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News Comments > Dead Space PC Controls Nerfed?
57. No subject Oct 20, 2008, 03:46 voidward
You're both trolling and needlessly obnoxious, please tone down the e-drama. Jerykk's point however, is more valid. A PC game should have PC standard controls, and no matter how many excuses you pull out of your ass not having standardized controls on the PC is inexcusable.

The PC port is clearly an afterthought, and a slopfest port such as this really is an insult to PC gamers. If I didn't have a PS3 I would have avoided this game entirely because of the control issues, despite being quite interested in the game.

This comment was edited on Oct 20, 2008, 03:47.
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News Comments > On id's Cancelled Game
66. ... ... Aug 3, 2008, 03:24 voidward
I fail to see what science has to do with general consensus. That's like scientifically proving the existance of god by saying 95%+ of the world believes in one. That many people can't possibly be wrong, right?

Nothing of gameplay is mentioned. If I wanted acting and story I could more easily find those things in a quality movie, I play games to interact with them not to passively observe. There's a problem with your reasoning if you put character development, plot and story in a game before gameplay, you're critiquing it like a movie that you need to vaguely participate in to progress it, rather than as interactive entertainment. Furthermore I don't even remember the character you mention, most of HL2 was unmemorable to me. Oh, and good thing, HL2 had teleportation, if only doom3 was based around teleportation expriments gone wrong... Oh wait, hasn't that been the story since doom1? Isn't it cute how that's exactly what happened in HL1? You should also preach originality and innovation to me, I'd obviously have trouble pointing out how valve borrowed both plot ideas and technology from id.

Open linear space, woo nothing excites me like the illusion of sandbox gameplay. Linear driving is also fun, clearly the walkers in quake 4 made that game the awesomeness that it was. If only id made the outdoor mars walks 5 minute sequences with occasional random vehicles thrown in, we totally wouldn't be having this conversation. Even though the gameplay and fun factor wouldn't have benefited in the least.

"Nonsense. Quake 3 is twitch gameplay - you're waiting for your opponent to appear. Doom 3 was about not knowing what was coming next." That argument made no sense. If you expect a monster to pop up around the next corner then you're waiting for him to appear, and if you don't know where the enemy is in quake3 it's in the same way suspenseful. I'm pretty sure turing around 180 to blast the monster that just popped up behind you qualifies as twitch gameplay.

You should consider trying to argue things for reasons other than to merely sound right, I know it's appealing to look smart but when you fail to actually make any point you end up looking like a troll. And I completely expect you to start mocking my spelling/grammar in the next post.

I understand that you enjoy HL2, but you have to understand that all the flaws you point you in D3, some people don't see as flaws at all. In fact, many of the things you praise in HL2 seemed boring, trite, and in place only for the purpose of making it look like it's feature rich and mature when it wasn't. The driving seemed poor compared to actual driving games, if I wanted that I'd pick up a game that did it well. The open areas were open for a few minutes of gameplay that was still terribly linear then closed back up. The acting failed to grab my attention, despite any character development I failed to remember many of the characters, and the story ending in a large explosion that you were magically saved from by an outside force? Deus ex machina is the most impressive of story devices. The plot was derivative and ultimately incoherent.

I felt that D3 did one thing, it stayed mostly pure the entire time and felt like a quality albeit brainless (and like the other dooms) mostly plotless shooter throughout with unique visuals and a nice horror look and feel.

Different people like different things.

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News Comments > On id's Cancelled Game
62. No subject Aug 2, 2008, 23:18 voidward
For me, d3's engine was amazing at the time of conception and release, and the artwork was top-notch. Few games surprized me as much visually as when I was playing through doom3.

HL2's art was great, but they were clearly doing something completely different from doom3. doom3 was all bump mapped and spec mapped, HL2 had bump maps on just characters I believe? And barely noticable at that. HL2 technologically was mostly bland. They just did a good job with a simpler render style, which is still something commendable. It was light maps, quake 3 did lightmaps... HL1 did lightmaps... It has some neat technology here and there like the facial animations, which made it quite good for storyline based stuff, and I'll say that HL2 has a deeper storyline. However, at no point did I feel anything for any of the characters, the storyline was quite irrelevant to me and I found the gameplay to be mostly bland generic shooter mechanisms. The only part I truely enjoyed was ravenholm, the atmosphere and the very survival horror gameplay was really well done, which is probably a reason who I liked doom3 much better.

Doom3 was twitch gameplay. And I really didn't care about the monster closets at all, but it made me more paranoid while playing, because I'd start assuming every corner had monster closets. I also had no problem with the flashlight I don't know if people are completely oblivious to r_gamma and in-game brightness settings but in most cases, unless they really wanted to turn the lights off I had no need for the flashlight. In fact, believe it or not, the muzzleflash from most guns had dynamic lighting (gasp!) and in essence acted like a short burst flashlight that let you see your surrounding in pitch blackness. Let off a few machine gun shots and you can see everything around you if you feel like you can't switch weapons at that moment.

There were no parts that I found boring. I suggest you stop playing games on the easy setting and then maybe you wouldn't have to rely on in-game story elements alone to entertain you and you might actually find some challenge in the game to keep you entertained. If at any point you're finding any game too easy and boring you with it's gameplay, try changing the difficulty level before you start complaining.

But really I'm getting really fed up with this discussion, which just comes off as some asinine fanboy war where the hl2 fanboys and the d3 fanboys can't stop yelling I'M RIGHT I'M RIGHT YOU'RE A STUPIDHEAD! SHUT UP! Really, both games had good things and bad things, and they appealed to different crouds, and both excelled in different aspects. YOUR opinion is NOT the general opinion so please stop phrasing your posts as though it is.

You know how annoying preachy jehovah's witnesses are when they show up uninvited at your door? THAT'S YOU, god damnit, you're not going to make me stop wishipping JC (mr.carmack) just because you won't stop preaching about what you believe in.

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News Comments > On EA's Take-Two Takeover Bids
3. No subject Jul 30, 2008, 21:52 voidward
It made several bad decisions ... and has continued to chase cool new franchises (BioShock)

Yeah, original new games that everyone loves are a terrible idea, Take Two should should stick to making minor improvements to games no one cares about. Hopefully they'll get some smart management in there and start making 16 pets games a year like Ubi.

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News Comments > Forged by Chaos Announced
4. No subject Jun 26, 2008, 15:45 voidward
I was about to disregard this, but took a glance and the concept art, models and animations they have are superb. It is kind of early for them to announce anything but what they do have is pretty impressive.

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