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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
31. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 10, 2009, 12:42 wallace321
Ugh, you made me do it. "last word"

Do you fail to see the irony in calling someone else a "last word" freak immediately followed by telling them to grow up? Think about it.

Now, go ahead and say whatever you think you need to. I'm done with this. You aren't even talking about the game anymore.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
29. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 10, 2009, 11:52 wallace321
you mean my live journal of correcting your dumbass reading mistakes and lies, if they were intentional. i guess we'll never know  
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
27. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 10, 2009, 11:31 wallace321
I doubt anyone even knows what you were asking anymore, you've been so back and forth

I'm not ASKING anything. I'm telling you, or "Commenting" if you prefer. IMHO, online check-in to a big brother server to play single player is BS. "offline mode" wasn't even my initial problem. I've been back and forth addressing other people's mistakes and nonsense. but i addressed all of it, even the crap people made up that was not related to my initial comment that 'online check-in for single player is BS'.

My initial PROBLEM and wish for the patch was removal of the internet access requirement to play single player. Remember when Mass Effect was going to require internet check-ins? And how outraged people were? This is the same thing except in this game they only lock off 66% of the game, the single player component and local multiplay that has no business requiring 'permission' from relic to play.

So you can play offline, steam or retail, but you still need to register with relic and if those servers go offline, eventually the game is unplayable at all. Right? THAT is the concern and the issue with the relic login.

I added that it was the "relic login" component that prevented someone who owns both CoH and OF against eachother IFF they're linked to the same relic account. it was then carified that can be avoided by RE REGISTERING the keys to 2 different accounts. Thanks to whoever said that. Very good to know.

It is of course a situation that could be avoided if only a disc check was used! Just like the old days? Yeah. And that was my point from the very beginning. The online part of the requirment is unnecessary and I wish it would be removed.

And then someone freaked out about what a "stand alone' expansion is. There was confusion about that because i was saying that once you linked the KEY of one game to a relic account that had the KEY of another you can no longer start them at the same time, (because you can't log into relic more than once!) and thus they are not "stand alone"! The fact that you can re-register the keys to seperate account fixes that. Problem solved! I have no idea where he got the idea i was trying to do anything but play both games "seperately". The "bunch of friends' thing was really offensive because I DO pay for ALL my games. Every copy.

We said Company of Heroes Steam/Direct2Drive cannot be used without account functionality if you are offline.

You need to work on your communications skills. This is how this all got started down this confused road.
"Account" - do you mean steam account or relic account?
"offline" - do you mean when Steam is offline, Relic's "offline" or simply being disconnected from the internet?

This became this big mess because of miscommunications like this. If I relized where you were confused, I tried to clarify. And I get nothing but crap for it.

I'm not the jackass who can't communicate with other human beings

see above.

Your bullshit in this thread has been so confused and hilarious it strains the mind

if you can't admit that you were mistaken about a few things as well, then also, see above.

You want three people able to play the same game you only paid for once? Go buy another 2 copies.

this was an epic misunderstanding but I don't apoligize for your misunderstanding unless you can show me where you were confused. playing a bunch of friends with a single copy? REALLY? i never said anything even remotely close to this. i tried to clear things up so there's no bad blood but you made no such admission. see above.

Stop acting so holier than though. You really sound that way when you accuse someone of being a pirate who actually owns 6 copies of the game and just has a gripe with a little useless DRM. (and yes, it's useless. Look up CoH on bit torrent. that DRM that annoys me doesnt seem to be stopping anybody)

This comment was edited on Jun 10, 2009, 11:34.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
25. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 10, 2009, 10:08 wallace321
All i did was post my thought on how I wished for a specific change in the upcoming patch. It was a ONE line comment. I was polite when i was polite to and it was very civil. Posted a problem, and a potential solution. And then i was attacked, so I attacked back. You expect to dish it out, but you can't take it? Read the thread. I was the first one yelled at and insulted. Are you an only child and just not used to people fighting back? People in the real world don't put up with that kind of crap, kiddo.

I don't need tech support. I commented on an issue and was attacked for it. I have no gripe with anything or anybody here, but nonsense and lies are going to be called out. I'm glad someone pointed out you can associate keys with different relic accounts. And then I got accused of being a pirate? I defended myself and tried to clear up the confusion. More attacks. Don't like being wrong? Feel free to exit decent society. Go start a colony where you're right about everything.

PS. Steam version CAN play offline

congrats, you look like a total fool. go play wii
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
23. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 10, 2009, 08:17 wallace321
I don't know how many times people can tell you the same thing but I am out of patience like everyone else. Steam copies cannot be played offline without an internet connection,


I just did. Steam offline, network cable unplugged, game launched. Hosted a multiplayer game Only LAN game was an option. So tell me it again, and it will be wrong again. You are wrong.

I asked if you were sure and you told me the same WRONG thing again. So tell me again that you can't, and it will still be wrong. I was hoping to figure out why. Maybe you just think you know what you're talking about. I'm telling you right here that you're full of shit. Steam version can be played without an internet connection

you have really destroyed this thread.

By 'destroyed' do you mean called you out on your bullshit? Then yes, I did.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
20. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 9, 2009, 19:21 wallace321
I have no clue what you're asking to do here, the language is confusing and jumbled. Just make multiple accounts if you want multiple people playing, register their specific copies of the game with each account. Beyond that I can't help you, contact Relic.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you had to make a seperate account with some company for every game you owned? That's part of what I'm saying. For single player and LAN players, this is an absurd thing to force people to do. But I can understand how i was a little confusing, so I'll clarify:

I have a retail copy of each and a steam copy of each.

6 seperate games - 2 of each, CoH, OF, ToV

But I always just launch the steam copy and log into either account.

I have the steam copy installed on 2 computers and that's what I run. Steam logged in on one machine, steam offline on the other. And then I log in with 2 seperate Relic accounts, each of which has a CD key for each CoH game/'stand alone' expansion.

I don't even know if I've ever mixed Steam/Retail CD keys into each account.

Because of the need to manage CD keys now, I don't know which Relic account got which CD keys, retail or steam or what problems that will cause. Does it mean I can't play if I don't have an internet connection?

But I guess all that matters is the method of install, I would guess?

To play offline, someone was suggesting that only the CoH games installed from retail discs can be played without logging into relic's servers.

Maybe I should do it the other way around? Install every computer on retail and then just log on with a different account.

Since I play with the Steam version, it's possible I'm having trouble playing "offline" because it's the steam version of the game. So maybe I should install the retail version of all the games on both computers and then launch that instead of the steam version.

So, and this is complicated, which is why we're talking about it right? If it was simple you would have understood by now. I have 6 games.

2 copies of CoH (1 steam, 1 retail)
2 copies of OF (1 steam, 1 retail)
2 copies of ToV (1 steam, 1 retail)

that equals 6 CD keys

They are all either "games" or "stand alone" expansions. I SHOULD be able to start all of them at the same time and play a six player game (with each player limited to the modes and to the sides of their CD-KEY, CoH, OF, or ToV). AHHH but the steam copies were all bought by the same Steam account! So i can technically only start one of those at a time, but I'll get to that.

The retail copies though, I am able to install and launch each of those on 3 different machines, one running CoH, one running OF, and one running ToV.

NOW, because of the way Relic does their authentication, I actually have six keys. I can install all six computers using the retail discs, and then just create 6 Relic accounts, including 3 using keys bought from steam. That's why this is one of the rare times you can run more than one game bought from steam at a time.

Now, in a LAN game two of the six people should be able to play US and Germany (CoH), two of the six should be able to play as Brit and PE, and two of the 6, i don't know. What can you do in multiplayer with ONLY Tales of Valor?

Now, that SHOULD work and there is not a goddamn thing morally or leagally wrong with it.

The reason we all got so pissed was because it's an unnecessairily complicated system. It's a combination of "stand alone" expansion packs all able to play with other users of the other games AND relic's stupid login requiring you to register your key to your account.

Now, you tell me, with the Steam part, am I a pirate for using CD keys bought from a single steam account to play them at the same time? It MIGHT be a grey area but it's a loophole created by relic and their retarded system. And I'm CERTAINLY NOT a pirate because this is exactly how it it advertised to work! The problem is entirely with Relic's associating CD keys to relic accounts and being unable to login as many times as you have licenses. I'm sure six people wouldn't have a problem each having a relic account. All i wanted was to be able to play 1v1 in any game mode, as any side. And that required six purchases, which I made. And technically, I have the licenses to play a six player game. Relic just makes it incredibly annoying to do so. But it is sure as hell not piracy and it is NOT why these types of systems had to be implented in the first place! That is assinine to even suggest.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
19. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 9, 2009, 18:26 wallace321
I just unplugged my DSL modem a minute ago and was able to enter the game fine.

I just put steam in offline mode, disconnected the network cable, and launched ToV.

I was able to get to the main menu after "logging in" with one of my Relic accounts but only after clicking "continue" on a prompt telling me to insert my disc. Would that be my STEAM disc? At least it worked this time.

So I have to micromange the CD-Keys? Only log into a steam installed copy with an account associated with Steam generated keys? Did i just get lucky and try to log into the account associated with my Steam keys and not the retail keys? It's a steam installed copy of the game so it was looking for steam keys?

I get accused of being a pirate because I'm "whining" about an issue associated with the fact that I actually have 6 copies of the game. (CoH, OF, ToV, one of each game, both retail and steam, registered between 2 seperate Relic accounts.) Now THAT is irony.

At least the game isn't being pirated right? Oh wait...
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
18. Re: Bugs Jun 9, 2009, 18:10 wallace321
You cannot use your copy of OF for instance on a friend if you're using Steam copies of the game.

Could you say this again? I'm not sure what you mean at all. You mean over a LAN? Yes, sadly I know. Since you can't launch 2 games from steam at the same time. (actually, you can, just put one in offline mode) But that's expected from Steam and it applies to all games bought on steam. that is a new concept and NOT expected from a retail game. Empire Total War retail requires steam, but A. it says on the box and B. we already know what the restrictions of steam are.

Ironically, people like you are exactly why that kind of system was needed in the first place.

this statement is stupid to the point of being offensive. You are dead to me. I'm not even going to converse with this fool any more. This started off civil. I commented on the copy protection methods (A. still in place on a 3 year old game B. that require "activation" that everybody hated so much when it was Bioshock and Spore) but civility ends when I get called a pirate.

162 games - NOT a scumbag pirate.

To everybody else, what i'm taking issue with is that i have 2 games can be played head-to-head that need to be registered to Relic online accounts. Registering them both to the same account prevents you from playing them head-to-head so you have to create two accounts with 2 seperate user names/passwords to remember.

So you can re-register the keys to a different account without a problem? And the two games (and keys) can play with/against each other? Great. I'll give that a try. And you can play in "offline mode" but only with retail copies? I'll try that too. It's still stupid though. Another login I have to keep track of? And I have to micromanage which accounts have which keys? Sounds like fun.

And this jerkwad has the balls to play the pirate card and suggest i'm trying to do anything except exactly what the bloody box says I can do? That is, a CoH user can play (as only either the US or Germans) with or against a OF user (as only either British or Panzer Elite). I have no idea where he came up with this load of crap about anyone wanting to buy a single copy of CoH and have 5 of his buddies use it to play all the sides (US, German, Brit, PE). YOU need to get off the internet right now.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
16. Re: Bugs Jun 9, 2009, 17:39 wallace321
Retail copies will let you play offline without the account functionality.

Are you SURE about that? IIRC, Company of Heroes didn't even have a CD check when it was first released. Then when OF came out, there was a 1.6 GB patch for plain CoH so that you had all the assets that would be used by OF in multiplayer. That is when they introduced the relic login requirement. Your'e saying retail copies have an "offline" mode button that the steam version doesn't have?
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
14. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 9, 2009, 16:49 wallace321
Dude, sorry if you didn't understand, but I know exactly what I'm talking about. You really do make some insane mistakes with your reading comprehesion. Where did you get the idea i was trying to allow for 5 people to play with one game? 2 people with 2 games. That is all i'm saying. Period.

There is no third category, there are the DD version of CoH and retail copies.

I was simplifying it, but there are actually MORE than 3 categories of rules and expectations but I meant in general for PC games. not just coh. Does every online distribution method work the same way as steam? no. then there is a different set of rules and expectations for how you are allowed to play games bought through each of these different methods. EA's Download Service doesn't even let you download the game again after a certain amount of time without paying a fee! That's why PC game is getting complicated. It's not just a disc and a disc drive anymore.

Just make multiple accounts if you want multiple people playing, register their specific copies of the game with each account.

thanks genius. yeah because i want to manage all that. What fun. "sorry that user name is taken. try again." FOR LAN PLAY? honestly, i was pointing out it didn't have to be that stupid if they would just let you log in more than once and you go on this big thing about how "it doesn't work that way" and how it would promote abuse and piracy. I listed clearly everything they would have to do to prevent that. Go ahead and ignore it though. That's why you don't understand.

Relic is doing nothing strange, you are the one doing something strange, essentially trying to make your single copy into three playable ones

WRONG AGAIN - maybe that's why you keep repeatedly screwing this up. You can not, as you said of me, get this through your head. What "single copy" are you talking about? Company of Heroes and Op Fronts are two different games. And that's ALL i've been saying. I'm NOT suggesting I should be able to play CoH v CoH with a single copy of that game. I'm suggesting that SINCE Relic requires you to check in with relic servers to play single player and LAN play, I should STILL be able to play CoH v OF (ONLY if I own both games) over a LAN with a single RELIC ACCOUNT, not single game, RELIC ACCOUNT. Just like I would be able to do if it didn't have the rediculious relic login requirement in the first place. PERIOD. Instead I have to micro manage relic logins and CD-KEYs. Brilliant.

Multiple logins is a situation ripe for abuse,
Again, what abuse? Cheating or what? Stats? I explained that they would be able to limit ladder play from the second login. BESIDES THAT, they already let you create multiple profiles within a single account. You're not pointing out anything i didn't already explain.

That's not how it works,

Of course not, I know it doesn't work that way. That's exactly what i was saying. I was saying it's their system and they can CHANGE it so that it DOES work that way! The key word in what i said was "Could". They COULD make it work that way if they wanted to. And yet you're suggesting that I think that's how the system works?? That's how it SHOULD work! It was an observation that it COULD work that way if they added a few changes to their login requirements. Then the games would still be "stand alone" and they could play with eachother again. Of course Relic would need to make sure those logins can't both play british or both play American unless they own TWO copies of the game in question (as you sucessfully demonstrated with your copy/paste skills, you understand that OpFor owners can play with British and PE, CoH owners can play with Us and German Armies, just like i said in my last post) AGAIN, reading comprehension, kiddo.

Standalone does not mean "I can take my copy of the game and share it with 5 friends".

I NEVER suggested i wanted to play with 5 friends. I have 2 games that are supposed to be compatible (You even quoted the FAQ) - but if you link them to the same RELIC account you can't because you can't log into the same account twice!! You have to KNOW ENOUGH to not link them to the same account BEFORE HAND. I'm glad you pointed out that relic will sort that out for you if you made the mistake of doing so, but I NEVER suggested 5 people playing with a SINGLE GAME! It really makes me mad that you got that SO completely wrong, since you basically accused me of complaining about not being able to get something for free. Two people playing two games. Reading comprehension. Two people can play two seperate 'stand alone' games, right? Yes, until you register them under the same relic account. Avoidable, just create seperate relic accounts. So if it's that easy to get around, why do it?!

You need to read it again, because you did NOT read any of it correctly. I said, VERY CLEARLY, that OF owners can play as british and panzer elite ONLY, and that CoH owners can play as US and German ONLY. The passage you quoted from the FAQ was NEVER in dispute!

Dude, seriously, is english your first language? i would understand all the mistakes if it isn't. Otherwise, wow, just wow dude. Stop playing games and go read a book. Practice a bit of reading comprehension. This started out civil, then you turned it pretty nasty. I just think that 2 "stand alone" games should remain stand alone even after you register them to a relic account. The single player component, and the multiplayer component should not be restricted by wanting to deal with only a single bloody unnecessary login account with relic.

Stop screwing up so much of what i wrote and i won't have to EXPLAIN it to you again.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
9. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 9, 2009, 15:22 wallace321
You want unfair? Go try out an EA game.


It's just going to REALLY REALLY suck when every company starts doing this and suddenly you have 30 accounts from 15 different companies. I just have to ask, what's the point? Online play, sure. Fine. But why WHY WHY do it for local multiplayer, and single player? it's going to be such a huge mess.

I woudln't ahve gotten into PC games when I was little if I had to put up with this to play PC games with my brother and sister.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
8. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 9, 2009, 15:10 wallace321
You can always buy the retail copies if you want that freedom, an important point you're forgetting.

Interesting... I did not know

I have a retail copy of each and a steam copy of each. But I always just launch the steam copy and log into either account. I don't even know if I've ever mixed Steam/Retail CD keys into each account. But I guess all that matters is the method of install, I would guess? Maybe I should do it the other way around? Install every computer on retail and then just log on with a different account.

Steam is another matter. I accept that, yes, 140 games I have on steam, only one game can be played at a time. So before there was Steam (and typically any other Online distribution method) and there was retail. And you knew what your limitations were for each. Now it seems there are 3:

Games sold through online distribution (Steam, Impulse, DD, etc..)
Games sold retail
Games made by Relic

It's the PC I suppose. I should expect red tape, EULAs and complications.

No I'm sorry but it really shouldn't. Relic Online stats tracking would get screwed to hell and back by this and that's ignoring the potential for abuse and piracy.

If they wanted to admit, "whoops, just realized we made a game we sold as 'stand alone' to be not exactly stand alone! sorry!' there's nothing stopping them from restricting secondary logins (or further depending on the number of licenses owned) to offline play only, or non ranked play online. Besides, they already allow for multiple profiles!! Stats wouldn't be affected at all!

You make it sound like this isn't THEIR system that THEY created. They could allow for this if they wanted to. "sorry 2 people are logged into this account and you only have a single copy of opp fronts, you can't both play british".

That is EXACTLY how it could work. Don't act like it's this big impossible scenario that would screw up online stats and allow rampant piracy to happen. In the realm of adding a single feature to a functioning online service, this would be extremely easy. Admit it.
1. Check keys for account.
2. Allow logins upto but not greater than # of licenses
3. allow or deny access to armies to play as based on licenses

as far as potential for abuse, anything you can do this way, you can do by creating a second Relic account for your copy of "OF". In otherwords, ZERO difference.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
6. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 9, 2009, 14:22 wallace321
What exactly is 'the way it was intended'? I thought OF was 'intended' tobe 'stand alone'? They call it 'stand alone' and then prevent you from launching the two seperately. Very loose definition of "stand alone" wouldn't you say?

I guess it's my fault for adding them to a single account instead of creating seperate Relic logins for EACH cd key. Oh, but they require a different email address for each account, so i would have needed to open different email accounts for that...

As far as what they sold me, I believe they sold me Company of Heroes and Opposing Fronts, two seperate "stand alone" games. At least, that's what it says on the box. "Original Company of Heroes NOT required."

They didn't sell you a game so your three friends could play..
they sold you a game ...

Incorrect. They sold me 2 games. Two games should be playable by two people. Is it "Stand Alone" or isn't it? They should have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages to adding them to a single Relic account since it apparently can not be undone.

I'm glad you like the setup but surely you can see where this isn't completely fair for the customer. Buyer beware, I guess.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
4. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 9, 2009, 12:50 wallace321
Their "stand alone expansion" / "tie CD-Keys to accounts" methodology actually screws customers.

Purchase original Company of Heroes and the stand alone expansion pack Opposing Fronts. If you tie them to the same account, suddenly your stand alone expansion is no longer "Stand alone". You can only log into a single account once. Both "stand alone" games can not be run at the same time.

You should be able to install both copies on two machines, and each launch one or the other with your respective CDs for a traditional CD check. (CoH on one, OF on the other) One person can be US or Gemany (Original CoH) and one person person can be British or Panzer Elite (OF).

Being able to log into the same account more than once should be allowed if they are going to lock down now 3 seperate distinct "stand alone" games to being able to be played only one at a time.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Patch Notes
1. Re: Company of Heroes Patch Notes Jun 9, 2009, 12:22 wallace321
is this the patch where they remove the silly requirement of retail and steam copies having to log into Relic servers to play single player / LAN games? Pirated copies don't have that requirement. it isn't fair.  
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News Comments > Into the Black
2. Re: Into the Black Jun 8, 2009, 20:33 wallace321
Guess who's back, baby!

(hint, it's bender!)
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News Comments > Flock! SecuROM Patch
11. Re: Flock! SecuROM Patch Jun 3, 2009, 21:12 wallace321
I don't know anything about how the activation portion of secuROM, but just speculating here: switching it off on the activation limit on the server end should still require the activation server to be present right? This has always been about logevity hasn't it? People worried about being able to play their games in 5 or 6 years?

If nothing changes on the game side, it will still try to look for the server right? What happens if the server doesn't exist? That's a pretty big issue. Maybe not as big as running out of activations because your family logs into the same machine under a different account, but it's still a big concern.
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News Comments > Flock! SecuROM Patch
5. Re: Flock! SecuROM Patch Jun 3, 2009, 13:46 wallace321
Now they just need to do the same for Age of Booty.

Seriously, people who pirate games are pretty much scum. Take a bloody chance for once in your pathetic lives. These games cost $15!!! Break the piggy bank you poor pieces of crap and support your hobby.
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News Comments > Legal Briefs
12. Re: Legal Briefs May 27, 2009, 11:07 wallace321
Arnold Schwarzennegger Suggests That Video Game Ban Empowers Parents

the use of the word Liberal as an insult angered me. author of the article is an idiot. It's accurate in sofar as politicians suck up for votes. Democrats suck up to middle class soccer moms (videogames, violent movies, gun control), Republicans suck up to religious nutbag "values voters" (marriage, abortion, gays).

But to say to call liberals or democrats "big goverment" is to buy into one of the biggest loads of right wing propogandist crap ever. It shows incredible ignorance, despite the REST of the article being correct. Taking away choices does NOT empower parents, it just eliminates the choice.
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News Comments > Legal Briefs
2. Re: Thai Govt Closes Dozens of Websites May 25, 2009, 00:34 wallace321
Game over, Pongsathorn Wattanabenjasopha.

That being said,
<sarcasm> video games are obviously the cause of all of society's problems. They are right to close down access to them. </sarcasm>

The kid obviously had mental problems, so let me just say this with all seriousness, people with mental problems existed BEFORE videogames, and there are people with mental problems today that have never played a video game.

What do you ban after videogames? How about, hopes and desires for a better life? Ban those next. That will prevent suicides when little kids get older and realize they can't be rich and famous and have to slave their existance away to some faceless corporate overlord.

Game addiction is a parental problem. END OF STORY.
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