'd actually argue it's worse than them sending notices for content that is clearly fair-use, because at least in that case there is actually content. This sounds more like a nuke it from orbit strategy, targeting anything that even hints at infringement, regardless of actual content, and then issuing take downs for sites that don't even exist yet, but could exist in the future, and might have infringing material on it. That's nuts, and Google is okay with it, they just don't want more rules. I shudder to think what more would look like.

Sounds like you're unaware that a form of preemptive DMCA claims isn't exactly unheard of.

Companies often do this stuff for multiple other companies, and can send a claim like the following about a site. etc

The site may not have those URLs, nevermind the content to put on it. They just send those claims anyway because it "might", or it "might" one day.

Again the fact that search engines even have to deal with this is part of the problem there.

Quboid wrote on Feb 22, 2017, 23:07:
but that's better than making copyright enforcement only for the wealthy.

That's the thing I'm worried about. Those that can't afford it may be either unable to risk trying to protect their content, those that most need it. While on the other hand mega-corps could soak up a 5K fine as the cost of doing business. 5K to shut down a website critical of them, cause problems for a competitor etc. 5K doesn't mean crap in those situations.

Ideally the penalty should be determined per instance, though that's not going to happen and they've made sure of that with the flood of claims.

Perhaps something like sending a false claim means future claims for a month are useless/void/ignored as a bare minimum, that would mean a lot more to companies sending out 1000s a day while not being to harsh on a small company only wanting to send a handful all month to protect their only product.

Though it wouldn't be enough for claims that are attempts at censorship or that go against things like Fair Use. With those I can't argue against a nice fine no matter who's sending them or how much money they have.

The screw up with fines is that in most places they are set amounts rather than a certain amount of damage. Some places are sensible and fines scale according to how wealthy the target is, those fines work, are fair, all without being an unreasonable burden on those who can't afford to make even a single mistake.

Imagine a false DMCA claim meant a fine of 0.1% of annual income (excluding instances where claims are misused for censorship/Fair Use etc which would have something more hefty). 0.1% can be shrugged off by anyone big or small, but send out a hundred false claims and even the biggest will think twice about continuing.

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News Comments > Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy Launches
6. Re: Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy Launches Feb 22, 2017, 22:15 NetHead
Cutter wrote on Feb 21, 2017, 20:44:
Fuck I hate seeing these goddamned announcements for this shitty F2P game. I get mahogany thinking 'Holy Christ! New NWNW on the way!!!'


A new NWN, if done properly, would be amazing. Instantly becoming my most anticipated game by leagues.

Though I have no hope of it happening. Even if somehow a new Neverwinter Nights game was going to be made can you imaging all the crap they'd do to it. It would need a decent budget and publishers would just go mad with DLC, microtransactions, checking marketing features etc etc.

Just look at Dragon Age, it was solid with raving reviews and great sales. Look what they've done to that.

Neverwinter Nights is staying in memory, probably for the better.
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
2. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Feb 22, 2017, 21:29 NetHead
eRe4s3r wrote on Feb 22, 2017, 21:01:
Solution: Bogus DMCA = fine of $5k to whoever received that DMCA and fine of $5k to the state. Problem solved.

If it's a deliberately bogus DMCA claim I simply can't muster any defense of it, though $5K does sound rather harsh in some instances, though in some I'd gleefully laugh at a much higher amount and I'm not just talking about ones used for censorship.

A balance is sorely lacking and long overdue, as there's currently none. DMCA is abused in so many ways and is itself abusive.

Despite me having no love of Google, Google should have no DMCA notices even sent in it's direction. They don't host the content, merely point towards sites with keywords, at most sometimes hosting snippets of text (or having thumbnails of images). Things like a search engine, which only potentially points to things searched for, having to deal with DMCA notices shows how the DMCA is ridiculously overreaching to begin with.

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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
12. Re: Morning Safety Dance Feb 20, 2017, 22:11 NetHead
jdreyer wrote on Feb 20, 2017, 13:42:
RedEye9 wrote on Feb 20, 2017, 11:42:
But dons android phone is safe and not a remote control listening device, right? because reasons...

Why bother hacking his phone when you have compromising pics of him banging Russian prostitutes?

Hey man, that's his wife.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
2. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Feb 20, 2017, 22:09 NetHead

Increase the fine and start adding interest until fully paid
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
9. Re: Morning Tech Bits Feb 20, 2017, 22:05 NetHead
Simon Says wrote on Feb 20, 2017, 18:51:
ventry wrote on Feb 20, 2017, 17:43:
Ahhh! Windows 10 haterz. Gotta luv em.(NOT)

When DX12 becomes mandatory on games (and it WILL despite your pissing and moaning)you will be left with a choice:

A: Cut your nose off to spite your face and give up on new release gaming.

B: Become total fucking hypocrites and install Windows 10.

Nice little corner you've painted yourselves into eh?

Quote: " 'But interestingly that doesnít mean that it is needed by everyone. The extra level of control brings with it a certain amount of extra complexity Ė and that means that some developers might be reluctant to move to DirectX 12 Ė indeed, a game which is not really limited by GPU horsepower, and which isnít bottlenecked by just one CPU thread isnít usually going to gain much from moving to DirectX 12.

In those cases DirectX 11 or DirectX 9 likely represents a perfectly acceptable way to design titles. But titles which are highly graphically ambitious almost invariably benefit from DirectX 12.'

In short, game developers have decided that DX12 isnít worth the extra time and effort on all but the most demanding titles at this point. This despite the general consensus that DX12 is better on many titles over DX11, especially for those with true DX12 empowered video cards."

Iows, since DX12 requires a massive time and effort investment relative to its predecessors contrarily to any of its predecessors releases relative to theirs, it'll still be not worth it to design titles in DX12 in the foreseeable future for most of the games since AAA titles with big budget only comprise a small percentage of the games released.

To resume... Budget and time constraints are likely to keep DX11 and DX9 alive for a very long time...

Nice little strawman you've painted yourself into eh?


Let's not forget there's also Vulkan, all the technical benefits of DirectX 12 along with working on more systems.

DX12 is not attractive at this point. As I've, excuse me, everyone has mentioned before not all games benefit from it, also as the quote mentioned only the big titles really try make use of it. That effective costs more money to have a smaller audience, unless you also include DX11 (yet more time/money). Or simply go with Vulkan and not even be limited to Windows.

Let's humour ventry, and some day in the future we're living in sort of gaming dystopia where DX12 is mandatory. First of all this wouldn't happen for many years, there are countless games coming out that still support even DX9. Basically Windows 10 will be ancient by then and we can't completely rule out Windows Next with DirectX Next (the only way Microsoft will sustain a continuous/universal version of Windows is it being subscription based or it's free and data-mining the shit out of people so hard the info Microsoft sells offsets or exceeds not charging for Windows, or is that already happening). So I guess we'll have to start with ignoring the logical and the track record of history so far, since Windows 10 is unlikely to be the last OS Microsoft releases.

Still ignoring the hysterically ridiculous this is leaving a conundrum in ventry's logic. If this form of dystopian gaming were to come into being, where people have absolutely no choice but to use Windows 10, how would they be hypocrites for using it?

Fanboy mentality don't seem to consider the things they say very well, perhaps someone should throw a dictionary into that little painted corner for a start.

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News Comments > MS Promises Windows Exclusive Games
44. Re: MS Promises Windows Exclusive Games Feb 19, 2017, 12:47 NetHead
CJ_Parker wrote on Feb 19, 2017, 12:03:
NetHead wrote on Feb 19, 2017, 08:30:
I can't but help wondering why. What is in it for them to screw it up so badly. Is it incompetence, is it an agenda, or what.

The reason is that the big publishers are making only between 10% and 20% max of revenue on the PC. MS doesn't give a shit. The more they sabotage PC gaming, the more Shitboxes they sell and the more console fees they can collect. Destroying PC gaming for them = win-win.

I think you misunderstand, I don't mean "why" just in relation to gaming (that's easy to see why). I mean just about everything.

Like Windows itself, people want a new version and don't have much of an alternative or even know they have one. Microsoft doesn't have to do much other than basic improvements (there is always so very much room for that in all Windows versions). Basically they simply need to not screw up and people will be knocking down their door for the newest version.

Instead Microsoft is forced to slide and force the upgrade onto people and still miss projections.

They either have a messed up, incompetent mentality or there's an agenda, or something else I don't know.

eRe4s3r wrote on Feb 19, 2017, 11:45:

The answer is no, but I watched a Halo Wars 2 "preview" stream and.. that looked laughable. Good CGI, bad performance in DX12, bad gameplay... and that from a MS dev team

Would probably be worth to watch in a let's play though, but only if you skip all the gameplay. I mean broken path-finding, in this day and age? And I nearly got a laughing attack when I saw the prompts when you wanna destroy a building you own. They cover the WHOLE FUCKING SCREEN, blacking everything out.. lmao

Have you seen this?

I've made interfaces and honestly, truly, I do not think I could do a better job of infuriating the user than just that single example.

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News Comments > MS Promises Windows Exclusive Games
38. Re: MS Promises Windows Exclusive Games Feb 19, 2017, 08:30 NetHead
Muscular Beaver wrote on Feb 18, 2017, 19:10:
Uhm... Windows 10 exclusive or Windows exclusive? If the former, then fuck you and die.
Really, its time for an alternative OS, I cant even put into words anymore how much I hate MS now because of their never ending audacity since Windows 8...

Ummm which do you think?

Microsoft doesn't give a shit about PC gaming. They only care about it so far as it can be used as a carrot/stick.

DicrectX being artificially limited to Windows Next is ongoing with asinine excuses, that some actually believe.

Do you think they'll be making PC exclusives for the sake of PC gaming, despite PC gamers not caring about exclusives or outright disliking the concept and results, which also means giving up profit from releasing on other platforms.

Or do you think they'll be doing it in their own interest so they have another carrot/stick to wave around at people who don't use Windows Next or buy things through the Windows Store were MS takes a slide of the profit.

Nevermind the fucking state of games they release via ports on Windows, it is beyond shocking which shows just how much they really care, even before considering their track record or PR spindoctoring bullshit.

That bit of text at the top is so damning, it shows how utterly incompetent and out of touch Microsoft and that idiot are. All they have to do is "built it and they will come", the demand is already there bigger than ever and increasing.

Instead they make bad decisions and fall back onto forceful and deceptive tactics (be it exclusivity with DirectX, Windows Store or more directly forced "upgrades"). People are clamouring for games on PC, all Microsoft has to do is not get in the way (instead they often pay money for exclusives on the Xbox and their store with shit ports that require Windows Next). People clamour for a new improved Windows, yet Microsoft has to resort to deception, lies and force to get them to use what they finally release.

It's like if everyone wanted to eat muffins, yet you have to run around shoving them down peoples throats because you've screwed up the obvious so badly.

I can't but help wondering why. What is in it for them to screw it up so badly. Is it incompetence, is it an agenda, or what.

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News Comments > Over 20 Million Terrarians
2. Re: Over 20 Million Terrarians Feb 18, 2017, 18:59 NetHead
Slashman wrote on Feb 18, 2017, 18:25:
Can't say they don't deserve it. Very entertaining game. Very well done.

There probably isn't a better value for money game out there. If I remember right every single update/new content etc has been free and it's incredible how much extra content and support the game has gotten.
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News Comments > MS Promises Windows Exclusive Games
18. Re: MS Promises Windows Exclusive Games Feb 18, 2017, 18:54 NetHead
Creston wrote on Feb 18, 2017, 17:02:
'Is this a console RTS? Is this a PC RTS?.' And we are going to say yes.

Hilariously typical Microsoft.

The two are not the fucking same, Phil Numbnuts.

And PC gaming is critically important to the company

Fuck you. Seriously, just fuck you. Shut the fuck up.

Thank you. I'm just so sick of his and Microsoft's shit to have typed it out myself.
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News Comments > Songbringer Announced
2. Re: Songbringer Announced Feb 18, 2017, 08:33 NetHead

At first I read Soulbringer
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
1. Re: Evening Metaverse Feb 18, 2017, 08:29 NetHead
Youtube has ads?
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News Comments > GeForce Hotfix Drivers
6. Re: GeForce Hotfix Drivers Feb 18, 2017, 08:24 NetHead
eRe4s3r wrote on Feb 17, 2017, 21:23:
Expected a lot more hotfixes -> ^^

Also I think it's really shit that nvidia driver notes do not ever mention security updates, but this driver fixed 2 extremely easy exploitable holes, and the last 5 drivers fixed among them 16 ! exploits (not remote though, but if you catch malware then GPU driver would be its way into your system around all protections)

So not updating gpu driver is no longer an option. You gotta be at the very least on this version here which fixes the final 2 found "bugs"

And remember, that was just a cursory glance at nvidia drivers by googles project zero. If someone did real inspection nightmares would no doubt rise.

It's such a mess. Sit with security holes or update to play game X, there's also times where you may have to go back to an older version for some game thus installing security holes.

GPU's are already targeted thanks to mining, this seems like it's playing right into it and encouraging exploit research there. Open a website and it starts mining on your system, the new internet ads lol.

Creston wrote on Feb 18, 2017, 00:34:
Wasn't their previous driver WHQL-certified? So I guess that certification is even more worthless than we already think it is?

WHQL is pretty meaningless for things as complex as graphics drivers, even excluding how they have tweaks/patches for specific games. It's like taking 5 minutes to make sure a new Windows installation is fully working. (ed) it's probably more akin to just booting up in that analogy when it comes to how thorough it is.

I was tempted to say WHQL means it should at least not try to blow up your graphics card, though unfortunately it doesn't even help assure you there.
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News Comments > Erik Wolpaw Leaves Valve
19. Re: Erik Wolpaw Leaves Valve Feb 18, 2017, 07:48 NetHead
VaranDragon wrote on Feb 18, 2017, 04:05:
NetHead wrote on Feb 17, 2017, 21:31:
ViRGE wrote on Feb 17, 2017, 20:11:
...It's not a good sign when your employees are leaving to be baristas (or for that matter, that they can afford to do so).

Yes it's far better for companies, especially insanely profitable corporations, to keep employees clinging on in a form of indentured servitude.

The sarcasm runs strong in this one. Very good sir. Top marks!

Yessssss, now where's my cookie
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News Comments > Erik Wolpaw Leaves Valve
2. Re: Erik Wolpaw Leaves Valve Feb 17, 2017, 21:31 NetHead
ViRGE wrote on Feb 17, 2017, 20:11:
...It's not a good sign when your employees are leaving to be baristas (or for that matter, that they can afford to do so).

Yes it's far better for companies, especially insanely profitable corporations, to keep employees clinging on in a form of indentured servitude.
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News Comments > Call of Duty Returning to its Roots
27. Re: Call of Duty Returning to its Roots Feb 12, 2017, 22:01 NetHead
Wallshadows wrote on Feb 11, 2017, 15:24:
Personally, I'd like to see a high-quality Vietnam-era shooter which doesn't hold back on how insanely intense the both sides were when it came to combat and cruelty.

Throw this city-slicking, fictional enemy shit out the window.

A jungle warfare game could be so good, these days we can finally have decent looking jungles.
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News Comments > E3 Opens to Public
14. Re: E3 Opens to Public Feb 9, 2017, 07:38 NetHead
[SC]TherMight wrote on Feb 9, 2017, 00:50:
This is an indication of the conference's death throes.
They tried to cut down even the industry associates because of the nuclear escalation of "Hey we have the best stripper booth babes"
They tried to close it to a smaller audience to get back to their roots
Now this?

Besides there is nothing ever fresh and new to discover or preview at this conference anymore. Gone are the days when you could sit down to play a little game called Katamari Damacy that nobody heard of until it blew up a month later worldwide.

Matches much of what I've suspected about it.

I don't think they could get back to their roots or anything like that as things have changed. The internet is far more effective at reaching the audience, without any of those costs or hassle.

The companies which can afford it, sometimes going around the world to get there, won't be making some unheard of supposedly risky game. I doubt the conference will make the kind of money it expects with anything but big publishers and maybe certain studios and in those cases you can find out more about the game online.

Making an extra $270,000+ for welcoming the public back, I'm pretty sure it's more about the number than the act and hassle it involves.

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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
1. Re: Evening Mobilization Feb 8, 2017, 22:19 NetHead
A Fire Broke Out At A Samsung Battery Factory

Ha,, hahaa,, bahahahahaha
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
5. Re: Morning Tech Bits Feb 6, 2017, 12:07 NetHead
wtf_man wrote on Feb 6, 2017, 10:54:
The forgotten API: just what is going on with DX12

It doesn't help that the anticipated performance boost vs. DX11 is no where near as claimed... even on AMD, which actually shows some improvement over DX11, vs. nVidia.

Vulkan is probably the future since it covers more than Windows devices.

It doesn't help that.... DirectX is both a carrot and stick Microsoft uses and arbitrarily limits to Windows Next.

I know you touched on it with Vulkan but it's something that needs to be hammered home, especially with Microsoft trying to exert ever more control on PC and games on PC.

DirectX has had its day and there were good times (and of course bad times) but it's overdue to end. It makes no sense to make a DirectX 12 game mainly due to Microsoft's abuse of it.

Make and fund a DirectX 12 game with a limited audience (there's an oxymoron in there somewhere). Then have to support DirectX 11 to broaden the potential market (there goes some potential design benefits of making a DX12 game, bravo). Then bolt on OpenGL to support any non-Microsoft systems. Yes this crap happens, last one I remember as an example being Deus Ex Mankind Divided, which may end up supporting 4 graphics APIs.

Or simply go with Vulkan and bolt on OpenGL for hardware/systems that are old or silly, end of story. For example DOOM (2016), something which runs incredibly on pretty much anything for what it's pulling off and that's before switching to Vulkan which improves performance even further.

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News Comments > Saturday Metaverse
7. Re: Saturday Metaverse Feb 6, 2017, 07:44 NetHead
MattyC wrote on Feb 4, 2017, 23:40:
Mr. Tact wrote on Feb 4, 2017, 22:34:
I never used their message boards but I have to say I'm less and less pleased with their site. I'm tired of having to weave through tv series and computer game trailers while perusing trailers for a movie to watch. More the computer games than the tv shows, but still even the tv shows annoy me a bit. I understand why it's there, and it is completely reasonable, but they need better separation IMHO.

Or maybe I am just being a whiny curmudgeon -- it is my job after all..

I like IMDB for a great many things, but I have never used it for trailers. Any reason you go there instead of YouTube etc?

Me neither, always just search for a movie trailer if want one.

I couldn't stand IMDB anymore, I block loads of elements otherwise half/most of a page is full of nonsense I don't want. Now when I check something on IMDB it's page only has relevant info.

A while ago I opened IMDB on someone else's computer and couldn't believe all the crap all over the page, it's even worse than when I blocked the crap.

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