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News Comments > etc., etc.
4. Re: etc., etc. Jul 12, 2012, 06:41 Veterator
Comes down to exposure. Selling things at a discount is going to get you more exposure than advertising the hell out of the game before it's released. Yes advertising drives a lot of sales, the more expensive day one/preorder sales in particular.

However only so many people are going to pay that price. And if some of those don't like the game, your sequel is going to have a harder time if it never picks up any additional players via sales and discounting the game as time goes on.

So when the second game comes out, you've whittled your possible market down by excluding everyone else but the day one buyers...who some of which have already decided they just don't like that series.

This is pretty much what authors say all the time, write a lot and sell them cheap at times to pick up potential fans. Then they might go and buy some of your slightly more expensive books (like 5 dollar difference, sometimes maybe 10). You make more money, they find an author they like when they never would have looked otherwise due to your stuff being a little too costly to find out they don't like it.

Some authors don't have to care, like Stephen King. But EA is not the Stephen King of game producers/creators, and Valve probably isn't either. They just don't seem to be full of themselves (yet) versus EA.

But.......let them keep believing that shit because it's costing them at many levels. Makes them look like even bigger assholes, says they won't sell games cheaper (so why bother looking?), says they'd rather paying a bajillion dollars on advertising to try to get you to buy a full priced game instead of bringing it down to reflect what people actually want, spend less, ask less, but sell more.
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News Comments > PlanetSide 2 Beta Nears
25. Re: PlanetSide 2 Beta Nears Jul 11, 2012, 20:58 Veterator
PS1 has the infiltrator armor...which the class is based on. Although with the suit you couldn't handle sniper rifles, just pistols, grenades, etc.

And your cloak was infinite.

PS2 one of the videos said the cloak is "for a short while", so apparently it may be limited in PS2.

Stealthing in PS1 was pretty ho hum IMO. You died very easy, knife took a number of hits to kill anyone, pistol is only deadly if you use the specialized ones with unload abilities. Hacking went pretty well with it, but overall you needed a lot of other unlocks to make infiltration even remotely fun in comparison to other options. And then you were easily killed since all your weapons were in your face type weapons.

Without skiing and jetpack like in TA, you'd still be pretty screwed up close as an infiltrator if they are as weak as they were in armor and weak weapons.

PS1 fights are fun sometimes, but it was designed on an older premise that MMOs went by back then...where everything should take a long time. You have to wait to switch factions (12 hours), you had to wait 6 hours to drop certs if you didn't like something, the whole idea of ANTs...going back for the free weekend I was like shocked at how f-in annoying needing ANTs was....and how making sure you weren't the tenth guy to go get one was extremely difficult with how they butchered communication access.

Plus, people still friggin cheat in PS1...things to reduce cone of fire (really makes a difference for TR chaingun), invisible vehicles when they shouldn't be invisible, invincible vehicles...tanks that you can't kill period.

And lag, PS1 has tons of lag. Partly due to server being unable to handle the influx, partly because the game was designed to be over dialup so it doesn't update the client often enough to make people not warp all over the place or vanish completely at times.

If they keep the combat similar and re-work some of those issues this game could look like PS1 visually and I really wouldn't care. After awhile graphics don't matter so much. People start turning things down or off to get the "edge".
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News Comments > The Secret World Leaderboard
8. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 16:06 Veterator
Well I played in beta and I made up on my mind on it after a week, played a little more and after about two weeks I was decided.

I just wanted to see if anyone had similar time frame decisions on the game.

It was pretty good, then as the zones went on I just found myself becoming less and less interested. Egypt was very dull imo. Zone after was a little better, but the layouts were just horrible, took ages to go anywhere due to the hills and barriers.
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News Comments > The Walking Dead FPS Details
7. Re: The Walking Dead FPS Details Jul 9, 2012, 11:58 Veterator
Verno wrote on Jul 9, 2012, 11:54:
Wallshadows wrote on Jul 9, 2012, 11:47:
What about a game for T-Dog? He had phenomenal moments in Season 2 such as driving a truck and...wandering in to shots...

Such a waste of raw talent!

I still feel bad for that actor, he is the literal Token Black Guy in the worst way.

He'd probably get more screen time if he was a zombie.
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News Comments > The Secret World Leaderboard
1. Re: The Secret World Leaderboard Jul 9, 2012, 11:56 Veterator
Anyone out there buy it and have the new shiny wear off for you yet? It's been out a little over a week now I think?

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News Comments > Killing Floor Summer Sideshow
2. Re: Killing Floor Summer Sideshow Jul 7, 2012, 20:42 Veterator
So the summer event will include this game as one of the achievements. Probably kill X many <new enemies> on <new map>.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront III Footage
6. Re: Star Wars Battlefront III Footage Jul 6, 2012, 10:02 Veterator
The old jedi multiplayer was awesome. With the force leaping, pushing, pulling. Deflecting rockets, the behind you stab for the insta-kill everyone used to spam.

That was just awesome.

Battlefront was........boring.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
5. Re: etc., etc. Jul 6, 2012, 08:10 Veterator
Think they'll have people begging to be kidnapped?
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News Comments > Vanguard F2P Details
8. Re: Vanguard F2P Details Jul 4, 2012, 11:05 Veterator
The way bard songs were in Vanguard was probably the single thing that stuck with me about that game. Everything else was mostly bad.

It crashed like clockwork for me. Depending on my resolution and texture settings the game would crash every X minutes. Zoning would make it happen more often.

Couple that with nice death penalties and it was a waste of time playing because I'd just die and lose the last hour or two of progression after I crashed like clockwork.

I highly doubt they've fixed much of the very poor performance that game had... being near water was like a slideshow.

The world was cool and interesting, but too many issues.

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News Comments > Funcom CEO Steps Down on Eve of The Secret World
12. Re: Funcom CEO Steps Down on Eve of The Secret World Jul 3, 2012, 00:58 Veterator
Thought the first zones of Secret World were decent. And Egypt was OK for a bit....then it became very sloggish and buggy. With lots of "read once" items that if you missed a number somewhere you were stuck unless you asked for help or somehow were able to read the item again by cancelling and starting over.

This was...2 weeks ago. And I have no idea how many zones they were supposed to have been adding. But I saw 3 themes with 3 parts, so 9 zones in total...last theme didn't have a story arc and middle theme the story arc was purposefully turned off.

I figure that amount of content MIGHT last slow a player as long as 2 months. And someone who plays a lot, they could go through it all in 2-3 weeks easy if not faster if there's no major bugs to slow them down.

My biggest concern with the game would be nerfing, because they were doing a lot of it in beta...turning abilities completely off at times during the weekends due to them being too much in PVP. It's really irritating to have a character be intentionally broken every couple days.

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News Comments > EA to "Be a 100% Digital Company, Period"
15. Re: EA to "Be a 100% Digital Company, Period" Jul 2, 2012, 22:29 Veterator
I am assuming the ISPs will be all for this move. And in a year or two their "new pricing tiers" will reflect this decision quite profitably.

Once you can only get XYZ via one distribution method...then that distribution method tends to get more expensive.

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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
11. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Jun 29, 2012, 04:31 Veterator
So it's OK if you do police state like activities, but have not done a few of the more police statish least one unchecked check on that list.

As long as the home owners can get enough money to discourage them from doing this shit in the future, like 5 million or more. No problem. If they are getting much less than that or somehow the actions are "immune from prosecution due to......" then I'd say the counter to police power has been nullified and you are stepping firmly over the line.

Although I think we're more a blend of police state/corporate state anymore. It's evident by how much money is being spent and how votes are being cast in favor of those kinds of things.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
4. Re: Evening Metaverse Jun 29, 2012, 04:24 Veterator
Why would a company who makes it's money on tickets encourage people to sell their tickets through other means?

I think this dude is either a little dim or might not have fully grasped what just happened.
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News Comments > Tribes Ascend on Steam
19. Re: Tribes Ascend on Steam Jun 29, 2012, 00:40 Veterator
Matshock wrote on Jun 28, 2012, 14:48:
Veterator wrote on Jun 28, 2012, 08:29:
Wall of text

Well, the overall price of getting stuff has fallen since April. I think you could make an argument that it's falling too fast but not that it shouldn't fall at all.

We're already getting new maps every month and I bet we're not even halfway done with getting new content- which didn't cost us a dime.

Finally, yeah I see a flag troll once and a while, they're not invincible though- grab an assault rifle (which is also free) and hunt the little bastards down.

I'm making the argument that there's no rhyme or reason to the decisions they pattern you can kind of use to figure out if you're going to have to wait a month for a discount or if it will come next week. It's literally a total guess as to what is going to happen at least a week in advance if not more.

They do all of this with no timers on deals, etc. At least with something like Steam you have a window dictated to you and a reasonable guess at when the next summer sale/winter deal is coming. HiRez it's all guesses and variability on anything that involves money, and a healthy "we'll look into it" for months and months on game issues.

Like the maps with cracks in them people can get down into and hold the flag indefinitely. People were doing that shit 2 months ago, and they were doing it yesterday. Hasn't been fixed. Although it's certainly KNOWN and has been known for months.

Trolls love it. Then there are the trees on the newer map that have points you can climb up into and are very hard to spot for others to see where you, very hard to hit due to the way the tree is built and how high they are. And nothing has been done about it either. You have to have someone go up and clear out the tree to kill the guy, while he can shoot at you all day long because it's too hard to hit him otherwise while he can freely shoot at you.

I'll give them that they fixed Raindance, but raindance sucked for turtling because it was poorly designed. The other maps literally have something wrong with them that they have not fixed.

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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 August 28th
13. Re: Guild Wars 2 August 28th Jun 28, 2012, 11:05 Veterator
Hope I get in for a bit of play before it's retail.
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News Comments > Tribes Ascend on Steam
15. Re: Tribes Ascend on Steam Jun 28, 2012, 08:29 Veterator
Been playing for a few months fairly regularly and some before that less frequently. Think I first got into beta back in November of 2011 or so.

I bought a 50 dollar bundle once they revised it a bit to give more gold and be a better deal IMO with the daily deals giving discounts.

However, HiRez seems to fail pretty badly at slowly decreasing their prices and adding things in some kind of way that isn't akin to slapping their existing customers in the face.

The first bundles they had included boosts...which are great if you can actually use them regularly during the period. If you buy it and get screwed out of the time, back then you got NOTHING for that boost if you didn't play. Then they changed boost so you'd get some XP each day you had it regardless if you played or not.

Then the way they release bundles. They release them in 3 forms on the first week: Weapons only, Weapons only with one skin, and two skins with all the weapons. No problem so far. But week after they remove the weapon bundles. Now I don't really care about skins, but if you did the all inclusive packs aren't so bad on price........but they aren't better if you wait for the stuff to be 60+ percent off by a large margin. If you want the weapons're SOL after the first week of it's release.

Then they dump these huge packs of stuff for a fairly decent price....there's no way to buy a more selective part of those packs so you're rebuying things you already have (like rebuying classes, I find that extremely annoying).

So you buy the bundle with only gold. Get a weapon pack or two, and then you have to wait on daily deals if you don't want to pay for things over and over in these bundles they pump out to include classes and such plus all those new "slightly different" weapons.

And then on top of all that, they changed then way the XP system worked after they gave you this double XP weekend and you've already spent it on upgrades that no longer friggin matter over time. You could have literally just use the stuff to get the upgrades and earn XP and kept all that XP to unlock more stuff.. This one really pisses me off because had I been informed I would have kept all that XP. People say they warned us, but I never saw it. other words. Unless you don't mind getting screwed over.

Don't buy things unless they are on daily deals for 60% or more off.

Don't spend XP on upgrades, only unlocking new things.

Boost only when you KNOW you're going to use it, otherwise it's near a total waste of money....I boosted on double XP weekend felt it was worth it at the time until they changed the way XP worked.

I know they really don't care that it pisses a lot of their players off because they have a large vocal majority who back nearly anything they do on the forums. But operating that once you pay them and you get gold...your opinion no longer matters is kind of a shitty way to operate. I know gold means nothing to them since it's a one way transaction, but I'm spending it only on deep discounted items because it's going to be the last bit of money I pay toward that game.

Plus they have a LOT of trolls who join CTF, get the flag and just troll the hell out of the server by holding it endlessly or map exploiting to drag it out to the full 25+ minutes each round. And it's only getting worse because they don't ban these peckers....especially since it's so damn obvious to see that holding a flag for 20 minutes should be pretty much impossible in any non-stacked non-troll game.

Very frustrated with them. And posting any of this on their forums results is nothing but troll posts in return. QQ more, etc. So I don't expect it to change, since they don't discourage the attitude.....anywhere.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
7. Re: Evening Tech Bits Jun 27, 2012, 01:42 Veterator
So, a bunch of channels exist simply because they are tied to the channels people want. And in return the channels people want more or less dictate the overall fixed price that consumers pay.

And they are arguing that the lesser channels would outright die if left to stand on their own. Whose watching them now for them to exist? How did they come into existence if seemingly no one wanted them in the first place? Or is their audience so spread out that offering them on cable is pointless in the first place?

It seems to me putting the money back in consumer hands in this situation would allow them to nurture other delivery methods IF THE GOVERNMENT WOULD SET OUT TO PROTECT THEM. I mean seriously....they let RIAA/MPAA/whoever attack everything and force crazy pricing schemes on new avenues of delivery so there is nothing BUT cable, on demand, etc. And they can do this because everything is controlled by a small handful of companies who wish they would have come up with the idea first and monetized it effectively themselves.

Seems like for anything to actually be created and survive it has to support the big companies in their anti-piracy witch-hunt by responding to every little complaint they have. And then marking everything up way past the profit margins they'd need to make a healthy profit so they can meet the ever rising licensing costs on older and older content.

And no one says.........hey.....that doesn't make sense. We have the tech to make all of this stuff cheaper. And they've already sucked most of the profit they're going to earn from that 8 year old film already.....why is the price going up?

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News Comments > Curt Schilling on 38 Studios' Demise
61. Re: Curt Schilling on 38 Studios' Demise Jun 23, 2012, 01:53 Veterator
Thumps up cappy, makes sense to me and is exactly what you see in my area. Hell the government is starting to bleed employees at this point and cutting contract spending, so all the contractors are bleeding employees. I think what we have here is an economic balance that could easy tumble right back down the cliff. It certainly doesn't look like it's going to start running again with how everything is going.

Businesses are laying off and failing every month, where the month before they were reporting "growth". Can't believe anything anymore, it seems all of it's based on indicators that really in the end mean nothing.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
5. Re: etc., etc. Jun 23, 2012, 01:35 Veterator
Destroy what you love comes to mind. They are basically making it even more unlikely to retain players and impossible to pick up new players.

Would you play a game where the devs hand out stuff and got caught, people exploit and don't get removed, and generally everyone seems out to do whatever "because I can LoL".

If any game proves that consoles are vulnerable to hacks, Im betting their new console game will be it....the culture their games attracts is ......something.
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Next Week
41. Re: Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Next Week Jun 22, 2012, 18:50 Veterator
Squirmer wrote on Jun 22, 2012, 10:21:
Veterator wrote on Jun 22, 2012, 06:19:
Yeah I heard good things about it. But it's been like that with other games and I ended up being disappointed with what they thought was fun. I mean it's kind of general rule that I like to try games first, especially if I am going to be paying full price. MMOs are just one of those things, even fixed price MMOs because GW had 4(?) expansions, I suspect GW2 will have a number of expansions you'll need to continue to on soon enough resulting in a good 150-200 dollar investment if you buy them as they are released.

I totally understand not buying something without trying it, but it's silly to accuse the game of costing $150-200. If you pay the $60 box price and don't like it, then it's cost you $60, nothing more. And if you do like it, you can then decide to buy expansions or not.

Mm, I thought it was relevant to point out that they are going to earn their money elsewhere, not through subscriptions but on expansions.

I mean I don't have to pay subscriptions if I buy a game at full price and decide it's not worth it. And I figured it'd be apparent that you don't need to buy expansions too. But it's something to keep in mind that if you buy the game, eventually an expansion will come out and you'll more or less have to have it if you want to play with others. Much like you'd need a subscription if you want to pick up other MMOs and play with others (often times with expansions).

It's just something I have to weigh when trying out I like it enough to have to spend more on it to continue playing it now? Should I wait until the expansions have come out and the bundle prices drops the cost of playing down significantly?

Just like Free 2 Plays, is the model going to allow it to be fun? Or grindy as hell if you don't put in a minimum amount of money? What is that minimum amount? Tribes Ascend, prior to daily deals and ignoring bundle packs was something like 180 bucks to buy everything in the game outright via gold, if not more because they futzed with gold prices. So you have to do some personal weighing based on gameplay to decide if you can put up with the system or how much it'll cost to make it bearable.

I'll just point out GW1, original game was basically a ghost town by the second or third expansion. You might see ten players in a day in the cities, at least was my experience. That's not an MMO.
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