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News Comments > PlanetSide 2 Trailers
12. Re: PlanetSide 2 Trailers Mar 8, 2012, 00:30 Veterator
Looks pretty good, wish they would have shown more things in the game besides one infantry type and weapon, tank, and one air vehicle.

I'd like to see if/how stealth is handled, if vehicles can be stealthed. How the various vehicles work and their features. Like the APCs who used to have a gun for every person in it, at least you had something to do while someone else drove.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
37. Re: Out of the Blue Mar 6, 2012, 19:12 Veterator
Stole this list from other people's post and deleted what I don't watch. No particular order, although there are some I watch as soon as I get em saved.

- Archer - How much they screw with this shows scheduling pisses me off.

- Spartacus - Newest season is a different vibe than the first's good, just not as good.

- House of Lies - Decent show, some episodes are better than others.

- Dexter - Lots of ups and downs, I prefer a darker Dexter...he needs to get back to killing instead of having long rivalries each season.

- Homeland - Decent show, I put them off to watch a few at a time when it's airing.

- Fringe - Watch it every week, can't say I like this season as much as the others... If it ends up being truly canceled I'll be pissed since it's the best Sci-Fi show on Tv and I generally like their casting.

- Psych - Always good, they screw with it's airing too much.

- Lost Girl - Usually good, although they've been "building up" too much this season.

- New Girl - Good, Schmidt is probably the funniest on the show.

- Big Bang Theory - Used to like it more, anymore the shows feel repetitive.

- Person of Interest - Liked it more earlier in season, now there's too much going on with all the nemesis stuff going on.....might turn out to make the show better or might end up getting it canceled.

- The Good Wife - Seems to be slowing down...we'll see.

- Once Upon a Time - Kinda too kiddy on some episodes, but generally decent overall.

- How I Met Your Mother - Good, but I feel like this show is about to call it quits like they are wrapping it up.

- Walking Dead - As long as there is a few walkers in it each episode it seems to be pretty decent, but when they get into the "talk all the time" drags.

- Burn Notice - Good, but I agree it got pretty dull for awhile.

- Sons of Anarchy - Better in earlier seasons, too much inner plotting for my liking.

- Castle - Great show, some episodes more than others, but the bar for the show is much higher than most.

- Eureka - Thought it dragged, but hopefully it is really good in the last few episodes they give it.

- Justified - He needs to shoot more bad guys, because those ends up being the best episodes...

- Glades - Good, not great.

- Covert Affairs - Good, could be great but the family drama stuff is meh.

- Royal Pains - Solid good show, nothing particularly noteworthy, just a good show.

- Fairly Legal - Was good for it's first season, we'll see on rest.

- Warehouse 13 - Second best sci-fi on tv, it has tie ins with may be a way to keep "Eureka" alive. Plus I like the whole idea of the show with the artifacts having powers and the general weirdness of the casting.

- Vampire Diaries - Lower end of good, something to watch. Sometimes interesting is best I can say about it.

- Sanctuary - Good, the show does too much. I'd prefer to see more characters rather than special FX and super-ginormous invasions, etc.

- Napoleon Dynamite - All the people from the movie (mostly) in cartoon form.

- Unsupervised - This show is surprisingly funny, the kid who works at the dump is great.

- True Blood - Im a fan of the books......the TV show has it's moments of being better but generally I find myself disappointed.

- Being Human - Brit show and US show, good.

- Californication - Nudity, sometimes funny.

- Shameless - This is a great show, it's just nuts.

- 2 Broke Girls - Probably my favorite comedy and one of my favorite shows on TV at the moment. Couple good looking girls, one who makes off color marks all the time.

- Blue Bloods - Good cop show.

- Southland - Better cop show.

- Breaking In- It got uncanceled so it's coming back.

- Breaking Bad - Last season, probably be one of the best shows to ever air.

- Community - I think they are cancelling it, but this is a really good show.

- Cougar Town -'s pretty consistent so if you see one and like it, you'll probably like most.

- Game of Thrones - Excellent show, big fan of the books (at least all but the last couple)

- Grimm - Mythology type show, I like these.

- Happy Endings - Funny...has Elisha Cuthbert and a Wayan in it.

- Haven - No idea if this show is coming back, but I thought it had a really good story going.

- Memphis Beat - Cop Show, more funny than serious.

- Misfits - Brit show, kids with super powers. They lost most of their cast this season, but their first season was awesome.

- Raising Hope - Good show, the grandma on there cracks me up.

- The Finder - New show, and I think it's pretty good. The guy's talent is finding things and he's a little whacked out in the head.

- The League - Fantasy football based comedy...I don't care for sports but this show is just hilarious.

- Mentalist - I like the show, I wish it would move along faster though on some stories.

Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad - When I I've ran out of other shows.

Craig Ferguson - When Im out of Family Guy or someone I like is on.

Long list, Im sure I missed a few. But I saw some of you had a number of shows I capture when they come on whenever. So figured I'd pass on a longer list.

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News Comments > Evening Safety Dance
5. Re: Evening Safety Dance Mar 2, 2012, 00:29 Veterator
Im losing data all the time, the 0s in my bank account keep diminishing. Give me more 0s to add to my 1.
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News Comments > Game of Thrones Web MMORPG Details
12. Re: Game of Thrones Web MMORPG Details Feb 29, 2012, 22:04 Veterator
Considering how many pages of his books are devoted to talking, politics, inner monologues, etc compared to the rest....

Good luck to them, I don't think it will make anyone feel like they are apart of the world and still be "popular".....too many people don't like to read and voicing/acting out an entire game is not going to happen.

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News Comments > BioWare on MMO Mass Effect Possibilities
22. Re: BioWare on MMO Mass Effect Possibilities Feb 28, 2012, 02:26 Veterator
I'd like to think the success of SWTOR will decide if they continue letting them try to produce MMOs.

I still think SWTOR should have been scaled back and them make two MMOs, one revolutionary and one evolutionary (swtor is evolutionary). At least then, they'd be showing that they can come up with something that isn't 85% based on existing games.
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
7. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Feb 28, 2012, 02:19 Veterator
Bad taste, but hell..the guy said "Want".

I could post @Apple_Store, I want all of your inventory. Could be interpreted as theft......

I want to see some nudes of...... could be I was planning on peeping on her..they should totally identify me and arrange for my "trial by news" because my words COULD be instead of ARE.

Bad taste and really striking vulgar comments, but hell they have people from churches and political crazies running around with signs like "The only good fag is a dead fag" or vaguely threatening wording to Obama. Do they get arrested? I mean hell they are crazy enough to show up on camera with the signs in crowds/gangs/mobs.

When it comes to Bachmann, you could write "Someone should knock some sense into Michelle Bachmann" and no one would bat an eye...because she's a nut. And we ignore nuts until they DO something that requires the law to step in.

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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch Plans
44. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch Plans Feb 26, 2012, 23:29 Veterator
I only played beta. The game would have made more sense if there was a "Over Arcing" story that groups of players could participate in to advance the story. All the individual solo "Main quests" were fine, but it was a rather huge snore fest watching other people interact while you're there stuck waiting. It made grouping with others boring as hell, or they skipped everything and missed the whole story.

They needed some overall group driven quest where people could participate much like they do in flashpoints (or whatever they are called), but made them stages in unlocking your classes abilities or unlocking content, ability to use new weapons or combinations of weapons. Something to drive people back into groups where waiting on others during the main quests wasn't so tedious because the story fit together with the "over arcing" story that encompassed all main quests to some extent.

This could have cut out A LOT of running around for your class main quests that held everything up....

Plus they could have put different over-arch outcomes for class combinations or choices, or whatever. Or even controlled content access via it, so you could open up different planets on the same side on different characters.

I was cool for awhile, but eventually grouping with other people was very tedious because everyone had different quests and was on different parts. Or they were 20 minutes away but the only people looking to do that quest. Pure irritation instead of being fun.
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News Comments > Into the Black
5. Re: Into the Black Feb 24, 2012, 08:40 Veterator
Im kind of shocked the author knows himself what the rest of the books will entail. Most authors claim to have general outlines and fill in as they write. Kind of letting the story develop around the outline they have instead of holding it all in their head to the last detail.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
26. Re: Evening Mobilization Feb 23, 2012, 04:08 Veterator
Beamer wrote on Feb 22, 2012, 22:34:

What it often is is bonuses in the form of stock options, so that there's very serious investment from all the top employees.
You have that now, but not to the same extent. Often, though, those options didn't vest for years and unvested options were forfeit if you left the company, so there was far less company hopping since you'd be leaving a very sizeable amount of cash behind.

I have yet to speak to someone of the "common employee" variety who have gotten stock options and ended up not feeling ripped off. It usually pays off really well for early adopters and guys who come in at top tiers, but if you join even as little as a year after the company're SOL most the time unless you're top tier.

You either end up with stock that's worthless due to dilution or the company is bought out and your stock is worth pennies on the dollar in the deal. Or some other "screw the non-execs" deal.

It sounds like a really good idea, but I have yet to speak to someone who actually ended up with an amount of money that made them glad they stuck around through all the BS instead of jumping to another company for a higher pay position plus whatever else was in the deal.

Seems like more and more, stock doesn't mean much unless you control enough to influence decisions. As an employee or investor, you're just along for the ride and hope the people who are making the decisions are set on making you lose any gains you were expecting.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
24. Re: Evening Mobilization Feb 22, 2012, 21:58 Veterator
Plus with extreme tax rates, there are other incentives the company offers in lieu of earnings and bonuses.

That might be a better office environment, better benefits packages, more locations, paid for housing, etc. Which all in turn fuel other aspects of the economy, spur more jobs, and increase tax revenue in their own way. If you can't earn more money, working less hours is the next way to go, with more vacation, etc.

Right now we're heading back the other way on the lesser jobs with people working MORE hours and essentially reducing the workforces to skeleton crews where they can't afford for people to NOT work overtime hours. Meaning your job is at risk if you don't work excessive hours in many jobs, while technically they follow the law.....they just find some other way to remove you.

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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
10. Re: Evening Mobilization Feb 22, 2012, 04:34 Veterator
Flatline wrote on Feb 22, 2012, 03:23:
Tom wrote on Feb 21, 2012, 22:18:
Sooo... How much should the CEO of a company with almost 300k employees and $277B in assets make then?

90 times their lowest paid employee's wage.

So at 7.25 minimum wage a CEO would only be able to net around 640 dollars an hour. That works out to about 1.3 million a year. That should be plenty.

If he wants more money, he can give the poor bastard at the bottom a raise. A dollar an hour more for the custodian equates to 90 bucks an hour more for him. Which means the CEO brings home a million five a year.

Stock options and bonuses are depending on the company's standing 5-10 years *after* each work year. So if I was CEO in 2010, I wouldn't get stock options or bonuses until 2015 or 2020, ensuring I had a *vital* interest in the long-term health of the company.

Actually a pretty decent argument being made there. Far too much of the economy is based off short/quarterly term gains and it's not beneficial to society.

While long term planning would negate or mitigate a lot of the problems we have, such as the housing crisis and market failure still need some sort of mechanism for dealing with extreme measures that have to be dealt with a timely manner for the companies continued survival. Some examples might be, extreme weather destroying their production (farms, mining, etc), new technology coming to market that requires a retool of their manufacturing to compete (think cost effective 3D printing, viable alternative to gasoline, or new plastic replacement).

The short term extreme solutions would be few and far between, and would technically be covered through long term rewards. But it seems like being a CEO in a difficult situation would offer no reward if there wasn't a clear best possible solution. While being a CEO during an uneventful year would be rewarding in comparison especially if there were unforeseen gains in your year due to market fluctuations that benefited your company.

But overall I agree that things should be stretched out. Just like I feel that loyalty should be the norm instead of constant job hopping for more pay (which is basically what you need to do if you want to be taken's backwards in a lot of ways.) Imagine if you had to shop for new car insurance each year because your current company always made you pay more due being an known quantity, easy to retain, good long term customer. Health insurance does this, but health insurance has every aspect of the health care field bickering and overcharging.
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News Comments > Be Mine Indie Bundle
8. Re: Be Mine Indie Bundle Feb 21, 2012, 22:18 Veterator
Prez wrote on Feb 21, 2012, 18:31:
I bought it but already owned "The Ball" and "Nikopol". Below are the keys if anyone wants them. (Please post when you use one so everyone isn't trying to activate with the same code - they are only usable for one person)



Got The Ball.
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News Comments > The Secret World Delayed
18. Re: The Secret World Delayed Feb 21, 2012, 22:15 Veterator
They say 750k people are registered as beta testers. However they don't specify how many beta testers they actually have. If they have a thousand and are gathering information like how many of them will purchase, those thousand people better expect that if they say no they won't be invited back. Since they could reasonable track and respond to 1k testers. If they had 100k testers and 9/10 still liked it, then I'd be impressed assuming all responded and were counted.

Funcom has a dismal history of poor MMO launches and buggy first year releases. Anarchy Online too a LONG time to recover from it's launch, and it hurt it in unmeasurable ways with all the poor reviews and such for the years to follow. AO was actually a really interesting game, but even in it's polished state it had a lot of really f-in annoying aspects they should have addressed in more timely manners. Hecklers and all things associated with them, people doing PVP ganks etc, FARRRR mission doors where it was simpler to just roll until you got a close mission than actually go there....etc.

Age of Conan, was basically a lie cloaked in Tortage. After Tortage it was a different game. You try it and see Tortage and buy it to get the rest of the miserable experience that was AoC. Have people one shot kill you and your buddies, have them sit on their horses and kick you off ledges, spend stupid amounts of time just wandering around boooorrrrriinnnngggg landscapes. I mean people got more joy out of Tortage than any other point in the game, and spent time griefing it when possible because that's where the MAJORITY of the players were.

I held very little expectations for Secret World, they've been really light on the information about this game...even though I get an email every so often telling me pretty much the same thing it told me the time before. Trying to keep it in mind, with no additional information they are willing to part with. The game better blow people away is all I can say.
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
3. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Feb 21, 2012, 22:03 Veterator
Ploy to get more money out of him.

According to what I've read they wanted something like 10 million dollars from him just to let him in the country. So why shouldn't they ask for more to let him stay there?
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
3. Re: Evening Mobilization Feb 21, 2012, 22:01 Veterator
Should point out that he's still getting a big bonus in spite of the T-Mobile deal.

What does a CEO have to do to NOT get a bonus in the US?

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News Comments > The Walking Dead Website; FAQ, Talk Show
5. Re: The Walking Dead Website; FAQ, Talk Show Feb 16, 2012, 00:28 Veterator
Well, the latest episode of The Walking Dead tv show was not very good. Bar scene couldn't save it. Hopefully it's a build up episode to a much better one.
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News Comments > Battlefield 3 Bans Follow-up
48. Re: Battlefield 3 Bans Follow-up Feb 1, 2012, 11:33 Veterator
I don't envy admins, I've seen far too many of them spend most of their evening investigating cheaters, banning, and then having to put up with people who are stacking teams or just generally ruining the experience for everyone else on the server through attitude or commentary.

Cheating is by far the most time consuming to investigate, and TF2 has the tools to allow someone to determine it......if they spend the time to catch the recordings and playback through them. They may not be perfect, but it's more than games want to offer anymore.

The real thrust of the problem is that unless there is an admin around, it's a huge pain in the ass to report them since most of it's not in game. I think it should be standard fare anymore to have the tools to prove cheating, but they should also go a step further and allow for people to submit cheating on a case by case while in game.

Then allow the admins to filter by how many reports there where in a specific period, and try to narrow it down by the timing as to when to check the logs. Or if one guy is constantly calling out people for cheating, just throw all of his complaints in the trash automatically.

It could certainly be made easier....because I don't think they can provide a fullproof system to prevent cheats, but they can certainly provide a full proof lock out system to ban people from servers and report them on up for account bans to the game developers/publishers. It's just a matter of capturing the evidence and passing it up for review. And I think it's intentional on their part to cut out those they can't be expected to review them. But in this case, the stat profiles are yet another avenue they should be using. Although I suspect the stat profiles may not be 100% proof since servers/intrusions/whatever could tamper with the numbers and provide false hits.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
16. Re: Morning Tech Bits Feb 1, 2012, 11:21 Veterator
Halo wrote on Jan 31, 2012, 20:46:
Nobody ever seems upset that prisoners are used as free (well you and i pay for it) labor for a good amount of corporations and the US military supplies. 5% of the world are Americans 25% of the worlds prisoners are american. The best reintroduction of slave labor if I have ever seen it.

It's not that they are working that concerns me as much as them having an easy supply of labor by just putting a few new laws on the books or enforcing vague ones with a little more stringency or arranging for their labor force to stay longer. That's the most concerning aspect, and I think it covers the next most concerning aspect.....because if they didn't have a readily and potential expanding workforce....the contracts they have wouldn't be possible to maintain.

So obviously second aspect is that they are taking people off the streets, putting them to work...when if they could have gotten the job they were doing in prison while they were free at a prevailing wage (like most government contract work is) then they may not have ended up in jail.

Break the most concerning aspect which affects us all, since we could just as easily be the next "heinous offender" flavor of the week. Then we can address number 2, moving prison labor jobs into the free market like they should be. Because government and corporations generating profit from handling criminals (questionable or legitimate crimes) is like a for profit health system, it leads down path of most profit and not best practices.

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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
3. Re: Evening Tech Bits Feb 1, 2012, 11:09 Veterator
Don't see how Best Buy will be more successful in China when they've failed here. I mean they will be literally be competing against a guy selling counterfeit items on the corner.
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News Comments > Rovio Positive About Piracy
28. Re: Rovio Positive About Piracy Jan 31, 2012, 20:30 Veterator
Ruffiana wrote on Jan 31, 2012, 19:00:
Veterator wrote on Jan 31, 2012, 16:15:
I still wonder what kind of money the major DRM scheme out there cost on a per title basis.

I am not willing to drop 40+ dollars on games anymore. Just because the chance of said game, even if it's a sequel to something I liked, sucking or being bug ridden, etc is just too high.

And I still avoid the stupidly DRM-heavy titles even after it's 5 bucks, because I just don't want to deal with the bullshit.

So piracy may be a factor, but just flat out overpricing, under delivering, nickel and dime tactics, and outrageous DRM "hoops"....they have all definitely factored into my purchasing decisions.

All of those are legimate reasons to not buy a game. There is no legitimate reason to pirate a game because games are purely products for luxury and's all just rationalizations for entitlement and self-gratification.

Yes, they are reasons to not buy a game, but it's easier for them to imply that Im probably a pirate for not buying their game than actually realizing WHY I am not buying it. Ubisoft is a big proponent of shaft-legitimate buyers DRM. They keep telling us how piracy is just destroying their they pile on more DRM. Piracy is not a catch all argument like people pretend it is. People pirate, you focus too much on them and you lose the people who want to buy PC games but just get fed up with your BS.

It's like trying to get the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and then blaming everyone else when they realize how spectacularly stupid that goal is.

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