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News Comments > 20,000 Steam Accounts Disabled
110. I wonder... Nov 23, 2004, 21:24 Brian
I wonder if the $40 million figure everyone is throwing around includes the development of Steam? If 20,000 people pirated this software, then at retail someone would have "lost" 20,000 * $50.00 = $1 million. If they spent more than a million creating this software, they have only broken even. However, Valve doesn't get all the money from retail so their cut is significantly less. I hope they will realize that stopping 20,000 pirates isn't worth hiring a team of people to create an anti-piracy "service" disguised as a "content delivery system."

Yeah yeah, PERHAPS you could argue that a lot of people were "deterred" from trying to pirate because of Steam. However, a lot of people were also deterred by the fact that they have to register and authenticate in the first place, so I bet they even out.

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News Comments > CoD Expansion?
5. Re: No Solo Missions Jan 13, 2004, 14:36 Brian
I actually really liked that level except for the damn alarm that would never turn off (talk about annoying, I had to turn my sound off durring that mission!).

Most of the squad based missions were fun, unlike most previous squad-based games. These guys didn't get in the way and only shot me occasionally.

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News Comments > FireStarter Demo
61. Re: No subject Dec 8, 2003, 14:56 Brian
What a joke. I recently switched from 98 to 2k (complete format of my hd first, of course). I think it's less stable. I get more crashes and safe mode doesn't even work. That's with all the certified drivers and whatnot. I was really expecting something different, but it has all the same graphical and usability glitches that 98 had (icons flashing in and out of existence during boot up, still loading for eons after the desktop has popped up), and it has no less than FOUR "now starting windows 2000" screens.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
12. Firestar Dec 12, 2002, 20:36 Brian
If near-future space travel interests you, you will most surely enjoy Michael Flynn's Firestar Saga... It's four large novels set in the near future (actually set starting in 1999) that discuss the commercialization of space travel among other things. Very enjoyable novels.

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News Comments > Serious Sam: Second Encounter Demo
25. Re: No subject Dec 11, 2001, 21:39 Brian
Look, if it's too frustrating for you and you keep dying, TURN THE DIFFICULTY LEVEL DOWN. The number of enemies go down, the health you get goes up, and the monsters are easier. If it's too hard, don't frustrate yourself reloading a bunch of times, that gets annoying in *any* game. At least Serious Sam lets you set which difficulty you're ready for. I have friends that beat the thing on Hard the first time through with no problems. But apparently I sucked, because Hard was too hard for me. So I tried normal, and ended up beating the first one on Easy (not Tourist) - the game just ROCKS. Some of the addon missions for the first one were amazing, too (Alpine Mists! wow, and not even Egypt).
This comment was edited on Dec 11, 21:39.
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News Comments > Mac Wolf Update
1. Classic Support? Sep 19, 2001, 07:11 Brian
"Not a single email asking for Classic support though."

What is that?
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News Comments > Max Payne Demo Released
12. Yawn Sep 5, 2001, 18:33 Brian
It's not "bullet-time" it's "slow motion" and it's been around since Nintendo NES. It doesn't add to the "action" it detracts from it. And what's up with those cutscenes after each 5th or so kill? "Wow I'm a skilled developer I can make the camera rotate around a bad guy after he dies!" It's so gimmicky and it just makes the game frustrating to play. Without warning, over and over, I was taken out of the action and forced to watch boring cutscenes.

And what's up with this level design? Quake 1 had nicer environments! And don't give me this "but it's realistic" crap - go check out some screens from Soldier of Fortune II and you'll see awesome design in a city. It looks like the levels in Max Payne were created with lego blocks (all square) - I think I saw one psuedo-curve in the entire demo.

Everyone's saying how amazing the graphics are - they're just textures, any fairly up-to-date engine can render textures like that.

And this "impressive story?" It mimmicks virtually every cop movie released in the 80s. At least as much as I saw in the demo...

So anyway, I'm not impressed. I'm glad I waited to buy it, now I can spend my $20 on something more fun. Hell, I had more fun in the Daikatana demo.
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News Comments > More ION News
17. Good News Jun 29, 2001, 18:20 Brian
Any new games by Romero have a much better chance at being good now that he's learned from the mistakes @ Ion. I like computer games, and more importantly, I like good computer games. I don't care WHO makes them, or WHY. If Romero can deliver a good game, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.
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News Comments > Anachronox Gold
4. Good news... Jun 16, 2001, 03:22 Brian
I've really been looking forward to this game... Ever since I played it at E3 3 (yes, *3*) years ago.
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