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News Comments > Tomb Raider Remasters Axed
7. Re: Tomb Raider Remasters Axed Mar 22, 2018, 19:00 Viktor King
OpenTomb already exists, but okay.
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News Comments > EA Didn't Pull Crysis 2 from Steam
23. Re: EA Didn't Pull Crysis 2 from Steam Jun 15, 2011, 17:23 Viktor King
EA made a special version of Dragon Age 2 for Steam that did not tie to Origin but it remains to be seen whether they do the same thing with Alice or not. If they don't that's a pretty good indication all future EA titles will tie to Origin and thus not be sold on Steam. We shall see!

It's the beginning of a major clusterfuck.

Raise your hand if you're looking forward to maintaining a half-dozen digital-retail accounts to suit the whim of all major publishers to buy games that won't interoperate.
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News Comments > Best Buy Adding Game Staff
4. Re: Best Buy Adding Game Staff Apr 15, 2011, 10:30 Viktor King
Fantastic. Now we can get the desperate, starving, used-car-salesman routine we get in the computer section in the video games as well. Endless pitch after pitch about Geek Squad non-protection, extended warranties they won't honor and BB-exclusive DLC that barely ranks as high as 'worthless'.

When did being number-one or being the only game in town give retailers leave to become annoying parasites?
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News Comments > RPS on Crysis 2
9. Re: RPS on Crysis 2 Mar 29, 2011, 23:11 Viktor King
At the time of writing Crytek have refused to respond to any of the points made above, and its pretty obvious why.

Because we have serious entitlement issues that make us look juvenile?

I wonder if perhaps we're simply not seeing the very best of CryEngine 3 yet, as if this rumored patchwork and DirectX 11 business has been about unchaining Cry3 as it was made to suit the TV-toaster platforms.

I honestly don't get what's going on otherwise - didn't we see Crysis 2 demoed with an X360 gamepad only to find out it was a PC demo when raw footage of the demo ended in the game crashing, raising concerns that the X360 version wasn't ready?

The texture analysis is pretty damned damaging, however. Even if the release version of Crysis 2 on the PC was a hastened X360 port and not 'true' CryEngine 3, and all roads have led to that conclusion so far that the PC version was at least an X360 port, there wouldn't be much reason not to give the PC version higher-quality textures unless they didn't exist or this theoretical XBox-CryEngine 3 couldn't handle them and for the moment the fuzzy-textures come with the dog-legged engine. Not likely.

It spells an unfortunate compromise, but hardly the end of Crytek or Crysis as a franchise.

I'm not shooting Nazis with a Thompson or green aliens with a Generic Space Marine(tm) Assault Rifle, I'm actually playing a polished game in a different manner and environment than Unreal-engine Coverfest 2011, and honestly, that's enough.

Kings to you, Sir. I am so very sick of the Unreal Engine.
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News Comments > Steam Video Recording Nears, Mobile Steam Possible
3. Re: Steam Video Recording Nears, Mobile Steam Possible Mar 22, 2011, 11:11 Viktor King
Chat or account management by phone. Could be fun.  
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News Comments > On PC Battlefield 3
19. Re: On PC Battlefield 3 Feb 14, 2011, 01:17 Viktor King
I would pay good dollars to have the BC1 single-player campaign ported to a PC Battlefield.  
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News Comments > More Games to Use the Skyrim Engine
21. Re: More Games to Use the Skyrim Engine Feb 14, 2011, 01:07 Viktor King
Id Tech 5 is very limited. It has megatexture, it has large outdoor environments, but... for example, it has static, prerendered lighting (unlike Id Tech 4).

Todd Howard said: "Id Tech 5 is the best thing in the world at doing a very static environment that looks pretty and you're going to run through. But for the kinds of things I like to do, I like the world to be more dynamic."

How about this?

I flat-out don't buy it.

Now I'm not a Programming Major or anything, but as an experienced gamer with at least a basic understanding of modding, it would seem that in RAGE players and NPCs are already doing most of what players and NPCs typically do in Elder Scrolls games.

I'm not seeing the limitations. At all.

The horses in ES-V would move a little slower than the tricked-out buggies in RAGE, there'd be an inventory and stat system, expansive enviroments, and a cast of thousands.

So where does idTech 5 fall short exactly?
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News Comments > No Bulletstorm PC Demo
58. Re: No Bulletstorm PC Demo Feb 14, 2011, 00:49 Viktor King
While the X360 and PS3 get actual game demos of BulletStorm, despite the handicap of being specifically locked-out of using mouse and keyboard, the Windows crowd does not get an actual 'BulletStorm' demo. Nevermind console guys have the option of renting their games first.

We get 'Duty Calls - The Calm Before the Storm', a hashed 'parody' of Call of Duty that ends in a trailer for BulletStorm. How is this not a stupid decision that cost money to accomplish nothing while disappointing PC players?

Nevermind 'BulletStorm' is a horrible title that sounds like a fictional game made for a movie to make a from-the-hip cynical statement about modern video games.
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News Comments > New Catalyst Reference Drivers
1. Re: New Catalyst Reference Drivers Jan 26, 2011, 13:43 Viktor King
Fable III resolves negative CrossFire scaling

Hardly a scoop, we knew it was coming, but a confident nod nonetheless.
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News Comments > More Games to Use the Skyrim Engine
12. Re: More Games to Use the Skyrim Engine Jan 25, 2011, 12:57 Viktor King
I'm confused, honestly. I thought the whole point of the idSoft buy/merge and subsequent lock-down of licensing/publishing of idTech 5 games was that ZeniMax wanted to leverage Carmack's technically superior engines to make ZeniMax a bigger player.

The 64hz off-timing of the GameBryo engine (apparently doing so well after '350 games' that it's for sale) is not a deal-breaker, but when Unreal 3 is everywhere and Rage demonstrates that idTech 5 is more than capable of the expansive environments that are a staple of Elder Scrolls, I'm wondering why this isn't the plan to begin with.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. Unf^&*(ing Acceptable Jul 2, 2008, 11:10 Viktor King
You my man, are the victim of a pathetically ineffective bullshitter.

So he may have been loaded with jobs, might have been in a hurry. He might have been one of the self-declared Slick Willy's thinking he's gonna get by on this job taking the minimum effort approach not grounding his new installations properly or running phone lines from the telephone utility box to every receiver as needed. He probably tells customers the phone lines are 'just for Pay Per View' or some nonsense. It's because of idiots like him blowing through jobs half-assed, lowering the statistical average time to complete a job that gets guys like me who say 'I'm here to get it right, I'm here till its over' hovering over the chopping block over concerns of speed.

That's no excuse for leaving the job when signal strength is hovering around the 70's - which would be the cutoff when our fine, satellite-fed digital signal goes all 8-Bit Theater. The schmuck should have followed up every possible point of failure from the LNB shorting out due to lack of bad or non-existent grounding, to crushed, pinched or weather worn cable along the way (point dish, get bad signal anyway, check line-of-sight, clear view of south-eastern sky okay, replace LNB, get much better signal, go to receiver, check signal going into receiver, signal still sucks - cable), to replacing the receiver. He shouldn't have left until signal strength at the receiver was in the mid to high 90's and 'Signal Strength' in the receiver menu read 90's or better across the board.

I've installed and pointed, and fine-tuned 'dithered' high-definition 'KaKu' dish antennas, supposedly our most revered and temperamental outdoor dish unit, in near-black clouds and light to moderate rain with thunder in the distance and still read 99% and 99% (for triple-satellite and high definition five-satellite dishes we check signal on two satellites and assume if signal strength is good on both, the the dish is properly tilted to the curvature of Earth and getting signal on all three or five satellites) signal at the dish and Signal Strength in the mid to high 90's once in the house.

The bum left you hanging at the cut-off between perfect picture and no picture if he left the job with Signal Strength reading in the 70's. Prepare for further problems not too far down the road. Depending on how old the initial install is, it may be time for a new dish or receivers entirely. I don't know what Home Service Provider he works for (DirecTV is a content provider only, the guy who shows up at your door subcontracted either with a larger 'HSP' or funded by his own tax deductions), at ConnecTV, if it takes redoing the installation to get strong stable signal at all receivers, then by golly my tool batteries had better be charged.

Check your installation. Find the dish, trace the cable to where it goes into the house. There should be a 'ground block' where cables are connected to a small brace that has no other purpose than to redirect free radical static charge to its proper ground. Typically cable with smaller 17-gauge 'messenger' wire goes in, and regular RG-6 cable goes out, with a green 10-gauge wire coming from the ground block to an National Electric Code approved ground source- the electric meter utility box, a cold water pipe where you would attach a hose, something. LNB's typically do not go bad unless a static charge goes unanswered and burns the thing out. If your system isn't grounded, your entire home entertainment setup is at risk and the dish isn't absorbing static charge to a ground giving lightning nothing through which to conduct. A One Point Twunny-One Jigga-Watt Ka-Zap is not out of the question.

How old is the dish? If it says 'PrimeStar' or DirecWAY or names some other now-defunct company other than DirecTV, your dish is too old, and replacing the LNB should have been a given. If your receiver says 'Hughes' anywhere on it, anything other than DirecTV and DirecTV only, it might be that no matter how well the dish is pointed, the receiver is just too worn down to get good signal out of anything from a pointed beer can to a motorized auto-focusing dish.

DirecTV is the very best television service you can get at any price at prices that stomp cable but it depends greatly on the Home Service Provider in your area to enforce quality installs and service techs willing to take the time to do a full-assed job to prove CableCo's propaganda about the system being temperamental and finicky dead-wrong. CableCo has the good internet service, most of the time, they do have their place in the home, but 70% Signal Strength is not good enough and you will, if you haven't already, have inclement weather issues.

Un-fucking acceptable.

-Viktor King

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