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News Comments > METAL GEAR SURVIVE Released
10. Re: METAL GEAR SURVIVE Released Feb 23, 2018, 07:29 Kha
StingingVelvet wrote on Feb 22, 2018, 17:43:
Watched some videos and the food/water/stamina meters go down so damn fast, good lord. Might as well call it Stress: The Game.

I bet all this hassle may be bypassed by spending some real money, isn't it?

Somebody heard micro transaction bells?
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
6. Re: Evening Consolidation Nov 21, 2013, 04:38 Kha
Axis wrote on Nov 20, 2013, 23:14:

For those not in the know... that's virtually the same Linux just less restrictive due to the license and a bit more unix'y!

That's the greatest thing I've ever read in a looong time, you guys just paid for an open source box -- and it's likely that the vast majority have balked at the idea in past chats about open source gaming OS's...

Was always suspect, now confirmed.

Yeah, sure, tell me then when you're able to run the same games on a PC with Linux
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
17. Re: Evening Consolidation Jun 7, 2013, 02:13 Kha
Cutter wrote on Jun 7, 2013, 00:36:
Translation: We backpeddled and revamped our PR to mollify initial hatred of the Failbox and our policies. We will of course revert to the more draconian ones in due time, so don't say we didn't warn you, fools.

Oh, and do not forget this other meaning: Your games would be retired / deactivated / unavailable at whatever moment that they want.

Cutter wrote on Jun 7, 2013, 00:36:
I see nothing but reasons to avoid the Failbox like the plague and zero reasons to own one.

Just this Cutter, I pass this time if I would want a big brother DRM system embeded on my games I would switch to Steam instead, almost there is some advantage in this one.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
28. Re: Morning Consolidation May 22, 2013, 12:32 Kha
I never was a Steam fan, what the hell... I don't like Steam at all, I never supported the idea of have all the purchased games tied to an account and play when they want, where they want, how they want, and for the time they want.

For this very reason is why I use GOG for my PC games and I choosed play on consoles too. I own a 360 and a PS3. I like the convenience of the console because, while I have the disk in mint condition and the hardware works fine, I am able to play the game. No online checks, no dependency on remote servers that nobody can assure me that they will stay on in the future. It is simple, I buy the game, I am able to play, there is no easier way. Yes I know, console games are worst than the PC counterparts, but this is a trade off that I was finding that was worth it.

This is... until now and all these Xbox One news.

If the new xbox is going to be the same as Steam, more the hassle of a fixed not replaceable internal 500 GB HD, with online activation, mandatory games install and the games being worst than the PC counterparts, as always they will be... then... why to buy a Xbox One at all? Steam is giving us the same now, augmented and multiplied, only that it is better, way better, and even with all this dislike from me towards Steam I am unable to see any advantage of Xbox One over the Valve's solution.

So, If I must tie my purchases to my account, if I must unlock or activate my games, if I must demonstrate every time that I want to play that I am not a pirate, then, I will change to Steam, with the pain of all my heart, almost I will have better games versions, better looking games, a upgradable hardware and others advantages present in Steam and not in Xbox.

And these are my opinions, so Microsoft, go to milk another one.

*** Edited to fix some verbs ***

This comment was edited on May 22, 2013, 12:57.
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News Comments > Empire: Total War Date; DRM; Specs
44. Re: Empire: Total War Date; DRM; Specs Jan 28, 2009, 15:07 Kha
@nin -
"The sky is falling! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!"

O boy, this was a very constructive reply, indeed. Teh bottom line is i try do not be raped.

@LMN8R -
As for the retards still purporting the stupidly unlikely risk of Valve shutting down and you "losing everything"

Do not insult, please, i was respectfull in my post and i think i have a legitimate concern.

Yes, it is unlikely Valve goes down, but it would be purchased by a bigger company and the conditions of Steam's use would be changed.

@Prez -
And about the "Valve going out of business" scenario, every time I hear that possibility I have to wonder if people understand how business works. Steam is a service

Yes Steam is a service and it could be changed, terminated, whatever at his full discrection, by Valve or by another company after buying, either Valve or Steam or both. Do you know EULAs?

Since we, the customers, are not protected against such events, the only protection is avoid risky purchases like this. I know, SecuROM + online activation is worst, Limited installs are worst, Starforce is worst, but forced steam use is not good neither.

The only possibility is to fight together against all this DRM nonsense, but we are not very united as i can see.
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News Comments > Empire: Total War Date; DRM; Specs
31. Re: Empire: Total War Date; DRM; Specs Jan 28, 2009, 10:02 Kha
I don't know if you -Steam supporters- are blind or what.

Please, can you tell me what could happen to your game collection if Valve goes out of bussiness some day and Steam authentication servers go down?. Great companies fall off every day, this can happen to whatever company you would name, except Microsoft can be.

Supporting online activation -Steam, Securom 7 whatever- is a bet to have many coasters in your closet, coasters you paid $50~$60 each. These are a very expensive coasters i think, don't you?

I will not pirate absolutely nothing, but yes, i vote with my wallet, every person worried about his investment would do the same.

I think how this hobby has changed. I remember, years ago, to know if a title would like me, i would take a look to reviews, online or specialised press. Now, i take a look at whatever DRM is inside. Buying games has become like to walk in a mine field. What change !!!.

This comment was edited on Jan 28, 2009, 10:08.
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News Comments > All Aspect Warfare Gameplay & DRM Details
61. Re: All Aspect Warfare Details Dec 8, 2008, 06:20 Kha
@ dsmart

"Again, you are missing the point. Entirely. Nobody said that online activation was the solution. You simply can't prove a negative. So there are no examples of a defunct online activation DRM going dark and rendering a game unplayable. Until it happens, there is no point in crying over it.

In fact, when we were pitched Byteshield, that was the #1 problem I presented to Jan. The end result is that we can either release a patch to strip the DRM from the game if their servers go dark or we can just host our own servers - an option that any licensee can take advantage of if they want."

And you can't prove positive too. You are missing my point. Sure, there are not examples of developpers/publishers going down and taking their games with them...-oh well, with this DRM scheme- until now. All i'm saying is i am not going to take the risk. In my right of pick a choice i choose not taking the potential risk. Period, end of match.

"The Hellgate London scenario is rubbish and has nothing to do with DRM. It is not different from any game's publisher/developer going under. In this case, the game has an offline component and the online component was completely worthless to begin with. So no loss there. PLUS you can still play the game if you wanted to."

No, Hellgate:London is the perfect example of a company going down and bringing his game down with them. Ok, it is not just in the context of DRM but i bet if this IP would to have had online activation the activation servers would have gone down too. Suposition, yes, but you can not prove me wrong neither. Remember my words, i don't like take the risk. You say all this to those who bought the game.

"Further, you can't just assume that game devs and publishers are going to end up a situation where a game is unplayable down the road. If everyone considered that a threat, then not a single copy of Mass Effect, Bioshock, Spore, GTA-IV etc would have sold. Period. End of story. Take your ball and go home."

Are you sure?, because game devs and publishers do not treat very well the gamers. How many times a near unplayable game is left in this form by not release a very needed patch?. All is just to make money. If the game is not a block buster it is not going to get the dev/publisher attention any more. Are you thinking about release a patch to remove the online activation DRM for all titles of a dev/piblisher going down the road?. Are you kidding me?.

"...what is stopping you from finding a crack online if in fact EA does go under?"

To stay on the legal side of things, may be?. To my eyes, you are as a double agent. You want to protect your IP from thieves, you don't like pirates -ok this is right, i don't like too-, but you don't mind if we must become thieves in order to play the games we bought.

We should not need any "third party tool" to play, apart from the right received for having bought the games.

"Case in point: After many years - and well beyond the lifecycle (twelve months actually) of any game - Sierra only just recently shut down public servers for a bunch of games. Games that weren't selling, but they were paying the bills for those servers. Was there an outcry? No. Just that now, folks have to setup their own servers if they want multiplayer. Something they could do all along IF they wanted to."

Sorry but the lifecycle of a bunch of bits recorded on a CD/DVD -the single player part almost- would be the same lifecycle as the medium used to keep the data, this is, a lot of hundreds of years and be restricted only for the medium's life, like until now. To use whatever artificial system to shorten the physical life is renting.

May be these games were not shelling any more, but, were there not players too?. Ah, ok, you are thinking in to support only games when they are in a profiterable shape. This is the problem, i'm thinking about getting the maximum for my money, almost a reasonable value for my money.

Thank you.
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News Comments > All Aspect Warfare Gameplay & DRM Details
42. Re: All Aspect Warfare Gameplay & DRM De Dec 6, 2008, 15:36 Kha
@ dsmart

"Show me one - just one - instance in your 26 years of being a PC gamer, in which an activation server - or any such DRM scheme - has gone offline and rendered a game unplayable. I'll be waiting."

You are not responding me about this...
Until now, the only method to authenticate software was a CD check. Online authentication is a recent "feature". The risk of be unable to play due to a autentication server down will raise from now. If a company goes down, it is unlikely another will keep the online servers up. Example: Flagship Studios and their Hell Gate: London. What would happen if "Hell Gate:London" would have had online activation for single player too?
Every day online gaming servers are retired, the impact is "only" be unable to play multiplayer trough Internet, the single player experience is unchanged, but all us would imagine what will happen when this online multiplayer server retirement affects to a online authenticated game.

I'm sorry, but i will not buy a online authenticated IP today only to discover what is going to happen after ten years. All of You are putting this thing on your games, you must convince us.

"Don't you think that the millions of people who are buying games from Steam, Direct2Drive, Gamers Gate, Digital River et al have these concerns? What makes you so special?"

Yes, for sure, They can tolerate this form of DRM, me not. I don't buy games trough Steam, Direct2Drive, and so on for the same reason. I'm not special, but if you want my money you must play with my rules. It is very easy understand this. Online authenticated game = no money from me, whatever being the game.

"And isn't this the same silly argument that is the reason that most DRM schemes require the media for authentication? So publishers try to curb that, by going the online authentication route, and there is yet another [pointless] outcry."

I never was against to have the media on the drive. I would live very happy with this form of DRM. This is much better than the online authentication, but with the last the industry ends the second hand too. It is not for doing us a favor.

"You folks don't get it. The only way you're going to see any game [worth getting] released without some form of DRM (be it media, online authentication etc) is if God comes down and mandates it. The end result is that, if you don't want to be inconvienced then you either (i) pirate it (ii) strip the DRM from your purchase or (iii) find another hobby and quit gaming altogether."

This is due to the average Joe gamer being unaware about this DRM and the risks they take for buying this. If no one buys games with online authentication this DRM form would be abolished.

And all this sound me as apologia for piracy. Have you read yourself?. If there are no gamers left, what will you do for living?. Because, in my humble opinion, you would not care less about your job. Making games for average Joes because they do not give a shit about this online DRM and loss of rights?

I will ask you another question. Tell me a game, only a game, being not pirated due to DRM, online or not. I'll be waiting too.

Thank you for your time and replies. Kind regards.
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News Comments > All Aspect Warfare Gameplay & DRM Details
32. Re: All Aspect Warfare Gameplay & DRM De Dec 5, 2008, 22:11 Kha
@ dsmart

"Byteshield is exactly as I said and my guess is that a lot of people are going to start using it once gamers - who use it - start attesting to the fact that, well, it is seamless, doesn't break anything etc."

Tell me, please, what will hapen to the game if any time in the future the activation server is retired or it is down.

"Only pirates make the most noise about DRM because all the average gamer cares about is that the DRM scheme not be intrusive, invasive or restrictive."

Ok, lets put this clear. I'm 41 years old, i'm gaming on PC since i was 15. I bought all the games i use, 26 years ago and right now. I like to support the quality products from this industry. I don't know how much money i have expended in games, but it is a lot of for sure. Well, please, don't treat us, your customers, as thieves since i make very much noise about DRM and i never pirated a game.

I'm sure you will understand this. You have perfect right to protect your product, but not taking off the rights of the customers in the process. When i buy a game i think i take the right to play it for ever. If you implement online activations it will depends on the server availability to be able to activate the product. May be you think it is stupid to install a game five or eight years since the launch, but is a common practice to install our favorites games in the new fancy-dandy computer and be able to play at max game specs. If the title only works or only can be activated while a activation server is up, this is renting on my book, and i will not tolerate this, i will vote with my wallet and i will not buy any game with this kind of DRM.

It is not if you have right to do this or not, it is not if this is ethical or not, it is not if it is intrusive or not, all is about we, the customers, do not like DRM, period.

The restriction of having to have the CD/DVD on the player, it is a nuisance, yes, but it is better than to depend on a remote external server. The gamer have the CD/DVD, almost.

You have the rights to protect your IP with whatever DRM you choose, this is for sure; We have perfect rights to left your IP on the shelves. But since we like PC gaming, we might prefer not having to leave the IP on the shelves.

Kind regards.

This comment was edited on Dec 5, 2008, 22:18.
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News Comments > On GTA IV PC DRM
141. Re: On GTA IV PC DRM Nov 29, 2008, 18:31 Kha
@ theyarecomingforyou

"I was talking about when they are compared individually. A one time online activation is of little consequence, whereas having to insert a disc each time is quite irritating. Therefore when you compare the two it's the disc check that should irritate people more, whereas the responses in the topic have been contrary to this."

I don't think so. Yes, having to insert a disc is irritating, but you will have the disc for ever al most and you will have a disc to insert after 10, or more, years.

After some years have passed from now, there will be any authentication server active for the game or you will have a coaster?.

Online activation is renting.

"But that's exactly what has happened here. The activation limits have been removed, though a one time online activation is still required. At the end of the day people already have to activate Windows online so to me it seems absurd to complain about doing the same with a computer game on a single occasion."

It would be fantastic if code wheels could to return, or questions based on manuals, honest. When i buy a game i want be able to install it and play it for ever.

I was playing on PC since Windows 3.1 but now, with all this DRM crap i have changed to consoles.
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News Comments > Sacred 2 DRM - Non-Transferrable License
57. No subject Sep 12, 2008, 12:08 Kha
If when i buy a game, i'm getting the license, the right to play, how they say. Will i be able to play after 5... 10 ... 15 years?

And if not, what the publisher will do in order to grant me my purchased right to play? Reinstall the authentication servers and all account info belonged to me?

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News Comments > THQ Director Blames Piracy for Iron Lore Closure
71. No subject Mar 4, 2008, 09:17 Kha
DRM does not work.

-It bothers legit customers with their restrictions.
-Legit customers are unable to do a security backup.
-Legit customer suffer of incompatibilities and annoyances due to protections.
- Pirates get a cracked game without any restriction at all.

In this situation, pirates are playing and legit customers are trying to play on "near infected" computers with major nuisances.

This comment was edited on Mar 4, 16:28.
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