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News Comments > Crysis: No More Patches, Linux Server on Hold
136. Re: No subject Jun 4, 2008, 13:46 wallace321
Really? I have to pay 50 bucks a year now to be able to play multiplayer?

I think it needs to be said that you don't even get THAT for $50 a year. $50 a year lets you play with or against X-box owners (in the 3 games that support it) and, ummmm, better matchmaking? You can still play multiplayer for free.

The box looks nice and so it unifies the PC as a platform and it means that it supports widescreen and the 360 gamepad. (though Supreme Commander is a GFW game, does IT support a gamepad??) I wish it meant it had the same achievements the 360 version has, but it doesn't. But it's been pretty much a load of empty promises.

Indeed, but the picture I was presenting was one in which those 5 quality titles are not in the genre or style that a typical gamer would want to play. e.g. what if those 5 games were all MMO games like WoW? Would you be happy with that?

True that. I would rather be able to choose from all 100 "mediocre" games and determine for myself which ones, while not be worth a full $50, might be worth a look at $20 to $30. Would Crysis have gotten as much crap as it did if it only cost $30? (hint: probably. but now it does only cost $30) I don't even think i could name 5 flawless games, which is what I feel some people here demand before they'll buy a game.

I think if I found a copy of Whirlwind Over Vietnam for $15 I would totally give that a chance despite the pretty bad reviews it got. The one from PC Gamer that reads, "Resist, chopper fans. You'll thank us later. [Aug 2007, .63]" is especially worrying as they warn even the game's target demographic, not just your average PC gamer. I'm a big chopper fan but I can risk $15 for a chance at a fun game that I'm into.
This comment was edited on Jun 4, 14:06.
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News Comments > Carmack on Crysis
35. Re: No subject Jun 4, 2008, 12:26 wallace321
Carmack's engines paved the way for Team Fortress (the quake mod) and Half-Life, and then, indirectly, Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. I'd say he's been more than relevant in the last 10 years.

Having said that, Cryengine 1 led to nothing but FarCry spinoffs but at least Cryengine 2 (according to Wikipedia) is being used in a handful of games currently in development. Still, CryTek doesn't hold a candle to Carmack's influence on the industry. CryTek doesn't even come close to Unreal engine in terms of industry influence.

I think Carmack picked Crysis strictly because it's got the prettiest engine on the market and it didn't sell very well despite it, NOT because he thinks it's as good looking as PC games can get (because it isn't) or because he thought it had revolutionary gameplay (because it didn't).

Crysis was PC Gaming's money shot and it choked; probably because of reputation it had for system requirments. Hell, somone on THESE forums thought it required Vista! That was probably at least partly because of the Games for Windows debacle, but that's another issue.

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News Comments > DNF Trailer (Or Lack Thereof) Follow-up
86. RE:AHAHAHAHA(etc, etc...) Jun 4, 2008, 11:42 wallace321
What I actually IMPLIED was that they were more or less the same style game except that Duke had decent comedy/action movie elements and Crysis had decent action movie elements. Neither had characters I gave a rat's ass about. I NEVER said Crysis was better but you won't even admit Duke had its faults! Faults I tried to point out and YOU ignored. You didn't get the impression that I liked Duke3d from the references I used? Did you even play duke?

What I actually SAID was Duke is a Jackie Chan movie and Crysis is a Bruce Lee movie. Maybe you're a kung-fu movie snob too, but the idea was that Jackie Chan makes GOOFY action and Bruce Lee makes SERIOUS action. NEITHER are going to win any Oscars but they are different types of FUN. Different takes on the same concept. Understand? (I happen to enjoy Jackie Chan movies more and, oddly enough, I happen to remember liking Duke3d more than I like Crysis)

You seem to have a lot of strong non(?) homosexual feelings for Duke. Hey, I liked Duke Nukem too. It was a great game in its time. It had its faults, but it was great. Crysis? meh. It's very pretty and the setting allows for some of those pretty graphics to show through. Straight action is all too common in games while the humor that duke brought to the table was (and still is) pretty unique. So I ask you again, where does the HATE for Crysis come from? Did Crysis bang your mom? It's an "Okay to Good" action game that happens to look better than anything else on the market, PC or console.

Is there anything I said that we don't agree on in any of that?

And there's that game snobbery again. If you think Crysis is a "good" game then go buy a console? You sir are a total snob.

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News Comments > DNF Trailer (Or Lack Thereof) Follow-up
59. Re: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! Jun 3, 2008, 17:14 wallace321
The hate for 3d Realms in here is almost palpable. Seriously. What's up with that? I mean, Duke 3d was FUN in its day, had loads of mods (remember the two porno ones? the Aliens one was AWESOME) I know I loved it but I know I've played much better since. Still had loads of fun with it regardless. But does anbody remember TEN? Total Entertainment Network? Didn't you have to PAY to play Duke3d online unless you had Kali? If Duke 3d came out today, it would be Crysis with crappy online play (though the Coop certainly was nice...)that you pay for, in a city environment, with a few one-liners and more over-the-top macho 'tude. Oh and some strippers.

I'm just not sure why Crysis is getting so much crap from people and why people are SOOOOO looking forward to a new Duke Nukem game. Gameplay wise, substitute Duke's gags ("we meet again Dr. Jones!") and jokes for Crysis's action set pieces and they play essentially the same way. Duke had a few memorable weapons but in the end Duke is a Jackie Chan movie, Crysis is a Bruce Lee movie.

When it comes out it's almost certain to be a headliner for the PC and if it stays PC exclusive, it could be the title that reminds the industry why the PC is THE platform for blockbuster shooters. (as long as certain people don't download it instead of paying for it. in which case, not even a banner PC property can survive the piracy that is so rampant)

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News Comments > Crysis: No More Patches, Linux Server on Hold
95. Re: No subject Jun 2, 2008, 11:11 wallace321
Well I for one am glad, Crysis was a retarded game and as such good riddance to one more developer switching to consoles where they can make retarded games for the masses.

I always thought the PC was the perfect platform for releasing games that push technology. I'd rather have a merely "okay" game that pushes technology and looks pretty doing it than no game at all. When did PC gamers become such game snobs?

This comment was edited on Jun 2, 11:13.
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News Comments > Valve Hardware Survey
13. Re: No subject May 16, 2008, 01:33 wallace321
Quote: I think the game might've sold better if they'd ever bothered to mention this in their marketing, rather than just showing videos of the game at the highest settings, telling people when it came out how no computer on the market was capable of running it at those settings and then whining it's piracy when it didn't sell.

I agree dude. Who wants to pay top dollar for a game that in order to play their system has to feel bad about itself? "it's okay honey, my expectations were too high." or "a lot of guys have to turn the settings down to perform well..." I personally waited until they knocked $15 off.

Iron Lore blamed piracy for the bad reputation Titan Quest got for crashing(and thus, the poor sales). In this case, the PUBLISHER helped create a bad reputation by setting the games graphical expectations too high and piracy was STILL blamed when it didn't sell well. "It was hype that killed the beast."

This comment was edited on May 16, 01:36.
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News Comments > Mass Effect/Spore DRM Changes
86. Re: No subject May 15, 2008, 19:54 wallace321
well, if you plan on not buying either Sport or ME because of the DRM, then you NEED to send them a letter, not an e-mail, saying so. If you simply don't buy the game, they will of course continue to assume that poor sales solely due to piracy and PC gaming will die just like they've been saying. "Oh nooes, we put all kinds of DRM to protect our game from pirates and it STILL didn't sell. It must have been pirated anyway. Damn those pirates. We're only going to make games for the console from now on where it's more difficult to pirate games. PC gaming is dead." It's a self fulfilling prophecy and they're partially the cause of it.

I can live with activation and a reasonable number of installs, especially if there is a revoke utility. When the activation servers eventually go offline, and they will, it will either be cracked by people smarter than me, or hopefully, they will release an official patch removing the activation requirement. I will believe that though after Bioshock does it. Of course, how many of those can they release before the people pirating software figure out what those patches change and then simply release a fix that does the same thing for new software on zero day?

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News Comments > PC Burnout Paradise
26. Re: Awesome May 9, 2008, 20:30 wallace321
I'm afraid if Microsoft doesn't somehow get Criterion to include cross platform play for this, Live for Windows is deader than elvis. Afterall, it isn't a shooter so the PC gamers shouldn't have an unfair advantage.

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News Comments > Mass Effect/Spore DRM Changes
46. Re: No subject May 9, 2008, 19:18 wallace321
Well it's a start, this is acceptable to me with 2 conditions:
1. 5 simulteneous installs - revokable via uninstall or a utility. simultaneous is the key word. Not five installations and then you have to call and ask to activate again. I would hesitate to agree to five computers because that may include five hardware upgrades.
2. I would really like to hear a promise, maybe even in the EULA, that they will eventually drop the activation requirement. Bioshock still hasn't, even though it was promised, was it not? Doesn't mean they won't eventually though. Are they waiting for Bioshock 2?

With those two conditions met, I wouldfeel better about buying into that than steam. (It sure would suck to to have someone crack my steam account or to get my account disabled because i have one too many computer try to launch steam and login on startup...)

If EA wants to prevent zero day piracy, hopefully this will help. I still however want to be able to play the game again in 3 years if it proves to be enjoyable.

As I understand it, this also destroys resale value until said activation requirement is removed, but I never resell my games so this doesn't bother me so much. The ability to loan the game to non-pc game playing friends/family is now destroyed. Granted, I didn't do that very often but I always thought that was how you got new people into a habit. Someone gets a new gaming PC, you give them a few of your favorite games maybe that you don't play anymore. Like drug users, really. That's not a deal breaker for me, but I can't help but feel like it would be simply good for the PC as a platform.

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News Comments > Op Ed
20. Re: No subject May 8, 2008, 12:07 wallace321
it's so hard to argue against DRM becuase people will constantly twist your words around if you don't take 3 pages to explain your position. Just because I don't think downloading is STEALING doesn't mean I think it's right. Developers should be compensated for their work, end of story.

Excuses for piracy can be silly. Some things you just have to put up with. Oh the game doesn't support widescreen so you're going to pirate it? That's BS. Or you pirated a copy of Turning Point Fall of Liberty, played it all the way through, decided it sucks, so you don't buy it. Ummmm... I'm kinda on the fence about that one. You should buy it because you used the product completely, but then again you could have borrowed it from someone who did buy it, figured out it sucked, and you still wouldnt have bought it. The people I don't understand, but who I feel make up a much smaller portion of the piracy problem, are the people who actually LIKE the game and make up some excuse not to buy it. "Waah it's too expensive!" or whatever. Well, if you can't afford it, then you shouldn't get to play it. I paid for it. That's not fair to me and the rest of the people who did pay for it.

I think most people though are in agreement if the pirate copy does something that the legit copy doesn't, then you buy the game, and play the pirated version. No-cd cracks and the like add value to legitimate customers as much as mods do. If you own a box with the game in it and play a cracked copy? What's wrong with that?

The downside of that is that some day, waaaaay off in the future, they'll develop a copy protection that is never broken. Then, the people who have been supporting games by buying them despite being infested with DRM, and playing pirated versions without the restrictions, will be totally out of luck. Who then will buy games? Only the people willing to put up with DRM and that is number is LESS than the whole of the target market. DRM reduces the number of people who will buy a product. Have you ever heard of a pirate forced to buy a game because of DRM?

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News Comments > Op Ed
18. Re: No subject May 8, 2008, 07:58 wallace321
I was looking forward to Mass Effect for the PC, but I don't think I'll be buying it now unless I can find a copy online that doesn't have to constantly call home to mommy, thank you very much. That's a sale lost UNLESS the game is pirated. Is there a number for that as well? "Sales because of piracy". Ummm, 1 so far.

Maybe they could charge a few more bucks for a version without copy protection? That makes a bizarre kind of sense actually...

Oh, and PropheT is wrong. PropheT is wrong in his analogy. DRM isn't like the store adding cameras. DRM is like a cavity search. And instead of buying from the store and submitting to a cavity search, you buy a virtually identical knock-off from the guy in the alley, (though in the case of downloading he gives it to you for free). Buy from the store and you say that you're willing to put up with a cavity search to get whatever it is you wanted to buy.

Downloading games is not stealing. There's still a boxed copy on the shelf that could be sold to someone else. I've made a decision to not buy Mass Effect. That's a sale lost and it isn't even out yet. It certainly wasn't stolen just because I'm not going to buy it. Playing a downloaded copy at this point is inconsequential.

I agree with what Narf2029 said. Buying the game says you're ok with the DRM scheme. It certainly is complex. I want to support the developer and the content but NOT the DRM. That doesn't mean they'll get the message though. In fact, pirating the game may actually be better than simply not buying it if you intend to send a message to the publisher. Downloading the game would show there is actually demand for the game while not buying it could mean anything at all. Advertising didn't reach the target audience. It wasn't a good game. Anything.
This comment was edited on May 8, 08:12.
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News Comments > MS on PC Gaming
41. Re: Don't forget the mods! Apr 23, 2008, 11:20 wallace321
Those pics make me want to cry (tears of joy) - PC Gaming is declining? Really? Between Company of Heroes, BioShock, Star Wars Empire at War, CoD4, World in Conflict, TF2, Crysis, UT3, Civ 4, Sam & Max, Silent Hunter 4, Flight Simulator X, Battle for MiddleEarth 2, among others I can't think of ATM, I finished one of them. CoD4, a notoriously short game. I don't even have time to play all the games I've bought in the last year and a half! Where is PC Gaming going again?

I buy 30% of my games through Steam, 60% from Amazon, and the remaining 10% from Bestbuy/Gamestop. That means Appx 10% of my games counted towards the PC as a gaming platform. I don't really believe the poor sales numbers, but then again, console games are just as likely to be not counted by buying them from amazon as PC games so at least theyre nearly consistant.

The sad fact is, anything a console can do, a PC can make it difficult to do. That isn't the PCs fault, that is the industry. It's up to the industry to fix it.

The only thing the GfW banner on a box tells me is that it supports widescreen and the 360 Controller. Both of which I like and appreciate in a game, but should be standard anyway. Otherwise, GfW just makes boxes look uniform. If that's what they were going for, it's a rousing success. I personally like the idea of achievements, but they're only present in about 1 in 20 "GfW" branded games.

Oh, I suppose it does make a PC gamer angrier than they otherwise would have been when an 360 game has features that the GfW Live branded version doesn't . Brilliant...

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