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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
17. Re: Evening Consolidation Aug 22, 2010, 13:53 Z9000
Sacred 2 did a really good job of bringing ARPG to consoles.
As for Diablo 3, when they announced potions were gone and you would instead run over things on the ground, that clearly made me think that was a console friendly change. I think it would be exremely bad busniess not to make it for the consoles. Especially considering the next gen of consoles will be virtually as impressive as most middle to high end self made PCs. The tech cieling is here... and consoles, like laptops, are catching up every generation.
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News Comments > Star Trek Online Head Start Program Update
9. Re: Star Trek Online Head Start Program Update Jan 30, 2010, 15:24 Z9000
Yesterday head-start was smooth as glass. Today however the exact opposite. I think I have played 20 minutes out of the last 2 hours and now can't even get logged in. I just hope they are ready for the deluge on the 2nd...  
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Star Trek Online State of the Game
6. Re: Star Trek Online State of the Game Jan 18, 2010, 22:24 Z9000
I haven't really played a PC game in a full year until STO. I approached STO with a serious set of doubts... I was expecting to be extremely disappointed and didn't expect to be interested... After playing for a week and hitting current beta max level, I have been pleasantly surprised with Star Trek Online. Yeah it's a bit redundant like most MMOs but the dynamic ship combat is interesting, especially in large groups. Being auto grouped in public sectors (insta pugs) and everyone working together to take out fleets of enemy ships is still engaging after hitting max level (limited for beta but about to get lifted). It's a great start to something amazing long term. The sheer number of possible visual character customizations is nearly on par with what Spore allowed as a graphical tool.

The general adherence to ST canon and clever continuations of personnel stories has made STO even more enjoyable (like Sulu's great grand son and Naomi Wildman etc). Without really having any good new content for Star Trek in quite awhile (I did enjoy the new movie as an action flick) it's nice to have something scratch the ST itch. The more I play it, the more depth and stratagems I uncover for character/ship/fleet building. This game has taken a sharper turn towards hardcore and deeper game play as well. I see many casual people complaining about how it's gotten "deep and overly challenging" which to me is perfectly good. Give this one some time and you will reap a lot more than you would expect at face value. They even made some Klingon Opera mixed in with battle music.

Away team missions are pretty simplistic and average right now, but hopefully with some work they will improve. My kids are really enjoying the away team PVP. The ship to ship combat is amazing. Ships are taking roles like fantasy MMOs. Cruisers are tanks, Tactical ships are the rogues/major dps (all ships do dps), Science ships are mage/priest/cc. The complexity of melding gear/character build/ship officers training/ship type leads to some dizzying options. Give this one a *fair* chance if you like Star Trek, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
11. Re: Morning Tech Bits Sep 4, 2009, 14:58 Z9000
There is no real reason to get Vista 7. I have yet to hear any compelling argument. Nor do I expect one to be forthcoming.  
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
16. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 4, 2009, 14:55 Z9000
That's Z9000-speak for "not possible" Verno. I just checked and you can't. He doesn't like to admit the PS3's faults.

I am glad you finally realized your potential as a cheerleader, and have accepted your inability to debate much less do it convincingly. I am happy for you.
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
50. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 4, 2009, 13:29 Z9000
That headline was Xbox 360 console sales down 60% from previous quarter

I really hate discussing/arguing anything with you, I have to constantly keep your facts in line as well as my own. Maybe I should take your training wheels off and let you crash?

You just lied to try save face for a company because you had no idea Sony was a publicly held corporation that posts its financial statements.

I don't care what Sony looks like or whether they save face or not... I do know the last statement from a Sony rep was that they lose money just on making the Slims, but when you take in to account every ancillary sale and income, they have been in the black since last year. Do I need to go link that too to keep you from hurting yourself?

I can think of less than 10 multidisc games on the Xbox 360 period, I'm not sure what point you were trying to make but it faltered as usual.

And it's very likely any game not multi disc is crammed to the brim in order to keep it at 1 disk, leaving a hell of a lot less room to optimize, compressed files, and use of less than optimal locations on the DVD to store info.

Funny how devs are not crying about this but instead crying about how hard it is to work with the PS3. If it's such a problem, how come we never hear about it?

It's not a problem, it's a fact. You can only do so much to optimize an old media format. You hit a brick wall at some point and it becomes common knowledge. As for your Xbot chime about PS3 being difficult to develop for, I have heard more people say they like how PS3 is and it has it's own set of advantages. You need to reread dev comments from people like the ones who made Red Faction, and even the ones from Bioware recently. I am sure you can find those on your own, I don't need to link that too, do I?

Yet again you fail to provide any links to actual graphs or anything at all to support your argument. Here I'll do it for you

Uh, ok, I think I am done arguing anything with you. You do more damage to yourself than any actual furthering of points. That link of yours goes to a gif.jpg file ( ) and has nothing to do with graphing performance of physical media... Am I expected to also search the internet to link proofs of your points now?

In other words, if Microsoft does it, they are the devil. If Sony does it, it's ok.

Xbox = 1 machine per year unless Red Ring of Death last time I checked.
Sony = 5 machines, transferable at any time.

I hate DRM period, but being able to use the non main game files on 5 different consoles is at least reasonable.

Wow you are damaged or something. Sony made SecuRom which does limit installs and made many games unplayable with activations and draconian DRM methods. Microsoft didn't make that, that was SONY.

Just because Sony makes something (that other people wanted to buy), doesn't mean they are to blame for it's use or abuse. Microsoft is the one that started the "Games for Windows" push. Buying up studios, making PC port to Xbox in general. Replacing the PC market with their own Xbox market.

Sony has existed for over a decade in harmony with PC gaming. It wasn't until Xbox came along that you got this destruction on a very large scale. I don't think Steam was some developer casually coming up with a new way to do things, I think this has been a MS board room concocted scheme along with Netflix from the get go. Those 3 companies along with probably a few others positioned themselves to corner and control the PC market, and either chase them to Xbox, or to Steam (or both). Destruction on an incredible scale in the name of preventing piracy to developers/investors, while really being about money and control for Microsoft and it's puppets. So yeah, let's put the blame where it belongs... Those who used the DRM and Microsoft.

Oh geez how generous of them! Restricting what I paid for only 5 times, they should get a medal!

There you go again... Sony you pay 1 time, use 5 different pieces of hardware. Xbox, pay 1 time, use only 1 place. I am not defending DRM, I hate it, but if I have to choose between the 2, Sony owns Xbox easily.

PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
15. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 4, 2009, 12:39 Z9000
I don't know, your wife seemed to be pretty experienced when we were playing that game last night, don't lie

Talking out of your ass, pretending to own a PS3 in order to simply regurgitate all the recent Xbox console wars drivel, is not being honest with anyone. Secondly, insulting my wife of 20 years only shows you have no class, nor maturity.

This comment was edited on Sep 4, 2009, 13:38.
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Evening Consolidation Sep 4, 2009, 12:26 Z9000
I think there are more Rock Band releases than GH when looked at song for song. Claiming it was only 1 company is naive, especially with all the new entry wannabes. Claiming that the market is saturated is ignorant, it's not even close... I have gotten all the GH stuff and am not sick of it. In fact everyone in my home wants more.

As for this stupid EA slanted editorial, it takes a random store sample of people who bought the guitar+game and makes a statement that has no redeeming qualities, much less factual worth. People own lots of GH guitars already (LOTS). The buying of guitars should be down more than 50%.

PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
1. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 4, 2009, 12:07 Z9000
I can only speak for the PS3 version, so far a very good flight sim for a console. Is as arcade or realistic as you want it and the aircraft damage portrayed is pretty nice. You can break in to various pieces, the standard smoke trails, spray oil (or get sprayed from a plane you are tailing) various holes, pieces and jagged bent wings are just some of the other things that can happen. IL2 fills the skies with a lot of aircraft in famous WWII battles.

This comment was edited on Sep 4, 2009, 12:08.
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
12. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 3, 2009, 15:55 Z9000
How do I voice chat with people who aren't playing the same game as me?

In your case it would require sticking the mic up your ass, so I am not sure as I have never tried that.

This comment was edited on Sep 3, 2009, 15:57.
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
10. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 3, 2009, 14:50 Z9000
Uncharted freezing is something a few people are reporting about firmware 3.0. It'll get fixed.

To check battery level you hit the PS3 button, it also shows the time similar to Xbox.

The new major firmware update probably has a ton of things that are irritating, it will be awhile before it gets smoothed out. I connect to PSN just for multiplayer or DLC, otherwise I am offline. I will be using firmware 2.8 until 3.x is where I am comfortable with it. This was a very, very large change to what has been a pretty bad ass interface (although going back through your purchases has been a chore when you get over 100 and that needed work). I haven't even checked out the PSN connectivity with 3.0 yet.

Been playing GH 5 (just started messing with GH for the first time this last month, my kids have played it for a decade or longer) and picking up IL2 Sturmovik today..

Until this firmware stuff is ironed out, I am obviously not going to be able to port old GH music, which is probably a good thing since a lot of it can't be imported yet... (no matter what console you own) But I still like GH a lot more than RB, especially since they have a feel for what "rock" songs and moments matter (e.g. "Do you feel.." was a extreme case of a single song becoming iconic). I am hoping GH does a huge David Gilmour collection (buy it Kotick, my opinion of you would jump leaps and bounds). Not really hard rock, but it's a guitar Hero in every sense of the word. The PS3 bluetooth does an amazing job of handling GH wireless am glad I bought all my GH stuff for PS3.

This comment was edited on Sep 3, 2009, 15:52.
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
8. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 3, 2009, 12:47 Z9000
Hey Z9000 I'm gonna go buy a PS3 today. What games should I get?

My top 6 based on very unique game play, with that "something different" factor I crave. YMMV.

inFAMOUS (still my goty vote)
Valkyria Chronicles (Good WWII semi turn based tactical game with a JRPG veneer)
Eye of Judgement (Hard to get cards now without Ebay)
Super Stardust HD (Best 2 stick shooter since Robotron, it tosses in Asteroids and smart bombs from Defender)
Pixeljunk Monsters (cartoony, but damn good tower defense game)

Others I like...

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (Loved this game when PS3 first came out)
Killzone 2 (amazing graphics, good multiplayer features and bots)
Heavenly Sword (a lesser GOW)
High Stakes Poker (you can set up a 200 player tournament, turbo mode past the boredom, always play)
Savage Moon/Comet Crash (if you are a big Tower Defense person, these games are a must get)
Motorstorm 1 was great, 2 not so good but many still like it.
Disgaea 3 (Randomized puzzle levels, tons of level grinding and character development with near endless game play. Not for everyone)
Resistance 1 (Old School shooter like Quake, with new weapons as you play through it multiple times! Looong game too. This also has a pretty damn funny level where you commit an unbelievable amount of vehicular homicide)
Resistance 2 ("The Experience" type shooter )
Warhawk (Battlefield type game with multple vehicles, maps, objectives and of course the Warhawk to fly)
MGS4 (very trippy but decent, multiplayer has some interesting aspects)
Ratchet and Clank (Very fun game despite or even because of the cartoony animals)
Buzz (Decent party game with agility based trivia...)

I have almost 200 PS3 games now, it's getting harder to seperate out the unique to PS3 stuff. I buy all 3rd party stuff for PS3 now and have been for over a year. I don't regret it a bit and am going to continue to do so.

This comment was edited on Sep 3, 2009, 12:51.
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
48. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 2, 2009, 16:12 Z9000
360 is the only system posting stable sales growth in both software catalog and hardware right now when every other company is having trouble with the economy.

Not too long ago there was a headline that the entire Xbox 360 division was down over 60%. That's not stable growth. They are still down. PS3 has been in the black with all things considered for a year.

If we were talking about the PS3 here, sales figures would matter to you. Second, the sales figures determine the effective install base that publishers can sell content to so it very much matters despite whatever you may think.

Raw sales figures with out context is only something the most naive investor might care about. It's that context and how it matters is what I have been harping on post after post... Raw data can be made to say just about anything. Raw data can be corrupted. Hell a company with money to burn can actually buy it's own inventory and resell it if they thought that it would improve the chances of securing a commanding position in a market, while writing it off as a loss...

are you going to pretend that half of the 32 million Xbox owners are all diehards who bought the system multiple times?

I think it's ore around 30 million and for example I will use it. Let's say 46% of the people who bought an Xbox never had a problem (using Joystiq's sample data). Then lets say that the other 54% had to at least replace their Xbox 1 time. But half of them had to do it a 2nd time, and half of them had to do it a 3rd time, so on and so on. You would reach a figure well beyond cutting total sales in half. My opinion not only holds merit, it's more accurate and in line with the actual graph recently released regarding bad Xboxs. Those who had problems kept pulling bad ones from the "pool" of bad refurbs, this continued until they bought their way out on another xbox, and even some of those were bad too. I know, it's happened to me 3 times. You have a concrete theoretical explanation how it came to pass, and even a graph from a third party showing things like this did in fact most likely occur. You can pretend it isn't the case all you want. If I were selling a game on Xbox, I would seriously cut my expectations for average sales potential in half after filtering out all other factors.

Actually there are very few large singular data files in a typical game and that is what developers move to the outer regions of a DVD.

Thank you for agreeing with me, the problem is that the tiny DVD disk is crammed full with little ability to optimize unless you ship with more than 1 disk, or cut lots of content out (or your game was tiny already).

Most of these will be large textures or levels. This keeps their read speeds relatively stable and at optimal rates.

Not when they are compressed because of disk space issues DVD capacity limitations force on a developer... What ring that is on the disc also matters more on DVD than Blu-ray.. Read speeds are not smooth and constant as you portray, they fluctuate wildly with DVD. Some optimizations can be made, but the best ones require space that many games don't allow for while trying to cram on 1 DVD.

If Sony would include a 4x BD drive we wouldn't even be having this discussion but they keep using old 2x technology which is first gen and slow.

While I do agree it would have been awesome to have a 4x BD drive, even by the most basic graphs out there, the 2X drive is in the range of a 12x dvd. By having a very consistent read, faster seek time, and less need for optimization in order to remain at that constant read speed, are some of the things that make it perform as good if not better than a 12x DVD...

Small reads are unimportant for both Blu-Ray and DVD, seek times are more than adequate there.

I won't agree or disagree with you here, but again Blu-ray seek times are faster from the things I have read. Feel free to disagree.

Where is this comparison?

Side by side, loading between the same zones while playing both the Xbox and PS3. The whole family agreed the PS3 loaded zones faster than the Xbox. It didn't even need a stopwatch test, the difference was so dramatic. I can't believe we are even discussing this...

No, you don't get to do this. Last week you claimed Microsoft was going to do this with their DD store and kept going on and on about how wrong it was. Now it's simply no big deal because Sony's doing it? No, that's exactly the kind of inconsistency that people criticize you for.

Do you even remember what you are arguing about? I will refresh your memory. I made a claim that in my opinion Xbox will be less patient and force people to digital only much sooner than PS3 in order to compete. I said I felt Xbox drm was draconian, while on PSN you can use the software on 5 different consoles. I said I think Sony is less likely to give up Blu-ray as a format after spending so much in order to make it the standard. God of War 1, and God of War 2 are being released with touch up on Blu-ray (physical media). The meaning of what I said is it's shitty they won't allow people who already own the physical PS2 copies to play the game on all PS3s and are making them repurchase more physical media to play it. It has nothing to do with Xbox or PS3 going digital only... Not sure if you are really that lost here, or just making stuff up now just annoy me...

Sony is the king of DRM. They are responsible for the major driving DRM on the PC that you blew off.

I don't credit them for killing PC gaming, I think Microsoft deserves that crown. Limited installs and broken games is the kind of DRM I am talking about. Forcing people to use Game for Windows and Steam. That's the bullshit that killed PC gaming for me and many others. You can't pin that on Sony.

Sony PSN games are DRM'd.

They let you use all game software on 5 different consoles..., and you can deactivate and reactivate entire consoles (PSP and HD changes do not change the counts either). If these were the MAIN games on PS3, I wouldn't buy in to it at all. On Xbox, you get 1 single machine to use your DRM'd software on. Last I checked you could only change to a new machine 1 time a year unless you get RROD or convince a csr to grant you a change. Since Sony will most likely staying on physical media longer, getting the major games on Blu-ray will prevent people from being put in to a position of download only at some point from Xbox via Games on Demand. If you want to pretend PSN DRM is ridiculous when in fact it's pretty generous, that's your choice. It doesn't really affect any of the physical media as you can play every game on Blu-ray for PS3 without ever going online.

Link to this imaginary discussion.

It's in your own posting history, find it yourself...

Lame backpedal that really means you don't have five. This is exactly what people are sick of you doing.

Last time this happened you were betting I would not be able to come up with 35 PS3 exclusive titles, I found 55+...

If you want to play this game, make it worth my while otherwise step off. I don't care what you think or if you believe me at this point, the only thing I ever hear when a service drops support of something it's about Xbox live, and I still think that.

@Verno - Practice what you preach and we will see where it goes...

This comment was edited on Sep 2, 2009, 16:16.
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
10. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 2, 2009, 01:43 Z9000
I usually wait a week on any big firmware release. There's always something to worry about... I did however brand my new slim (yes I have 3 PS3s now) with 3.0 just to see it. I plan on doing a huge 400 gig back up and update to the slim with my current data when the fallout is over and I update my current OS. I love the slim so far (kids are getting it so I can put one of these 60 gig BC units up for safe keeping). I put a 500 gig HD on the slim, works great... It was a lot easier to install the HD on the slim too.  
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > On Sale
6. Re: On Sale Sep 2, 2009, 01:24 Z9000  
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
44. Re: Morning Consolidation Aug 31, 2009, 15:40 Z9000
Love you too little guy, let's hug it out.

I thought you were out... Didn't take long to prove to everyone you never mean what you say...

The makers of Oblivion say the PS3 loads slower than the 360.

That's odd because in the real world, playing the game, the PS3 loads waaaay faster. Maybe a link you guys always expect me to post, but never provide yourself is called for?

Dude he criticizes you for not backing things up then you make even more claims

I have posted 4 links in this thread backing my claims. No one else has posted a single relevant link. I will back my stuff up more when you start backing up your preposterous counter claims. In addition to that, my hands on observations and opinions on some issues are exactly that.

Seriously? You really need to seek therapy if you think this.

If you think you really think the "Oh it's a conspiracy" defense is going to fly here, then it is you that's a few fries short of a happy meal... Anyone can read the first 8 posts of this thread and easily come to the conclusion that the 4 of you have axes to grind with me from previous interactions on other posts and are out to "get" me on this thread. I am sorry you are such a bad loser that you need to harass people who proved their points better to feel vindicated.

Sure. Wow that's a classic right there.

I seriously do not care what you 3 buy. In fact, stay on Xbox Live, please... Everyone else should get the best piece of hardware known as the PS3.

This comment was edited on Aug 31, 2009, 16:03.
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
42. Re: Morning Consolidation Aug 31, 2009, 15:16 Z9000
so I'm out.

Don't lie to people Verno, you can't help but see your own words typed, like spam... You have never left, you even stated, "You will always be here to post" when I do, like some internet cop. omg is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's SUPER VERNO! Blue's news own misguided demihero of distorted justice and the internet way!
PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
41. Re: Morning Consolidation Aug 31, 2009, 15:13 Z9000
That doesn't mean those people are all running out and buying new Xbox360's is his point

Of course not, some used a refurb program if still within it's limited coverage, and then when that burned out bought a new one. There's a portion of people that bought their Xbox and rarely play it, there's a portion of people who bought 1 or more Xboxs and have abandoned it (like my family and others I know) and there's a portion of people who are die hard Xbox players and have resigned themselves to chewing through hardware as it goes out. When Xbox sales go "dark" it's more than likely gone forever this generation in my opinion (also many are adopting PS3 as their only system and abandoning the Xbox due to hardware issues if you can believe the multitudes of posts declaring just that). When a PS3 went dark, it was because of lack of games at one point, that's no longer the case now. Just about every new PS3 does have a chance of selling a piece of 3rd party software. PS3 is emerging, Xbox is slowing imploding in my opinion. That doesn't mean that is a permanent state, that just means right now, that seems to be the case. Pretending the sales Figures that are out there mean anything other than there's been a lot sold, without a caveat that many Xbox systems have burned out, or are no longer used is dishonest at best.

virtual numbers do not keep people owning a product if they have to pay $1000 to replace it 5 times like

But this is exactly what some die hard fans have had to do in order to use their software collection. Do you live under a rock or something? I have had to buy an Xbox several times myself. I stopped... When I did I was even refused ability to transfer my software purchases to the new system. They have remedied that recently but it didn't change what I and others had to go through to stay Xbox users. I won't defend a multi billion dollar company that crushes people trying to be their fan with bad hardware and unfair business practices. You can support them if you wish. While some policies with MS have changed, I am convinced their philosophy and abusive apathy for the end user and others remains. You want to spend more money for less, that's your choice.

We're talking about a few seconds here at most so it's not a big deal but it's yet another false claim from you with no factual backup.

You are utterly wrong. For example I own Oblivion for both Xbox and PS3, It looks better on PS3, it loads waaay, waaaay faster as well. It is a big deal when a game uses every single zone border as a load point.

No they aren't. Every single multiplatform game loading comparison I just googled has the 360 ahead.

What you are seeing most likely if you are looking at the stuff I think you are is flat theory tables with no factoring in of average speed, data location, how many layers involved, where data is on a disk (as this affects DVDs in a big way not BD) ability to have extra space in order to optimize reads (hard to do on most fully loaded small DVDs like a majority of Xbox are, especially if they are dual layered which slows down a DVD drive even more) and of course the superior seek time of Blu-ray. In real world transfer speeds, you will see the Blu-ray has a much better average transfer speed on a 2x versus a 12x trying to read a dual layer DVD with slower seek time, and crowded with data that most likely was unable to be optimized at the time it's created because the whole DVD was needed to produce the game, or they can go to extra DVDs which is rare for single disk non RPG games. Blu-ray runs at a constant load rate, DVD fluctuate wildly, and rarely live up to any theory when presented at black and white face value on a real game.

You keep making these wild claims with no numbers, no URLs, no sources, nothing.

I almost always back stuff up and you know it. In this case, the only way to do these things is to take each game on a case by case basis and run PS3 to Xbox and compare the loads which I haven't found. I have done a few myself, like Oblivion above, and it was clearly a dominating performance by the PS3. In order to explain why this occurs, you have to look at all the factors like I mentioned above. It would take extremely detailed tests with intersection at the hardware level with readouts and be game to game much like you see varying results on FPS comparisons to make a worthy "proof" which doesn't exist in what browsing I have done.

I'm a PC guy and I tend to do my research before making purchase decisions.

I am the same way. I blew off PC gaming when DRM became the norm, I have tried the alternatives. PS3 has offered a great performance over the last 3 years, the games are here now with truckloads incoming, the multiplay is free, and things like the look and performance of Killzone 2 clearly tells me that there is much more to come. I made a decision to drop PC games in general (may get a few) and now I am making a decision to not buy anything Xbox, at all... What you do is your business, and I am not here to convince you either way. If I want to post something and an organized group of people want to flame and jump my case for my opinion, I will respond. This thread started when I simply posted the gamestop web site the other day with a clever ad about Batman and was jumped on by 4 of you for no reason. You made shit up and made personal attacks. If you want to label people as zealots, look in the mirror...

People are going to buy systems that have the games they want to play.

I posted a list of 55+ PS3 exclusives. That has grown tremendously. Even Verno's favorite game Prototype had articles pointing out Superior features on the PS3. Today I posted a link that shows God of War 1 and 2 coming to PS3 as well. That's PS2 games that work on any PS3, on physical media. I think it's kind of shitty that Sony will resell these games instead of making them BC for all (have have the original PS3 so it doesn't affect me directly) but maybe they will change their approach with time. In a way for these 2, I am glad they reoutched them and that they will be on Blu-ray. I would buy SMT: Noctune this way as well if they ever did it, SSX collection too...

I realize this was directed at Verno but I'm going to respond as it deserves immediate condemnation.

What you mean to say is that you all conspired to attack yme from the get go, and you are continuing to do so while doing a poor job hiding that fact... Don't talk about other people being disingenuous when you have displayed acts of hypocrisy and deceit.

I seem to be able to find out more using Google than you know about your system after owning it for three years.

Maybe the reason you are incorrect about most of what you say is that you use Google and the internet as your litmus test where I tend to actually use the hardware (years in this case) and even the competition hardware, and form my own educated opinions. It's ok, that's typical for people whom like playing the forum game and really don't care about what the topic is... You couldn't even get the bus speed information of the PS3 when compared to a PC correct (or you did and bailed), it's not hard to believe that is just going to continue.

Name five. You always hear it, so surely you can name five examples.

I will name 5 examples if you will submit to changing your signature to whatever I want it to read for 60 days. Otherwise jump through those hoops yourself...

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PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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10. Re: Morning Consolidation Aug 31, 2009, 14:06 Z9000
Well the good news out of all of this is that PS3 owners can play God of War 1, God of War 2, and God of War 3 all on the PS3, no matter which one you own. The previous 2 are getting a touch up as well in some aspects.

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PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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38. Re: Morning Consolidation Aug 29, 2009, 16:16 Z9000
This is your entire problem in a nutshell though. First off, yes it's ludicrous.

Yes it is a problem because you seem to have fooled yourself in to ignoring the probability that failing systems are a very large source of hyper inflated sales figures. This is on top of the real reasons like apparently normal console life for an Xbox, people buying Elite for HDMI, or multiple systems in the same home.

Second, your personal situation does not apply to every other consumer in the universe.

I don't claim my personal experience is the same for everyone else, I can read on the internet in multiple locations. I can't help but see endless confirmation of ridiculously large return rates. It's every single Xbox owner I know as well. Even Fan boys who are stalwart defenders of Xboxs are priding themselves on how many Xboxs they have gone through. I have seen people claiming they have gone through over 10 xboxs since release. Even Joystiq (a report posted right here on Blues) stated 54ish % on Xbox failure and went on to claim if it was their own statistics, it would be well over 100%. It's Hyper inflated sales statistics, stop being silly!

Bluray adoption is going to be a slow and painful process,

Never claimed otherwise, even said it was expected. The same thing happened with Record to CD, VHS to DVD, floppy to CD then DVD. The point I was making is you can wait till later, or build your Blu-ray library now. It is better than streaming, way better...

Trying to pretend that capacity is all that matters is pretty ignorant too.

I agree, glad I didn't do that...

While we are on the subjects of things you misunderstand, my sig is about how a 3 year old XBOX 360 game I own, and own DLC for, is suddenly getting multiplayer removed. I always hear how on Xbox Live there are things being removed (not so on PS3). What's worse is a company other than microsoft can suddenly decide to negate my ability to play multiplayer on a game I own (and have paid for DLC on) even if I pay for Xbox Live gold. That's not ok to me, and it draws their entire control, and ability to run an online service in favor of gamers in to question. If it can happen on this game, it can happen on any other game a non MS company decides to pull the plug on. If you want to support that kind of service, even champion it, and call me stupid, then go for it, I lost just about any respect I had for you ages ago. Another difference between this issue, and what you said about Warhawk is, that you will still be able to play Warhawk multiplayer... I can't say the same thing for Chrome Hounds.

One of the main reasons for most games to have mandatory installs for caching purposes on the PS3.

I wouldn't go down this road. Xbox load speeds are way longer, and they have added entire installs just to compete. Xbox is the low machine in this respects, it's ridiculous to even talk about small 1 gig installs on PS3 when Xbox is produced not to have to, but users are doing 9+ gig installs to get acceptable performance anyways... It's a fact that Xbox installs are longer to accomplish, and require a ton more space if you choose to install the games, or you can play it with slow ass loads. But there's nothing wrong with that. You seem to think it's bad but I guess the list of things to prop up the failing Xbox with is getting shorter and much less believable. BTW any installs to a disc is a bonus for speed. Talking about the need to do it as a bad thing is ignorance... I wish PS3 had full game installs as an option, but the PS3 doesn't need it, Xbox however does.

Can you condense your responses a bit? You replied 4 times in a row and the posts are becoming unmanageable to respond to.

I responded directly to the people who were quoting to me on a post by post basis. Not interjecting comment after comment with new posts like you do. PS3 is the better buy for every possible reason I can think of. Is that condensed enough?

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PS3 resurgance by GOW3 - Check! Mass Effect for PS3 - Check! Diablo 3 for consoles? I say "For sure"!
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