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News Comments > Star Trek Online Demo, Welcome Back Weekend
21. Re: Is it just me? May 8, 2010, 09:50 Jonny
Gunz wrote on May 8, 2010, 05:49:
Is it just me or does their downloader go REALLY slow? My network screams, so it's not my end.

I'm always in the mood to try something new, but, for me, the demonstration starts with the installer. And if the installer gives any indication of what the game plays like... perhaps I should go back to playing Chess by mail ; )

It set my Kaspersky Internet Security off screaming about a DoS attack. I had about 200 alerts in a couple of minutes until it either stopped doing whatever it was or Kaspersky gave up in disgust.
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News Comments > Rejected Wookiee Game
11. Re: Rejected Wookiee Game May 5, 2010, 11:58 Jonny
Hey, you all saying that stalking an older woman, then veering between disturbed sex offender and petulant teenager isn't proper interaction between characters? That a man born into slavery and brought up in a monastic order isn't going to act like a 12 year old told to tidy his room to his teacher?

I don't believe it, you're all just jealous of George's characterisin' powah.
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News Comments > Fallout: New Vegas Blowout
2. Re: Fallout: New Vegas Blowout May 5, 2010, 11:22 Jonny
Heh, now that is a media blitz. I thought New Vegas wasn't coming out till Christmas, why the big push now?  
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News Comments > ArenaNet: Guild Wars 2 an MMORPG
23. Re: ArenaNet: Guild Wars 2 an MMORPG Apr 28, 2010, 09:19 Jonny
kxmode wrote on Apr 27, 2010, 22:33:
May 21, 2008
"Guild Wars is not a MMO. Before you flail your arms in anger let me explain why. It's a glorified match-making service for group-play and arenas. When you and your group leaves the town only you and your group exist in that environment. So while the environment is an instance the towns are "massive" in nature. Except they are not. You connect to one of many available realms/domains/zones/servers, whatever you what to call them. MMORPG.COM defines massively multiplayer as "500 or more simultaneous players in one world." ( There's never more than handful of players in the actual environment outside the cities. And because of the various realms/zones (whatever) inside the cities there's really never more than a few dozen players."

That sounds awesome. Other players running around is the most deeply annoying part of MMOs. Not only does it bring you down to earth with a bump when you go off on a heroic mission to kill some evil whatsit, only to have to queue while others kill him first and he eventually respawns; but random players tend to be a bloody nuisance in all sorts of ways, from inane chat all the way up to suddenly having a huge group of mobs spawn right on top of you because some cock killed them three minutes before you arrived.
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News Comments > etc.
11. Re: etc. Apr 26, 2010, 04:08 Jonny
Prez wrote on Apr 26, 2010, 01:19:
Don't know about the console games on the list, but Spore is definitely a good choice for most disappointing game of the generation. Wow, what a disaster.

No kidding, I'm pretty damn cynical of games after so long buying and playing them (until someone creates a blend of Privateer, Tie-Fighter and X-Com, at which point I'll explode into ridiculous fanboyism) but even viewed with total cynicism Spore was somehow still one of the biggest letdowns in gaming I've ever seen. It baffles me how anyone could have just thrown 5 random casuals together and decided it was the Holy Grail of gaming.
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News Comments > AoC Rise of the Godslayer Next Month
6. Re: AoC Rise of the Godslayer Next Month Apr 25, 2010, 06:30 Jonny
eXFeLoN wrote on Apr 24, 2010, 21:01:
Yeah and the massive lag spikes every 15 minutes and idiotic control system were the great parts of the game. How long did it take to get parts of the game mentioned ON THE BOX into the game? Stuff like Drunken brawling, DX10, titties? I gave it a chance, max leveled a toon on a pvp server, and was so sick of the crap parts of the game the great parts couldn't make up for it in any way. I tried to love it but their product never got close enough to the possible/hype. The almost had it, but never got there. Plus Funcom's lies and deceipt were just too much for me to stomach. I'll never buy another game with Funcom's name on it again. Ever.

I never paid attention to MMO's during AoC's development, it was the first one I ever tried as I bought the Collector's edition for 4.99 the Christmas before last in an experimental frame of mind. They'd already started building it up into a proper game by then though, I suppose if I'd been following the hype and bought it on the day of release I'd have been pretty fucked off too.

I've never noticed lag spikes, and I never play PvP so I can't comment on the merits of the mage classes. Although I did notice that mages were significantly easier to solo PvE than my main Conqueror character was.
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News Comments > AoC Rise of the Godslayer Next Month
3. Re: AoC Rise of the Godslayer Next Month Apr 24, 2010, 20:33 Jonny
AoC was reasonably fun, the combat was more involved and visceral than WoW and the art and setting were superior. The only real fucker was the massive size of the areas and lack of fast travel between them, which meant that until you'd saved enough money and reached a high enough level for a fast horse you'd spend 90% of your time staring at your character's arse as they jog slowly about the place.

Godslayer looks interesting, I like the aesthetic of the new content and the factions and skill system seems interesting. I'll give it a go for a month and see, more solo content would definitely be welcomed as well.
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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer
9. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Apr 24, 2010, 08:59 Jonny
It seems like they're paying plenty of attention to solo PvE, that'll get my day one purchase.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
19. Re: Feces Apr 12, 2010, 07:17 Jonny
I thought America has vast open plains and a tiny population density, why all the intensive farming shit? If the EU can feed 700 million people without growth hormones, feeding cows other cows and increasingly better conditions for other farm animals like chickens, why can't America feed it's 300 million similarly with twice the available land?  
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News Comments > BioWare Bazaar
3. Re: BioWare Bazaar Mar 29, 2010, 20:15 Jonny
Yeah, this went down well:  
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News Comments > Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Interview
9. Re: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Interview Mar 10, 2010, 08:32 Jonny
ill wait til this goes on sale. $40 for a 20 hour expansion pack? no thanks ea.

I wonder why it's so expensive in the US? Here in England it's the same price expansion packs have always been, 14.99.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
23. Re: U.S. Considers Brake Override System on All Cars Mar 3, 2010, 18:51 Jonny
How many people drive manuals in the US? If the accelerator gets stuck on one of them you slam the clutch down and shift it into neutral. That car won't go anywhere no matter what the computer thinks.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Wales' giant dragon project. Mar 3, 2010, 10:30 Jonny
That looks bloody awesome, but I like the way that...

A gigantic pint glass in London...?

...the writer doesn't seem to know the English have our own national dragon.
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News Comments > Another Alpha Protocol Delay
1. Re: Another Alpha Protocol Delay Feb 6, 2010, 14:08 Jonny
AP's not a MMORPG, Blue. It's an action RPG.  
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News Comments > On Importing ME2 Saves Into ME3
17. Re: On Importing ME2 Saves Into ME3 Feb 6, 2010, 12:06 Jonny
Acleacius wrote on Feb 6, 2010, 10:31:
"What kind of work are we looking at?"
Sure about that? Why would they need Shepard's voice actor if he was dead for ME3? Dream sequence? Well maybe, but not likely, what would be the point?

The point being that for most people Shepard will be alive and well in ME3? It would be too much work to have both a Shepard alive and a Shepard dead line in ME3, not that it's impossible to have any game set in the ME universe without Shepard.
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News Comments > On Importing ME2 Saves Into ME3
13. Re: On Importing ME2 Saves Into ME3 Feb 6, 2010, 08:39 Jonny
This is hardly a surprise, you can just imagine the design meeting...

"Well... it's possible if you totally ignore the rest of the game and head straight for the end that Shepard could die. Shall we incorporate this into Mass Effect 3?"

"What kind of work are we looking at?"

"We'd need two different voice actors, we'd need to record all of the players lines for Shepard and a new Character, we'd then need to record all the lines in the game that use the words Commander and Shepard twice, rewrite any and all logs that refer to him, we'd need to write and record new dialogue introducing the new character as well as a separate start to the game, and then we'd need to go over the game with a fine tooth comb to make sure we don't mix any of these things up. At a minimum."


I was quite disappointed in ME2 by having some of my team members die, seemingly randomly. To hear that certain things could've been done in the game to prevent that is really annoying. It's another poor design choice, akin to punishing the player for guessing the wrong number between 1 and 10. Don't punish the player if they can't reasonably predict the consequences of their actions or inaction; that's as bad as forced failure and invisible walls.

Nearly all of it could be reasonably predicted. Get everyone loyal, get all the upgrades, choose a tech specialist when asked, choose a competent leader when asked, choose a powerful biotic when asked and everyone will make it through. The only fuck you they've incorporated is the other choice, where the necessary nature of the person you send back isn't described, but if it isn't a certain someone he nearly always gets killed in the last stand.

This comment was edited on Feb 6, 2010, 08:51.
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News Comments > Op Ed
8. Re: Op Ed Feb 3, 2010, 12:14 Jonny
Interesting article. I love ME2 and thoroughly enjoy it, but I agree with many of his criticisms. Especially the Mako/Scanning and how to resolve it, the linear one two quest structure for characters, the stores and the incredibly tedious amounts of hackable data pads. As well as the strange number of low walls and crates in odd locations.  
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News Comments > PC Return to Ostagar for Dragon Age Released
25. Re: PC Return to Ostagar for Dragon Age Released Jan 31, 2010, 11:52 Jonny
Well, this was fairly pointless. A couple of letters, a reskinned sword, a set of armour you could download for free off mod sites within a couple of weeks of DA's release and a whole lot of that pointless filler combat which makes DA so tedious in places.

I'm not impressed with the DA DLC so far, reskinned weapons and armour are the mainstay of modding communities and you can access that content for nothing. I gave it a second chance with RtO, but it was even more lackluster and half-assed than Warden's Keep. At least that had a new area to explore.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 DLC Issue Workarounds
26. Re: BioWare DLC Issue Workarounds Jan 27, 2010, 06:12 Jonny
PHJF wrote on Jan 26, 2010, 23:15:
The DLC armor/weapons are like third-rate mod jobs.

I love Bioware games, but their DLC team is totally useless. The Blood Dragon armour didn't fit in Dragon Age, Warden's Keep was short, overpriced and had far more potential than they could be bothered implementing. Return to Ostagar is apparently short, gives you weapons the king never carried, armour you can download as a mod for free and it's release has been a total mess. The pre-order armours for ME2 are a complete screw up, uncustomisable single set armour in a game built around modular armour pieces and face customisation?

So far only Shale has been any good, and that doesn't count because it was cut out of the original game and added later. We're promised good, solid DLC support for both ME2 and Dragon Age, but while both games themselves are great I wouldn't trust their DLC team to run a piss up in a brewery.
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News Comments > Sword of the Stars II and Two Other Games Announced
2. Re: Sword of the Stars II and Two Other Games Announced Jan 22, 2010, 18:28 Jonny
I'm torn between awesome and terrible. I love SotS, but Kerberos have repeatedly said they're a one game studio, does this announcement mean Northstar has been delayed or canned?  
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