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Re: No subject
Jan 3, 2008, 23:06
Re: No subject Jan 3, 2008, 23:06
Jan 3, 2008, 23:06
All I can say is that I am sick of Derek Smart and his flame war.

Derek, I will NEVER play one of your games (not even the free ones) because of the fact that you are such a salty cockbag and have absolutely no respect for anyone that isn't posting something positive about your games.

I've never played one, so I am not commenting on how shitty they are (or may not be, I'll give your games some benefit of the doubt).

You are so full of shit, I don't think you even know what the truth is and what's a lie anymore. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time posting this - maybe to make myself feel better and to finally get it off my chest.

.!.. ..!. you. You're arrogant, self centered, egotistical and narcissistic. And you're a complete ass.

But, I will close with something positive.

Thank you for releasing your games for free - even though I will never play one (and I am SO wanting to play a deep and involved space sim), I do appreciate it for those who enjoy them or are ignorant of your attitude.

1 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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