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News Comments > Visceral Closing; Star Wars Game Changing Direction
9. Re: Visceral Closing; Star Wars Game Changing Direction Oct 17, 2017, 22:26 MoreLuckThanSkill
So, no Dead Space 4, coming back to what made Dead Space 2 so amazing. Yet another studio gets gobbled up and torn apart.

Meanwhile, screw that single player SW game, time for EA to turn it into a MOBA with Collectible Cards and Facebook tie-ins!

I'd run through the Dead Space series again, but I've done it multiple times already, it's all memorized.
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News Comments > Sunday Legal Briefs
5. Re: Sunday Legal Briefs Oct 16, 2017, 00:45 MoreLuckThanSkill
Frijoles wrote on Oct 15, 2017, 20:42:
Cutter wrote on Oct 15, 2017, 18:27:
I doubt it'll amount to anything for them. Rampant IP theft is the norm in China. Shut them down and they'll be operating again within a day under a new company.

Blizz should just DoS their servers.

With no justice in the courts for even global multi-billion dollar corporations, the world moves on step closer to real life Neuromancer.

Exaggerating, mostly, but how long will it really be before some corporations start building their own armies or armed operatives for actions against other corporations? That'll probably be a reality in our lifetimes.
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News Comments > Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth Released
13. Re: Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth Released Oct 13, 2017, 20:51 MoreLuckThanSkill
Quick Note: The Expansion offers full respec potions from Quests, for Stat Points and Devotions? You can also respec skills as normal (although it gets costly) and there may be a full Skill respec potion from some quest somewhere, I still have NPCs who won't talk to me yet but clearly have voiced dialogue.

Quinn, panbient, yes you need to work on Defense/survivability/Resistances more as you progress through Elite/Ultimate. You want capped out or near capped out resistances (80% not counting skills or devotions or items that let you go higher) fairly soon into Elite, definitely before you start Ultimate, and get hit with the resistance penalty.

Dual Wield melee is arguably pretty rough for a first character, with no other characters feeding you gear, you're relying on drops and crafting, to somehow get your resistances high and have dps, and have a large hp pool as well as some regeneration, along with probably sub-30 Devotion's not impossible, but dual wield melee will probably require you to reskill a few times, until you get the survivability that's going to be required.

Another option is just having a few sets of Resistance gear in your bags, aka a few pieces of jewelry or alternate pants etc. for max Poison resist, Aethereal Resist, Chaos Resist, Vitality resist. Swap out 2-3 pieces of gear, fight the High damage Poison guy, swap back in your dps/normal gear when you get back to regular enemies. I mention those damage types in particular because you will face bosses and minibosses that have insanely high damage of those types, as well as regular enemies that hit for a ton with those types. Fire/Lightning/Cold/Piercing aren't nearly as bad, although some of the Act 4 Beasts do some high cold damage.

Regeneration/Lifesteal only work well if you have high health pool AND good resistances to survive bursts. You can probably still salvage your DW S/N with some skill point movement, and Devotion point respec.

I also Recommend 1 point in Blade Barrier, Blitz, and Shadow Strike. Blade Barrier is 100% damage absorption with some regen(the Oh Shit button) and Blitz/Shadow Strike allow you to get out from being trapped by attacking some far off enemy or even a crate/barrel.

First you need to decide how you will focus your character though. Dual Wield, okay, Blademaster, okay, but Physical, or Cold, or Poison, or Bleed damage based? Melee for sure, or do you want to go mid range knife throwing? (Phantasmal Blades).

Physical: Cadence for LMB, I recommend Ring of Steel for RMB, then Veil of Shadow (Debuff Aura) and Field Command (Buff Aura) for your main skills, with 1 point in Shadow Strike/Blade Barrier at least. Malkovian's Advantage and Fighting Spirit are awesome backup automatic skills(self triggering from Cadence), and use Dual Blades/Execution/Whirling Death from the Dual Blades tree.

Pneumatic Burst, whenever you are in melee range, for Regen + defense buff, or if you went elemental, additional elemental damage.

Grim Dawn, you can literally get by with JUST Cadence as your LMB skill(full tree maxxed), and some AoE skill for trash on your RMB, with passives and good Devotion choices. Plenty of min-maxxers do that kind of thing, but you can finish Ultimate with a lot more skills, honestly.

Here's my extremely unoptimized but very twinked out Blademaster, Level 52: Grim Calc

Notice nothing is maxxed out yet except Execution, most other players will max out 1 skill first, then start expanding their character, but that gets boring for me, I'd rather have 6-10 skills to use, and grow in power with +skill items and level points over time. You also don't need to max out both Class trees, most people won't, but I wanted Oleron's Rage AND Execution, because the Speed/Damage buffs from Oleron's are awesome, and Execution is a flat enemy HP % reduction, also awesome.

If you aren't passing down Legendaries to your DW Blademaster like I am, you will probably want a lot more points in Cadence earlier in my build, but the general blueprint should give you an idea. I believe I put 18 points Physique, 24 Cunning, 10 Spirit so far. In vanilla you'd have almost all points in Physique, but they've played with the numbers enough, you can put some points in Spirit without being killed instantly. Mana Regen is good.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > The Evil Within 2 is Out
6. Re: The Evil Within 2 is Out Oct 13, 2017, 19:30 MoreLuckThanSkill
Hey, don't hate on The Evil Within, it's fun, definitely worth a sale buy. *Note: Turn off film grain, turn off 'cinema' mode or whatever it was called, that added black bars top and bottom.

I'll get TEW2 at some point, probably not for full price though.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Free DRM-Free Torchlight 1 & 2 for Owners
8. Re: Free DRM-Free Torchlight 1 & 2 for Owners Oct 12, 2017, 14:30 MoreLuckThanSkill
Retired wrote on Oct 12, 2017, 12:49:
shul wrote on Oct 12, 2017, 09:57:
I own both games on steam. somebody please explain what good DRM Free versions will do me ?

If Steam were ever to go away. You have GOG.

Correct. I'm trying to avoid buying anything on Steam these days, if there is a GoG version. I don't think either service is going away anytime soon, but why not get another copy on GoG for free? I've done this for about 15-20 games so far on GoG, via the GoG Connect thing.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth Released
8. Re: Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth Released Oct 12, 2017, 14:24 MoreLuckThanSkill
Creston wrote on Oct 11, 2017, 23:55:
So I picked up the main game today for 7ish bucks. Any suggestions on a fun build?

Pretty much any build is workable at this point, the game has improved dramatically since launch. (When some builds were far and away the best)

You want Ranged? You can go for dual wield pistol, rifle/xbow 2hander, or Caster (stat stick weapon, caster off hand like a book or skull) or pistol/caster combo.

Melee? Dual wield melee, 1h + shield, or 2hander, all viable, almost any build you want to try.

Summons? Even without the expansion(Necromancer class) you can get a pretty good summoning army from Occultist and Shaman, but this will be the most difficult gear wise for new players.

Easiest build to get your feet wet, Commando, which is Soldier + Demolitionist. You can go Physical, or Fire or Lightning Damage, with a ton of amazing skills for 1h + shield, 2hander melee, Ranged single, ranged dual wield, ranged 2 hander. Physical, base it around Cadence from the Soldier class, Elemental(Fire or Lightning) go with Fire Strike from Demolitionist, then add supporting skills as you see fit.

I have 2 Commandoes currently, one Dual Wield pistol(requires artifact to DW) that is a ranged beast, and a 1h/Shield melee tank, who gets AoE damage from Mines and triggered AoE bursts.

Strongest builds once you get used to the game will involve Nightblade, but seriously, all the classes have been buffed a lot since launch.

I enjoy my ranged guys the most at this point, you can go a lot more glass cannon-ish and have to move around and use debuffs more to control enemies. Melee is probably stronger overall, you can get quite tanky and still have a ton of DPS.

There are also Devotions, which add abilities, passive and active, that can take any base 2 class combo in another direction entirely, or just compliment and buff the damage of your combo. For example, my Commandoes both use Devotions to the Left of center, Ulzuin's Torch for Meteor Shower, or Hydra for more Ranged damage, etc. Giant's Blood, for extreme regeneration, is also good on almost any class combo.

The tooltips for each skill and devotion will say what the skill goes with, ie. Melee, Ranged, Both, 2h, 1h, requires a shield, etc.

*EDIT* Whoops wrong term. Artifact -> Relic in Grim Dawn, you make them at the Blacksmith, they have their own slot on the character paper doll, and offer passives and actives for further customization. There are plenty of Relics, that allow basic stuff like dual wielding for class combos that don't have it innately, to tons of bonus damage on procs, to healing, to unique skills that are comparative to high level class skills. There are 4-5(?) tiers of Relics, with progressively higher material costs to make.

This comment was edited on Oct 12, 2017, 22:53.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: The currency you’ll pay real money for in Star Wars: Battlefront 2... Oct 12, 2017, 14:10 MoreLuckThanSkill
Yeah... seems like a good game to skip, based on the real money bullshit they've made public so far.

I'll have to wait and see how possible it is just to grind out the unlocks without paying microtransactions, but it's looking grim.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Abandon Ship Exploration Trailer
3. Re: Abandon Ship Exploration Trailer Oct 12, 2017, 00:05 MoreLuckThanSkill
I'm looking forward to this game with probably a little too much anticipation; hopefully it turns out great.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Into the Black
7. Re: Into the Black Oct 12, 2017, 00:03 MoreLuckThanSkill
Of course there are Congress people with Alzheimer's and other diseases reducing brain function... many of them are 75+ years old. They tend to die in office, for that matter, in their 80s or 90s.

Are people forgetting that Reagan had Alzheimer's symptoms, publicly displayed, while in office? He was officially diagnosed after he left office, of course. "It hit me like a...a...two ton...heavy thing..."

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth Released
3. Re: Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth Released Oct 11, 2017, 23:58 MoreLuckThanSkill
I'm still enjoying Grim Dawn, about 500 hours in or so.

I have a lot of characters at this point, mostly extremely focused, on particular legendary/skill combos.

For comparison, I bounced off of Path of Exile in spite of multiple attempts(too much RNG), but I did put in a ton of hours in Diablo 3, Torchlight 2, etc.

As far as the expansion, I've barely scratched the surface, but so far it seems great, an improvement over the base game, much like every content patch for the game has been.

Wallshadows -> I agree, the static maps are probably the weakest link in the Grim Dawn chain. 95% of the time I play solo in any ARPG, so that doesn't bug me as much...Grim Dawn is definitely a single player game with some tacked on multiplayer capability

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Free DRM-Free Torchlight 1 & 2 for Owners
2. Re: Free DRM-Free Torchlight 1 & 2 for Owners Oct 11, 2017, 23:48 MoreLuckThanSkill
Rhialto wrote on Oct 11, 2017, 22:24:
Anyone on Steam did the Connect thing? It looks permanent so no way to unlink, unlike on humblebundle which I link to get a game then unlink right after.

I have used it, and I believe you are correct, you cannot unlink the accounts, at least easily, as far as I can tell.

Aside from the obvious data sharing risk, just use different passwords, use 2 phase authentication if you're feeling nervous. Both GoG and Steam offer it.

The Steam Connect on Gog seems to only work if you make your Steam account public, so you can also make it public, link games, then go private again. It might help.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
18. Re: Half of the universe's missing normal matter has been found Oct 11, 2017, 16:12 MoreLuckThanSkill
Mr. Tact wrote on Oct 11, 2017, 08:44:
Modern cosmology is so weird. 68% of the universe is Dark Energy, 27% is Dark Matter, and half of the remaining 5% of "normal" matter -- we couldn't see until now. So, prior to this confirmation, we knew for certain what 2.5% of the universe is and where it was...

I considered astronomy as a career when I was a kid, but never pursued it. Too bad, the last 30 years was a great time to be in the field.

Yes, it's really a very interesting time for Astronomy, historically speaking. Just keep in mind, Dark Energy/Dark Matter are really 'placeholder' explanations though, for observations that require a lot more energy/mass to be floating around, that we cannot (yet) detect.

I'm hoping to get to read about some great discoveries and revelations about Dark Matter before I die... whichever team makes a breakthrough there is really going to achieve something monumental. A massive achievement, some might say.

Or if the Dark Matter/Dark Energy hypotheses get conclusively disproved, how amazing will that be!? It's really very interesting to me; now if only humanity can get its act together and not wipe itself out before we start solving some of the universe's mysteries...
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News Comments > Into the Black
1. Re: Into the Black Oct 10, 2017, 21:58 MoreLuckThanSkill
Holy fuck, did that woman on the street at the end come out of the white car!? Was she on the street somewhere? How long was she airborne!?

Also, that Tornado looked like it was moving at at least 60-70mph, it caught them easily, and was gone from the area in seconds. Amazing video, hopefully everybody there is okay. Zero info on Youtube.

*EDIT* Whoops it is in there, serious injuries for the woman in light blue, minor injuries in the car. Damn they probably barely saw it coming, it was so fast.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
40. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 10, 2017, 08:00 MoreLuckThanSkill
Congratulations, Blue! We're all officially old, if you didn't realize it yet.

El Pit -> yeah, probably red herrings, but I honestly prefer that to complete spoiler trailers, like 99% of trailers. I can avoid most trailers online, but if you actually go to see a movie in a theater, you will get blasted with 30~ minutes of spoiler filled clips... ridiculous.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
3. Re: Steam Top 10 Oct 9, 2017, 15:23 MoreLuckThanSkill
Ah, Steam users, you never disappoint. CS:GO, still in the top 10. Dying Light must be on sale, although admittedly, I had a lot of fun with that game.

Nobody buying Ruiner though?

It's like a gorgeous, cyberpunk version of Hotline Miami, but a bit harder. I highly recommend it, if your reflexes are still pretty good and/or you have patience.

Ruiner probably would have sold a million copies if they made it more like SmashTV style and less like Hotline Miami though... definitely an unforgiving game.

*EDIT* Ruiner is a bit easier now, with the last balance/gameplay update. Your bullets move faster, damage you take seems toned down a bit, but shield/dodge still required.

This comment was edited on Oct 10, 2017, 00:55.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
2. Re: Evening Interviews Oct 6, 2017, 20:16 MoreLuckThanSkill
I don't use social media at all, so apparently I missed it; somebody(or multiple somebodies) literally complained about #NoMoreNazis ?

I know we entered the Twilight Zone months ago, but really, come on now.

More on topic: Looking forward to to Wolfenstein 2 with great anticipation!
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Rogue Trooper Redux Trailer
1. Re: Rogue Trooper Redux Trailer Oct 6, 2017, 00:27 MoreLuckThanSkill
I remember playing a bit of this game back in the day, the original that is, and being annoyed that it was FAR off from the comic that I remembered. Watching this video, same thing, quite a bit off from the comic I thought was the original, so some googling ensued.

The original was Rogue, in the 2000AD comic(early 80s UK), that this game is based on! War Machine (not to be confused with Marvel's Iron Man spinoff worn by James Rhodes) that blew my mind as a kid, in terms of art and amazing story, was the spinoff! My entire life is a lie!

I have been out-nerded. To my everlasting shame. Now I have to go find scans of the original series.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Into the Black
2. Re: Into the Black Oct 3, 2017, 23:28 MoreLuckThanSkill
Holy shit, Honest Trailers you jerks, you literally bashed Blade Runner and Legend in the same clip, how dare you!!!

I love both films, but now I have to go find a copy of the 2007 version of BR.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Titanfall 2 Plans
2. Re: Titanfall 2 Plans Oct 3, 2017, 23:22 MoreLuckThanSkill
Basically, as Ozmodan said. I'd probably still have the game on my SSD to try out occasionally, but it's also 70+ gigs last time I checked, and gains a few gigs every time they add a map. Untenable.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
39. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 3, 2017, 10:01 MoreLuckThanSkill
Prez wrote on Oct 3, 2017, 09:12:
After reading the thread I only wanted to make a correction: automatic weapons are not for sale anywhere in the US to the average citizen. "Automatic" specifically meaning multiple round discharge for one trigger pull. The shooter allegedly illegally altered his rifle to automatic firing according to one of the reports I read. Other than that tidbit I have nothing to add.

Some more info:

You can legally buy a fully automatic weapon from the pre-ban era, in states such as Nevada, for ridiculously high prices and various tax stamps. Pre 1986 full auto weapons still exist, just the price is outside of most people's range.

Also, you can cheaply convert (illegally) most modern ARs to full auto, or slightly more expensively(but legally) convert modern ARs to simulate full auto with either a Crank trigger or Bump stock mod.

Doing a little web searching, the full auto sear packages for conversion are around $90 or less, although note that converting a post 1986 weapon to full auto is asking for massive fines and jail time. Also some milling and metal working knowledge required.

Bump Stock and Crank triggers are in the sub $500 range and a couple companies make them as far as I can tell, legally. The Bump stock in particular makes the trigger get pulled with every round, so it will not be legally challenged for quite some time. Cranks...are a bit more of a grey area, but have yet to be challenged.

This post is just for information, we'll see/hear what the guy in Las Vegas had at some point in the near future, no doubt.
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