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News Comments > Out of the Blue
16. Re: Out of the Blue May 25, 2011, 22:04 Veterator
Just going to point out..since a lot of people tout Gogamer and I have even used them in the past. That their ratings come up as 1 star overall on google when I tried to find out what happened to their website. So, I dunno if someone is tanking their ranking or if they have been screwing people in the last 6-12 months...a lot of late 2010 reviews with 1 star.
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News Comments > SOE MMOGs Back Online
20. Re: SOE MMOGs Back Online May 17, 2011, 03:18 Veterator
Says you have until August to use your time. Not even sure what games I have "activated" to be eligible for the free time. I think they shutdown maybe only Everquest.

Pisses me off that to deal with stolen information when I haven't used their services in 5 years, especially when I am not sure what information is available since they've redone their accounts system at least once and maybe twice since I first plugged in info when EQ first came out.
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News Comments > Lineage NA Servers Closing
1. Re: Lineage NA Servers Closing May 12, 2011, 08:02 Veterator
Player appreciation rewards are pretty good if they let you activate all of those codes at a later date. Like 6 months of play time on their games if you do one after another.
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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Codex
8. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Codex May 8, 2011, 05:07 Veterator
If they've invested 300 M into PRODUCTION of this game I can't even guess how long they'd have to keep a subscriber base to break even. Since you know that without new content added in, no MMO has enough material to keep people for a year. Which means they would have to invest more money into expansions to draw them back.

100M seems crazy expensive as well, considering the little bit of actual gameplay video they've shown us. I have not been blown away by anything I've seen so far, but that's not really indicative of a bad's just how MMO videos are...boring.

But the more videos they release that look setup and the more info they release that seems not to be the full details......the less interested I get.

So, I hope that 80-100M they've got invested doesn't include any sizeable marketing..because that's been a piss poor investment to attract me. And I actually would like to find a new MMO to play, I am just not going to blindly pay for MMOs like I may have done in the past. It's never as good as the BS they release or the promises they make.
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News Comments > APB-Reloaded Open Beta This Month
19. Re: APB-Reloaded Open Beta This Month May 5, 2011, 04:26 Veterator
|oR|jonvall wrote on May 4, 2011, 22:34:
Last time...ready? CLOSED BETA. There....your entire argument has now been rendered null and void! Check back in 2 weeks!

I look forward to the complete write off of any discussion then as well. I'll have to contemplate what will be the excuse then. I'm leaning toward "It's not retail yet."
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News Comments > APB-Reloaded Open Beta This Month
17. Re: APB-Reloaded Open Beta This Month May 4, 2011, 21:13 Veterator
|oR|jonvall wrote on May 4, 2011, 20:18:
It ISN'T in open beta WHEN IT IS in open beta all your arguments will then become relevant.

I'd be happy to see them fix the problems prior to open beta, I'm not saying otherwise. But I am glad you'll concede that there are issues with the game, even if it has to be a different phase of beta. I would like to see the game become more fun to play, but right now as a new player you gotta put up with a lot of long term players beating you without a chance in hell of opposition 9 times out of 10 for hours on end.

But you seem to think you know better because you're an expert on the game after less than a week of playing.

Unless the problems are intended, I don't see what experience with the game has to do with being able to recognize flaws or problematic consequences of game designs. I would assume they want to attract more players to their game, so it seems like letting people (especially new players) actually mention the problems would be beneficial.

As far as them taking don't have to give them any why are you bitching?

It's not really bitching, I don't plan on giving them my money until I find an enjoyable experience. It's more pointing out that they are taking in cash for a game that's influx to the point of systems not being solidified/balanced/fixed/implemented yet.

Oh and btw....this shows the depth of knowledge you have for this game....RTW is short for Real Time Worlds.

Yeah I looked it up after I posted then figured it really wasn't important for the discussion to change one line that had no bearing on my side. But, I have at least played both sides which I think is more important to discussing game issues than knowing who had hands in creating the initial release of this game.
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News Comments > APB-Reloaded Open Beta This Month
15. Re: APB-Reloaded Open Beta This Month May 4, 2011, 17:59 Veterator
The poster with the list obviously failed to realize that he was playing a CLOSED BETA!

Oh I realize it's called a beta, but I also realize they are taking money into their cash shop. If they are accepting money into their system they must think it's pretty much ready for prime time. Which is why they are moving into open beta. Which at that point most people would agree a game in open beta needs minor changes and stress testing. We'll cover that later.

G1 let a lot of players into the closed beta that thought they were playing a polished game that was ready for release.....that is not what a closed beta is!

Total agree that a closed beta is not meant to be polished, but moving into Open beta in this state is not what open beta is either. These problems should be mostly cleared up prior to being in open beta so they can balance a near finished system once the flood hits. Not a broken system that you are telling people will be fixed soon, otherwise they are not actually polishing up anything if they plan on replacing it or revamping it. If they replace it before open beta, then woops my bad. But it's still in this state as of right now.

This guy OBVIOUSLY doesn't read the dev's blog or keep up with the latest developments in the game.

They have servers on the West Coast only in the US....and servers in Germany, I believe, for the yes lag is an issue.
Yes lag is an issue, although I have no way to know if the lag will be gone once they open a DC location or majorly worse once open beta arrives because the server can't handle it's current load of people.

The cheaters are talked about and they mentioned that they are letting the cheaters do their thing in order to observe them.

If something comes of it great, but right now you're pretty much saying they are letting the cheaters do whatever the hell they want. So.....yeah.

Matchmaking is being worked on and is a lot better than it was. They plan on releasing a whole new system, along with a district ONLY for low level players....if they choose to play they don't get into matches with higher ranked players.

They can plan all they want, right now this doesn't exist. Once it's in, if it's setup properly then great. And that's great that matchmaking is being worked on, but again...obviously flawed system being brought into open beta is not useful.

Vehicle griefing has been fixed....if you're not in a mission then your car will bounce off of the dump truck instead of exploding. Can you still pin a car? I think so....but they reduced the amount of trucks so this isn't even an issue anymore....and if you're stupid enough to let a dump truck pin you then you deserve to be pinned!

Saw 4 dump trucks at once just 2 days ago. If they get you up against a wall or a stack of cars you explode. Mission or not. And it still doesn't address the vehicle griefing of non-mission based people parking their cars on points or in doorways to block entrance to objectives. So.....vehicle griefing DOES exist.

I don't play as Enforcer so I can't tell if it's better or worse than a Criminal....also...I have no idea what his point on that was.

Subtly implying that since you haven't seen it or experienced doesn't exist. Just like the point prior.

Driving is 10 times better than RTW and you're not going to just jump in a car and drive like Mario Andretti! You need to LEARN how to drive....this isn't a console game dude! The cars are awesome imo!

I have no idea what RTW is. I don't expect to be an excellent driver like Rainman. I do expect the car to turn and that you're handbrake at barely creeping speeds doesn't make you slide 50-100 feet. I've had a number of vehicles that showed no damage that acted like they were busted to hell. So I'll let you explain it away for me, my guess is lag and/or texture problem with a possible issue in driving code where vehicles adopt properties of vehicles near them.

The stuff isn't expensive.....You can get a bunch of great tier 1 guns
as soon as you complete a couple of missions! The guns are in the $3000 range and you can earn up to $1000 per winning mission. Also you can rob stores or mug people and make a ton of money that way. You can make about $1000 per full van load of stuff you've taken from jacking stores!

So assuming you like to play against don't mind if the enforcers have no avenue for earnings like the criminals have. Their avenue is basically stopping if they can't find someone doing this stuff...all they can do is patrol around looking for stolen cars that were abandoned and taking them in for some cash. For which to identify the stolen vehicles you have to get out of your car and mouse over the vehicles. They are only stolen if a criminal took a car and it might only be when they do it during non-mission times. Cars taken by enforcers are not stolen or rewarded in anyway if you find them abandoned. If you lose all the time, your money gain is pathetic. Which right now if you are just starting out and getting paired up against high ranking guys, you get crap standing and crap cash versus winning. You just can't win with how the matchmaking system is being exploited.

What he calls "Manhunt", which isn't what it's called, is the idiot getting witnessed by the cops and then the cops coming to kick his ass! Anybody with a brain knows if you're a criminal you don't rob stores or mug people alone....if you do you're going to get a shit storm of cops come and get it any different in real life?

Actually what you are describing is what I covered in item #5. What I mean by manhunts are when you gain level 5 notoriety and some kind of bounty or whatever is placed on you. I think it's a pretty appropriate term to describe what is happening. But they end within a minute, never last more than a couple minutes on the rare occasion they go past a minute. I don't even know what the critera for enforcers are to be hunted but I've seen a few get flagged for it.

Mid-mission pairings...yes he is somewhat correct.....this is another thing that is being worked on and it actually involves the new matchmaking system I spoke about above.

Can't even give me a correct on that one, because they "plan on fixing it".....funny.

Back up the idiot let himself get run over and this is the games fault? LOL!! Again...this is also included in the new matchmaking system.

Uh, that was not the point I was making. It was that you can call for backup on missions and tie up other players on missions that there is absolutely no help they can aid you with. Or cause them to take a near instant loss. I made the point about being ran over to show the guy has a 20-30 second lead on me because I have to respawn and he has a car freely available since he just ran me over in it. But it's good that you focused on the non-important part and found a way to name call. And again imply this will all be magically fixed in a new system you haven't seen.

This guy is obviously not aware of the term CLOSED BETA....this is where much of the balancing issues, optimization issues and just about any of the complaints this guy brought up are worked on and improved.

I do realize this. I also realize they are moving into OPEN BETA. Which will end CLOSED BETA. So unless this magical matchmaking system is completely non-flawed, which let's be MMO development group gets it right on a major fix covering multiple issues. They don't have a matchmaking system that is even close to adequate as of right now, and they have two weeks to get one that is. During which time they will be letting in more people and will have to deal with growth issues on top of the list of problems I originally put in. But this is basically the same argument we get when games in OPEN BETA announce going retail in a month with major issues and never get them fixed. Despite what the dev posts say or the blog posts say, or the people who "call out" others for listing issues existing in the game as it stands at that moment. Using the excuse that ITS A BETA....SO........

The game would be really good if they fixed the issues I listed, but that's when they fix them not when they announce they plan to fix them. And as of right now as far as I can tell they are accepting money for items in their cash shop, so they are essentially selling the game content already...which is a retail step.

But it doesn't matter, their blog says........

This comment was edited on May 4, 2011, 18:05.
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News Comments > APB-Reloaded Open Beta This Month
9. Re: APB-Reloaded Open Beta This Month May 4, 2011, 03:03 Veterator
Got into the game last Friday, didn't get to play until Saturday. It is an interesting game and it's a good "idea", but the implementation is really irritating overall.

1) Cheating. People openly talk about it in the channels. You can never be too sure of whose cheating if they aren't really blatant with it. But I've had people on the opposing side of a mission hunt me down 300-400 meters away from objectives while I was inside a building just waiting to see if they would. I had them do it three times in a row during the same mission. So not only is there some kind of wallhack and aimbot cheat, they also have some sort of beacon hack. I realize some of the missions are "hunt and kill" missions, but this was a guard/deliver mission and I wasn't carrying the pick up.

2) Matchmaking is horrible. I heard people talking about it when I was standing close to a group using VOIP. Also had it happen to me. They have found a way to purposefully trick the matchmaking system to where they keep their team with 2-3 full rank enemies and invite in low level to fill the gap. Then when everyone readies up, they boot the low level. Some how this makes the system match them up against teams with much lower ranked people. Even if they aren't exploiting it. Having your team full of people with the newbie weapon or their first weapon unlock, versus a team full of people with weapon mods, body armor and other things is complete bullshit. 1vs1 you can't kill these guys. I saw them take a full on grenade hit and a bunch of shots from me and still kill me.

3) Vehicle griefing is possible in the dump trucks still. You just pin someone against a wall and keep driving forward. Eventually the vehicle will explode. You can even explode a car instantly by pinning it between two buildings where it's length is boxed in between two will explode with no warning. But you can also block doorways so people can't even get into buildings to guard points or park cars in big pile ups on "captures" where they can't stand in the point due to the cars. And you can't move the cars if someone is in them whose not part of the mission or it's someone's "personal" vehicle they left there to grief.

4) Lag, it gets bad. And I met a number of people playing from south america. lags for me and Im in the states, some of these guys are basically playing in a time altered dimension. I saw this result in me getting killed through vehicles because on their end I was just standing out in the open scratching my head.

5) Being an Enforcer is not nearly as interesting as playing the other side. Enforcers can arrest people, but it's pretty friggin tough since your teammates will shoot them dead most times. You can recover stolen goods.....only if someone whose not on a mission decides to partake in mugging, ram raiding, jacking cars. You can even witness people doing this, little cuffs appear next to their name. Most of the time're either on a mission when you see them. I've recovered maybe 4-5 cars, and one loaded with stuff they left because it was exploding....I drove it to a gas station in time. And I caught exactly one criminal performing acts that I could actually witness and act on. And I spent hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. On the flipside, you can make a LOT of money finding a corner to mug people in, or chop shopping cars.......I think I got busted 3 times during my 3-4 hours mugging people on busy streets. And I never got caught when I was purposefully hiding in a corner so I could get a lot of items before I ran them in. Boosting cars is super easy too, just drive a load of them to the local chop shop and every so often between muggings run over and turn one in. It has like a 2-3 minute cooldown.

6) Driving in the game is just "off", it's fun at times. But some vehicles drive like they've got a flat tire even if they are near pristine.

7) Stuff is very expensive and the "good" stuff that starts to make you competitive against the higher even more so. Plus you need a fairly high rank to even get the stuff.

8) Manhunts. They end pretty much instantly when they start. I mugged until I enabled it twice, I had 5 people show up to kill me in under 60 seconds each time. You can't stand against that. So I think it's kind of a useless implementation as there's virtually no bonus in getting to that point. You're better off just laundering any money you have an resetting your notoriety as a criminal. Since you can't enjoy rank 5 notoriety for more than few seconds.

9) Mid-mission pairings. It will literally send you to a point that's across the map for 2-3 steps....where the team who did the prior steps is usually within 200 meters of it. You're normally 500-800m away sometimes as much as 1km. And your team is usually in the same situation, so you offer little to no resistance on critical steps and end up losing and getting poor scores for time wasted. This is something they should take into account and put the steps more in the middle so you can at least try.

10) Backup calls, it allows people to call for backup at stupid times. We backed up a dude who promptly lost his mission. And I've been able to call for backup on my missions were the enforcers "witness" me....which usually follows with them running me over during mugging. Im dead for 20-30 seconds and they are across town on the way to their drop off, no way Ill ever catch them. And there's about a minute on the clock. Where I can call for backup that unless I was extremely lucky...those people would be even further away than I.

Im sure there's plenty more...but those things above bug the hell out of me. They happen often enough that unless you can find an instance where people aren't gaming the system, it's absolutely no fun to play the game unless you just mug and boost cars as a criminal to earn rank and cash to avoid the PITA missions.

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News Comments > Age of Empires Online Beta Key Giveaway
75. Re: Age of Empires Online Beta Key Giveaway Apr 26, 2011, 18:30 Veterator
Doesn't hurt to try, send me one please.
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News Comments > Digital Chart Initiative Losing Steam
46. Re: Digital Chart Initiative Losing Steam Apr 22, 2011, 00:17 Veterator
If they provide the information in such detail to partners.....what's stopping partners from releasing the information pertinent to their individual game sales? Some sort of agreement from Valve to keep it under lock and key? Or are people just afraid that the development houses will inflate the numbers?

If they don't restrict the people they provide the data to from sharing data.......but make it their choice to share. I don't see any problem if it's done that way. It means if you're happy with your sales figures, you aren't completely destroying your next game by trying to be more like "Guy who had 10% more sales in same genre".

I just really care if games are reviewed properly, provide enough information to make an informed decision or a decision that's based on un-modified data in the original game (They didn't make a super special demo to reel you in), different (I don't want to play your take on Call of Duty), and worth the price you charge (If it's half as long as other games in the same price range and roughly the same in every other way, Im going to be pissed if I paid the same price as other games. Plus other definitions of worth: buginess, subpar gameplay/graphics/sound, other annoying things)
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News Comments > U.S. Retail Gaming Sales Slip 4%
21. Re: U.S. Retail Gaming Sales Slip 4% Apr 15, 2011, 18:22 Veterator
It's probably most economic stuff causing this, but I can't help but think that it's because the games they put out no longer interest me. Even if a game slightly interests me, it's only because they tailored the trailers and demos to not be true to the game.

So because of this "not showing the game as it truly is", I rarely keep track of games anymore. It's all BS until I can play the full fledged un-edited version of the game. Which is a rare things anymore since most of my friends don't even game on PC at this point.

So.........I would LIKE to attribute it to them only making games that market to specific crowds....but it's probably mostly economics. For myself it's a good portion of both, but the game selection and lack of diversity makes it so when I do have the money to spend...I don't care enough to bother looking to see if they've put something interesting out.
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News Comments > Dragon Age DRM Servers Fixed
39. Re: Dragon Age DRM Servers Fixed Apr 13, 2011, 18:27 Veterator
Verno wrote on Apr 13, 2011, 14:26:
Jivaro wrote on Apr 13, 2011, 14:22:
See, to me, perhaps that is the problem. The part about seeing it from the developers point of view. As if it is a defensive position, which would make the fans and consumers the opposition on the attack. A little off topic, but don't you find that kinda f'd up from a professional stand point? It just seems really jaded and really counter-productive. But hey, what do I know, I am just a gamer.

It's exactly the problem. They take the "you don't get the industry" attitude instead of trying to understand the actual problem or take responsibility. People are just "whining" to them. The hilarious part is when they use the word entitled when in reality they feel entitled to your dollars and constantly try to push the bare minimum lower to maintain that income.

And on another hand, it's defending an industry/institutional/whatever flaw. When it's been said in as many ways as possible DRM punishes the customer and can result in problems since it has to be maintained and monitored for years. When the majority of the mouthpieces say it's there to deter 0-day or very early cracks that deter from release day sales, but it's still there to rear it's ugly head over a year later.

In my mind, where you would want to do it correctly and provide a good experience. I couldn't understand how maintaining the myriad of servers they would need plus paying for bandwidth, plus the employee overhead...and any redundancy or backups for a month, 2 months, 6 months, 12, and then into the future was more cost effective than doing it well for 1-3 months, then using that same staff and hardware to handle the next new game. This is ignoring the costs of simply licensing or developing the DRM and then the cost of injecting it into your products. But I see how it's "cost effective" now by taking the "Pray it never fails." method.

I think DRM is a fundamental problem in the industry simply by how it's mindset punishes the people who pay...if it isn't on release day, it will be at a later date.
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News Comments > More on The Old Republic's Advanced Classes
2. Re: More on The Old Republic's Advanced Classes Apr 10, 2011, 02:22 Veterator
I wish they would put out more videos showing in-game combat for the various classes. So far the stuff has looked pretty safe and boring. IE, I've never seen anyone actually struggle to kill something whether in a group or solo.

They had one fairly good video of a group doing a boss encounter a month or two back...but it seemed very staged. They had people playing in a way to show off the encounter and try to make it more exciting...and even then it was pretty boring.

I do however like the idea of their ship being crewed by their companions and they can have the companions do stuff for them while they are logged out and other options. That's pretty interesting sounding, although I wonder how they will balance that out having 100k people doing this 24/7.
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News Comments > RIFT Friends Trial
15. Re: RIFT Friends Trial Apr 1, 2011, 18:22 Veterator
4 Days is a pretty low time frame if you know nothing about the game, have not previously played it and don't have someone rushing you through it to get to the meat of the game.

I could see someone spending 2 days alone trying to fashion a class out of the souls within the archetype they chose...having to collect them all and then mess with them until they find something they really like. If you make a poor choice, in 4 days you might realize your choice sucked..and then your time is up.
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News Comments > SOE Cuts Rumored
9. Re: SOE Cuts Rumored Mar 31, 2011, 16:55 Veterator
Let's see.....

Planetside Next was supposed to be out this month according to releases from back in December 2010. Where they were out of the blue, seemingly with no context whatsoever.....and the full game would be out 3-4 months later.

The Agency, I thought this game was going to come out 2 years ago.....there's so much information on it that says almost nothing about the games platform, release, etc.

Everquest Next, I have no idea what this game is supposed to entail...never seen information on.

I have however recently tried their "free" version of EQ 2, it pops up about every 10-15 minutes asking you to buy something or upgrade. And it severely limits your class and race choices plus a lot of storage and other options. Rather irritating considering the out of pocket cost on a per character basis would make it cheaper to subscribe, but you can't tell if you'd actually enjoy the classes because you can only play like 4 of them on the free version. At level 10 I was so irritated by the popups and lack of storage that I didn't want to continue on since I only expected it to get worse. Not a good plan to irritate the hell out of people who liked Everquest and some of your other MMO offerings.

I got tired of Everquest because of how they handled expansion releases, they were always screwed up in some way or another where the top tier players could heavily exploit content until it was fixed. This happened enough that I decided they did it on purpose and gave up on trying to progress, plus when East Commons was no longer viable which I enjoyed buying and selling...I had lost enough interest to never look back.

Planetside was just something they dropped on the market and never supported properly. It always felt like it needed a patch to fix something every time you played. After you run into the same problem enough times it becomes evident that they didn't really care about fixing the game, just getting their monthly fees.

SOE has games that are good, and if they didn't actively seek to nickel and dime you and IMPROVE THEIR GAMES on the monthly fees everyone paid, they might actually have people who didn't feel like they were getting raked over the coals for a rather unpleasant experience compared to other options.
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News Comments > Ultima IV Remake Speculation
2. Re: Ultima IV Remake Speculation Mar 29, 2011, 21:04 Veterator
I'd be concerned for any game being made by Mythic. They totally did not pull off a worthwhile game when working with an existing IP with Warhammer. Im beginning to think DAOC was a fluke more than their ability to create an MMO.

Plus, they put out a lot of bullshit when it came to Warhammer, anything you'd ask...they'd say they are going to fix it. And Im quite sure there are issues that they promised to fix still plaguing that game, even though I haven't played it since a few months after release.
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News Comments > Celebrating 7 Million Battlefield Heroes Registrations
4. Re: Celebrating 7 Million Battlefield Heroes Registrations Mar 8, 2011, 17:21 Veterator
Played beta, was full of people hacking. After I spent a couple rounds getting sniped across the map while cloaked I gave up on that pretty quick.

I have to imagine a lot of their sign ups are people just simply making new accounts to continue cheating without using a known name and potentially banned name.
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
6. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Feb 24, 2011, 16:25 Veterator
And in some cases they've shown that sharing of the stuff increases maybe piracy didn't get in the way of anything but helped.

Economy in toilet and they are still setting records...and movie ticket prices aren't exactly a bargain considering the conditions you have to put up with the majority of the theaters anymore.
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News Comments > Half-Million ECA Members
3. Re: Half-Million ECA Members Feb 9, 2011, 06:16 Veterator
These are the guys who used to offer coupons at Amazon and such and then stopped completely. So that explains a lot of the signups, but there's more than that to it.

Sign up was free and online, but then they wouldn't let you unsubscribe online. You had to send them a letter asking to be removed for about 6-9 months, which probably caused a large portion of this half a million people to leave since it's shady as hell.

So "half a million gamers" who "joined", but they don't mention if they are still subscribing members or not just that at some point they joined. So it might be significantly less than they are representing it as.
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News Comments > World of Warcraft Authenticator Campaign, Poll, Wallpaper
4. Re: World of Warcraft Authenticator Campaign, Poll, Wallpaper Jan 29, 2011, 06:21 Veterator
I just hope that one day they admit that their end is insecure as well. Authenticators are great and all, but I still have a hard time believing their system has never been compromised. Even if they can't get your password, it's possible they can get enough information on your account to get access to it via other means if you don't have the authenticator. I refuse to believe Blizzard has never been compromised, and when they admit they have been...then I'll hear how authenticators secure the weak links in the process. Until then it's smoke and mirrors and they still put the blame entirely on the people who pay to use their services.

I'll admit that users probably compromise their own accounts more often than not, but it's much too common for inactive accounts to be suddenly breached.
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