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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
62. Re: ... Oct 8, 2008, 20:37 wallace321
"Any publisher these days, dumb enough to release a PC game day and date as the console version, is just begging to be ripped off. Its really that simple."

Console sales lost to PC Piracy? .001% - releasing a game is begging to be ripped off. PERIOD.

Scenario 1. Release a game at the same time on both consoles and PC -

Result: people pirate the PC version and don't buy the console version? PC = bad. This is new. I've never heard this one before actually. I hope you're not serious - this take PC persecution to a whole new level. That's like saying people eating at McDonalds affects Red Lobster across the street (they're two ENTIRELY different products sold to ENTIRELY different people. please don't get technical, this is a fact.)

How about instead we:

Scenario 2. Release a game on consoles a year or two before the PC version -
milk it for all its worth - it sold on consoles, it will be easy to port to pc and make a few extra bucks!

Result: the people who would have bought the PC version probably already got it for the console, PC version is a crappy port (from PS2 even?), PC version is overshadowed by much better titles released since original release. PC sales suck. PC = bad

Exhibit A: Gears of War - GfW:live + Copy protection issues + Bugs
Exhibit B: Halo 2 Required Vista, end of story
Exhibit C: Resident Evil 4 - PS2 Port, Console-itis (fixed with a patch?)
Exhibit D: Devil May Cry 4 - Console controls, 4th Game in a series never on PC before
Exhibit E: EA Sports Anything half assed port from PS2 version 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, etc...

or better yet:

Scenario 3. Release a game on the PC a year before console versions (or even at the same time, see Orange Box) Or,if the game sold well on the PC, make a console sequel of a popular PC game. We've totally got a hit on our hands!

Result: it needs to be dumbed down for the consoles, forcing a natural PC game to use console controls and played by primairly console gamers, doesn't sell well. PC = bad

Exhibit A: THE SIMS
Exhibit B: Any RTS - Command & Conquer 3, Supreme Commander, Warcraft 2,
Exhibit C: Orange Box
Exhibit D: Civilization Revolutions
Exhibit E: Deus Ex: Invisible War

This comment was edited on Oct 8, 2008, 20:39.
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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
59. Re: ... Oct 8, 2008, 19:31 wallace321
If you pussys are arguing that piracy on the PC is not a problem then your must be a pirate (why dont you admit it).

I've never heard anybody (EVER) say that piracy isn't a problem on the PC but get something straight:

Piracy affects publishers.
DRM affects customers.

Piracy is a problem for publishers.
DRM is a problem for customers.

Piracy is a problem. But what is the solution to piracy? (or rather, what solution have publishers chosen?) DRM

And what's the solution to DRM? (Example problems: Ran out of activations after you upgraded your videocard? Securom detected DaemonTools or Nero and refuses to install your game? Your Direct2Drive game is asking for the CD? Lost the manual for your old game so you don't know what the 3rd letter in the 1st word on page 67 is? StarForce doesn't work in Vista x64?)

Ironic, isn't it?

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News Comments > No PC Gears of War 2 Follow-up
18. Re: No subject Oct 2, 2008, 10:31 wallace321
What's the deal? I liked UT3 and GoW! UT3 was like the original UT (which I still play) but with pretty graphics! Can't wait to try the physics enhanced levels.

GoW was fun too. I like over the top action movies with violence and harsh language - I like games that way too, if they're fun.

But if they're going to blame piracy of GoW for the non-release of GoW 2 on the PC, can I get my DRM/copy protected GoW discs exchanged for clean ones or do I just go to bit torrent for that. Someone named CliffyB, whoever the hell that is..., told me I can easily download a clean copy so I can play Coop just like the 360 version! ZOMG sweet!!

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - C&C3: Deluxe Edition
9. Re: ... Sep 26, 2008, 18:38 wallace321
I was perfectly happy not being able to copy a disc, when all it was "copy protection" and not this DRM crap we have today. Fine then. I'll just take care of the disc and be careful who I let borrow it. If it wears out in 2 or 3 years and I'm still interested in playing that game, I will be more than happy to buy another copy.

But this install limit nonsense? And giving optical drives a hard time just READING the disc? And installing new drivers for my drives? Rebooting the computer between games to get the disc to read? Blacklisting software on my computer? That is unacceptable and it's getting worse! And while legitimate customers now put up with all this there has been absolutely no progress made in this whole business of actually preventing piracy, casual or otherwise. That WAS the point, right?

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - C&C3: Deluxe Edition
2. Re: No subject Sep 26, 2008, 14:38 wallace321
Now with 80% more DRM!

Are you for real?

What the hell good would it do to put MORE DRM on a re-release?

Isn't this the most obvious case yet of DRM only affecting those who actually buy games? The two games in the bundle are already out in 'the wild' so what good would it do to protect these discs?

I mean, if you really wanted to pirate these games, you would grab the individual games that are already available. I didn't even look them up on a torrent search, I just KNOW they're already available.

Side note - I have no desire to buy or pirate this or any future C&C games. EA drove this franchise into the ground quite a while ago.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
1. record lables should pay activision Sep 26, 2008, 13:09 wallace321
Here here!

Content providers really REALLY do have a hard time with the concept of free publicity. See also - the whole "Rick Roll" concept has sold tons of copies of an otherwise dead, forgotten song from the 80s.

Activision paying to license music for Guitar Hero is crazy. Those songs are worth 10x what they were before they were "born again" in guitar hero.

I'm not saying it should be open season to use any music you please to make money. You should still need to be permission of some kind, otherwise you get someone like McCain playing your songs during republican rallys without asking. But the record labels should be on their hands and knees thanking activision for the service they're doing them by promoting their music.

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News Comments > Spore DRM Lawsuit
17. Re: uninstalling SecuROM Sep 24, 2008, 13:17 wallace321
One, Eula's are not sacrosanct. Just clicking yes on the agreement does not remove all your rights.

What "rights" are you speaking of? I realize in the US there is an FTC but what rights of yours does DRM infringe on?

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News Comments > Spore DRM Lawsuit
7. Re: No subject Sep 24, 2008, 12:01 wallace321
you can't see/view/agree to the EULA until after you open the software

I haven't been scouring EAs website for EULAs and I don't have any game boxes with me, but I was pretty sure this was covered sometime last year (possibly even with StarForce) with a notice on the box about the EULA being available online.

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News Comments > Spore DRM Lawsuit
3. Re: No subject Sep 24, 2008, 11:55 wallace321
Oh snap!

Actually, this is a one time issue for EA. Next time it will be in the EULA which you must agree to and, presto-installo, no more legal problems.

(oh, and SecuROM makes optical drives unable to read discs which aren't even protected by SecuROM)

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News Comments > On Spore Piracy
74. Re: What really kills me.... Sep 15, 2008, 12:50 wallace321
buy the game, download the ISO, problem solved, you're supporting the dev team (which you should if you want the game) but doing away with the DRM

Youre doing away with DRM for youself, but encouraging it in the long term. If you think it's easier than picking up a boxed disc at the store then that's fine. But don't think it isn't making the problem worse for the rest of us. Personally, before Securom got blamed for my disc read issues, I thought a disc was the way to go. Steam works best for me these days.

In reality though, DRM is a lose/lose situation.


A. Don't buy the game and Don't Download it
Result: sales are lower than expected (see Psychonauts)
Answer: 1. the public doesn't like that kind of game, let's make crappy movie license games, sports games, clone FPS and MMORPGs 2. PC Gaming is dying anyway, lets only make console games

B. Buy the game AND Download it DRM Free
Result: Sales are good, but piracy is high (See Spore)
Answer: 1. think of how many sales we could have had if we had more effective DRM! 2. PC Gaming is dying

C. Don't buy the game, download it instead
Result: Sales are low, piracy is high (see Crysis)
Answer: 1. PC Gaming is dying 2. We need stronger DRM to stop piracy

In short, any download, no matter how strong sales were is going to justify more DRM. But the one unavoidable fact is that people who buy the game are effected, people who crack games for fun are affected, people who download the cracked version from bit torrent are NOT effected. Fail?

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News Comments > On Spore Piracy
71. Re: No subject Sep 15, 2008, 12:12 wallace321
Slightly off topic, but could Securom be causing my disc read issues? (for ANY DVD, including movies, i have to insert/eject the disc 4 or 5 times before autoplay comes up and the disc is accessible to windows, on two different computers)

Does anybody know of a list of purported issues caused by Securom or a list of things it doesn't like (like SATA optical drives, having dual optical disc drives, running process manager, all things I've heard Securom does not like.)

I'm just wondering why is everybody calling it a virus if it doesn't actually do anything bad to systems? I hate DRM in all forms, but besides longterm activation related concerns, is Securom worse for the consumer than any other form of DRM?

And as a side note: my problem with activation is you can't actually USE all of your alloted activations. If you do that (personal computer, laptop, and family computer?) and Securom decides your system changed and forces you to re-activate (BioShock did this to me), you'll find the game you wanted to play doesn't work suddenly. If you want to risk making a long distance phone call to EA instead of playing your game, go ahead and use all of your alloted activations. Otherwise, wait until monday morning to ask if you can play the next time you have free time to play computer games, probably on Friday.
This comment was edited on Sep 15, 12:30.
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News Comments > EA on Spore DRM
54. Re: ??? Sep 14, 2008, 00:16 wallace321

"DRM can encourage the best customers to behave slightly better," he says. "It will never address the masses of non-customers downloading your product."

I give up. So DRM is all about making your BEST CUSTOMERS behave slightly better? They're AIMING all of the problems and issues associated with DRM at their best customers and expecting a result of only "slightly better"? Count me with the pirates. I've obviously been on the wrong side.

This comment was edited on Sep 14, 00:41.
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News Comments > Hydrophobia Q&A
6. Re: No subject Sep 10, 2008, 18:01 wallace321
A game like this is only possible on a console.

What can a 3 year old console do that a PC can't?

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News Comments > RA3 SecuROM Details
13. Re: No subject Sep 9, 2008, 12:17 wallace321
DRM does nothing but annoy legitimate customers and drive people to piracy. Does it even stop or prevent so called "casual copying" anymore? More and more people are learning that cracks fix broken games. People who may have been stopped by copy protection 3 or 4 years ago have learned that lesson. How long before even the so called "casual" gamers who made The Sims (the ones who are supposed to be buying Spore) such a runaway success have problems with copy protection and figure that out too? The casual gamers looking for a fix for their broken game (which they can't return to the store for not working...) learn that next time they can save themselves $50 AND be able to play the game a week earlier by just skipping the lines at the store, the harassment by Gamestop employees, copy protection problems, all together? DRM in its current state is making the problem worse.

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News Comments > Safety Dance
1. RFID Sep 4, 2008, 05:23 wallace321
And if you believe that, your corporate masters would like to know if you want another line of credit to buy that new sexy iMac you've always wanted. Low 24% APR financing is available and be sure to make the minimum monthly payments. Sorry, but based on your income and credit history it's the best they can offer.

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News Comments > Ubisoft Sues over Assassin's Creed Leak
51. Re: No subject Aug 7, 2008, 12:15 wallace321
I already had the PS3 version and I didn't pirate the PC version either - sorry ubisoft. Would you like a tissue to dry your eyes with?

What are the extra features on the PC version worth? $10? $15? Fine, I'll buy the PC version when it's $15.

(hint: release the PC version with the additional features at the same time as the console versions and charge less - then I'll put up with DRM, serial numbers, and an 8 GB install - but please stop blaming piracy)

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News Comments > Legal Briefs
3. Re: Thailand halts Grand Theft Auto sale Aug 5, 2008, 09:47 wallace321
I wonder who has killed more people, the players of the America's Army game or people actually in America's Army? Hmmmm...

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News Comments > Mass Effect Patch & DLC
46. Re: Wrong Aug 1, 2008, 10:03 wallace321
Nuclear Watchdog

And just so Agent_thickskull doesn't think I'm singling him out and picking on him directly - you're making the same bogus argument he is.

But why should I be treated like a pirate from EA and all this DRM shit?

Uh...because you are one? Is that a valid reason?

I bought Mass Effect - is THAT a valid reason for ME to be treated like a pirate? What about the rest of us who BOUGHT Mass Effect? Is treating that one pirate like a pirate (even though he most likely downloaded a pirated copy and never had to be bothered with DRM at all...) a valid reason to treat 10 legitimate customers like pirates?

I wouldn't be upset at an individual pirate for creating DRM - be upset at the pointless route EA has taken to try to prevent piracy.

This is why I tried to make the connection to airport security. Neither do any good at stopping what they're intended to stop. Thus, the hoops a legit person has to go through are all the more frustrating and insulting. I have to have DVD read errors and access problems caused by bad sectors INTENTIONALLY written to the disc in the name of copy protection while copying by other people continues to take place?
This comment was edited on Aug 1, 10:36.
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News Comments > Mass Effect Patch & DLC
45. Re: Wrong Aug 1, 2008, 09:45 wallace321
I get that you want to twist facts to make yourself look like you are right and heroic for sticking up for somebody

Which facts did I twist? Do tell. Maybe I look right because I am. And maybe you're trying to save face for calling me and the pirate stupid when we're right about the matter. Not agreeing with someone who is right (indeed, calling THEM stupid) makes you seem pretty dense.

No stealing, no reason to put up safeguards. Comprehend?

Are you trying to suggest that if you could only convince the readers of an internet forum not to download warez, suddenly we'll find ourselves in a perfect world with no stealing and there wouldn't be copy protection? Wow. And you say I'M the one having trouble telling the real world from the make believe world. Ok then, please go forth and spread your word. I can't stand DRM so I wish you luck on your quest. Rid the world of DRM through the power of prayer. Blessings and peace be upon you.

People who feel that the world owes them free stuff are the reason the rest of us have to deal with shit like DRM.
Oh, so you don't like DRM then? I can't tell though if that means you pirate games or don't pirate games because we've been suggesting this whole time that people who put up with DRM are the ones that buy the games that have DRM on them, not actually the pirates. You see, one pirate removes the DRM and uploads said DRM-free version to the internet where all the other pirates download it.

I buy my games. That means I have to put up with activation, product keys, disc checks, safedisc, and starforce. I think we're actually agreeing (none of us like DRM). You just don't like the reality of the situation. People steal so DRM was created. DRM messes with legit customers and yet people continue to steal. DRM gets more intrusive and yet people continue to steal. I don't like where this is going either but I didn't create this world, I just live in it.

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News Comments > Mass Effect Patch & DLC
40. Re: Wrong Jul 30, 2008, 03:48 wallace321

trust me I read the entire thread - HE was making a broad generalization, YOU attacked him directly. He had a point, and again you totally avoid saying anything intelligent about the subject and instead attacked someone. well done

I also understood what you quoted. Problem is, you took it out of context and I don't have to be held to that. so here is his point, for a 3rd time -


And that's a valid argument. The people who download the game illegally don't have to put up with product activation or Safedisc or starforce or anything like that. The people who buy the game are the ones who get treated like pirates, who have to deal with DRM issues that prevent a game from working.

That's the flaw in his logic of course. He claims to download to make sure the game runs on his system, (maybe he just means system requirements but...) of course if the problems are DRM related, they won't be present in the downloaded version. Mass Effect's activation cause any problem now, especially since the disc isn't needed after install, but with activation the problem comes from A) busy activation servers ala Bioshock's launch, B) installing the game a 3rd or 4th time 2 years from now. But civilized people can discuss these things without calling each other 'stupid' or 'dipshit' - I simply called you on it after already demonstrating your total inability to actually discuss the issue or even bring up a single intelligent point.

This comment was edited on Jul 30, 03:49.
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