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Signed On May 25, 2000, 01:07
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News Comments > Microsoft Break-up Broken
12. This is good. Sep 6, 2001, 12:21 Dead_Cow
I'm sorry, but the computer world needs someone to pull technologies together. There needs to be a baseline for compatibility. MS has set this. Because of MS, it's easier to go to the store and buy something with reletive confidence that it will work with what you have at home. Those that want a choice, have other choices emerging... Linux perhaps the best example. As far as I'm concerned, what MS has done has made everyone's daily lives easier. I also believe that they will not be the king of the game forever. Kings are dethroned by the public over time (3 years ago... AMD who?). Once MS opposers come to understand what their home computing life would be like w/out MS, maybe they will understand better that overall MS's 'monopoly' is indeed a good thing in this case. Think back to the early computing days when everything was proprietary (TRS-80, TI-99a, etc) If you needed something, you went to the MANUFACTURER and found out if they had something that would work with your computer... if not, tough cookies, there was no option. Not only did MS make the home computing experience more viable, they made it easier. They made it so you didn't have to worry if you had anything but Windows installed. If you did, chances are "x" product would work for you. That might be a bad thing to *ix users who like tinkering with command line switches, config files, etc, but overall, it gives the home computing market a direction. Their being a monopoly isn't a fault of MS either. People get what they are looking for. If they product isn't good, it fails (Apple who? Marketshare huh?). This isn't saying Apple has failed, per se, but they are CERTAINLY not as popular as PC's.

I hope MS continues to improve the end user computing experience (as I believe this to be ONLY an end user issue... there is a plethora of business OS's to run on), until a better product that is as user friendly and easy to use becomes mainstream. That day will come. Probably soon. Maybe it will be Apple... Maybe it will be Linux... Maybe it's being developed right now behind the closed doors of some no-name shop...

Whatever it may be, I will embrace that as well.

This comment was edited on Sep 6, 12:35.
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News Comments > Anarchy Online Patch
17. Re: What a crock Jul 30, 2001, 09:15 Dead_Cow
NO, turning the player view all the way to 100% Does NOT allow full view of all players like before. It just expands the clip radius. If that is this sliders intended function, that is broke as well.

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News Comments > Anarchy Online Patch
11. What a crock Jul 29, 2001, 23:02 Dead_Cow
Okay, not only did the "PATCH" fix my ability to see all my team on a regular basis, but it also "fixed" the problem of dying in the world. There are no monsters. What a bunch of dolts funcom is.

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News Comments > Max Payne Pre-orders Detained at the Border
21. Re: Nice reply Jul 25, 2001, 13:54 Dead_Cow
"Show me where I said that."

Here: "The delay wasn't our fault."

Here: "as if the shipping issue was OUR fault, which it wasn't."

3DR ships the product. Period. FedEx is not shipping Max Payne.

For whatever reason, you're taking items in this thread as a personal attack on you, when all I originally said was the equivalent of "I find 3DRealms preorder process to be unreliable and will not use it again".

Do you think it's that unreasonable that I would want the preorder game before the game is available in the store (or at least the same day)? Do I not have a valid reason to be dissappointed in the fact that I don't have the game yet? You seem to think so. I disagree. You cannot invalidate my feelings because of your company loyalty.

All this isn't saying that the "all nighter" 3DR pulled to get the preorders shipped out isn't appreciated either. Nice photo journal on, btw.

Have the last word, Joe, I'll not reply anymore. I stand by my posts and replies (which, btw, are devoid of swears on purpose). However, you cannot sit there and tell me that 3DRealms pre-order process is reliable. It's not. The fact that there's no game here proves that.

As a side note, my card was also charged three times and then refunded twice. I thought I was the only one.

This comment was edited on Jul 25, 14:03.
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News Comments > Max Payne Pre-orders Detained at the Border
9. Oh. Jul 25, 2001, 12:09 Dead_Cow
"We had it all lined up to get our units Monday AM so we could ship most of them that night."

You're telling me on an order of this size that the stock should arrive on the same day it's planned to be shipped out?

You're right. Nothing ever goes wrong with shipping. You guys definately shouldn't require a product that you're going ship be there a few days ahead of the planned ship date. As long as you hope it will be there that day, that should be enough.

The net result of my "complaining" was simply that I will not pre-order a product from 3DR again. I don't think that's so far out of whack.

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News Comments > Max Payne Pre-orders Detained at the Border
6. "When It Ships" :| Jul 25, 2001, 11:26 Dead_Cow
Should be the title of this news story.

Watch the preorders show up without mouse pads either. I cannot believe the preorders will be available after retail. I hope 3DR realizes how LAME that is. Nice messing up, guys. I won't say this is inexcusable, cause developers and marketers probably get tired of hearing that phrase when a game is released, but you know, it's just not right.

Maybe we could get compensated with some extra Max Payne merchandise?? Yeah, yeah, I'll "keep dreaming". I'm very disapointed in your guys, 3DR. I won't pre-order DNF because of this (although I'll still buy it). Sorry, but when I pre-order a game, I expect to have "I own it" bragging rights before the yahoos in the store do (no offense to all the yahoos that buy it retail). And a company this size with an order of this size should have the foresight to pre-arrange order shipping. Not wait until the day it's supposed to ship and then wonder why there's problems. Get your act together, 3DR. This is just inexcuseable. Oops.. there I go....

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News Comments > Max Payne Countdown Begins
5. If they are going to release... Jul 9, 2001, 15:28 Dead_Cow
a statement like that, they should include when all the pre-buyers will get their copies. Street date as well? A day ahead? Sheesh. Gimme my game and mouse pad!

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News Comments > On Anarchy Online's Online Anarchy
52. Oddly enough... Jul 5, 2001, 00:35 Dead_Cow
I played for nearly the entire day today. The game is coming together and is quite fun. My god people, lighten up. Yeah it's money... but IT'S A GAME. If you don't like buggy software, then BUY OFF THE CLEARANCE RACK. That's been tested. Don't go plunking down your "whole $50" for a game you've never even seen being played before.. and for those of you that DID see it being played before (beta testers, whatnot) if you knew it was like this, and you bought it, well then, that probably says a little something about YOUR judgement. More directly, you're a moron (if you're insulted by that, it probably applies). Don't be the first on the bandwagon. You'll find your gaming issues a lot less severe and frequent. The game will work. It's working better all ready. For those of you that are returning it, that's fine with me. Just stop squawking about it like a injured chicken.

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