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News Comments > UT3 Gets Steamy
1. Re: UT3 Gets Steamy Jan 29, 2009, 19:07 wallace321
"Oh. Your. God..."

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News Comments > Weekend Sales
9. Re: Weekend Sales Jan 24, 2009, 08:56 wallace321
But haven't there been lots of rumblings about the JA games on steam not working on modern systems?  
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News Comments > Legal Briefs
1. Re: Legal Briefs Jan 15, 2009, 20:36 wallace321
Two points -
1: in most (probably all) states, they're legally old enough to have sex together but since they took a picture of it, suddenly it's a felony

2. the girls who took the pictures; slap on the wrist. the guys (who probably did nothing wrong except not deleting the picture); charged as adults, 20 years on a sex offender's registry and will probably never be able to get a decent job

laws have NOT kept up with technology (or common sense...)
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News Comments > Game Warning Labels
17. Re: Game Warning Labels Jan 12, 2009, 22:12 wallace321
"warning; children learn how to act from people and their environment. so hitting their mother with a beer bottle may send the wrong messages"

People have been violent sociopaths long before video games. a warning label on video games won't change that. people are also stupid enough to think this garbage helps.

after theyve put a warning label on everything and nothing has changed, maybe then they'll require a license to breed FINALLY.
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News Comments > Weekend Sales
11. Re: Weekend Sales Jan 10, 2009, 21:34 wallace321
I bought the bundle for super cheap...but don't remember what I paid...maybe 1-2 months ago?

I think i bought it maybe in september - I paid $11 or $12 I think. DOH!
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News Comments > Relic: DoW Support Lacking
12. Re: Relic: DoW Support Lacking Jan 9, 2009, 19:08 wallace321
Why fix or patch games at all? That's what sequels are for!

<end sarcasm>

their support of the original Dawn of War "wasn't up to snuff" "Isn't up to snuff." There, i fixed it.

Just because the new game is coming out doesn't mean the old game never happend. With that attitude, there's no reason to suspect that they won't do the exact same thing again. The didn't have any problem finding the time to ADD DRM to CoH waaaay after it's initial release.

PS. Blizzard and Valve are still releasing patches for games that came out in 1997 and 1998 (Diablo and Half Life)

Anybody have any comments about these points?
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
1. Re: Evening Tech Bits Jan 7, 2009, 21:12 wallace321
What would a silver bullet do to vampire-anything? Nothing. Unless by "silver bullet" they meant "stake-through-the-heart".  
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News Comments > Dawn of War 2 Specs; Beta News Nears
5. Re: Dawn of War 2 Specs; Beta News Nears Jan 6, 2009, 23:56 wallace321
it has, a lot. It's a very steamlike interface that overlays on top of the game. it's very nice if you have MSN buddies (those show up in live, right?). i have to say, the more like steam it gets, the better it will be.

and I kinda like the idea of seperate save games. at least it allows for you to protect your save games from other people using the same computer, unless they're an administrator of course : ) otherwise, they're in your profile which is protected from non-admin users.

not sure I will personally ever use that but it's there...

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News Comments > FTC & DRM
16. Re: FTC & DRM Jan 6, 2009, 16:47 wallace321
I wasnt refering to you on that one. It was just a generalization about the snobbyness and the sheer balls implied when someone against piracy brings up the immorality of it. EVERYBODY has done something with their books, CDs, movies, TV, that content providers would love to stamp out of existance. (see Jack Vilenti's quote about the VCR; "The VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston Strangler is to the woman alone.")

But I have no problem making fun of both extremes because they're both totally unreasonable. The industry would of course love to take away anything it could in the name of protecting its "merchandise", and the hardcore pirates who never pay for anything (or at least steal MOST) are BOTH the enemy of the average consumer.

The industry, for lack of a better word, is the side who still insists that copying music to your ipod from a CD you own is stealing. The side who thought the VCR would bring about the end of broadcast television and Hollywood. The side who wanted to stamp out ad-skipping features of Tivos and DVRs. I just can't side with that kind of irrational sensationalism no matter how much I loathe people who steal things and are proud of it.

ohh, and "tightass" shouldn't be confused with "tightwad", which I would define as someone who is too cheap to pay for something.

This comment was edited on Jan 6, 2009, 16:55.
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News Comments > FTC & DRM
14. Re: FTC & DRM Jan 6, 2009, 16:14 wallace321
between the two of you, kosumo and caveman - I'm going to side with the trailer trash pirate. What good is something I pay for if I can't use it?

If there's anything I hate more than losers who expect something for nothing, it's self righteous tightasses who would prefer to surrender ease of use, convenience, and functionality for the mere illusion of safety and security.

This comment was edited on Jan 6, 2009, 16:16.
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News Comments > Spore De-Authorization Tool
44. Re: Spore De-Authorization Dec 23, 2008, 22:09 wallace321
Maybe you would like to explain why pirates would be so vocally against DRM anyway? It doesn't even effect them; at all.

Spore, most pirated game of 2008. What's with the de-authorization tool now? Nice bone to throw all the honest customers who didn't already download the pirated version, eh?

so tell me, what's one of the excuses FOR drm? again keep in mind, spore, "most pirated game of 2008". take your time...

and what do they give the customers with legit copies? a handy-dandy utility for managing their activations. Lovely... Maybe they should just put out a press release with the URL to a well-seeded tracker.

They should be groveling at the feet of paying customers for every purchased copy after their savior (DRM) has let them down so badly. After all, at this point, isn't it only through the goodness of their hearts that people are still buying it instead of just downloading it for free?

//also for fun, GIS the words "bioshock" and "securom". it's a real hoot.
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News Comments > THQ & PhysX
1. Re: THQ & PhysX Dec 21, 2008, 15:33 wallace321
Yay for PC games! Or do you think this will be another case of "my computer can't run this maxed with every option checked so the game must be broken"? (because those comments are BAD for pc games)

\\"Uhhh sir, you have an ATI videocard..."
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News Comments > Spore De-Authorization Tool
42. Re: Spore De-Authorization Tool Dec 21, 2008, 10:58 wallace321
At least that how it works in my fantasy world, in your real world I understand how the pirates tell the game developers what they wish to play and while they are making it for them, they are feed magic pixie dust and troll poo and all are magical happy

First of all, the RIAA is known to have examined torrent and/or peer to peer downloading statistics to examine what music people are interested in. So your sarcasm laced "fantasy world" is not all that far off base.

Hey Wallace321, why should anyone be turned to piracy because a game has DRM in it? Like you can always not play the game if you do not want to deal with their DRM.

Incompatibilities, inconvienence.

Ever had a game not work specifically because of its DRM scheme?

Ever run out of activations? (FSX only had 2, with no revoke tool ever released if I recall)

Ever lose the little sheet of paper that has the answer to the question you have to answer to start the game?

If you haven't, congratulations but i'm sure it's only a matter of time and I hope your experiences are relatively painless since you seem to be asking for DRM on your games as the definitive way of making sure that game developers get paid for their work.

(I don't want to burst your fantasy world so that developers stop getting their hard earned money but the games I've had the most DRM trouble with, Flight Simulator X, Spore, Company of Heroes Opp For, and Civ 4 are all available on bit torrent. Maybe next time I'll skip the headache and wait for the version that won't cause me so much grief? That's what turns people to piracy.)
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News Comments > Spore De-Authorization Tool
40. Re: Spore De-Authorization Tool Dec 20, 2008, 13:06 wallace321
...stating the TRUTH, which is that the game will be pirated anyway, and all those saying DRM causes all the piracy are living in a fantasy world.

Only a TOTAL fool would suggest what you're saying. Nobody (and for emphasis, let me say it again, NOBODY!!!!) is suggesting that DRM causes ALL the piracy. People however ARE suggesting it DOES turn people to it; people who don't want to be bothered with product activations and "de-authorization tools". It's certainly turning more people to it than are actually turned away from it.

The only person living in a fantasy world is you.

Re-evaluate your position after registering in your thick skull the fact that NOBODY in their right mind is suggesting that DRM is the answer to the "chicken or the egg" question with regards to piracy and copy protection.
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News Comments > Retail PoP DRM-Free
101. Re: Retail PoP DRM-Free Dec 16, 2008, 12:03 wallace321
How the hell did you come to that conclusion? He's saying that we'll find out whether the people claiming they pirate games because of DRM were being truthful. That statement has absolutely no bearing on legitimate customers, nor those with legitimate concerns about DRM

It was a VERY poorly worded statement, as someone else pointed out. Thats why I phrased it as a question when I brought it up. It sure did sound like if the game is pirated people who don't like DRM were being dishonest. VERY close. The way he worded it sounded a lot like "ok, we'll release our game without DRM but if it is pirated then you were being dishonest by telling us that DRM drives people to piracy" Like i said, I only asked. I knew he meant that pirates are going to pirate it anyway. But I WILL say it was a dumb statement to make. It was the statement of someone who STILL just doesn't "get it"; the fact is we're not going to find out anything!

The people who were going to pirate it WITH DRM are going to pirate it WITHOUT it so that number isn't going to change one way or another. No pirate is saying "oh goodie! no drm so it will be easy to pirate!" people downloading torrents will still see torrents of a game with no way of know that retail release had no DRM. Torrent releases of games NEVER have DRM anyway.

removing DRM is a LONG TERM trust issue. they can't expect sales to increase simply because they removed it from one game. what if this one game happens to suck? removing DRM is simply taking away one advantage the pirate copy has over the copy you have to pay for. most people (the people that drive sales of Deer Hunter games into the stratosphere) will never even know this doesn' have DRM, but if it has problems or doesn't work because they need to update securom (or apply patch 1.04.5B right out of the box, for that matter. but that's another issue) or need a constant internet connection to play you can bet that will be their last purchase!
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News Comments > Metaverse
2. Re: Metaverse Dec 15, 2008, 22:19 wallace321
and now it's the cop's turn. I hope he loses his job. (will never happen)  
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News Comments > Retail PoP DRM-Free
96. Re: Retail PoP DRM-Free Dec 14, 2008, 09:02 wallace321
"You're right when you say that when people want to pirate the game they will but DRM is there to make it as difficult as possible for pirates to make copies of customers to use our games ."

there, i fixed it. pirates making copies of your game is as easy as firing up bit torrent. The only thing left for DRM to do is annoy and frustrate people with an original disc, IE "customers".

A lot of people complain that DRM is what forces people to pirate games but as PoP PC has no DRM we'll see how truthful people actually are. Not very, I imagine.

Seriously though. Razz. What a pissy, stupid, obnoxious thing to say!

A. Its going to be pirated with or without DRM

B. Did he just call us all liars? Pirates are still pirates, but if this game doesnt sell as well as they expect, those of us with legitmate concerns about the problems associated with DRM are liars?

Here please, let me purcahase your wonderful game because I want to support that line of thinking.... No wait, I don't.

This comment was edited on Dec 14, 2008, 13:21.
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News Comments > Dawn of War II DRM Talk & Movie
17. Re: Dawn of War II DRM Talk & Movie Dec 13, 2008, 17:44 wallace321
Spore, with securom based limited installations and product activation was the most heavily pirated PC game of 2008.

Now, what were you going to say about gurantees, DoW II, and DRM?
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News Comments > Ubisoft on Review Scores and Acquisition Plans
8. Re: Ubisoft on Review Scores and Acquisition Plans Dec 11, 2008, 17:51 wallace321
Didn't Sands of Time have Starforce on it?

"well that's your problem right there..."
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News Comments > 2008: The Year in Lists, Part 4
2. Re: 2008: The Year in Lists, Part 4 Dec 11, 2008, 03:58 wallace321
I love seeing things I like win stuff! (Goooooo LBP!)

These are two of the silliest lists i've ever read.

Really? "Colonization" overrated? Metacritic "84" is too high yet he says, "But I've loved every game I've played." Odd

Hmmm, "saints row 2", "midnight club los angeles" and "the club" in the same top 10? Seems like this theme suits him and that biased out some probably better choices for a true top 10.
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