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News Comments > New MechWarrior: Living Legends
10. Re: New MechWarrior: Living Legends Dec 23, 2011, 11:49 m0deth
Crysis Warhead(which includes Wars) is available now on Steam for 9.99 or less(never know when Crytek may feel generous).

I'm glad there's a little more interest in this mod, no, it's not single player, it was never meant to be. It was to test your mettle against other mech pilots in a balanced combat world. I realize folks are chomping for some single player Mechwarrior, you know, so you can run through the same mission 18 times til you get it right, but it looks like this will NEVER come for this IP.

So if you want some Mech lovin''s either this, the older games, or the incredibly complex(it seems so far) gameplay of Mechwarrior Online.

I don't know about you guys, but there's something fun about jumping in a mech, throwing down for a while with other good pilots, working as a team, and hopefully not being destroyed too much. The depth of play is what you make of it.

Anyway, it's gorgeous, the maps are nice, plenty of user made ones now too, so give it a try before you forsake it due to it not being what you wanted from some other game.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
1. Re: Evening Tech Bits Dec 21, 2011, 15:07 m0deth
So it seems even with the new CEO, they still can't stop playing marketing games to confuse customers. There was nothing wrong with "Black Edition", but intel now uses K to signify unlocked multis and suddenly, after two disappointing architecture releases...the first disappointment is supposed to be great because they allow a mild overclock and stock the part at 100mhz faster with a K badge on it.


No...that doesn't build a mental picture that's skewed for those not keeping up on the tech itself...not at all.

I am losing respect for AMD by the minute of late. I hope this strategy doesn't filter down to the ATI division, or they are screwed as a total company.
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News Comments > 18 Million World of Tanks Registrations
9. Re: 18 Million World of Tanks Registrations Dec 21, 2011, 14:46 m0deth
What they don't mention is that about half of those never play it beyond an hour or more once they deal with the bugginess, installation problems on some optimized systems, and frankly once they hit that wall of balanced gameplay(read not very). The interface folks need to look at the last 20 years of game UIs and not make the mistakes others have as well.

They also don't mention that it's a complete grindfest if you don't throw real world money at it.

I'm not hating on it, just trying to tone down the developer sensationalism. They seem like a younger, motivated team so who knows, these could all be growing pains.
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News Comments > Commercial Nexuiz Remake Next Year
2. Re: Commercial Nexuiz Remake Next Year Dec 12, 2011, 19:11 m0deth
Did you watch the video they have? I nearly split a gut when I heard him say they made strafejumping(something that requires some skill to master) useless because you can now just hold your jump key for Auto-Bunnyhopping! Ugh. Now even the open source games are dumbing things down to the LCD gamer level.

This killed Xonotic for me right off(and the horrid char. ani. they have going). Nexuiz now seems like a nightmare as playbalancing a "million" mutator combinations is virtually impossible, and the lack of balance will kill the game.

I fear the old time skill based FPS is done for finally. These announcements are nothing more than coffin nails really.
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News Comments > Unstoppable Gorg Trailer; Details
3. Re: Unstoppable Gorg Trailer; Details Dec 9, 2011, 18:11 m0deth
I'm digging this title, but I have to disagree with their assumption for why the Star Wars prequels were unpopular. Of the top 5 reasons, 'heavy handed CGI' is not one of them. *cough* Jar Jar, Whinekin Skywalker.  
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News Comments > Cargasm HD Crowdsourcing
4. Re: Cargasm HD Crowdsourcing Dec 8, 2011, 15:13 m0deth

You get a copy of the digital distribution of the game for any contribution over 10 bucks. No offense, but what makes anyone think that giving 50 bucks or less to any company deserves to be called an 'investor'?

Contributor sure, investors make whole projects happen, and yeah you should get a return. If you invest less than say 60 bucks and all you get is the game, be happy, I'm sure you've paid more for less in life.

And btw, sinking 25k in a restaurant is no better bet than this game, I'd wager the risk is equal, and results could vary wildly.
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News Comments > No Battlefield 3 VOIP Changes Today
44. Re: No Battlefield 3 VOIP Changes Today Dec 7, 2011, 14:20 m0deth
Creston wrote on Dec 6, 2011, 16:19:
we would have to make the VOIP solution a part of the game installation, which we currently don’t want from a business perspective.

Yeah, imagine how large the install would get!

*game with multiple 2GB patches*


I dunno if that's a concern, VOIP is generally small, size wise. Mumble's download is only 14.5mb and that includes the server for windows. It's quality beats that of just about any included VOIP solutions, no matter how much they pay for their fancy codec licensing. My big concern might be how it's handled. Usually this sort of thing is a tack on, and will stress the overhead of the server it's running on if that's the game server itself.
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News Comments > No Battlefield 3 VOIP Changes Today
43. Re: No Battlefield 3 VOIP Changes Today Dec 7, 2011, 14:12 m0deth
Far better to HAVE the option for people who need it, than to just deny it to everyone.

I'm sorry but tell that to users of Crysis, Crysis Wars and the mods that use me, shitty VOIP is still useless, and the attempt without making it useful translates to you don't give a crap about the gamers. Either do it Valve(sort of), or don't even free solutions such as mumble can make you look really bad quality-wise.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
1. Re: Morning Safety Dance Nov 2, 2011, 16:24 m0deth
Re: Video games make you insensitive...

There are good reasons to be concerned: the negative effects of violent video games have been well documented

This all seems good until you realize most of the documentation on the subject has been debunked already, and this guy is using it as a springboard for further spurious conclusions.

Nope, no political motive here...move along.
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News Comments > Origin Adds Publishers
35. Re: Origin Adds Publishers Oct 29, 2011, 13:14 m0deth
Why are they making people manually update Punkbuster?

No the real question is why the hell would you use Punkbuster at all, it doesn't work, and usually negatively affects performance of both the game and it's networking. I won't even go into how many game servers crash if it's left on for long periods. Oh yeah, having two of their libraries running forever on your system and STILL not stop the cheaters....yeah that's one sweet product.
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News Comments > MechWarrior 5 This Decade
21. Re: MechWarrior 5 This Decade Oct 19, 2011, 18:21 m0deth
Twitter only pic link = Massive PR Fail!

nothing to see here, move along.
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
15. Re: Sunday Consolidation Oct 3, 2011, 13:22 m0deth
Dirwulf wrote on Oct 2, 2011, 15:31:
What about all the Little People that play video games? ...

I was just thinking..."Let the dwarf rage begin!"
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News Comments > No TrackMania 2 Demo Plans
27. Re: No TrackMania 2 Demo Plans Oct 2, 2011, 14:09 m0deth
"We have no plan of doing so at the moment. There is already TrackMania Nations Forever offering all of TrackMania’s experience, for free. If people want to play in the Canyon, they have to buy the game."

So there really is no difference then? What is the fucking point?
Many of us stopped playing Nations Forever due to a few car being one of them, the 'community' dwindling down to shit was another. So nothing's changed? And you want full price from us sight unseen eh?

Sounds to folks on a tight budget like this will be a "Pass this up unless you're into paying again for the same shit" kind of title. If you brought something new to the it the fuck off, don't be afraid of demos, they don't hurt you. Give us a reason to want it, let us find out for ourselves if it runs well on our respective systems if things have actually changed.

We've all experienced two reasons why a pub won't release a game demo:

1: It's shit, and they want to rob you first because, well, you cannot return game titles for PC for refunds in most cases.
2: Sheer arrogance, and there is plenty of it...usually right before a fall.(They will also wonder why it was pirated so fast, acting like it was a surprise)

Claiming anything more simply scoots around these two problems, and providing less shows your intentions.

I was looking forward to trying this out, but now I couldn't care less. This is pretty bad too considering how much the racing genre has shrunken, and I predict this will be a forgotten title in 6 month's time for the bulk of gamers.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. Re: Morning Tech Bits Sep 30, 2011, 14:28 m0deth
Yeah, I actually know someone who could make use of this for an older system that still fits his needs but could use some more vid oompf.

That said...don't you just love it when reviewers start out articles by biasing themselves against those who might use said product by insulting them? Just because it seems inane for you, and particularly useless for your needs doesn't mean someone out there wouldn't buy/need it.

Then again, considering the source, I'm actually surprised they pulled their tongue out of Apple's butt long enough to write the review without getting a crik in their neck.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
12. Re: Evening Tech Bits Sep 17, 2011, 17:24 m0deth
wtf_man wrote on Sep 17, 2011, 11:27:
I don't mind "a simple UI" for the technically challenged.

Of course, I'd turn it off, for myself.

I just mind that it's so fuckin' ugly. Loud, unmatching, multi-colored squares and rectangles... It looks like someone did a "Technocolor Yawn" on the screen. Puke

I have to agree, butt ugly, same as the Zune,...butt ugly, and personally, it annoys me having a design background to see the "simplistic" interface being touted as something new. It's not, in fact, we've stared at simple, ugly interfaces for a long time, and continue to in the forms of OSX, Gnome(anything below 3), and others not worth mentioning.

What gets me, is the article clearly states why this is all happening, but in a subtle, offhanded way, so as to not arouse suspicion of the intent of it's creators. "us geeks will lose two things we prize ever so dearly: control and routine" I don't mind changing up a long as I don't lose control over my possessions. What we, and whomever follows us stand to lose with this our control.

Most of the reasons the author states for why all this is good, are based on unproven assumptions, worse yet, based on a market that has yet to hit 15% of devices used in total. I dare say, a market just about ready for it's saturation point, alot of people don't buy tablets for everyday uses because after awhile, they are tedious in their simplicity, and restricting in their power, thusly losing in true value. But hey, it's the new fad, and the whole world wants to be just like them. Don't they? No? Go figure.

And the arguments like "When I turn on the computer, I just want to get my work done, not fuck around with settings or try to sift through all of the control panels, which seem to be getting more convoluted each version of Windows MS puts out." makes me wonder what the hell you are doing wrong that causes these problems for you on a daily use basis. I've been using Windows 7 since release...and aside from a few tweaks of settings I didn't like(which were an easy 2 minute google search for fixes)...there have been no problems. In contrast, OSs cited as examples, have had their own history of horrendous deployment missteps, yet those are no glossed over in order to complain about the current state.

So far, for Windows 8 I've seen:
  • a retro, super ugly, limiting UI

  • loss of control on the user end

  • loss of usefulness if you cannot connect to the internet

  • focus on touchpanels(less than 10% of monitors)to even use the thing correctly(UI driven)

  • and yeah....nothing spectacular beyond that, nothing, no better security, no faster protocols, most likely even more cycles eaten.

    If you can look at this and think it's progress...I have some perfectly safe farm land in Japan for sale with a great view of the ocean.
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    News Comments > Op Ed
    7. Re: Op Ed Sep 17, 2011, 14:37 m0deth
    All these games need is a bindable command for "drop hud", to have it slide out of view for immersion if need be.

    This issue needed an online petition for this feature, not a ridiculously biased article stressing one viewpoint.

    But we also live in the age of "consoles are the death of PC gaming" FUD...and therefore devs rarely take the time to finish the job right, not that it's the only reason things are missing/broken in games released.

    Any more discussion of whether the idea is bad or good is little more than internet verbal fapping.
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    News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
    2. Re: Evening Tech Bits Aug 23, 2011, 18:32 m0deth
    No unified USB 3 drivers existed when Windows 7 went to manufacturing.

    If you want someone to blame, blame the patent owners/manufacturers for dicking around with spec licensing and taking too long to do their jobs. This very same thing happened with Wireless 'N' spec, and faster than 1333 JEDEC specs on memory timings. They took too freakin long to do a simple job, and the industry said screw it, we're releasing anyway.

    Now, my beef is...this is news? Commonplace tech coming to the newest OS is news? Seriously?
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    News Comments > etc., etc.
    4. Re: etc., etc. Aug 17, 2011, 15:39 m0deth
    "Right now you sit in your living room and you're playing a game by yourself – we call it the sp mission or the single-player campaign. In a world with Facebook I just don't think that's going to last."

    This is the most colossally stupid thing I've heard from a 6 figure plus gaming executive this year. That shit is awfully tough to do with Pitchford blabbing every ten seconds!

    Yes, people ON Facebook are totally infatuated with it, so much so, that even criminals manage to get caught while using it.

    Does this paint the picture of the type of people you want your games to cater to? You know...ignoring the last 20 years of games for a social fad? By his like blur never should have failed, well, 'cause you could tweet your latest achievement, or challenge your friends on Facebook! This was a dumb feature then, and still is now. It added absolutely NOTHING to the game experience itself, but they spent an awful bunch of time developing it, 'cause it was the IN thing. Had they actually thought about game structure, and maybe not releasing a game that required GSI involvement, port forwarding problems, poor multiplayer game setups, etc., then perhaps it would have sold more copies.

    I'm so f'n sick of seeing some dumbass exec try to shoehorn Facebook and Twitter's success into places it doesn't belong, or worse, even when it could help, it gets limited support, and just enough involvement to be able to claim "Facebook" on the ads.

    This is some desperate game making here, and no surprise, it's coming from someone at Sony.
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    News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
    6. Re: Z68 vs. X58 - Which Is The Better Gaming Platform Aug 14, 2011, 14:02 m0deth
    Is anyone else pissed off that they failed to show how much mem was used in this? Or which got the faster mem for that matter.

    I've known for awhile, unless you are doing 3 card gaming...the whole X58 platform is an extreme waste of cash.

    I think I'm done reading TweakTown articles...this isn't the first ignorant tack they've taken to compare apples to oranges.

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    News Comments > No Battlefield 3 on Steam
    129. Re: No Battlefield 3 on Steam Aug 7, 2011, 11:10 m0deth
    killer_roach wrote on Aug 6, 2011, 12:51:
    Theo wrote on Aug 6, 2011, 12:50:
    Xirix wrote on Aug 6, 2011, 12:45:
    Damn..I really like Steam.

    About time that people realised that valve are the google of gaming. Very uncool people.

    Better comparison is to Apple... this is basically the same pushback some people had with the terms of selling content on the iTunes App Store. In that case, Apple seems to have largely won, however.

    Valve has rules in place that have been there for a while now, the Steamworks thing aside...their distribution rules preclude publishers like EA from say selling the game on Steam, and then not patching it through Steam, the same goes for DLC. Why would Valve allow the sale of only part of a game only to cater to the whims of a publisher's marketing team later on when it comes to patches/updates/DLC?

    This scenario can only lead to people blaming Steam for EA's decisions. I wouldn't have allowed that to go down either.
    In contrast, how many titles are on Steam now? How many survive just fine under the current ruleset? How many have seen revenue that was all but lost due to Steam sales?

    This has more to do with EA throwing a fabricated fit, trying to encourage either FUD or dissent amongst gamers in relation to Steam, all to serve the purpose of forcing you to use their new system.

    Let's try not to compare Valve to's not an even comparison, by any means.

    Money is always the issue in decisions like this, and this one is blatantly obvious as to what their intention was, all claims to anything other is PR at best.

    EA wants control, and that's their prerogative. Just don't claim it's Valve's fault when it's their policies that don't fit into the market's rules.
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