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News Comments > TorchlightCam Mod for Torchlight
2. Torchlight Mods Mar 16, 2010, 11:29 SalmonellaMule
Great site:

Get TorchLeech Mod Manager (site appears to be down ATM):
Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.
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News Comments > Borderlands Screenshot
4. Re: Borderlands Screenshot Apr 16, 2009, 22:20 SalmonellaMule
Seriously, who cares if it's cell shaded or not? For the life of me, I cannot fathom why this is story.

Personally, I'm turned off by games that shoot for extreme realism because then I'm supposed to believe that the images presented before me are as close to real-life as can possibly be expected. However, video game technology (or the hardware that drives it), is years away from that true immersive quality of imagery. That only reminds how the game isn't that great looking. Crysis was a good example of this. In its quest to prove its visual dominance of the gaming landscape, I couldn't help but notice all of the things that weren't realistic looking. It was a constant distraction for me.

On the other hand, a game that is "stylized" reminds me that this is, after all, a game. Without trying to look too realistic, it allows me to focus on the game play, rather than the realistic qualities of the visuals. In other words, I have fun with the game, rather than critiquing the awesomeness of the visuals and how they compare to the current crop of graphics engines in the ever escalating arms race of id vs. Unreal vs. Crytek vs. whomever.

This argument comes up every time a developer uses a visual style that could be characterized as "stylized". Star Wars: The Old Republic is a recent example.
Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.
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News Comments > Space Siege Demo
11. Mildly fun, nothing spectacular Jul 29, 2008, 12:25 SalmonellaMule
I'm a huge fan of the action RPG style of games. Diablo, Dungeon Siege, and Titan Quest are my favorite click-fest games. I'm stating this to properly set the context for my feelings on this demo.

I felt that the game play was kind of bland. The whole thing had a "console" feel to it with simplistic controls and interfaces. Granted, games of this type need to be somewhat simplistic because of their repetitive nature, but this felt overly so. I haven't looked into this game too much to know if it's being developed for consoles so I may be missing the point here.

One of my favorite aspects of Action RPGs is the acquisition of items. Hoarding tons of gear and finding items that give statistical advantages, no matter how trivial, is a real treat for me. This game appears to have eschewed that long-time feature. All I picked up was a single weapon, two cybernetic upgrades, some med kits, and this game's version of currency (the name escapes me ATM). This currency is used to upgrade armor and weapons, as well as purchase grenades and med kits. Although inventory management can sometimes be a PITA, it is part of the fun for me so it may be missed.

Speaking of cybernetic upgrades, I simply don't understand the system. The game states that the player has to make a choice between using these upgrades at the cost of his humanity. There is even a percentage scale that tracks how much humanity you have remaining. What is the purpose of this? Is there some detrimental effect in game for losing one's humanity versus the obvious benefit gained from using these implants (increased speed and increased attack power were gained from the two implants I acquired). I'll have to hold off my criticism of the humanity vs. cybernetic feature for the time being until I have learned more about this feature.

Combat seemed about what you would expect. Hordes of creeps attack, you respond with clicking on everything you see. Use a special ability, or toss a grenade, when the opposition seems a little too much and pop a med kit (read: health potion) when your health runs low. Regarding special abilities, you start out with a couple and they seemed OK. You expend energy to use them and you can only replenish your energy by killing more enemies. That little tidbit seems interesting until you realize that if you're out of energy and you need a special ability to kill your current target, you may have to do a lot of kiting. I'll hold off on criticism of this particular game mechanic until I can see it in the full game (or have it explained by someone who knows better). Granted, I always appreciate when a developer tries to do something new with an old game mechanic so this may be interesting.

There is a skill tree in this game with only two branches, one for combat and one for engineering. I didn't look too closely at them because, quite frankly, it didn't impress me too much upon quick inspection. Just your standard upgrade this and sacrifice that. Since you cannot create a class (this can't be true but, once again, I'm surprisingly ignorant of the published features of this game), having only skill two branches seems kind of anemic to me. You're either a soldier or an engineer. Yippee.

The camera controls felt a little wonky to me. Perhaps it's because of the atmosphere of being in a ship (corridors, rooms, etc.) but the angles felt "wrong". There were times that my FPS instincts took over and I wanted to strafe, move backwards, and look up. Believe it or not, you can't shoot up. There were times when a mob was heading towards me from a higher position and I had to wait until the mob was on the same level as me in order to hit it. I s'pose I could've moved to the stairs/ramp and assumed the same angle as the mob but the player shouldn't have to do this. I know that this camera system is identical to those games listed in my opening paragraph, but once you throw "guns" into the mix, it changes the player's mentality. I guess this is something that I will either love or hate but only time will tell.

Perhaps the biggest draw to this game will be the co-op mode. There are far too few games that have robust co-op modes so this is a very welcome feature. I have read that the co-op maps are different from the single player campaign so this is even more exciting. This feature, along with my respect for previous titles from Gas Powered Games, will be my primary reason for purchasing this game when it's released. However, and I think many others feel the same way if comments here are any indication, this title fails to impress. Let's hope that this is not the case because I need something to tide me over until Diablo 3

Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.
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