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News Comments > On APB Refunds, Epic's APB Interest, and RTW's Closure

12. Re: On APB Refunds, Epic's APB Interest, and RTW's Closure Sep 17, 2010, 13:41 gommerstrike
Beamer wrote on Sep 17, 2010, 13:29:
What we need is regulation and consumer protection on this industry because this kind of shit would generate a class action lawsuit in any other industry.

No it wouldn't. Not a valid one at least.

Let's say you buy a Blockbuster gift card today, and Blockbuster goes out of business tomorrow. Your gift card is dead. Oh, well, so it goes.
Or let's say you buy a new vaccuum, the company that made it goes out of business, and it breaks and needs a new part. Oh, well, in the trash it goes.

Even if you did decide to sue, who are you suing? RTW is dead. They can't afford an attorney to represent them, let pay any potential judgment. Sure, there's EA, but EA was just a distributor - RTW published it themselves. EA had no responsibility here, suing them for distributing is no different than suing the store that sold it or the trucking company that hauled it.

It's the risk of early adopting. We all do it in some capacity. As I mentioned in another thread, people that bought HD-DVD players got screwed, but they early adopted and it's a risk. Those of us that waited out the battle didn't take that risk, but we had to wait. The same thing happens all the time in every industry.

Good ol' Beamer, how do you do, Mr anti-customer?

So let me guess, you'll also add that, the people who bought into beta instead of VHS deserved what they got, right?

You keep bringing up these examples which have no similarity to an MMO. When you bring home that vacuum, would it not work immediately upon usage(say it's DOA - fine, you can bring it back to the store for refund or exchange).

It's amazing that for a guy who claims that he works for this very industry(yet you hate your customers), that you're still not getting it.

APB. You buy it from EBGames/Gamestop, bring it home, find out that you can't play it(because the servers are dead) - you have no recourse. You can't refund it, because you've opened the box. Completely different scenario. This has nothing to do with early adoption.

Stop trying to confuse your customers(that's us) by trying to blur the lines between buying things that can be returned to the store, versus buying software which cannot be.
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News Comments > ABP Closing

73. Re: ABP Closing Sep 17, 2010, 02:32 gommerstrike
That's right, Beamer. Think before you say things like this. Wouldn't be grand if your employer caught whiff of what you wrote on these boards? Thank your lucky stars that this forum isn't 4chan(you would have been outed, eg. your real name released, your place of employment, your work phone ringing off the hook, photos of yourself and your immediate family). Yes it's happened. Just ask the lady who threw a cat into the dumpster.

"anti-consumer"...sigh. More like "anti-customer". Hating on your customers just doesn't sound like something a smart person would be doing, never mind broadcasting that on the Internet. You're not being a hero or James Dean for trying to act rebellious and purposefully go against the grain because "someone has to do it, and if I didn't, someone else would". Sounds a bit juvenile.

Fine, then the rest of us will just continue to buy the excellent games we buy, play the games that we enjoy, and you'll be left wondering why the games you've made aren't selling.
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News Comments > Blizzard on Cheating

9. Re: Blizzard on Cheating Sep 15, 2010, 01:50 gommerstrike
actually that's a bit misleading.

You can play starcraft 2 offline. Just click the "guest" button and the entire campaign is open for you to play.

As for Blizzard's stance on completely disabling your online access due to cheating, I am right with Blizzard on that stance. This is a strategy title, not a FPS title where if someone does pole vault tricks a la Halo or whatever(and didn't MS take fairly high measures against exploiters?).

In a game like SC2, a rampant number of cheaters is all it takes to completely ruin the multiplayer game. How would you feel if every 3rd opponent you played against, map hacked? You'd have to cheat, just to be on even footing. Remember the good ol' days of the "see-thru wall" ATI driver? That's what this is like, but worse. It's like playing chess against someone, except that person has open access to everything that you're thinking.

Cheaters should rightfully be banned from online play, no ifs, ands or buts. If you cheat(and are caught), then either you stop playing the game, or buy another copy(or beg someone for a guest pass and continue right on cheating, sigh). It's that simple.
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News Comments > FINAL FANTASY XIV Opening Cinematic

2. Re: FINAL FANTASY XIV Opening Cinematic Sep 15, 2010, 00:11 gommerstrike
shrug, maybe you're not the target audience.  
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News Comments > APB Rescue Nears?

8. Re: APB Rescue Nears? Sep 10, 2010, 19:46 gommerstrike
naw, shut 'er down.  
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News Comments > Chris Taylor on PCs

40. Re: Chris Taylor on PCs Sep 7, 2010, 19:50 gommerstrike
sigh guys stop fighting over starcraft 2 vs. supcom. Please.

completely different games, for completely different audiences. If you want to fight over SC2 vs supcom, there are dedicated forums out there for that.

obviously supcom fans dislike sc2. Why? completely different types of games.
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News Comments > Stardock On Elemental's Future

21. Re: Stardock On Elemental's Future Sep 6, 2010, 22:32 gommerstrike
No, Prez is not the shill. It's another guy who created his account just to post here, literally just last month.

I daresay he was completely outted as well.
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News Comments > Stardock On Elemental's Future

8. Re: Stardock On Elemental's Future Sep 6, 2010, 17:11 gommerstrike
The drama surrounding this game is going to be more remembered than the game itself.

I hadn't even heard of this game prior to all the drama.
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News Comments > Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted

65. Re: Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted Sep 6, 2010, 02:18 gommerstrike
I read that blog, and also read a few of the links within that blog. The QA dept was being totally slammed for doing supposedly barely any QA at all on the game.

Except that the QA dept stated that all the flaws with the game were all well known, and that it wasn't their fault that these flaws didn't get fixed. They're not the ones tasked to fix bugs, that's the developer's job. Fair enough. It must have been frustrating as hell for those guys, seeing the game's problems right front of their faces, and that chilling feeling that it's a terrible game they've made.

So what happened between the QA team and the dev team? And the entire multiplayer component which completely didn't work at all?
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News Comments > Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted

35. Re: Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted Sep 5, 2010, 00:46 gommerstrike
Cutter wrote on Sep 4, 2010, 23:57:
elefunk wrote on Sep 4, 2010, 23:05:
Two things:

1) Fuck anyone who is gleeful or smug about this happening. All of you whiney, jaded fuckers who bitch about everything "wrong" with the industry...

Blah, blah, blah. What crawled up your ass and died? Is Brad your sugardaddy or something? That sort of rabid fanboyism is really just pathetic. Stardock has produced nothing but a few mediocre games at best, and no, we don't need another digital distribution platform. If they dried up and blew away tomorrow it wouldn't amount to a blip on the radar. Add to which Brad himself is a douchebag, so if you love the guy, that makes you a douchebag, and douchebags belong in the trash with the rest of the garbage. So no, fuck you and your whiny little fanboy friends.

Dear elefunk,

That post above me is totally right.

What good is the "Gamer bill of rights" if the so-called founder of that "bill" can't follow through with it? What makes him so special that he's exempt from his own set of rules? Suddenly you're so forgiving of the CEO because he finally fessed up? Were you so forgiving of certain other political figures when they did likewise?

They made a bad, horrible game that even Gamepro blasted. Right or wrong, Gamepro is officially completely vindicated. Seriously why don't you just go back to the beginning when Elemental was first released, the bugs, the bad reviews, the forum drama, the denial...and then quickly fastforward to the end-result(layoffs). Don't act surprised.

elefunk just go back to playing the real AAA title games that I've sure you've purchased, and this little speck on the beach called Stardock will disappear, carried away by the ocean.
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News Comments > Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted

7. Re: Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted Sep 4, 2010, 15:58 gommerstrike
Hey - the guy who was called out on this forums as a "shill". Where are you now? Where are you in Stardock's time in need? YOU - who said that Elemental is an awesome game despite it's "minor" faults?

I'm not seeing you championing Stardock in it's worst possible time. Come on. Where are you? Let's see you cheerlead Stardock now.
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News Comments > On Stardock's Elemental Launch Fail

28. Re: On Stardock's Elemental Launch Fail Sep 3, 2010, 19:40 gommerstrike
Guys - on the last Stardock(Elemental) posting here on Blue's News, there was this fella who subbed to Blue just this month, defending Stardock as if his life depended on it, saying oh it's a great game, blah blah. Remember him? Some of you called him a shill.

Now the CEO finally fesses up. So, Mister defender of Stardock...where are you?
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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Press Release

24. Re: Duke Nukem Forever Press Release Sep 3, 2010, 19:29 gommerstrike
yeah but um... uh...are those pre-orders of DNF from Gamestop back in 1997 still good for this?
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News Comments > No Medal of Honor Sales on US Bases

10. Re: No Medal of Honor Sales on US Bases Sep 2, 2010, 22:05 gommerstrike
Hellbinder wrote on Sep 2, 2010, 21:57:
This kind of GARBAGE has nothing to do with freedom. Every single day i am dumbfounded a little more by the utter immorality in the minds of most people. Reading the posts here is just utterly stupifying and sad.

None of you have any character at all. none of you. You dont even know what freedom is. All you guys care about is how perverted and immoral it lets you be and not a one of you would shed your own blood to keep your "freedom" unless of course someone gets in front of you at Mcdonalds and slows you from stuffing another cheesburger into your fat bloated bodies to feed your perverted self indulged minds.

You are what you entertain yourself with.

you guys are a disgrace.. truly and honestly a disgrace as are these game companys.

Thank goodness you said all this in blues news forums, and not in the 4chan ones
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News Comments > Kane & Lynch 2 DLC

2. Re: Kane & Lynch 2 DLC Sep 1, 2010, 19:27 gommerstrike
...wasn't this the same game that has generated tons of controversy and gotten at least one game reviewer sacked?  
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News Comments > Stargate Games Lawsuit

3. Re: Stargate Games Lawsuit Aug 26, 2010, 15:06 gommerstrike
Even take a look at the MMO's who "aren't trying to compete with WoW", and see where they are today. Nowhere near raking in the profits that investors want to be seeing.

There are very few that still survive(EVE is a good one), but AoC, Warhammer...all going downhill.
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News Comments > Elemental/PC Gamer Follow-up

57. Re: Elemental/PC Gamer Follow-up Aug 26, 2010, 02:39 gommerstrike
This "Gamer's bill of rights" seems so...revolutionary, it's sad to see that the makers of that very bill of rights...didn't follow it completely to the letter.

Now it just seems more like a publicity grab than a firm law of actions to be followed.

Remember that Warhammer MMO? Some retailers stocked that game on the shelf - a day before you could actually even play the game. You could install it sure...but you couldn't play it until the actual release date - which was the day after. OK fair enough, I waited til the next day to play - the game was a mixed bag, but not so bug-ridden and non-functional that I couldn't give it a honest go.

So about this "blaming the retailer", well, quite frankly the retails can only receive the game that you gave them. They don't stock some pirated version of your game.

Things like this...just vindicate the PC naysayers who cry doom and gloom that PC gaming is dying.
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News Comments > Elemental Patched, Savaged

37. Re: Elemental Patched, Savaged Aug 25, 2010, 21:50 gommerstrike
w34sl3 wrote on Aug 25, 2010, 13:28:
Funny thing is, aside from a memory leak bug that required me to restart evey half hour. I havent seen a third of the bugs being reported. Is the game perfect? nope. but each patch just keeps making it better. The game has been quite entertaining and fun. =)

I think alot of pirates are real upset about it not being stable out of the box too..hahahaha..*ahem*

If needing to restart the game every half hour just to sidestep a memory leak still makes the game enjoyable to you, then you surely have a different standard of what enjoyment is, compared to the rest of us.

I'm going to come right out and say that you're not a shill, because you'll have my benefit of the doubt for now.

Even if you're actually enjoying this game, just be understanding as to why everyone else is not, and will not be buying this game.
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News Comments > Elemental Patched, Savaged

36. Re: Elemental Patched, Savaged Aug 25, 2010, 21:41 gommerstrike
Honestly at the end of the day? The game is buggy, to the point that it's worth mentioning that it's buggy.

It's not a game with minor little bugs that are of little consequence, like a seam that wasn't knitted shut or a texture sparkle which shouldn't.

The real question to ask is - are these bugs like Starcraft2 bugs which aren't game breaking? In SC2 there's niggling things here and there - but you can play the entire game through and experience everything, without it crashing and burning around you. Can we say the same about this Elemental game?

Indies do have it rougher, of course they do, why pretend otherwise. Of course Gamepro and other gaming mags have deals with big publishers, that's obvious. Maybe they are pressured to slant their reviews to disfavor the indies, even if that is true, why act shocked about it. If the indie is to survive, well, his games had better as hell stand out and not be as buggy as this.

Look at plants vs zombies or Angry birds, simple games that do spectacular. Think about this. Either we gamers spend money on AAA titles like SC2, or we shell out for this buggy mess of a game(Elemental). Our dollars are finite, especially in this time of recession. How does it make sense to release Elemental, the way it was released, especially when the stakes are high.
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News Comments > This is Vegas Cancelled, Surreal Closed?

5. Re: This is Vegas Cancelled, Surreal Closed? Aug 24, 2010, 17:00 gommerstrike
no, this ain't the BIGGEST disaster - wasn't that MMO(whose release lasted only 2 months) burn through 100 million?

APB right? yeah they burned through ONE HUNDRED MIL.
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