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News Comments > Global Agenda Issues an APB APB
12. Re: Global Agenda Issues an APB APB Sep 18, 2010, 20:19 Jonny
Classy. Good to see plain old fashioned gloating for once without it being dressed up in platitudes.  
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News Comments > AC Brotherhood Video Diary
2. Re: AC Brotherhood Video Diary Sep 11, 2010, 11:44 Jonny
I'm very happy they went back. Ezio was an awesome character and I enjoyed the setting quite a bit. They could easily arse it up by setting it in a time period that doesn't fit very well.  
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News Comments > PC Mass Effect DLC Pulled
30. Re: PC Mass Effect DLC Pulled Sep 8, 2010, 07:00 Jonny
I'll pass on that thanks. They're not as bad as a lot of fan forums or places like the Codex (although the Codex is a lot less irritating since they cracked down on rickrolling people to tubgirl or goatse images) but for a company forum it's pretty awful and has been since the migration to this social networking pish.  
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News Comments > PC Mass Effect DLC Pulled
28. Re: Hash checking is so 19th century Sep 8, 2010, 06:42 Jonny
So is this beast working now? I had a good laugh when I found out it was just a big file of zeroes, and an even bigger laugh at all the nerd rage on the forums, but I wouldn't mind getting a working file.

Seriously though, they really need to crack down on those forums. I've rarely seen a bigger cesspit and for a company's forums that's quite horrific. It's even lost it's "so horrible it's fascinating" appeal, as last night's thread was basically a copy n paste of the RtO thread from earlier in the year, right down to the intarweb lawyers threatening legal action.
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News Comments > Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted
15. Re: Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted Sep 4, 2010, 17:56 Jonny
Wasn't Sins made by Ironclad? Stardock was just the publisher.  
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News Comments > No Medal of Honor Sales on US Bases
28. Re: No Medal of Honor Sales on US Bases Sep 3, 2010, 08:57 Jonny
Don't these Medal of Honour games have soldiers working on them as advisors? I'm pretty sure if your average soldier was ever likely to have given a fuck about it they'd have said so in the design phase.  
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News Comments > Siege Online Launches
3. Re: Siege Online Launches Aug 30, 2010, 07:47 Jonny
Looks interesting, but if it's absolutely free then how are they making their money off it? Microtransactions? Ads?  
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News Comments > BlizzCon Offering In-Game Items
8. Re: BlizzCon Offering In-Game Items Aug 26, 2010, 15:48 Jonny
Verno wrote on Aug 26, 2010, 13:39:
Dude they did a $25 My Little Pony earlier this year and sadly, people bought it.

They didn't just buy it, iirc the sparkle pony made them $4 million the first day it was released. WoW isn't just a game like any other, it's got a fanbase that will often shell out vast amounts of money on everything to do with it.

Still not sure what the deal with Blizzcon is though, I get going there for the atmosphere and meeting the Blizzard lot if you're a WoW fan, but what are you shelling out $40 for with the live stream? A lot of people playing WoW and Starcraft 2 in a convention centre?
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News Comments > Dead State Announced
14. Re: Dead State Announced Aug 26, 2010, 15:43 Jonny
The Half Elf wrote on Aug 26, 2010, 14:47:
Um... am I the only one who missed the "Brian Mitsoda, formerly of Black Isle, Troika, and Obsidian." part? Not exactly setting a high bar of confidence there.

Depends how the management of the company is set up. Black Isle, Troika and Obsidian all made games with incredible potential that were (are, in Obsidian's case) often buggered by poor management.
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News Comments > Dead State Announced
3. Re: Dead State Announced Aug 26, 2010, 12:07 Jonny
I'm not a zombie fan, but this sounds awesome. Definitely looking forward to it.  
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News Comments > Elemental Patched, Savaged
14. Re: meh Aug 25, 2010, 14:39 Jonny
Com wrote on Aug 25, 2010, 14:08:
And to those asking "OMGZ WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY THIS GAME AT FULL PRICE", well because if nobody does, there will never be a sequel, or perhaps any game at all from the developer.

I can live with that. I've liked Stardock's other games, I'm a fan of Impulse and I've always respected their stance on non-intrusive DRM, but I'm not going to shell out 32 for a niche title that's been released in such a horrendous state. Especially when the developer starts being a dick about being called on it.

The consumer isn't a charitable institution to support developer fancies, if they fix it up and drop the price so it's not on a level with major high budget titles like Starcraft 2 then I'll buy it, but I'm not shelling out to be their beta tester on a pet project regardless of any possible consequences for their future.
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News Comments > Op Ed
8. Re: Op Ed Aug 25, 2010, 07:38 Jonny
TurdFergasun wrote on Aug 24, 2010, 17:39:
if you really dig into this subject i think you'll find most ppl frothing at the mouth and willing to kill without any basic training. the further you go down this rabbit hole to closer you'll view the human condition in all it's horrific ugliness. what we really don't want to see or believe is how insanely terrible a species we truly can be from a global perspective regardless of nation race or creed. the human condition is something that needs to be addressed and not have the worst of it manipulated to suit the goals of the wealthy and powerful. weather it's to sell a video game or sell hate and fear as a means to an end.

There's nothing terrible or ugly about the "human condition" we're just predatory pack animals doing what comes naturally. The problem is that the environment we live in has changed so radically that a predatory pack animal doesn't fit into it. We may be sapient in a way that other animals aren't, but we're still ruled by millions of years of instinct. You'll not change humans until those instincts which keep us alive outside of civilisation are watered down by thousands of years of peaceful civilisation, which has never happened and likely never will.

Instead of grumbling about the "human condition" maybe society would be better off recognising the aggression and tribalism in our instincts and adapting to suit them, rather than pretending they don't exist and we're different from everything else on the planet.
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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Op Ed Aug 24, 2010, 11:11 Jonny
replace the Taliban with a fictitious party - perhaps a rebel group which used to be Taliban and have now formed their own alliance. See, it's the name that people are objecting to - not the idea of fighting in the Iraq war.

Either a lack of proof-reading or a total lack of basic current affairs knowledge going on there.
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News Comments > On Medal of Honor's Taliban Controversy
32. Re: On Medal of Honor's Taliban Controversy Aug 23, 2010, 15:04 Jonny
OldScho0l wrote on Aug 23, 2010, 14:46:
So let me get this straight. It's ok for British to kill the sub-human Taliban, but it's not ok for the Tailban to defend themselves and shoot back at the 'superior' British? It's not like the Taliban went to Britain and started this fight. I bet that the British would have had the same reaction if there were video games back during the revolutionary war.
What a bunch of circle jerking.

It's just good old fashioned jingoism straight from the victorian era. Dumbasses from The Sun and The Daily Mail use it to sell papers and Liam Fox is jumping on the bandwagon to suck up. They kill fathers and husbands while we kill terrorists is such a monumentally unsubtle bit of manipulation that nobody is going to fall for it.

David Cameron's trying to modernise the Tory party, a good flash of old school toff whipping up the scruffy proles like this must have made him :-facepalm-: .
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News Comments > Neverwinter Announced
5. Re: Neverwinter Announced Aug 23, 2010, 12:19 Jonny
STO is pretty awful, but they do seem to be making a real effort to make it better. I'm a bit dubious about the whole concept though, it seems like a singleplayer game with co-op as an excuse to stick in always-on authentication, and I don't recall Cryptic having any (non-MMO) RPG experience at all.  
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News Comments > On Medal of Honor's Taliban Controversy
5. Re: On Medal of Honor's Taliban Controversy Aug 23, 2010, 11:26 Jonny
Calming down a bit yesterday I got a good laugh out of Liam Fox's rant. "The Taliban have killed husbands and fathers" is such a ridiculously dehumanizing statement in that by making the distinction it suggests the many thousands of Afghans we've killed aren't capable of being such, that I'm vaguely surprised nobody called him out on it. No wonder the rest of the government is keeping it's head down and hoping it'll all go away.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Op Ed Aug 22, 2010, 18:30 Jonny
Oh for fuck's sake. Just when you think whiny ban-everything asshats had been thrown out the new lot start doing the same shit. His pompous daily mail rabble rousing choice of words is deeply annoying as well.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
12. Re: Op Ed Aug 22, 2010, 12:37 Jonny
Probably the same type of thing that always happens when you give lots of money to someone who can't handle it. Such a vast amount looks like it'll never run out, so they don't feel a need to properly budget, economise or plan. Instead of locking down exactly what they want and can do at the start he'll probably have wasted millions trying things out, building stuff and then jacking it in, adding extra features that then have to be pulled because they can't be done or bugger the whole thing up. Before he knows it he's burned through all his inexhaustible pile of money, people are screaming at him to start earning it back and he's got nothing to show for it.

People seem to think "superstar" devs can do no wrong, but just because they can make a game doesn't mean they can run a company. Even highly successful companies like Origin have been brought down by being showered in money with no oversight.
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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Op Ed Aug 21, 2010, 12:41 Jonny
MMO developers seem to be the worst for it. They all seem to think that they'll be the next Blizzard and clock up millions of subscribers, when even the best non-wow mmo generally gets a few hundred thousand and a great many fail altogether. There isn't ever likely to be a WoW killer until WoW dies a natural, purely because the majority of the MMO customer base in the west is used to WoW and isn't inclined to move.  
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News Comments > BioShock Infinite Multiplayer in Doubt
14. Re: BioShock Infinite Multiplayer in Doubt Aug 21, 2010, 10:20 Jonny
It's been a kind of fashion though hasn't it? It used to be that singleplayer games were just that, then nearly the whole industry seemed to be convinced that every game needed multiplayer or it'd be outdated. Cue a whole load of shitty multiplayer modes and mediocre singleplayer experiences.

I'm glad that the fad seems to be fading at last. Then again Two Worlds 2 is being released next month with an entirely pointless multiplayer village thing that must have taken ages and will most likely be dead in a month after release.
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