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News Comments > The Old Republic Stats
74. Re: The Old Republic Stats Dec 28, 2011, 08:23 Sam
Theo wrote on Dec 28, 2011, 05:26:
CannibalBob wrote on Dec 28, 2011, 04:19:
Sounds really cool! Of course, Guild Wars will still have its (improved) story system, unlike World of Warcraft which had absolutely no story.

I am no wow Fan boy and stoped playing a bunch of time ago, but this is wrong. each wow zone has a story (especially the newer ones), its just that no-body bothers to read them because they are 2 busy grinding rat tails.

Well, Wow's storytelling only got good with the expansions, vanilla WOW was not very much.

I agree about Guild Wars 2 - I want to see what they do too.

SWTOR might be the fastest rising MMO in history, but it might also be the biggest crater later on. Getting the game rags to give you wonderful reviews just means giving them some advertising money, that whole thing it totally broken. The gamers will decide for themselves, and we'll see.
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News Comments > Gold - Duke Nukem Forever
8. Re: Gold - Duke Nukem Forever May 24, 2011, 12:19 Sam
Astounding. Just amazing.  
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News Comments > EVE Online: Trinity Launches - Update (WARNING!)
5. Re: No subject Dec 6, 2007, 06:14 Sam
CCP screwed the pooch on this one. It deserves a front page post on Blues.

This comment was edited on Dec 6, 06:15.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
4. No subject Feb 1, 2007, 12:11 Sam
Heeeeeeehehehehehehehehehe, ohho, ohho, hahahahaheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

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News Comments > TRIBES Demo Update
11. Splitting the community. Sep 25, 2004, 03:19 Sam
It's already split between the clans who will never run a server under Win-Duz, and noobs who don't know any better. The lack of a Linux server is going to hurt this game.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
590. You never know... Sep 19, 2003, 12:15 Sam
how much you are read and appreciated until something like this happens.

Hope you and yours have the strength and the love to pull you through, whatever you have to face.

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News Comments > On TRIBES 3
22. Re: Hey whatever happened to... Mar 15, 2003, 00:08 Sam
The re-release is out, and at $10 like they promised. Don't bother to buy it if you've never played Tribes, since you will be owned horribly and about the time T3 shows up you may be unlame enough not to get kicked off good servers immediately. All that is left playing T1 or T2 is the hard, hard core.

I'm hoping they do a good job with T3. They know all the history, they get it repeated to them every week in the Tribal War forums, so I don't expect them to make the same mistakes. They've already avoided talking about T3 for the first year of it's development, a good sign - they aren't building expectations too far in advance of the product. They haven't let out who the developer is exactly, another good sign - they have the room to them alone to do the job right. And they aren't announcing the ship date - same as above.

So right off the didn't screw it up the way they did with T2 - too much anticipation, date announced they couldn't meet - and ship it anyway even when it wasn't done because of the pressure.

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News Comments > TRIBES 2 Re-release Plans
69. Re: No subject Apr 9, 2002, 23:15 Sam
Not dead at all, except in your mind. T2 is the best, and nothing else has a Tribes replay value. The best thing about people who left T2 is the lamers, retards and cheaters seem to have left with them, and the community seems better for it. Some folks are coming back for the "Tribes" fix now too.

T-FA is simply the new T1 for the T1 diehards. And they deserve an updated game.

T2 is going to stay where it is, and the franchise is obviously continuing, good news for all Tribes fans.

This comment was edited on Apr 9, 23:17.
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News Comments > Competitions-TRIBES 2 World Championship
35. Re: An Art Feb 27, 2002, 20:31 Sam
Ah it is an art. With a steep learning curve, and it takes a lot of time to get good at it. I played T1 then T2, and still play both. There's some differences, but the "flavor" of tribes is in both. I've tried other games, but the 3D combat of Tribes makes things like RTCW seem pretty boring. Dueling in either Tribes is both twitch, and chess. Hard to beat that.

The punks have now discovered RTCW, or whatever the flavor of the week is, things are getting better on the pubs. I've been in a few pubs that were as intense as any match game, with really amazing teamwork and great play.

And really the punks would have gotten bored and left sooner or later anyway. It's just more work than the Nintendo crowd is used to, both skill and technical tweaks to become good at Tribes. They TK, because they keep getting killed when they went out of the base anyway, so killing teammates is their only option.

4 year Tribes1/2 player.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
27. Re: Controls and Robots Jan 14, 2002, 12:16 Sam
Yeah, and the portable dialysis machine he invented wasn't fundimental science either. Kamen is an inventor, not a scientist, he doesn't have a degree (well, several honorary doctorates).

Inventors are the guys who find the application for the theoretical. They make things happen, find the breakthrough, make their own way when everyone is telling them it isn't possible. Kamen now has such and awesome crew at Deka, his research company, that I'm not too sure they couldn't do just about anything. They are very close to finally producing a Sterling engine, something that was thought of in 1816 and would be very efficient, but no one's been able to do until now.

If you saw iBot, his breakthrough wheelchair about 2 years ago (Johnson and Johnson bought it)then Ginger would be no surprise. iBot can climb stairs, walk on two wheels too, and run even on a sandy beach.

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