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Re: Derek Smart
Mar 19, 2008, 07:29
Re: Derek Smart Mar 19, 2008, 07:29
Mar 19, 2008, 07:29
Bit late in the day but I have to comment.

There are two sides to this, the game UC, and the man DS.

I have recently just got back into it and looking forward to some time chillin' while commanding a large spacefaring vessel... WITH THE COMPLEX PARTS... in my time playing games, simulators and the rest it seems most if not all games have been dumbed down for the console generation, instant gratification. It is has become the norm for games to be eye candy, oh so pretty to look at but as shallow a carpark puddle. This is why i love UC, its not the most amazing in terms of graphics, but it has alot of content.

The UI and shortcuts are ... numerous for sure but hey i dont mind, name me another recent game where you can send a shuttle to a planet with a mining drone for resources needed, sending two more to surround your ship with mines, at the same time your crew are trying to keep the hull from spliting down the middle, get the reactor up and running as well as your turrets, fighters flying CAP... all of this after a fight, knowing there may be another cruiser turning up... for our time it dont get more real then this, and i love it... its something ill never see in my lifetime, but thanks to DS i can get an idea.

You dont like the UI, i hate that oblivion was dumbed down for consolers, that all games are so easy, your led by your nose in most if not all, so much so i play DOS games because they didnt have the graphics, had to make up for it in content... So UC - bloody brilliant!!!

DS... as far as i can tell is a bit of a c**t; a megalomanic, someone who is empathicly stunted. I see mention of his forums being empty, mostly because people were banded for asking questions when someone else had, or not reading the manual twice, or suggesting a change. Was there with BC3K, wanting to ask questions or solutions or have ideas, WHICH IN EVERY OTHER GAME MOST DEV'S APPRECIATE... WE ARE THE DEMOGRAPHIC, WE BUY THE GAMES.

ok last thing, manuals... thank god, i dont read them, i prefer the trial and error way (its how i perceive data and such), but if and when i do i like to have detail, beats 8 pages of pictures of guns and primary/secondary fire options at least then you know someone has made an effort.

ok am done!

This comment was edited on Mar 19, 07:55.
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