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News Comments > Demigod Demo
17. Re: Demigod Demo Jul 30, 2009, 15:38 SBlat
what you have are Impulse encrypted files. When I buy games on D2D, GoGamer, and GOG they let me download the entire game

GOG gives you everything you need to reinstall in a post-GOG future, yes. But Direct2Drive wraps all its installers in activation-checks (except for a few "DRM-free" indie titles), making it exactly the same as an encrypted backup file.

You won't be able to use that D2D installer if D2D decide to stop paying money to run the server that allows you to install the game.

I'm not sure about GoGamer, but I think their "GoLoader" store is just a reseller of Metaboli's store which also does online activation, and is very strict about no more than 3 activations being allowed before you have to repurchase the game. Or if you meant GamersGate, it's just the same as D2D except without even the occasional DRM-free indie title, though they do claim to allow as many activations as you need, at least as long as they're in business.

7z-format with your account name as the password

Awesome! I knew that it was a password protected 7z, but I didn't know what the password was. I just tried this out, and you're right, it was my login name, and the archive looks to include all the information necessary to recreate an installation of the game. That makes Impulse quite a bit more attractive to me, even if it does have a clunky installation procedure for new games (download an archive, extract the archive, and then copy the files from the extracted location, meaning ~3x the installation space is required to install the game).

As an aside, I just started up Impulse to make an archive of a game, and saw that they're now listing the Demigod Demo as available for install under My Games for everybody, they just forgot to mention it in the press release.
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News Comments > Demigod Demo
2. Re: Demigod Demo Jul 30, 2009, 13:44 SBlat
You'd think they'd have used the demo as a chance to introduce people to installing software through their Impulse platform, like Valve does with its demos. I mean, even if there was a choice between fileplanet and Impulse, they'd still get Impulse installed on quite a few new systems.  
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News Comments > On Sale
2. Re: On Sale Jul 24, 2009, 19:13 SBlat
I think I'm going to get And Yet It Moves from Direct2Drive for 50% off. It claims it doesn't have any D2D installers/DRM/whatever wrapped around it...

Also, does anyone else find it odd that Impulse's $20 off of the Complete Tilted Mill compilation only makes it $5 cheaper than Steam's regular price? Maybe it's because Impulse thinks that's a complete collection of Tilted Mill's games and Steam thinks it's the Best Of their games.
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News Comments > RACE On Acquired
2. Re: RACE On Acquired Jul 23, 2009, 12:46 SBlat
Awwww, I liked the value-price-point Viva Media released the RACE (and GTR Evo) series at here in the US. I suppose bitComposer will probably bring the pricing more in line with the rest of the world.  
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News Comments > New on GameTap
1. Re: New on GameTap Jul 2, 2009, 23:05 SBlat
As a subscriber, I'm disappointed that they've decided to cut down to adding only one game a week to the premium line up, especially since it followed a month-long period of suspending all additions to the catalog. Coupling that decision with a rate doubling (for new subscribers) seems a bit odd.

Still, I suppose they need to balance out against what I suspect have been quite a few cancellations on account of the new, "improved" web interface. Hosted out of France, it's quite slow to load, and even four months on it's still very buggy and not yet even feature-complete (though that doesn't stop them from claiming it's reached Beta). The site's forums are still filling with (rapidly admin-locked) threads complaining about the switch to the new web-based interface, even though it's been four months since it was introduced.

I'm not sure I would be resubscribing, but I prepaid for a year just before this change over, so I guess I'm a subscriber until the end of 2009 at least.

On the upside, there are rumors that support for 64-bit OSes is going to be added, and being able to finally delete my dual-boot XP partition would be nice. Though I'm not sure what I'll do when faced with the requirement of installing a GameTap plugin into my everyday browser, considering the increased attack surface of potential security holes that entails.
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News Comments > Metaverse
2. Re: Metaverse May 3, 2009, 14:00 SBlat
Actually that summary of the NoScript news is a bit out of date. A day or two ago they released an update that silently adds an unremovable list whitelisting the ads of the NoScript author's sites to Adblock Plus.
Then when he realised just how much bad press he was going to get a new update came out which actually asked if you wanted the whitelist or not.
Then as the bad press continued coming in, a new update was released which doesn't even offer to add the whitelist anymore and removes it if it's already there.

So NoScript is back to how it was before, but it's worth pointing out that another time in the past the author was again caught including obfuscated code designed to disable Adblock Plus and only removed it when caught and exposed.
He also includes his own sites on NoScripts' list of default allowed sites (solely in order to allow ad display code to run during the frequent forced displays of update changelogs), even though his sites have had XSS flaws (which allow anyone to run any javascript on a NoScript-equipped browser without needing to have NoScript permissions).

All in all, I suspect it's time for a NoScript alternative, and I think the dust up from this latest mistake on the author's part is going to see a large number of competing add-ons appear.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Demigod
9. Re: Ships Ahoy - Demigod Apr 14, 2009, 14:29 SBlat
Like all Stardock games, the retail version of the game contains no DRM or copy protection

Does it really not include DRM? Because I bought GalCiv2 via Impulse a while ago, and after the online authentication via Impulse to install, I had to perform online activation to run the game. After reading their gamer's bill of rights and seeing news of their GOO DRM, my general impression of Stardock's claim of no DRM is they really mean "our DRM isn't implemented via drivers!"
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News Comments > GTR Evolution & RACE 07 Patches
2. Re: GTR Evolution & RACE 07 Patches Apr 8, 2009, 15:06 SBlat
@SpectralMeat: I haven't played Forza 2, but my impression from others' comments is that RACE 07/GTR Evo is a bit more sim-like and a bit less forgiving than Forza 2. GTRe's not considered quite as realistic as the more hardcore sims (rFactor, iRacing, LFS) out there, but is prettier. So if all racing games are a compromise between Next Gen prettiness and realistic (a.k.a. unforgiving) physics, it's a bit more to the right of Forza 2; not as pretty, but a bit more realistic. There's also the fact that it's a PC game, which means it's hugely expandable (there are lots of user-made tracks, and quite a few cars too).

If you already owned RACE 07 you probably would already know if you wanted this game or not, so if you don't own it be warned that GTR Evo is an expansion to RACE 07 (adds some cars and tracks), though in the US it's always sold as a "standalone" combo of RACE 07 + GTR Evo (when published by Viva Media; it only mentions that it includes RACE 07 in small letters, but it does include it).

If you like driving games and are in the US, I'd say it's easily worth the $13 amazon is currently selling it for (this is the US version, with both RACE 07 and GTRe). It is like buying a Valve game in a box, it still registers your game on Steam and installs it via Steam, but it can install off the DVD (faster than downloading 7GB) if you have it in the drive. If you really like it after you've gotten it, don't bother with the STCC expansion pack yet (which is only available from Steam if you're outside of Sweden); another expansion pack (Race On) will be coming out later this year containing both STCC and a whole new expansion pack of American muscle cars, and some sort of openwheel formula series (and I'm hoping also a SimBin-made Laguna Seca, considering they've already made it for their recent XBox 360 game).

If it helps any, I love GTR Evo and since I hadn't owned RACE07 before, I was shocked at how many cars and tracks it has total (since RACE 07 shipped with quite a few already and GTR Evo adds to it; you can race any RACE07 car on any GTRe track, and vice versa), and if you're American you should feel blessed that Viva Media don't believe us a nation of racing fans and so sells this game dirt cheap. I'd say for less than $15, it's worth getting if you already know you like racing games, even if it just ends up serving as a gateway drug to the more expensive sims (or if you end up building a whole racing cockpit in your room).

As to this latest patch, I believe it's a roll-up of patches released via Steam. The boxed copy, in addition to including the Steam-required "online version" (with multiplayer), also allows installing an "offline version" (singleplayer-only and Securom protected, but no Steam required), which hasn't had a patch released for it since release day, despite the many Steam-distributed patches for the online version. They promised to roll-up the steam patches into a patch for the offline version every now and then, and I'd guess that's what they've done.
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