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News Comments > Safety Dance
1. Re: Safety Dance Dec 11, 2008, 03:37 wallace321
I need to get a well paid job stating the obvious.

How many reasons are there for dropping out of college? Can anybody come up with more than 10 others? No? Then game addiction is top 10, so its a "leading cause" of college drop outs. Put me in the New York Times, biatches!

TFA doesn't specify but I'd say "dropping out" is completely different from "flunking out".

for the record though, seriously, can anybody come up with reasons other than "drug/alcohol abuse" and "partying too much"? (chronic masturbation?)
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
12. Re: Morning Consolidation Dec 9, 2008, 13:52 wallace321

PS3 vs 360 pissin' match.

Not even close. I thought it's been quite civilized. In fact, yours and the comment about leo being a fool might be the only two blatantly trying to make it one (both pro 360). For people considering the systems, there are pros and cons to both. As for your particular 360, consider yourself lucky. A lot of people are having issues with the 360 hardware. Your good fortune doesn't redeem the 360's bad reputation.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
5. Re: Morning Consolidation Dec 9, 2008, 11:07 wallace321
Good to hear about Live's population. On the "gayboy" halo videos, it really seemed to be EVERYBODY joining in. Not that the PC isn't full of f**ktards either. Griefing on Left4Dead is annoying (there needs to be an easier way to mute tools who micspam!) and several games I really liked have been ruined entirely because of cheating (Battlefield much?) Hacking in warcraft 3 is still pretty rampant, though at least Blizard bans CD keys now and then. At least the cheaters have to buy a new copy of the game.

I just really would have expected more from a service you actually pay for, you know? Microsoft's solution? Ban the name "gayboy". Nice...
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Morning Consolidation Dec 9, 2008, 10:32 wallace321
Good call Leo. I'm not a Microsoft basher OR a Sony fanboy. I'd have a 360 too if the hardware weren't rubbish. I can only imagine the frustration of someone who's come to love the system only to have it crap out on them two or three times a year. And right before a big higly anticipated release, no doubt.

I've had a PS3 for 2 years now and all it does (that can't be done by another system I own) is play Blu Ray movies, PS2 games, and Little Big Planet. One lousy exclusive I've cared about.

I envy the 360's game library, but I'm not looking forward to having to pay for online play. (Live! is inhabitated by a horde of rampaging homophobic f**ktards anyway from what I hear so it's probably no big loss)
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News Comments > Harvard's DRM Hacking Proposal
14. Re: Harvard's DRM Hacking Proposal Dec 3, 2008, 17:57 wallace321
but if that limit is reached you can call the publisher to let it reset or it gets reset once you uninstall, right?
Then you can sell it normally.

Time will have to tell about games but it's definately going to depend on the level of DRM. I would imagine that any game that requires you to link it to an account (Fallout 3, for example requires you to link it to your Live! account for the GFW stuff like achivements) could very easily say, "sorry, this CD key has already been used". Penny Arcade Adventures 2 (according to PC Gamer) allows for 3 "non revokable" installs. Peggle Nights, 5 "non revokable" installs. How do you know the copy you're buying has any installs left or if the publisher will understand (or believe) your situation if it doesn't and you call them?

I was talking more directly about things like movies, music, and books in electronic distribution forms. iTunes, Sony Ebook Store, yahoo music (when it was still around). I'm pretty sure most of those methods of DRM tie the purchase to a particular device or account (which is usually specified as non transferable).

Amazon's MP3 store. while not containing DRM, embeds your name in the file. Nothing stopping you from reselling that album (ONE time of course!) but do you trust THEM not to put it up on bittorrent for the world to download with YOUR name tied to the files?
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News Comments > Harvard's DRM Hacking Proposal
8. Re: Harvard's DRM Hacking Proposal Dec 3, 2008, 14:40 wallace321
Even if this passes, in the end, nothing has changed ("stealing" is still illegal) except now legit consumers are SLIGHTLY better protected if their DRM servers go down. I say 'slightly' because its still up to anonymous people on the internet to break the DRM. The proposed exemption is not mandating companies provide a away to remove the DRM requirement if they go out of business, which is what I would love to see.

Ultimately it still leaves DRM providing all the advantages DRM has always given to content providers:

1. they are still killing the second-hand market
2. prevent disc trading/swapping
3. sell multiple copies to individuals (an ipod version and a blu-ray)

It's still illegal to "steal" and they can prosecute for breaking DRM if the servers are still online.

The only thing new is that, under this exemption, good semaritans couldn't be arrested for freeing people's content if the DRM servers go down.

It still wouldn't make DeCSS guy legit for wanting to make a linux DVD player and it won't let someone play their iTunes music on their Zune.
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News Comments > Harvard's DRM Hacking Proposal
3. Re: Harvard's DRM Hacking Proposal Dec 3, 2008, 13:39 wallace321
This is so logical its hard to fathom how it wasn't included in the original DMCA - with the aim of protecting legitimate consumers from dead DRM. Content locking DRM should never have been released into the wild without consumer lockout protections and gurantees from the original content provider.  
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News Comments > Far Cry 2 DRM Follow-up
126. Re: ... Oct 16, 2008, 09:32 wallace321
It's a new day : ) So let me just address the points they felt necessary to raise - since it hasn't been brought up that I could find on this entire thread.

You have 5 activations on 3 separate PCs
what the hell is this supposed to mean? you can "re-activate" if necessary on 2 of 3 machines only?

Uninstalling the game “refunds” an activation. This process is called “revoke”, so as long as you complete proper uninstall you will be able to install the game an unlimited number of times on 3 systems.

Doesn't this contradict the previous statement? Which is it? Unlimited or 5? I thought you could "revoke" them? They'll charge you an activation even if they realize it's on one of your previously activated machines?

You can upgrade your computer as many time as you want (using our revoke system)

WHAT? Do we have to uninstall our game before changing our videocard now, JUST IN CASE it decides to de-activate Far Cry 2?

Ubisoft is committed to the support of our games, and additional activations can be provided.

They HAVE patched their games appropriately in the past (still waiting form them to remove starforce from Silent Hunter 3 and Splinter Cell: CT though....) - usually by fixing game crashing bugs that should have been squashed in QA

Ubisoft is committed to the long term support of our games: you’ll always be able to play Far Cry 2.

See also, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Silent Hunter 3 - I'm pretty sure I've been reading online that these are Unplayable in Vista x64 -mainly because of Star Force but I've been told the installer detects the OS and doesn't let you install, maybe I'll give it a try this weekend to confirm - is that an unreasonable request? SC:CT and SH3 aren't THAT old, they're only 1 or 2 versions old for their respective franchises. So is playing them in Vista x64 unreasonable? If you say yes, then Ubisoft saying "you'll always be able to play Far Cry 2" is an unreasonable promise.


Oh and did anybody else notice: It sounds like you can pick 3 machines to install on. Period. That's all. Even if you uninstall and revoke the activation, that's one of your 3 machines. Even if that machine (whatever a "machine" is) is thrown out. You've just lost one of the 3 machines you're allowed to activate this game one.

This comment was edited on Oct 16, 2008, 14:30.
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News Comments > Far Cry 2 DRM Follow-up
86. Re: Remember folks Oct 15, 2008, 16:49 wallace321
this only affects the pirates. People bitching about it prob weren't gonna buy it anyway. I have had to live with this system for another game 'Lock on:Flaming Cliffs' I have run out of activations many times and a simple email rectified the problem.

BZZZT!! Wrong. this does not only affect pirates - never was it mentioned during the discussions of DRM regarding Spore that the game needs an internet connection to play the game. Guess what, it does. I tried to play Spore for the first time on the flight Sunday afternoon. Nice relaxing flight, playing a nice relaxing game. awww, too bad for me.

Remember when people were so pissed about Mass Effect having to call back to reactivate every 2 weeks or something? But people revolted and they supposedly "backed off" for the Spore implementation of Securom? Guess, what? They didn't. And it's WORSE than originally advertised! You have to be online ANY TIME you want to play, not just once every two weeks to "reactivate". It "activates" everytime you launch the program.

I dont know how you can suggest this "only" affects pirates let alone EVER affecting them since the version you can get off of bit torrent doesn't even have Securom. Please explain. Seriously. Explain how DRM only affects pirates or shut your stupid, self-righteous mouth.

Edit: Sorry that was uncalled for, but that argument is so stupid as to be offensive to me as someone who actually pays for games. My pirate buddy had no problem playing HIS copy of spore on the plane and laughed when I told him this story. And people CONTINUE to say DRM only affects pirates. GRRRRRR!
This comment was edited on Oct 15, 2008, 17:31.
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News Comments > Secret Service Announced
21. Re: No subject Oct 12, 2008, 09:29 wallace321
Team Fortress Classic already did it

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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
110. Re: ... Oct 12, 2008, 09:24 wallace321
If you consider $4.5 million in profit "breaking even", you're even stupider than I thought. So that leaves the following options: Either, you meant $2.2/unit profit, 22.8K units, or you're a complete and total idiot.

Just don't accuse him of pulling numbers out of his ass. He would NEVER do that : )

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
33. Re: Gears of War 2 goes gold. Oct 10, 2008, 20:38 wallace321
I feel like downloading this just to boost the numbers - - I already have a preorder on the PC version and I don't own a 360.

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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
97. Re: ... Oct 9, 2008, 22:25 wallace321
Did anybody else notice that quote from the article that Dsmart posted was actually by someone from Ubisoft? Ubisoft, the biggest offender in causing PC gaming to become the "shove it out the door and patch it later" wreck that it became JUST BEFORE it was "pirated to hell and back". Between that, their crappy ports, and Starforce, Ubisoft has no room to talk about what's killing PC Gaming.

Before piracy almost killed PC Gaming, Ubisoft almost did. I really mean that.

This comment was edited on Oct 9, 2008, 22:25.
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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
94. Re: ... Oct 9, 2008, 18:02 wallace321

Bravo! You stuck it to that limey fool! : )

*golf clap*

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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
87. Re: ... Oct 9, 2008, 13:36 wallace321
If you know anything, you'd know that I didn't pull numbers out of my ass.

I know you pulled numbers out of your ass... *logical paradox, earth asplodes*

This comment was edited on Oct 9, 2008, 13:43.
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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
81. Re: ... Oct 9, 2008, 11:39 wallace321
"PC game piracy is a serious problem and it - not DRM - is the single factor that is going to KILL PC gaming."

How many people people have you heard say they won't buy a game because it was pirated? How many people have you heard say they won't buy a game because of DRM? Is the industry losing more customers or gaining more through the use of DRM? You sound pretty sure. I hope you have more than anecdotes. Since they don't ADVERTISE the restriction of use that come with DRM on television and in ads, i have to think they realise DRM is not in the best interest of the individual customer. Word getting out about these restrictions PROBABLY isn't winning over any hearts and minds. It sure hasn't stopped the illegal downloading, that's for sure. 1,000,000 downloads of Spore indeed...

Guess how long that would take - assuming it ever happens if you are losing even 50% of your sales to piracy.

Speaking of numbers pulled out of asses and foolish assumptions...

Yes. ".001" was a number to illustrate a point but I call your assuption that "50%" (you're suggesting it's higher...) of sales are LOST due to piracy equally braindead, foolish, and without merit. I do belive it's impossible to prove intent except on a case by case basis and you're suggesting it's SO OBVIOUSLY even higher than 50% of sales that are lost to piracy.

(the number .001 was made up to illustrate CONSOLE GAME sales lost because the PC VERSION was pirated. Spore piracy numbers prove dick since that isn't a console release. Please don't tell me you mean the DS version, for the love of god...)

The mcdonalds analogy was intended to imply a concept of "intent" - which you seem to have a super human understanding of. So go ahead and come up with a better one or just simply explain how you KNOW FOR A FACT that more than 50% of sales are regularly LOST to piracy. That is, a person who downloaded the game WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT. And please don't quote numbers of times Crysis or Spore was downloaded without actual PROOF that those numbers would have acutally BOUGHT THE GAME.

It is already a KNOWN fact that more and more triple-A games are coming out first on the console and then on the PC.

I don't even know how this "fact" is supposed to refute what I claimed about poor sales being related to things other than piracy. It's an argument for something, i think, just nothing that I said.

no matter HOW to slice and dice it, if piracy wasn't a problem in various mediums (music, movies, games) that DRM wouldn't even be an issue.

You arent that naive, I know you don't believe that. It has been admitted by people at the RIAA that various forms of copy protection and their hardline stance against copying music from a CD you own onto your ipod is intended to create NEW REVENUE streams, by selling you the content more than once, ie: ringtones, DRMed copy for your ipod AND a physical CD. It also serves to squash out the second hand market by not allowing you to resell your CD or DVD, forcing others to buy new store bought copies.

This comment was edited on Oct 9, 2008, 12:21.
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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
71. Re: No subject Oct 8, 2008, 22:42 wallace321
There are benefits to owning a real copy aren't there? No? There are really. Patches and cheat-free multiplayer (haha! just kidding!) to name just two. You also get a disc and a neat box!

But isn't it funny that this has all come down to the exact opposite? There are arguably more benefits to owning a pirated version. Especially single player games If not dealing with DRM is worth more than the trouble associted with only being able to play on cracked servers, having to wait for cracks to come out for new patches, then there really is no benefit to buying it, other than moral or legal obligations.

As for pirating the PC version instead of buying the console version, the console is a totally different experience than the PC. But then again, some people are totally fine with crappy, camera recordings of IMAX movies. Go figure.

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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
69. Re: No subject Oct 8, 2008, 22:22 wallace321
I honestly don't understand the analogy you posted at all. Hmmm.... I must be a dumbass.

The analogy was supposed mean that if some people can get a cheap meal, they will. It doesn't mean they would have eaten an expensive one just because it was their only other choice.

No??? I just don't know how to shoot that one down. PC piracy causes lost console game sales? I mean, wow. just wow. That's the reason they don't want to port a game like Force Unleashed? (or at least deny it until they feel like they've gotten all the sales they ever will, because if they announce it, suddenly, it's a waiting game for people who want to play it, but would pirate it if it was on the PC)

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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
66. Re: No subject Oct 8, 2008, 21:46 wallace321
People will not tolerate having something tell them they can't watch a movie

Plus, they already do. Try playing a movie with PowerDVD using your computer's component output. But yes, it's going to cause quite a stir when they flip the HDCP switch (not having your pS3 connected to the net will only work for so long since eventually a new disc will require an update)

This comment was edited on Oct 8, 2008, 22:06.
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News Comments > Ubisoft: EndWar PC Impacted by Piracy
64. Re: No subject Oct 8, 2008, 21:09 wallace321
The reason he is arguing, failure to admit he is a pirate and he wants to disenvow any involvement.

Why the hell do you think I would need to disavow any involvment with a scumbag pirate like you on an internet bulletin board?

Get a life, idiot...

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