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Description More Luck Than Skill.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront II Grind Complaints
39. Re: Star Wars Battlefront II Grind Complaints Nov 13, 2017, 14:10 MoreLuckThanSkill
Well, I have to hand it to EA, they're making it easier and easier for me to skip this game entirely.

Luckily there are tons of other games available!
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Diablo III Season 12 Underway
11. Re: Diablo III Season 12 Underway Nov 13, 2017, 13:33 MoreLuckThanSkill
Hrm, sorry to hear you didn't like Grim Dawn, Creston.

Inquisitor/Demolitionist and no Grenado/Flashbang/Pipe Bomb on RMB?

If you're level 59, and still in Normal mode, turn on Veteran(checkbox in the Difficulty window, before you load a character), it should improve drops some, at the cost of increasing difficulty.

30 minute kiting might mean you have to juggle your skills up some, especially in Normal, you should be able to burn down pretty much any boss with Firestrike/Grenado. Inquisitor can easily be built with mostly passives to your LMB skill, so I can't argue much there. I don't have a high level Inq build yet, so I can't point out the uber build at the moment, but Demolitionist is a damage king anyway.

Just get Grenado or Mortar Trap and/or 1pt Flashbang/Canister Bomb for stun spam and Devotion Triggers. Grenado might seem weak at first but it quickly ramps up in damage with a few points and passives like Flame Touched and Ulzuin's Chosen.

I'm assuming you have Word of Renewal as your other active skill? Healing can be picked up on the Devotion tree REALLY easily, I highly recommend you switch WoR for Grenado or Mortar Trap, then decide if you're going to be fire/physical/lightning and go from there.

Certain bosses/quests should be a gauranteed legendary drop at 50 plus, unless they changed something drastically, also at 50+ any One-Shot chest or Dynamite chest can drop legendaries. I also recommend putting on Veteran mode if you're mostly steamrolling Normal, it'll increase drop rates also. I believe the Loghorrean quest(the last boss in vanilla) has a 100% chance of a legendary item when you turn it in, and his 3 chests are also increased legendary chance.

It won't help now, but Drop rates also increase in Elite and Ultimate of course.

If all of that fails to help, well, you are allowed to not like Grim Dawn.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Sunday Metaverse
3. Re: Sunday Metaverse Nov 12, 2017, 19:32 MoreLuckThanSkill
"A lot less" = 1 cent less. They already stated they are aiming at 7.99 or higher for HD, which should be an automatic no for most people, I'd think. They keep breaking up the shows/movies into more and more streaming services, it's nickel and dime the customer base time.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Op Ed
11. Re: Op Ed Nov 12, 2017, 16:36 MoreLuckThanSkill
jacobvandy wrote on Nov 12, 2017, 15:15:
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Nov 12, 2017, 14:43:
Keys to unlock loot in game that can ONLY be acquired via kowtowing to some social media bullshit out of game?!

Or you could just google "borderlands golden key codes" and see any of the myriad of wikis, blogs, or forum posts that compile dozens or even hundreds of them in one place...

Or just mod the game to give yourself keys, like I did, but that's not the point. The 'legitimate' path to keys was to allow yourself to be forced to jump through out of game hoops. I disagree with that design decision.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
1. Re: Steam Top 10 Nov 12, 2017, 14:50 MoreLuckThanSkill
Wow, I'm surprised and happy to see Hand of Fate 2 on the list... HoF 1 was really fun and kind of new in terms of game mechanics, but I didn't think many people had bought it or even knew about it.

I'll most likely get HoF2 on Gog, here's hoping for a good Black Friday deal.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Deadpool Game Dead to Steam Soon
1. Re: Deadpool Game Dead to Steam Soon Nov 12, 2017, 14:47 MoreLuckThanSkill
What kind of nonsense went on(and is going on) with the license for this game? It was already blocked for purchase for a year or two before, right?

Then they brought it back for the movie AND raised the price, now it's leaving permanently?

I was interested in buying it before, debating it now for $11.99, but perhaps it's best not to support this kind of shady NYC Electronics store bullshit "Always Going Out of Business Sale" ?
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Op Ed
4. Re: Op Ed Nov 12, 2017, 14:43 MoreLuckThanSkill
Creston wrote on Nov 12, 2017, 14:07:
Cool, but it doesn't diminish the fact that Borderlands 2 was one of the grindiest games ever. I really hope Randy doesn't forget his noble ethos when BL3 hits, otherwise I can easily see it getting lootboxed out the ass.

But oh well. Every game that goes the "Fuck you gamers, you exist for us to bleed dry of money" route, also known as the Lootbox Route, is an easy skip. Fuck all you shit publishers.

Exactly, Borderlands 2 was the grindiest game possible without being an MMO. Timed content, extremely low default drop rate, Keys to unlock loot in game that can ONLY be acquired via kowtowing to some social media bullshit out of game?! I liked the gunplay of BL1 and BL2 for the most part, but the loot system is easily one of the most grind-happy in any game ever, if you actually want decent weapons. Not a fun grind either, which led people to repeatedly exploit various areas for the entire life of BL2 or just mod it.

Borderlands 3 hopefully will have better drop rates for regular play, and no Golden Key style loot at all. I'll check it out eventually, but I skipped the BL prequel game, and wouldn't be surprised if I end up skipping BL3 due to design decisions also.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Diablo III Season 12 Underway
9. Re: Diablo III Season 12 Underway Nov 12, 2017, 14:38 MoreLuckThanSkill
ShadowofWard wrote on Nov 12, 2017, 13:30:
Agree with everything you said about Grim Dawn. However maps are kind of randomized, like they were in Diablo 2. The map has the same layout but obstacles are placed in order to randomized certain paths. So it's kind of randomized in certain places. Honestly the new expansion pack is so large i tend to get lost a lot more, but i would like more "random" maps like in the first Diablo.

Whoops, yes you are correct, obstacles will get randomized a bit, I forgot about that. The expansion is almost too large in some areas, I would have preferred more checkpoints/Rift gates in some of the zones. The vanilla game is broken up enough by Rift gates that I can play it on a short break at work, etc. and still get some map progression done on that character...then I get to the expansion, and it can take an hour to fully clear a zone. I appreciate their design goals for the expansion, but it wouldn't have killed them to add some more riftgates.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Diablo III Season 12 Underway
6. Re: Diablo III Season 12 Underway Nov 12, 2017, 12:53 MoreLuckThanSkill
jdreyer wrote on Nov 12, 2017, 09:40:
Wallshadows wrote on Nov 11, 2017, 21:07:
Jumped in to PoE but it's not the super-crazy Mayhem event so I might give this a whirl for the week until then. Turmoil is okay and got my guy to 70 but am not happy with the outcome of my character and don't feel like rerolling.

I think my biggest issue with PoE is that if I step away to make a snack, or have to quit in the middle of a level, that it resets. It's a shame because I think it's brilliant otherwise.

I have GD, and just started it. Hopefully it will be as good.

Grim Dawn is the best of the current ARPGs overall, but all of them have flaws. Grim Dawn's most glaring flaw for a lot of people is that the main storyline maps are NOT random, once you've seen it once, only the monsters and loot will change. Random Hero and Nemesis monsters can spawn, but unlike Diablo 3 and PoE you miss out on randomized maps.

Itemization in Grim Dawn is the best of the three games, in terms of build defining drops starting at level 50 or so.(Legendaries) Graphics are on par with PoE; both games' early areas/creatures are fairly simple, and as both games got more money they made more elaborate maps and creatures as the games were added to.

Grim Dawn's music is the best, hands down. Sound effects aside from that are pretty good.

Build variety is excellent in GD up until the max level end game bosses, then it shrinks some, but good stutter stepping and movement can still win fights even then. GD does suffer from the Titan Quest style skill trees though, with some skills requiring up to 16 points to max out, which can limit skill variety on one character.

Normal/Veteran to Elite to most of Ultimate, you can probably make just about ANY build work. Max level Ultimate Nemeses, Ultimate Uber Bosses and most efficient Crucible clearing? Yeah you will need min-maxxed builds with high DA, high OA, tons of damage and hp, perfect rolled drops(Monster Infrequents) etc.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 10, 2017, 15:41 MoreLuckThanSkill
RedEye9 wrote on Nov 10, 2017, 12:34:
Wolves must have watched the honey badger video.

That video(and article) is really interesting... the sample sizes are small obviously, but apparently a lot of dogs are simply too selfish(?) or just too stupid or too competitive to cooperate in the rope pull. I wonder how much experiementation the wolves had to go through to get the hang of the rope demo, and if they gave the failing dogs the same amount. The article goes on to describe further observed differences outside the video, pretty large behavioral differnces considering how genetically close dogs and wolves are. Awesome stuff.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > etc.
3. Re: tax credit Nov 10, 2017, 15:34 MoreLuckThanSkill
ZeroPike1 wrote on Nov 10, 2017, 15:27:
Having lived near Albany, and closer to Troy, having a game studio in the area would be amazing. And totally out of place in that area of New York.

But as John Oliver has exposed, doing Tax incentives is basically a waste of time and money and does not work. Wish it would.

I was thinking along the same lines...surely nobody willingly moves to Albany/Troy from out of state, regardless of the tax incentives?

They quote "Simon Ebejer" of Vicarious Visions who says that there are already "300 game developers in the region," I'm assuming he's counting individual people at his company and a few other companies?

Good luck, that area can definitely use some revitalization, but I think it's a lost cause.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. Re: Koenigsegg Super Car Nov 10, 2017, 11:31 MoreLuckThanSkill
277mph? I could use that on the way to work, to skip the commute and turn into a fiery ball of twisted metal and death in mere seconds!
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
43. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 9, 2017, 23:19 MoreLuckThanSkill
Verno wrote on Nov 9, 2017, 15:15:
There's the Louis C.K story I mentioned earlier.

Stay clean Bill Burr.

God fucking dammit. I always found Louis C.K. hilarious. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, comedic genius, most likely mental issues in reality which apparently include some weird masturbation fetish. What a dumbass, if that's his kink, just fucking use some of your millions to pay for professionals to put up with your shit.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Into the Black
4. Re: Into the Black Nov 9, 2017, 23:11 MoreLuckThanSkill
I don't understand how they can fuck up Star Wars movies so badly, when there has been plenty of great writing in the comics, and most of the cartoons.

Clone Wars, the non-cgi original series and the cgi series, excellent writing, great characters for the most part, very interesting and really expanded on the idea of Jedi powers.

But somehow whenever they go live action, it turns into a complete mess. Too much money involved or something? I don't even get it. The new trilogy at least has some amazing acting talent, but I'm dreading the release of episode 8... I can tell it's just going to piss me off.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > LawBreakers Free Weekend
5. Re: LawBreakers Free Weekend Nov 9, 2017, 23:06 MoreLuckThanSkill
jdreyer wrote on Nov 9, 2017, 19:21:
This thread now has more people in it than the Lawbreakers lobby.


But probably not untrue.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Obsidian Tease
10. Re: Obsidian Tease Nov 9, 2017, 12:48 MoreLuckThanSkill
grudgebearer wrote on Nov 9, 2017, 11:38:
I wanted to like Pillars of Eternity, but the it just couldn't hold my attention. The characters and the story were 'Ok' in the generic fantasy book type way, but the combat/gear setup drove me insane.

I'm about 80% through the vanilla game, my characters are maxed out, I have two floors of the keep dungeon left, and I've only completed one of the companion backstory quests.

Haven't picked up Tyranny, was waiting for 75% off or greater.

You will probably end up liking Tyranny more, honestly, if that's your feelings on PoEt. Tyranny definitely has better writing and much more memorable characters, excellent magic system, if a bit simplified in the combat due to the smaller party setup. Max out your LORE stat at all times, every character. Lore is insanely important in Tyranny for casting.

Tyranny is also a lot shorter game, definitely a tighter focus, deliberately on Obsidian's part. The gear situation in Tyranny is... slightly better than PoEt? I don't know what in particular you didn't like in Pillars about the gear, aside from probably the grinding requirements on Soulbound weapons, but Tyranny's gear is pretty straight forward, with a lot better options for crafting exactly what you want.

It doesn't matter much now, since both games have been patched a ton, but Tyranny was also remarkbly almost bug free on release day, pretty much unheard of for Obsidian.

Another Alpha Protocol game would be awesome; I loved that in spite of the bugs back in the day, but I would put money on them making Tyranny 2. Their Tyranny team and engine is ready to go, although I HOPE and assume they will bump the party up to 5, on par with PoEt 2. The Tyranny universe has a ton of story material available for a sequel.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > PUBG Sells 20M
19. Re: Morning Tech Bits Nov 8, 2017, 20:52 MoreLuckThanSkill
RedEye9 wrote on Nov 8, 2017, 19:52:
Beamer wrote on Nov 8, 2017, 15:30:
jdreyer wrote on Nov 8, 2017, 15:11:
The Magician wrote on Nov 8, 2017, 10:50:

This game is utter shit, it runs like utter shit, it looks like utter shit, it sounds like utter shit, and they are being handsomely rewarded for turning out utter shit.

And yet it has sold 20M copies. Must be doing something right.

I haven't seen people, some of whom hardly post here, this angry since Star Citizen was making constant headlines.
Some folks just want to see the world smolder.

If I was a lot younger I could see getting worked up over's a Third person shooter(a cardinal sin already to many) that is unreasonably famous, given how weak certain aspects of it are compared to classic games. There is also loot box nonsense, rampant cheating, etc. There is a lot of fuel for rage, arguably.

But I'm the age I... actually am.. so bleh, congrats to the PUBG people for the wild success, and I just pity the younger players who never played the great multiplayer games back in the day and have no frame of reference. Nostalgia and cult-like worship have brought in like 200 million or whatever for Star Citizen, Minecraft got sold for around 4 billion? PUBG making 400 million(?) isn't that surprising in this Youtube/Follow the Online Celebrity Gamer era.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
8. Re: Twitter to expand 280-character tweets. Nov 7, 2017, 23:42 MoreLuckThanSkill
280 characters... truly, we live in a time of technological marvels.  
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Hand of Fate 2 Dealt
2. Re: Hand of Fate 2 Dealt Nov 7, 2017, 23:40 MoreLuckThanSkill
Whoa, didn't realize they had already made a second one... first one was really good, although I got tired of having amazing equipment in the deck and never getting to draw it and/or never having enough gold to buy it from a merchant if I encountered it.

Very wise of them to keep the same voice actor for the dealer, he is superb.

The companion characters could be really cool, if their AI isn't atrocious.

I'll get this on Gog instead of Steam this time around, most likely.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > PUBG Sells 20M
2. Re: PUBG Sells 20M Nov 7, 2017, 23:36 MoreLuckThanSkill
RedEye9 wrote on Nov 7, 2017, 19:49:
That's a lot of wine and sunglasses.

Most likely he's moved past that paltry purchasing period, and gone straight to the hookers and blow. Soon he'll be vaguely depressed in a gigantic, empty mansion, much like Notch.
Avatar 54863
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