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News Comments > Out of the Blue
29. Re: Out of the Blue Jan 16, 2019, 02:17 Nucas
Mr. Tact wrote on Jan 15, 2019, 21:51:
Lulz. William Barr's grandson understands politics better than Trump.

i would pay 500 dollars to anyone who can give me a video of donald trump talking about any aspect of governance where he sounds like he actually knows what he's talking about and understands the subject.

or really even just any subject at all. anything in the world he sounds like he has genuine expertise on.
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News Comments > EA's Open World Star Wars Game Cancelled?
10. Re: EA's Open World Star Wars Game Cancelled? Jan 16, 2019, 02:10 Nucas
that just leaves the star wars game in development by respawn entertainment now to break the drought of mediocre star wars games nearly 15 years running.

jdreyer wrote on Jan 15, 2019, 22:00:
"Without the expected income from the lootboxes we designed for Open World Star Wars (TM) the project has become financially untenable, and we're forced to stop production."

utterly believable, the dragon age: inquisition sequel was cancelled and 1-2 years of pre-production was thrown in the garbage (this being the reason dragon age boss mike laidlaw quit bioware) because it didn't jibe with the new "live services" model; it's reportedly only in the works again because it was reworked for "long-term monetization".
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News Comments > Source 2 Engine Details
15. Re: Source 2 Engine Details Jan 13, 2019, 16:58 Nucas
fuck valve.  
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News Comments > Sunday Safety Dance
1. Re: Fake 'U's! Phishing creeps use homebrew fonts as message ciphers to evade filters Jan 6, 2019, 16:08 Nucas
i remember like 15 to 20 years ago finding the register's headlines kind of funny or charming, but now it just reads like the belabored, slavish adherence to a style guide.  
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News Comments > Saturday Metaverse
1. Re: Saturday Metaverse Jan 6, 2019, 04:12 Nucas
fuck reality, get me out of here.  
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News Comments > Saturday Patches
7. Re: Saturday Patches Jan 6, 2019, 03:58 Nucas
MeanJim wrote on Jan 5, 2019, 17:03:
Now they need a mod to wipe that goofy look off of his face.

you take that back. sam lake's constipated grimace is a treasure of classic gaming.

Tom wrote on Jan 5, 2019, 15:50:
It would be a lot easier to compare images in that slideshow if it didn't flash white every time you switch images.

Cool stuff though.

it would be even better if they were comparing the upscaled stuff to the "high" setting instead of "low". the difference is still noticeable, but marginal.
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
19. Re: Morning Safety Dance Sep 21, 2018, 00:47 Nucas
DangerDog wrote on Sep 20, 2018, 16:33:
When do we lock up Hillary? She's the one behind the fake Russia dossier.

Jeff Sessions needs to be replaced by a real AG that'll prosecute her.

But it's all a big joke, Hillary is immune from the law. I suspect she'll stick her fat ass back into the election in 2020, who else will the corporate Dems prop up? Old creepy Joe Biden?

the steele dossier? what about that do you think was a prosecutable offense? incidentally it just came out today that the mueller probe has verified cohen was in prague on the dates that the steele dossier alleged he travelled to prague to interface with russian government officials re: the 2016 election.

Simon Says wrote on Sep 20, 2018, 17:24:
Part of the problem? He gave a pretty accurate account of the article after reading it myself an hour ago ( when I had the time ). There's no problem here.

On the other hand, when contradicting evidence is presented, I don't see any of YOU guys reading anything.

i feel pretty well read on this subject. why don't you tell me what it is you think anyone on "my" side - reality - are skipping over?

not only did that guy not read that article, you clearly didn't either; "lol its all memes" is not an accurate account of the article, or of real life. are you just trying to gaslight people here, or are you clinically fucking retarded?
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
9. Re: Morning Safety Dance Sep 20, 2018, 15:08 Nucas
Simon Says wrote on Sep 20, 2018, 11:11:

this is a huge subject, but here's as salient a breakdown of just the russian side i can manage.

the russian government unquestionably hacked hillary's campaign emails, and the DNC. they planted malware on the DNC server and monitored communications for months; they then staged releases of this information through their guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks personas, sometimes through wikileaks.

their objectives were generally to denigrate the clinton campaign, to bolster the campaign of trump and sanders, and in sum to sow lasting political discord and weaken the united states. this is right out of the playbook.

a fun detail: the indictments make mention of someone running for congress contacting the guccifer 2.0 persona on august 15th 2016 asking for information on their opponent. the russians supplied this person with stolen documents about their opponent.

there was speculation at the time of these indictments that this was devin nunes; he ran for re-election in 2016, and there was of course "the nunes memo", a piece of propaganda he released to support daddy trump and attempt to undermine the FBi investigation/mueller probe with wild unsubstantiated claims of impropriety, which made references to classified documents that devin nunes himself did not have access to. the one person with access to these documents (trey gowdy) then publicly stated that the fbi investigation was impeccable.

the hacking initiative was one prong of the fork. they also ran the "internet research agency" and showed an extreme level of sophistication with social media and disinformation. the IRA had a 7 digit monthly budget; it wasn't just some russian dude in a basement somewhere. they ran a large number of extremely influential twitter and instagram accounts. @TEN_GOP for example, i personally saw this shit retweeted mulitple times. this was a russian account. they had hundreds of thousands of followers across social media. they staged rallies and protests. they once staged both sides of a trump/anti-trump protest in new york city on the same day. they churned out fake news, and disseminated it widely. they're still doing it.

the results have arguably been effective. you have someone in this very thread making the claim that it's all made up, having clearly not read this article, or anything probably. more positive results from the greatest propagandists of the 20th century. even when confronted with the knowledge that they've been participating in russian-organized political activity, people can't accept it. unsurprising.

i'll admit i haven't read this article either, since it looks like i'm going to have to block out about an hour for this novella. this is from memory of mueller's russian indictments, which i'd recommend looking at. its brisk reading, large margins, double spaced. they go into extensive detail. names, ranks, internet handles, dates, times, locations, methods, software employed, people and organizations targeted.

the mueller investigation has produced 37 indictments and 7 convictions. this is unprecedented and shows no signs of slowing down. i know people don't want to believe it, or simply find it inherently unbelievable, or are just too fucking partisan to acknowledge it, but the evidence overwhelmingly supports this.
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Valve to Moderate Steam Communities
10. Re: Valve to Moderate Steam Communities Sep 20, 2018, 12:44 Nucas
as with most things valve does on their lemonade stand platform, anything is better than what they have now. i got an email some months ago reading "Thanks for reporting inappropriate content on Steam!" and i had to think real hard about what it was; it was a steam group trading literal child pornography links that i reported in the winter of 2016. though it could have also been the white supremacist or software piracy groups i reported around that same time, to be fair. i mean, i only got the one email.  
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Shadow of the Tomb Raider Released
7. Re: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Released Sep 15, 2018, 18:33 Nucas
off topic, but i've been playing this game and i think its pretty good.

i thought tomb raider 2013 was positively snooze inducing, with shit writing, boring characters, and terrible handholding gameplay. i really liked rise though, and this seems to be more of that. only a scant few new mechanics, mostly the same structure and gameplay as rise.

the customization is fantastic. lots of granularity with difficulty. do you want to keep the insulting bright white paint showing you where everything is from the first two games crystal dynamics made, tone it down, or eliminate it? have lara call out blatantly obvious hints, mild hints, or none at all? have natives speak in english for incidental dialog, or whatever their native language is? the graphics settings are super detailed too.

writing is overall better as well. no thoughts on the central plot so far.

if you liked rise, you'll like this. if you were thinking about picking this up, i'd say try rise of the tomb raider first. they have a lot of crossover, its 15 bucks right now (from particular store fronts), and its worth playing. so far this game seems to hit the ground running with the plot so you might be a little lost about some events or character relationships if you haven't played rise. skip 2013 either way, its garbage.
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Saturday Metaverse
12. Re: Saturday Metaverse Sep 9, 2018, 01:22 Nucas
shiho wrote on Sep 8, 2018, 22:08:
Trump does not fall into a single political stereotype, and he will drag these megacorporations into government regulation, kicking and screaming. Welcome to the public utilities of the 21st century.

lets get a hot take on net neutrality. naturally you support it, since you can hardly access social media without fair and even access to the internet?
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Roadmap
7. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Roadmap Sep 9, 2018, 01:17 Nucas
Jivaro wrote on Sep 8, 2018, 22:49:
Despite it's flaws, I love to play this game every now and again and thus have kept a 6 month sub going since forever. Over time I have gained control of a guild for each faction, both with capitol ships etc. It's rather hilarious seeing as me and my 20 something alts are the only members..but whatever. If there had been a decent fucking single-player Star Wars game of any kind released in the last 3 years I might have quit as sometimes I think I only play to satisfy my irrational addiction to Star Wars anything. Had there been other alternatives, specifically single player games on PC alternatives, I could satisfy that need.

Bioware keeps adding content fast enough to keep me entertained and I just admitted to how much I have spent on subscriptions so I won't do any bitching about SWTOR itself.

how's it play solo? i've considered firing it back up just to play through the story content but i remember being underwhelmed by the MMO gameplay at launch, but nothing else about the mechanics. is the PvE tedious for someone just trying to run through the story without other people?
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > DOOM Movie Reboot May Skip Theaters
15. Re: DOOM Movie Reboot May Skip Theaters Sep 6, 2018, 22:35 Nucas
Creston wrote on Sep 6, 2018, 19:55:
It can't be much worse than most of the garbage movies Netflix produces...

or even the original doom movie.
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > DOOM Movie Reboot May Skip Theaters
12. Re: DOOM Movie Reboot May Skip Theaters Sep 6, 2018, 18:04 Nucas
Beamer wrote on Sep 6, 2018, 16:27:
CthulhuFan wrote on Sep 6, 2018, 15:21:
Proper nerds know that Ellen Ripley is 100 percent bad ass and we knew chicks were cool way before it was some kind of social justice problem.

We didn't need vasquez gripping a hand grenade while smiling at the young punk LT to know she was a bad ass.

Social Justice is cancer. Ellen Ripley is a boss.

I'm so confused by your point. Girls can be badasses, but wanting badass girls in movies is cancer?

well you see, the status quo is cool because there was an action heroine in a movie in 1986.

in my world males are the null state for heroes in new media, and i've never given this a second thought; girls, however, must justify their presence.

i am very rational.
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > On Sale
1. Re: On Sale Sep 3, 2018, 18:44 Nucas
shadow of the tomb raider just inevitably went 25% on greenmangaming if anyone else was considering picking that up.  
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Sunday Interviews
10. Re: Sunday Interviews Sep 3, 2018, 01:37 Nucas
Creston wrote on Sep 2, 2018, 23:53:
They "may" resume making more games.

Haha. Don't do anyone any favors, Valve. I doubt you have anyone left with any writing skills anyway.

i wonder how many people are left at valve that have actually been there to ship a product? i know they got one of the portal writers back, but they're down marc laidlaw, doug wood, ken birdwell, viktor antonov, probably a dozen more i can think of in various other roles.

though i guess it doesn't matter what talent you cultivate with a structure as dysfunctional as valve's purportedly is.

i guess it doesn't really matter, no one is expecting anything from more from this company anyway. maybe we'll get chat logging or something for steam in another 5 to 10 years.
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Shadow of the Tomb Raider Video
1. Re: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Video Aug 30, 2018, 21:26 Nucas
were the previous iterations of this game marketed this aggressively? i just got into tomb raider games for the first time this year so i wasn't really paying attention, but this blitz is ridiculous. why does square enix treat every IP like it's going to be the next call of duty?

anticipating the "tomb raider IP shelved" announcement in 12 months when it doesn't "meet sales expectations" by selling 10 million copies, just like every other IP square enix puts in a grave. at least we got a full trilogy out of this one, rip deus ex
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
13. Re: Morning Metaverse Aug 29, 2018, 21:43 Nucas
RedEye9 wrote on Aug 29, 2018, 13:35:
Kyle Bennett won't sign the new 5 YEAR Nvidia NDA, which means he won't be first with reviews and he'll have to pay out of pocket for gpu's (he has already dropped >$4k pre-ordering the 2000 series). But it will allow him to tell the truth and do actual reporting.

he did good work breaking the GPP story for sure, but steve burke engaged an attorney about the NDA and concluded that this was ultimately not really any kind of change for hardware reporting. i also wouldn't really call any hardware reporter a hero for buying their own hardware, that's something everyone should be prepared to do if they want to maintain editorial independence. good for hardocp for being prepared to do so but they're not exactly the only game in town in that regard.
Avatar 49584
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News Comments > Rune Next Month
5. Re: Rune Next Month Aug 29, 2018, 21:37 Nucas
Darks wrote on Aug 29, 2018, 20:08:
Hump wrote on Aug 29, 2018, 19:51:
Why has this studio languished in development hell for the past 10 years? Given how great Rune was and how stunning the ideas and gameplay in Prey was just baffles me beyond comprehension. Should I even mention the tech demo for Prey 2?

SMH Disappointed

They haven't, they actually been doing a lot of game releases and worked on a bunch of games in the back end for some main stream games. Rune has always been at the forefront for HH. They were waiting for the right time to make a new game.

They have been a lot more busy then you think dude. Trust me.

that's a positive take. my read has been a studio on life support since their last major publisher release - prey 2 - was axed, doing raven software-esque support work to pay the bills in lieu of any real projects coming their way, and now trying to get their only in-house IP into ship-shape asap.

i have high hopes but tempered expectations for this project.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
11. Re: Morning Metaverse Aug 29, 2018, 18:40 Nucas
that Just Buy It article was really something else. i bounced back and forth between thinking it was written by some clueless old media editor (apparently kind of true according to this tweaktown article) or someone's manic mid-life crisis in article form (TIME IS THE FIRE IN WHICH WE BURN, HOW MUCH OF YOUR LIFE DO YOU WANT TO SPEND WITHOUT THE MOST EXPENSIVE EXPERIENCES brb buying a cruise ticket)

Tipsy McStagger wrote on Aug 29, 2018, 12:55:
Toms hardware used to be my main go to site.. now I don't even know where to go for reviews on tech anymore.

tech report's not bad. when i did a new pc build back in march i recall pulling from them and gamer's nexus primarily. for new mainstream launches like graphics cards and cpus, gamer's nexus is the most detached and thorough in my opinion.

my research during that lead me to believe that under no circumstance should anyone ever rely on ars technica for anything. their most recent build guide at the time was fucking laughable. their "serious gaming machine" is over 3100 dollars, and the specs are a clusterfuck. you spend this much money for a non-K 8700; pointlessly purchase 32gigs of the lowest spec ram coffee lake supports at a time when prices were at all time high, instead of putting that money into a better graphics card, because you chose a gtx 1070. and the piece de reistance, a freesynch monitor you can't use with your geforce graphics card. this was written by their chief hardware editor apparently by the way, and he defended it to the death in the comments.
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