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News Comments > Minecraft Patent Lawsuit
40. Re: Minecraft Patent Lawsuit Jul 23, 2012, 00:21 Nerian

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News Comments > Age of Empires Online Beta Key Giveaway
13. Re: Age of Empires Online Beta Key Giveaway Apr 26, 2011, 10:33 Nerian
Schwing, awesome! Always wondered why this site never got any love like this before. Just wish they hadn't dissolved Ensemble.

It was a nice office when I beta'ed AOE2.
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
3. Re: Morning Mobilization Mar 21, 2011, 11:26 Nerian
Anti-trust regulation is in place to prevent monopolies, not customer inconvenience. I believe they said that 18 of the top 20 markets currently have at least 5 providers covering their metro areas. This means that there will still be competition in those areas.

In the areas where ATT would be left as the only provider, they are generally going to be required by the feds to divest themselves of a portion of their assets in said areas to another company before the merger will be approved.

There's a reason they expect this to take a year or so to go through the works. You're blowing it a tad bit out of proportion. There's plenty of ways for this to get approved without causing a monopoly anywhere.
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News Comments > Propaganda Games Closed
22. Re: Propaganda Games Closed Jan 20, 2011, 09:50 Nerian
Well, I for one, am glad to be one of the sub-200k. I didn't think the game was that bad, and got exactly what I paid for: A movie tie-in with decent story and ho-hum mechanics.

I will say this: The biggest atrocity of the game is what it requires to run well. I could not play the game on my Core 2 Duo E6600 w/ a 2GB GTX 460 and 8GB RAM @ 2048x1152. It was stuttery. I had to install it on my wife's computer with an i7 and *lesser* video card to get enjoyable framerates.....highly annoying.

Could really care less what reviewers or anyone else has to say about the game. The mechanics were fine for what it is, regardless of if you're expecting anything new or not. I was expecting them to outright steal stuff from Tron 2.0, and to a degree, they did. So what.

I find it slightly offensive that they have this unknown studio work on a property that valuable, probably UNDERfunded development, and expect an AAA title to come from it, and when it doesn't, they shutter the studio. Typical corporate a-holes.
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News Comments > FINAL FANTASY XIV Reboot Plans
11. Re: FINAL FANTASY XIV Reboot Plans Jan 3, 2011, 16:12 Nerian
Um, remember a game called Anarchy Online? Had a much worse start than this and was decently popular for a while..

Just saying. As long as they're really willing to fix the issues, the game will pick up.
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News Comments > Champions Online Lifetime Subscriptions Return
8. Re: Champions Online Lifetime Subscriptions Return Nov 13, 2010, 23:43 Nerian
Warskull wrote on Nov 13, 2010, 21:45:
The Half Elf wrote on Nov 13, 2010, 21:05:
Original Lifetime price

Ok so it was originally offered for 199.99, and then taken off the table when the game went live.

Then they offer one for Star Trek Online for 249.99 until the game goes live, then raise it to 299.99 after the game goes live.

Now I could see 50 bucks, but how do you justify 100 bucks when the game is about to become Free 2 Play?

You don't, they are just trying to milk dumb fanboys for cash one last time. There are a handful of players that will probably buy it and complain when it shuts down 6 months later (like Hellgate players.)

It is really simple, you don't offer a lifetime subscription when you think you have a highly successful game on your hands.

Tell that to Turbine. LOTRO's lifetime sub was 199 and has paid for itself. It was available before the game was out of beta. Current lifetime subscribers at the time it went F2P got a big chunk of free points, all the perks that normal subcribers would now have permanently, and a few extra bonuses over the years that other people had to pay for.

It's all in how they're supported.

Do I think Cryptic will make it worth the money? HELL NO!

Is there at least one prior example of Lifetime subscriptions kicking ass? HELL YES!

My wife and I both have lifetime subs. We paid 400$ up front. The game's been running for 43 months. 43 x 14.99 x 2 = 1289.14 - 400 = $889.14 saved in monthly subscription fees alone. Add in the approximately 50$ in just random crap they've thrown in over the years, basically pushing 1400$ value for 400$. That's pretty kick-ass, and we're still benefitting from it.

We get 400 points a month, they're going to sell expansions through the online store. That means that we will get those expansions at a significant discount when they're released, if not outright for free. We've unlocked character slots, extra storage space...all things that other people have paid out the arse for since the game went F2P, we got for free.

This comment was edited on Nov 13, 2010, 23:50.
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News Comments > EA Offering APB Compensation?
3. Re: EA Offering APB Compensation? Sep 25, 2010, 19:27 Nerian
You know, it's not like Realtime Worlds didn't have a good track record. Granted, they had ONE successful game and then tried to make a MMO.....

But it's not the buyer's fault the company folded. If anything, it's the fault of the people that didn't buy it, and the developers.

That being said, I've found that EA generally has pretty good customer service when pressed. I purchased a copy of Spore Galatic Edition from Ebay, listed as NEW IN BOX, UNOPENED..and guess what? Yeah, it was opened and the key had already been activated.

I called EA, was able to prove that it was purchased secondhand sold as a new product, and the email address of the seller matched the registered email. They generated a brand new key for me on the spot, and made it available for me to digitally download via their store, permanently. Pretty frakin' awesome of them.

Oh, and I did file a PayPal claim against the seller and get all of my money back too. So F that guy...
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News Comments > Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription
38. Re: Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription Jan 15, 2010, 15:44 Nerian
ColoradoHoudini wrote on Jan 15, 2010, 10:06:
Nerian (Signed On Jan 15, 2010, 07:38)

Nothing suspicious here at all.

Go jump in a hole. OMFG, someone with a new account! Because every...SINGLE...PERSON...that reads Blue's has had a reason to post in the seven years they've been reading the site!


Your post says far more about yourself than about me. Pokestick
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News Comments > Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription
20. Re: Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription Jan 15, 2010, 05:23 Nerian
kxmode wrote on Jan 15, 2010, 04:43:
Companies that sell lifetime subscriptions are liable for class action lawsuits should the game ever fail. One of our clients ran into a similar issue at my job. The problem was fixed by charging a one-time registration fee in the same amount they wanted to charge for a lifetime subscription.

Most of the companies that have offered this explicitly state in the agreement that it's "life of the game" not "life of the user".

I think I agree that Hellgate isn't any more a MMO than Diablo is.

Auto Assault. Great example. Now that I think about it, I don't think Tabula Rasa made it 16 months either. But my point is that out of all of the *major* MMO's, an extremely large portion of them are up more than 16 months. STO will be up for more than 16 months on the power of nothing more than name alone, guaranteed.

If a game as bad as Matrix Online made it several years....

If a game as bad as post-revamp Star Wars Galaxies is STILL running...

Yeah. Ain't nothing to worry about with STO.
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News Comments > Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription
13. Re: Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription Jan 15, 2010, 02:55 Nerian
My wife and I both have LOTRO lifetime subscriptions. We paid 199 for each of them after being in the beta. Game's been running for 28 months..

Now, we knew we'd be playing this game for a long time, but here's the math for you, and this is mind-boggling...

2 Lifetime subs - 400$

28 Months @ 14.99/month - 419.72...oh wait, double that for our second account....839.44.

So right there, JUST on subscription fees alone, we've saved 439.44$ in nearly 3 years. HOLY CRAP! But it gets better. Turbine's thrown in some extra perks for "lifers" over the years as well. Some ingame stuff I won't go into detail, because this is all about the money, but with the recent launch of the last expansion, they released the ex-pac for 20$. They also released an "Adventure Pack" which allows access to ingame shared storage and 2 permanent extra character slots. Turbine gave anyone with Lifetime or multi-month subscriptions the expansion for *free* as long as they pre-ordered the Adventure Pack. My wife and I both did for the extra character slots, and so we saved 40$ that we would've spent on that last expansion...

So 479.44 saved over 2.75 years. I'd say that's a pretty damn good bargain! It's all about how much faith you have in the company to run a game for longer than it will take to recoup your expenses, and how much you like the game.

To recover your costs for's only 16 months. Come on. It's not THAT bad, and you can always leave for a few months and come back. Having a Lifetime sub has been the *best* way I've ever played an MMO. I've never felt pressured into the advancment wheel, and I don't lose anything by taking an extended break as I have for the last month after my son was born. It's fantastic, IMO.

Are the companies offering it to get more upfront cash for further development? Well duh! Why wait for tomorrow what you can get today? It's a great deal for players that will be around the game for a while, and gets the company immediate money to use for developing expansions/content/other games.

I don't see a problem with it....and just for the record, I think the beta is pretty amusing. It's funny how the game reminds me of Earth and Beyond, but without the hour long travel between star systems. The auto-grouping for quests is *great*.

How many MMO's have been shut down 16 months after launch?

This comment was edited on Jan 15, 2010, 02:57.
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