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News Comments > Diablo III Reaper of Souls Launch Party
14. Re: Diablo III Reaper of Souls Launch Party Mar 24, 2014, 11:35 peteham
I plan to level one of my 60 chars to 70 before starting a Crusader. Marquise gems (current maximum level and ludicrously expensive) are supposed to drop like candy from level 65 onwards, which should make leveling faster. Helmet with biggest ruby, and hellfire ring, always. Liquidated all my radiant star gems on the AH before it went away, to have as much cash for the money-sinks as possible, so I'm currently rocking a sad set of flawless squares  
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News Comments > Diablo III Double XP Weekend
41. Re: Diablo III Double XP Weekend Mar 22, 2014, 08:49 peteham
I recommend just playing whatever you think is fun and not worry too much about optimizing paragon levels. They'll roll in on their own over time, anyway. You can reasonably expect XP to roll in at a faster rate at level 70 than it does now at 60, even with the XP bonus. And aside from that, most legendaries you find now will useless in a couple of days. This especially goes for weapons, where 1400dps is pretty good these days but RoS loot has twice that.

Some item types seem to not be as good as their vanilla counterparts (no longer obtainable), since there just aren't enough stats on the new items. I haven't found any jewelry better than what I already had (cc, cd and ias). The 500+ mainstat rolls you get on new loot doesn't offset the lack of trifecta on these key items.
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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Unity Announced
18. Re: Assassin's Creed Unity Announced Mar 21, 2014, 17:09 peteham
Finally got around to playing AC4. I wouldn't have bought it for some time yet, but it was bundled with my new graphics card so with all the praise it had been getting, even from fellow AC3-haters, I've been very curious. Well, I needn't have bothered. Turns out I'm so burnt out on the whole series it's not even funny. The ship stuff is fun for a few hours but isn't deep enough to carry the game on its own. Aside from that, there really hasn't been anything new since AC2, and all the flaws of the core game seem to be still intact. The traversal is still horrible. You still get stuck on walls, chimneys, or simply run up and down, up and down some sort of unscalable wall. Descending, more than anything, is the worst of all. Try getting off a rooftop in a hurry if there isn't a leap of faith or large empty space nearby (taking 50% fall damage in the process). It ain't easy with a character that's hell-bent on grabbing onto everything in sight. And enjoy the frustration of seeing that courier slip further away as you struggle through the slow-ass animation of scaling a couple of barrels instead of the ladder you were aiming for. Frankly, the best option is still to just run through the streets.

This game needs a run-button that doesn't double as CLIMB EVERYTHING IN SIGHT very, very badly. Even the simple act of getting into position required to open a damn chest or supply crate is annoying. If you try to run the last distance you're more likely to start climbing or humping the thing, than opening it. Getting to the helm of your ship? Have fun humping the railing and every cannon in sight, before finally stumbling into your second in command before you're finally able to take the helm.

And the missions sadly haven't improved at all. The awful eavesdropping missions were expected based on feedback I've been reading, but the rest of the bunch aren't much better. Trigger an assassination-sequence by spotting the target from too far away? The Script(tm) will kick in, your target will start to walk and you'll be in no position to stay in range. Desync, respawn in preset location and try again for the easy win. Times like this, with the game screwing you over, is still the only way it's possible to fail in this travesty of a game. The treasure hunting/collectibles could've been fun, but they've gone ahead and added MMO quantities of padding to every single activity. Something that would be fun a handful of times, they make you do 100 times. I could see 50 hours of gametime simply doing the same, boring old disembarking just to climb onto some small shitty island to get one damn chest. The same goes for boarding ships and upgrading the jackdaw. It's fun about 10 times, and after that it gets tedious. With the amount of materials I've been getting, I'd say I had about 100 more boarding attempts ahead of me if I wanted to upgrade it all the way. Even if you mix things up, there isn't enough variety or depth to keep things even remotely interesting.

Black Flag wasn't the disjointed mess AC3 was, but it still feels like a collection of minigames made by separate studios to me.. As for the core game, they need to completely redesign the mechanics at this point.
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News Comments > Titanfall Optimization Tips
32. Re: Titanfall Optimization Tips Mar 16, 2014, 08:02 peteham
Having a lot of fun with Titanfall. First online FPS I've played in ages. I have no idea how the scoring really works though. I feel like I'm doing well enough most of the time, rarely dying, but I'm apparently not racking up points anyway 'cause I'm usually middle to last, especially in attrition. Maybe I'm simply not finding enough grunt spawn clusters. I do better on hardpoint domination, which is what I've played the most of so far.

The matchmaking is piss poor at the moment, though. This was especially bad during the campaign, where there's the added complication of having to lock players into factions. I soldiered through once, just to unlock the two additional titans, but I don't think I played a single balanced match. One team would always have more players than the other, and/or higher leveled players. That doesn't necessarily translate to skill but frankly, the odds of a level 5 player being better than a level 20-25 player (who additionally has things like extended mags and burncards a-plenty) aren't great..

So yeah, there's that. Also, the story-telling of the campaign was awful in itself. It just added delay to games with chatter you couldn't catch anyway, because you'll be too busy setting up load-outs between games early on to really pay attention. And for the game itself, you'll be far more preoccupied with shooting (or getting shot at) to care. I caught the 1 minute summary and YouTube, and turns out I didn't miss much. But this is why the game is taking up a rather large percentage of my SSD? Great I hope there's a patch to nuke the excess audio at some point.

Also wish there was a way to fire up your own passworded game just to have a chance to look at the maps without being gunned down. A few years back, being able to do this in a game was a given, but not in the world of matchmaking I guess. The maps are quite large and intricate, with multi-story buildings, parkour routes, ziplines, basements, you name it. I don't even think I've seen all of them yet, since the matchmaking doesn't let you choose. I'm mostly just running in a straight line taking whatever route comes up, for the time being. You can easily tell the players who've had enough games to get a deeper sense of the levels from the rest, as they'll know which doorways people are likely to emerge from etc. and will generally see you before you see them. For the same reason, I'd like the ability to join games as a spectator and pick up some tricks, so I didn't have to drag my team down by effectively having one player less while I spec from the grave (waiting to respawn is the only time you can spec in the game, as far as I know?).

This comment was edited on Mar 16, 2014, 08:12.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
2. Re: Evening Mobilization Feb 25, 2014, 04:26 peteham
Annoys me no end how nearly all high-end Android phones these days are sporting the same over-sized 5"+ screen. Even my Nexus4 at 4.7" feels slightly too big. I'd much rather have 4.3" or thereabouts.

The only current Android phone I could see myself going for would be the Nexus5, because of its lack of vendor-"extensions". Or the Xperia Z1 Compact, because it's fairly high-end, without being tablet-sized.
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News Comments > Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims
32. Re: Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims Feb 20, 2014, 13:34 peteham
SpectralMeat wrote on Feb 20, 2014, 08:42:
Anyone else get to test out the beta?
I've liked it quiet a bit but not sure I'll drop the money for the game at launch.
I really enjoyed it, and I don't even play online multi player at all, as a rule.

Would have pre-ordered by now if it wasn't for some ping issues. I don't have it as bad as the Australians, but I consistently couldn't get below 150 ping. That's mostly playable, but causes enough oddities to be frustrating (being killed through walls, unable to land kicks in a game where melee attacks are very powerful... stuff like that).

One assumes they'll scale up the capacity for retail, but I'm going to wait for some word of mouth from my fellow countrymen before taking the plunge.
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News Comments > Reminder: Diablo III Auctions End Next Month
32. Re: Reminder: Diablo III Auctions End Next Month Feb 19, 2014, 18:05 peteham
SimplyMonk wrote on Feb 19, 2014, 17:33:
Auction Houses in general ended up, for me at least, being detrimental to the series because I no longer cared about item drops (which were worthless for the most part possibly due to Blizzard pushing the AH) and only wanted Gold so I could buy better gear on the AH.

Game is probably better off without them, but just because Blizzard no longer has an official RMAH, doesn't mean that real money won't still greatly affect the game. Blizzard just won't get their cut and instead you'll have to negotiate with some shifty third party and hope they don't scam you if you still want to drop some money for that legendary set.

In all honesty, if they wanted to kill the third party market, they should just make all loot of any value BOA to the players that downed the mob. Would suck for being able to twink your buddy who just started playing, but you'd see everything but leveling/botting/farming services dry up.
Like you say, D3 ended up being a pure grind for gold for buying stuff, because the drop rates were so ludicrously low. Even when you actually found a legendary, it was most likely worthless because not only did you need to roll the item itself; you also need trifecta/socket, with microscopical odds of actually happening.

Fact is, with the official auction house removed (both GAH and RMAH), only a small portion of the player base will engage in that kind of trade, compared to now where it's basically mandatory because of the current drop rates. Also I have a fair bit of schadenfreude for the people getting scammed from third party shopping, since I consider the practise of buying gold from farmers almost on par with wallhackers and their friends..
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News Comments > The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Announced
2. Re: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Announced Feb 11, 2014, 16:05 peteham
Was wondering when another worthy kickstarter would show up
Looks like it should reach its fairly modest funding goal easily, being "already funded" and all anyway. Consider it a pre-order with the incentive being a discount, and a potentially better game rather than in-game vanity items.

I really enjoyed Book of Unwritten Tales so I'll definitely back this. Just hope Critter Chronicles was a temporary misstep; that one was pretty meh compared to the original game.

This comment was edited on Feb 11, 2014, 16:11.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Passes $38M
29. Re: Star Citizen Passes $38M Feb 6, 2014, 04:34 peteham
HorrorScope wrote on Feb 5, 2014, 23:41:
Tom wrote on Feb 5, 2014, 23:20:
Another Star Citizen post, another raft of BN regulars pissing all over it. *yawn*

I've come to hope the game is successful JUST to prove you guys wrong.

Even the critics want to be proven wrong. It right now simply falls under "the too good to be true" designation. Weeze all from Missouri, "show me!".
A lot of the critics/skeptics are probably even backers themselves, and would like nothing more than to be proven wrong.

Personally, I chipped in for the single player only. It wasn't as clear to me then just how MMO focused the game would ultimately be. I would've been far more hesitant to chip in now.

And that's before you factor in the massive Peter Molyneux vibes I'm getting from the game now.
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News Comments > Dark Souls 2 Video
8. Re: Dark Souls 2 Video Jan 31, 2014, 06:12 peteham
jacobvandy wrote on Jan 31, 2014, 00:07:
They announced today that you can and will be invaded, even while in the hollow/undead state. So if you wanna be a pussy, you have to be completely offline!
While I loved *Souls, the invasion part is not my favorite thing about it. I don't enjoy the constant interruptions while I'm trying to progress.

The people doing the invading are typically specifically built and geared for invasions, for one. That means optimal soul level for that range, and also very good gear. So even when you're not being griefed as such, you can be fairly certain you'll be heavily outgunned if you're just doing an ordinary playthrough as opposed to working on your 10th character or whatever.

As for more direct griefing for the sake of it, you have everything from the infamous scraping spear build in Demon's Souls (destroys your gear's durability/costing you a shitton of souls).. to creative ways of making the player lose a couple hours of progress by manipulating the levels/resetting your shortcuts (Anor Londo bridges, Catacombs), or simply destroying your save by tricking you into AoE'ing an NPC etc. There's plenty of stuff an experienced asshole can do to someone just playing the game for the first time in order to ruin their experience

So yeah, I think I'll probably be going offline all the way.
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News Comments > Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Detailed
18. Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Detailed Jan 30, 2014, 10:40 peteham
jacobvandy wrote on Jan 30, 2014, 07:14:
When I made my first hardcore character, I didn't know I could share items between other HC toons or use any auction house... It felt good. Now with the latter happening (for real) with every character, that'll make me happy enough. Plus the loot changes and expanded crafting, of course.
I'm slightly worried about the crafting though. Sounds like it could easily turn into MMO-style "grind for mats". The same goes for unlimited paragon levels, though I guess at some point it's going to slow to such a crawl that you basically stop caring about it. Maybe.

In the end, drop rates will be the deciding factor. They totally ruined Diablo 3 vanilla by turning it into a grind for gold instead of a loot hunt.

Then there's the skill system. Hopefully the whole gear setup thing doesn't revolve around trifecta and cooldown reduction anymore.
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News Comments > Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Detailed
17. Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Detailed Jan 30, 2014, 10:28 peteham
Shok wrote on Jan 30, 2014, 09:01:
Hopefully people vote with their wallets this time. When is the single player offline mode coming? I might consider buying D3 then...
Sadly, I doubt that's ever going to be a reality. Though while Blizzard's "oh it's architecturally impossible! It's fundamental to the whole engine" thing was laughable before, with the console version it should no longer be an issue. In the end though, "We can't" or "We don't wanna" doesn't make much of an issue for the customer..

Doesn't bother me much personally, though, as I only play co-op anyway. The only Diablo game I found even remotely enjoyable as a solo-experience, was the first one.
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News Comments > Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Detailed
16. Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Detailed Jan 30, 2014, 10:24 peteham
InBlack wrote on Jan 30, 2014, 06:39:
You are wrong Peteham. But hey, whatever rocks your boat. Its apparent that Blizzard is catering to exactly your type of customer.
I lol'd.
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News Comments > PC GTA5 Preorders This Week?
27. Re: PC GTA5 Preorders This Week? Jan 30, 2014, 05:56 peteham
*delete: pressed reply/quote instead of edit =)*  
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News Comments > PC GTA5 Preorders This Week?
26. Re: PC GTA5 Preorders This Week? Jan 30, 2014, 05:54 peteham
DangerDog wrote on Jan 30, 2014, 03:05:
harlock wrote on Jan 29, 2014, 19:02:
rumor mill says release is end of march

I could see a next-gen console release before a PC version comes out.
Yeah. This entire secrecy thing annoys me. If they haven't announced a PC version yet because they simply don't know if it's going to happen/things still really unfinished/whatever, then fine. But if the damn thing suddenly pops up out of "nowhere" in March, then what a great "fuck you" that is to gamers waiting for an announcement for PC/next-gen.

I mean what's their goal there besides maximizing the number of customers caving and buying multiple versions, because the wait could be anything between one month and never?
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News Comments > Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Detailed
10. Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Detailed Jan 30, 2014, 05:32 peteham
I for one have already pre-ordered, and will be happily pre-loading it in order to get to the error 37 screen that much quicker on launch-day.

But seriously, I have pre-ordered, and looking forward to giving the game another go. No matter how good or bad it turns out to be in the end, the additional class should give me another 30-40 hours easily, and some of the changes look promising enough that I can see myself adding at least another zero to that number. Heck, the AH-removal alone should make the game infinitely better.

But we'll see. I've been avoiding all the streams and YouTube vids, 'cause y'know, I wouldn't want to spoil the continuation of such a grrreat story. Movingalong
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News Comments > Star Citizen Funding Passes $36M
52. Re: Star Citizen Funding Passes $36M Jan 8, 2014, 07:49 peteham
jdreyer wrote on Jan 8, 2014, 05:42:
Jar-Jar steals every scene he's in
Well, at least that much is true
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Removes GFWL?
48. Re: Fallout 3 Removes GFWL? Jan 8, 2014, 05:15 peteham
Creston wrote on Jan 7, 2014, 16:31:
Skyrim Redone definitely fixes that. Level 45 so far (though it's on a different curve, as SkyRE assumes you're running the uncapper), and stuff absolutely murders me if I don't pay attention to what I'm doing.

Not wolves and such anymore, of course, but that's logical. But a Dwemer Centurion will still kill me in 3 blows, and he's double annoying now because he knocks you down. High-end bandits are definitely still a threat, and high-level imperial soldiers can kill you. The Thalmor always remain a threat.

It definitely feels much more intense.
Thanks for the heads-up! I'll definitely check it out when I finally get around to revisiting Skyrim.
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Removes GFWL?
34. Re: Fallout 3 Removes GFWL? Jan 7, 2014, 16:24 peteham
Beamer wrote on Jan 7, 2014, 12:55:
Verno wrote on Jan 7, 2014, 10:59:
eRe4s3r wrote on Jan 7, 2014, 10:57:
Obligatory: I liked Fallout 3 better But yeah, when it comes down to it Bethesda is one of the few companies making games I actually enjoyed playing. Lots of time spent in Fallout 3 and NV with tons of mods. Though I gotta say.. the next game by Beth better be 64bit trough and through and not use Gamebryo

I don't really care what they use but they need to hire better animators and someone needs to revisit the combat engine. Loved Skyrim but those aspects are really showing their age.

You know, when everyone complained about the combat in Skyrim, I kind of shrugged, because it felt good to me in Oblivion.

When I finally got Skyrim I had to agree - it felt dated. In the time between Oblivion and Skyrim something changed.

I'd love to see them fix it. I don't care as much about the animation (though there's absolutely room for improvement), but combat needs an overhaul. I can't think of any obvious changes, but I'm guessing they'll find plenty.
I'd really love to do a Skyrim replay with the legendary edition at some point. The reason I haven't gotten around to it yet is because I doubt I'd be able to enjoy even two hours of the combat after putting 80-100 hours into the game already. And for the last 30 of those, downing more Draugr and whatnot was almost enough to make me puke

I loved the world of Skyrim, but while the combat was perfectly fine early on, as the game goes on, it becomes apparent that the mechanics are just too simple/shallow for a game that size. You do exactly the same things for far too long, with no variety in moves/tactics over the course of the game what so ever. This is made worse through the leveling system (like in Oblivion), which makes things ever more bullet-spongy. Some 10-20 hours in, you're basically chipping away at walking-sometimes-talking health bars, as your power-curve goes completely flat. Your moves don't feel powerful, there's no real need to block anymore, and it all becomes rather boring.

I'd like to see them emulate Dark Souls for future games. Obligatory tangent here: Seriously you guys, if you haven't yet, play Dark Souls! Most enjoyable gaming experience for me in years. Actual *gameplay* as opposed to most "AAA" interactive stories these days, amazing exploration and atmosphere, and great bossfights to boot. And I usually *hate* bossfights. The whole difficulty/frustration thing is highly overrated. Truly some of the best combat I've tried, having a fairly simple combat system at its core, which still manages to be fairly deep thanks to different weapons having very different move sets, enemies that require entirely different approaches, and where 2-3 hits kills almost anything except bosses (which goes for the player as well). Timing, learning enemy patterns (i.e. player skill) is just as important as stats, but it doesn't really require insane reflexes either, and you can outlevel stuff to get past difficult fights if you really need to. And finally, even when highly leveled, low level zombies can still easily kill you if you're reckless, so things never really get dull.

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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
17. Re: Saturday Consolidation Jan 4, 2014, 20:51 peteham
Bah. Would be nice if Rockstar could just confirm or deny GTA 5 on next-gen and/or PC. I'd generally consider it to be a sure thing, but because of RDR, I'm not so sure. I want to play GTA5 enough that I'm close to just getting the 360 edition before I pack the thing away for good, but after waiting this long, picking it up would basically guarantee a certain announcement the day after I finish it.. It's not so much the buying it twice I'm worried about, but more the fact I'm unlikely to play it twice, and want the "best" version.

At this point, I suspect we may not know until after a few rounds of DLC similar in scope to TLAD and BTG, or possibly some multiplayer stuff .. Then possibly a GOTY/Complete edition for next gen/PC after that.
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