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News Comments > etc.
10. Re: etc. Mar 20, 2016, 12:55 sdgundamx
Rhialto wrote on Mar 20, 2016, 09:34:
sdgundamx wrote on Mar 20, 2016, 09:14:
As someone who was at 3DO
What was your job?

I have to go in person to the bankruptcy court in San Fran and spend about 50 bucks to fill in the paperwork and get the check released. Which is a problem since I no longer live in the U.S.
You got in touch and explained it all and that's really the only way? That suck...
Level designer. Brought in for Johnny Mosely Mad Trix 2, but that got cancelled a month after I arrived so I worked on Army Men Sarge's War until it went Gold. Then I switched to external development, where I was working on a cool spiritual successor to Herzog Zwei using the Army Men universe (using a helicopter to transport troops around the map instead of a jet, no transforming though). We had just gotten the prototype up and running when everything hit the fan.

Yeah, my paycheck is in custody of the state and considered unclaimed because they sent it to an address I hadn't lived at in almost a decade and of course it got returned to sender. Last time I checked about 2 years ago, there was no way to claim it online. Forms needed to be requested in person from the court handling the bankruptcy. Some day I'll vacation in the Bay Area and get it done, but not anytime soon.
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News Comments > etc.
7. Re: etc. Mar 20, 2016, 09:14 sdgundamx
Rhialto wrote on Mar 19, 2016, 13:19:
Now I know who killed the 3DO... I still have my FZ-1.

As someone who was at 3DO when it imploded I can tell you exactly who killed it--Trip Hawkins. Bastard green lit shit projects, put people in charge of projects who were more ego than talent, and lied through his teeth until the day we got thrown out of our offices--for example assuring everyone we'd get our final paychecks on time. Took bankruptcy court 7 years to issue them and still haven't received mine because they sent it my address from 10 years ago instead of current address. Now to get it I have to go in person to the bankruptcy court in San Fran and spend about 50 bucks to fill in the paperwork and get the check released. Which is a problem since I no longer live in the U.S.

Tl;dr Fuck Trip Hawkins.
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News Comments > etc.
6. Re: etc. Mar 20, 2016, 09:04 sdgundamx
nin wrote on Mar 19, 2016, 16:47:
Nucas wrote on Mar 19, 2016, 16:29:
InBlack wrote on Mar 19, 2016, 15:37:
I wonder what D3 would have been like if Blizzard North had been left to it's own devices and allowed to finish the game. I guess we will never know *sigh*

i think the game is in a pretty complete state now. have you checked it out recently? i never played it at launch, only heard the stories..

D3 is in a great state now. The last few patches have added all sorts of new content, which is nice. I can't play it for months straight at a time (I couldn't do that with d2, either), but it's great for popping in a week or two here and there.

Totally agree. Having a blast with it in Season 5. Launch was a total shitshow (from what I hear--didn't start playing until Season 4) but have to give credit to Blizzard to their commitment to continue to improve the game with new areas and mechanics (i.e. Kanai's cube, Kadala, new set mechanics, etc.) years after the game shipped.
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News Comments > Saturday Interviews
2. Re: Saturday Interviews Mar 20, 2016, 08:49 sdgundamx
Saw the Tokyo show with the missus back in '09. We loved it but the Japanese audience was baffled. Besides Mario and Zelda, no one recognized the themes. WoW, Halo, Starcraft, etc. have close to zero followers in Japan.

Still, they did a live teleconference with "the father of video games" Ralph Baer and Koji Kondo himself played the Mario and Zelda themes as he originally composed them on the piano, which was fucking awesome.
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News Comments > Morning Crowdfunding Roundup
44. Re: Morning Crowdfunding Roundup Jan 21, 2016, 02:59 sdgundamx
Hipster?!?! AHAHAHAHA!

If you knew me in RL you'd know I'm anything but a hipster.

But please continue to post your uninformed assumptions and pathetic rants at other people's inability to sympathize with your obsession in demonizing a woman who had the audacity to criticize some video games.

Your tears are delicious.

InBlack wrote on Jan 21, 2016, 02:45:

You guys are off your rocker, A.S. is just a tele-evangelist by another name. Do you understand that there are actually people out there, genuine social scientists who study and write on feminist subjects and that their work is being perverted and used by this charlatan? Not only that, but there are genuine victims who face threats, abuse and real sexual discrimination and humiliation daily, but they don't get fucking 400,000 dollars for throwing a tantrum anytime gives them some trash talk online!!! What about them? Jesus Christ, on a pogo stick, this world is fucking upside down. Grow up and open your eyes for a second or two you fucking hipster losers...
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News Comments > Morning Crowdfunding Roundup
40. Re: Morning Crowdfunding Roundup Jan 20, 2016, 19:44 sdgundamx
Sometimes I wish Blue's had a comment upvote system, because I would totally upvote that comment a million times if I could. Well said, Quboid.

Quboid wrote on Jan 20, 2016, 19:30:
Drayth wrote on Jan 20, 2016, 18:56:
I never stated any one thing proves anything. So yes, if you want to take anything anyone presents one piece at a time and say, 'Yes this doesn't prove she's disingenuous. And this one does not prove so...", sure (though I consider that second video a lot more damning than you do considering in her kickstarter video she claimed she was a gamer, and loved video games).

Over the total of what I've seen though, yes.. I believe she's just playing this up for money. I very, very much think so.

Still accepting $400,000 for a talk she canceled, for example.

She didn't accept $400,000 for a talk she cancelled. She got threatened, she cancelled the talk, people gave her donations. What is she supposed to do, refuse them? Not help fund the cause the importance of which was so clearly demonstrated. Why is being an actual victim a reason to dismiss her? That's what her critics don't seem to understand, she doesn't play the victim, she is a victim. A victim of threats, a victim of harassment and a victim of huge, huge volumes of misinformation that is the reason that she can't have a proper conversation.

You describe my thoughts on people like Thunderf00t, OneAngryGamer and her other critics perfectly, time after time there is so much nonsense that they're not credible and I have sympathy for Sarkeesian. I don't like her, I don't love her, as has been claimed, I don't even agree with many of her actual points. But I have sympathy for her because unlike GamerGate and their victim complex, she actually is a victim and she does not deserve it.
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
24. Re: Morning Mobilization Jan 11, 2016, 20:59 sdgundamx
Had an Alienware 17" gaming laptop for 3 years. It was perfect for me--I didn't have enough space in the bedroom for a full setup (very small desk) and sometimes my wife would like to use the bedroom to actually sleep, so I needed something portable to bring to the kitchen for late-night gaming sessions. Plus I live overseas, so when I come back to the U.S. to visit relatives for a month I was able to easily bring my games with me. Additionally, the portability allowed me to set it up easily with my TV in the living room via HDMI to stream Netflix, play Blu-rays, and even game a bit when I played console ports like Batman: Arkham Asylum.

In terms of cost, the fact that I didn't have a monitor at the time I purchased it meant that the gaming laptop was actually the less expensive option compared to a full gaming rig. I was more than satisfied with the graphics card I had (Radeon 7970m) and ran lots of the then-current games at full 1980 resolution with medium detail settings. Stuff looked "purty."

Unfortunately, as others have mentioned, the graphics card burned out going into the 3rd year and would cost me over $500 to replace (tried both eBay and Alienware). So the inability to repair/upgrade easily is a huge downside to gaming laptops, as is the heat dissipation.

But they definitely have their uses. I see a lot of haters on here and "haters gonna hate" I guess, but there is definitely a market (like me) for gaming laptops and it'll be interesting to see how Razor does with this new one.
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News Comments > XCOM 2 in February; Digital Deluxe Edition Revealed
16. Re: XCOM 2 in February; Digital Deluxe Edition Revealed Dec 10, 2015, 19:49 sdgundamx
But... but... but... they didn't make a game JUST FOR ME! What about my entitlement!


Saboth wrote on Dec 10, 2015, 19:39:
Simon Says wrote on Dec 10, 2015, 12:38:
THREE DLC PACKS ON RELEASE? You gotta be fucking kidding me... Well, here goes one game which I was awaiting with great anticipation to buy that I'll be pirating on release with all DLCs included. Fuck'em.

Now MoO remake, don't make that same "DLC puke in the plate" mistake please. Thanks!

You know, you could just wait a month or three and buy it for 50-60% off instead of stealing it. No one owes you a free game on release day. Quite a few games I've waited 1-2 years to buy simply to get the GOTY edition for $10.

As for stealing vs copying:
One reason something costs more than something else is the amount of money it takes to create it. For some products this represents maybe two hours of labor, but $50 in materials. For others, it might be 50,000 hours of labor, and nothing in materials. A car might take thousands of man-hours to create, and use thousands in materials, hence it costs $20,000. A video game also takes thousands of man-hours to create, while having no physical costs. However, you still have to pay the creators of the game the same as you have to pay the guys that put doors on the cars and built the engines that go into them. It's simply a medium that lends itself to theft more easily.

The guys that are working on this game decided to really focus on PC development to make a game specifically for PC enthusiasts, and by stealing the game, you are essentially sending a big "FU" to them, and telling them to go focus on consoles.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront 40-Player Battle Shown
38. Re: Star Wars Battlefront 40 Player Battle Shown Dec 1, 2015, 20:24 sdgundamx
I dunno... I enjoy the game on the PS4. It scratches a certain itch for me, especially after playing a much more refined shooter like Destiny: TTK for like the past month and a half.

I don't get the complaints about it not being the next Battlefield though... I mean, the goal of any game company--particularly EA--is to make money. How could they possibly take that franchise and market it only to the niche hardcore shooter crowd?

It's pretty obvious why they chose the arcadey feel--they're hoping people who don't normally play FPS will pick this up and give it a go and be able to have fun. They didn't want new players to be constantly getting pub-stomped by some clan of 13-year olds. And it's not like this should be surprising--the devs have been publicly saying for months the kind of experience they were going for and the beta gave everyone a pretty good idea of what the final game would be like. People who bought it after all that and expected some kind of high skill ceiling FPS game are idiots IMO.

In terms of the Star Wars experience, the game delivers. I've had tons of "cinematic" moments in the game, like last night when I strode into a rebel-controlled bunker on Endor as Darth Vader, killed two rebels by deflecting their shots back at them and then mowed down four more with a single saber throw. Force-choked a guy who was late to the party, then strode out of the other side of the bunker with 5 or 6 stormtroopers at my back and waded into another group of rebels.

There are definitely some wonky bugs that detract from the experience though (spawning in the middle of enemies or spawning in the middle of nowhere, the invincibility bug that pops up occasionally, etc.). But I don't get the hate for the game. I'd give it a 7/10 (possibly 8/10 once they push out more maps and fix the bugs). It's not GOTY or anything but it is entertaining enough that I'll get my money's worth out of it (got it on sale for around $50 after tax).
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
10. Re: Morning Interviews Jun 11, 2015, 22:08 sdgundamx
I've realized there's almost no point in engaging with those kind of posts anymore (or the one's in this forum for that matter). The most vocal people here on Blue's about issues of representation in videogames compose an ever-shrinking minority of gamers shouting ever more loudly in their own echo chambers as they realize how much the landscape is changing around them.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the other gamers I talk with are all for more diverse representations in games. No one fears this. They realize there's nothing to fear. Companies know where their bread gets buttered and will continue to make games to appease that population. But new markets are being opened as well and that can only be good for gamers everywhere since it keeps the gaming economy healthy. There's room for all types of games (and gamers) out there, and people who try to argue otherwise really don't seem to have a clue.

Squirmer wrote on Jun 11, 2015, 19:00:
OK, so on the one hand people say: "GO AND MAKE YOUR OWN GAME, STOP RUINING MY VIDEOGAMES"

Then when someone goes and makes a game: "THIS IS NOT A GAME IT'S SOME SJW BULLSHIT, STOP RUINING MY VIDEOGAMES"

(Also, one of the Offworld articles linked in that interview is one in which Hudson writes about how she loves Bloodborne. Contrary to the hysteria coming from gamers, they are not opposed to traditional "hardcore" games, they just want more diversity.)
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News Comments > Op Ed
5. Re: Op Ed May 1, 2015, 21:16 sdgundamx
jdreyer wrote on May 1, 2015, 17:28:
It's kind of a shame, as when you do gaming by committee you end up with Call of Duty. A maverick with a singular vision can create something unique and interesting, even if the potential for failure is increased.

But it works both ways. Sometimes you get total dicks in charge who think they're God's gift to game design and refuse to change anything even as the team throws up red flags. I'd much rather have some kind of failsafe built in to reign in ego-driven creative directors or lead designers. Probably the best situation is to have someone in charge who has a clear vision and can articulate it to the team well, but who is also open to suggestions and input from team members.
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News Comments > Grand Theft Auto V Tips
7. Re: Grand Theft Auto V Tips May 1, 2015, 21:11 sdgundamx
I'm a bit surprised that this is the best reviewed game of all time. I beat the single player game yesterday. I enjoyed the story, but I was kind of sad to see it end. I think it only took me around 20 hours to beat it, which is a bit of a disappointment. Apparently there isn't much to do other than races and the Freaks and Strangers missions afterwards. I'm surprised they didn't implement a Skyrim Radiant-like system where it randomly generates mini-heists for you to do after the single-player game ends.

I've avoided online because I hear there are a ton of problems (long waiting times, people getting dropped once you finally get into a heist, etc.). Plus all my friends play on the console version and I'm leery of playing with total strangers.

Still, though, GTA V is a massive technical achievement with the crazy draw distances and how alive the city feels. I just love driving or flying around the city at sunset. Plus, as someone whose lived in LA I can say they really nailed the feel of it.
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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Op Ed May 1, 2015, 13:07 sdgundamx
From what I understand, he's pretty hands-off these days. His position is more of a Creative Director type of role--other people design the games and come to him for the stamp of approval or advice on tweaking game mechanics. The original Pikmin on the GameCube was probably the last game he personally designed.

Tavil wrote on May 1, 2015, 09:42:
No mention of Nintendo with Shigeru Miyamoto? Rather large oversight.
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News Comments > Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition Announced
11. Re: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition Announced Apr 30, 2015, 02:54 sdgundamx
I never understood people who think it's not good enough to bash something they don't like, they have to bash the people who like it too.

Personally, I loved the game. I'm playing through the Bright Lord DLC now and having a good time with it. Probably have put around 40 hours into the game in total.

Found it too easy? Turn of the button prompts and the enemy outlines in the menu options. Don't perk the overpowered perks like the one that lets you take a hit and still keep your combo meter running. Limit yourself to one legendary rune per weapon (or don't use them at all). The game is as hard as you choose to make it.

As for your other complaint about the artwork, I did feel that most parts of Mordor did look too similar (with a few notable landmarks being exceptions). But I found the overall placement of enemies, campfires, structures to use for stealth or as sniping vantage points, and plants to be pretty well thought out.

Really, I saw this game as a kind of proof of concept, which is why I'm willing to overlook certain minimalistic aspects of it.

Brumbek wrote on Apr 30, 2015, 02:39:
saluk wrote on Apr 30, 2015, 01:31:
Most overhyped game of 2014 for me. Felt totally flat and repetitive. Thought I would be getting the best of batman mixed with the best of assassin's creed in a world I like. But I just found it really boring with no motivation to keep playing.
Agreed. It is interesting to compare people's reactions to the game. For those of us who play many, many games and tend to be skilled players, Mordor wasn't very impressive. The combat required a child's intellect and the game world wasn't nearly as compelling as Batman or most AC games.

But for people who don't play many games or don't really study games in depth, they loved Mordor because it was so easy to be an "epic killa" and such. And for those who barely study art or environment design, they didn't care that most of the areas were repeated with highly formulaic design (similar to many AC games).

So Mordor is the ultimate "you're awesome for dummies" game. It required no dedication, no studying, no discipline. For me, I could see through the charade too easily, my "victories" were empty since I knew the game was handing me "epic" encounters on a silver platter.

But maybe I'm just insane and matching huge slow-mo button prompts is the ultimate combat experience. PRESS Y TO WIN, PRESS IT NOW, ANYTIME NOW. Good! You win!!
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News Comments > Grand Theft Auto V Patched
14. Re: Grand Theft Auto V Patched Apr 21, 2015, 22:26 sdgundamx
Yeah, I hear you. I'm very similar. The only 3D GTA I played to the end was Vice City, because I really enjoyed the whole 80s theme. I bought San Andreas and IV but only got a couple of hours into each (10-12 tops).

I'm loving GTA5 though, and having a blast playing the story mode exclusively (haven't jumped online yet). I'm around 15-20 hours in. I think the story is pretty good for a GTA game. I like the characters well enough--Trevor is scary and creepy at first but he grew to be my favorite character as I found out more about him. The dialogue is well-written and well-acted and I've laughed out loud at several of the cut-scenes.

All of the missions have been fun so far except for one (spoiler): where you have to torture a guy to get information in order to move the story along. And I'm really digging just exploring the world via plane, helicopter, and car. I've been doing every available sidequest and found them to nice changes of pace from the missions. Personally, I see myself easily putting over 100 hours into this game, maybe more once I jump online. That doesn't necessarily mean you should buy it, but hopefully it gives you a better idea of what you're getting into.

Sho wrote on Apr 21, 2015, 22:11:
Here's me and every 3D GTA so far: I really like the idea of a 3D GTA. I want it. I buy it. I have fun fooling around in the sandbox for about two hours. I try doing the campaign, but don't like any of the characters or find the story interesting, and absolutely loathe the missions, which are filled with massive amounts of tedium (like waypoint tours) and really clumsy gameplay (like being the worst shooter with the most frustrating controls imaginable). All the minigame stuff doesn't do it for me, either. After five hours tops I'm done.

Is GTA V any different?

I will say I loved the original, first top-down one. It was just a simpler game that made it easier to experiment and build traps for the police and what not, also because top-down afforded more situational awareness and it was easier to "build" things with car wrecks.
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News Comments > Killing Floor 2 Regional Gore Cuts Possible
6. Re: Killing Floor 2 Regional Gore Cuts Possible Apr 18, 2015, 22:47 sdgundamx
DangerDog wrote on Apr 18, 2015, 15:20:
Japan strikes me as an odd one, they're perfectly fine with tentacle rape but splatter blood around a map in a game and they flip their shit?

Actually they're okay with that shit in porn but not commercial games. There are strict rules for both industries about what can and can't be shown (which is the reason why all porn in Japan had naughty bits pixelated).

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News Comments > Grand Chase Closed
1. Re: Grand Chase Closed Apr 17, 2015, 01:02 sdgundamx
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News Comments > Grand Theft Auto V Steam Records
47. Re: Grand Theft Auto V Steam Records Apr 17, 2015, 00:59 sdgundamx
I'm curious about what control scheme people are using... only mouse and keyboard? Only controller? Both?

I started out intending to switch to controller for driving but I actually got pretty used to it with the m&kb.
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News Comments > On Sale
1. Re: On Sale Apr 15, 2015, 01:15 sdgundamx
Thanks to whoever submitted the GMG code. That put GTA V at a price point that matched my buying point. Cheers!  
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News Comments > etc.
33. Re: etc. Apr 5, 2015, 23:50 sdgundamx
Does no one here find it ironic that a lot of the same people suggesting "it was just a joke" are also the same people who went batshit crazy when it was sarcastically suggested in a certain Gamasutra blog last year that gamers are basement-dwelling angry young men?

As I recall, there was a concerted movement by offended gamers to not just get the blog pulled down but to get all advertising funding pulled from Gamasutra over those comments.

So, on the one hand, offending gamers is cause not only for trying to censor the original author of the writing but to take down the whole website which had the audacity to post it.

But offending minorities? Hell, it's just a joke right?

Hypocrisy at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.
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