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News Comments > New Qtracker
2. Re: New Qtracker Aug 25, 2009, 20:32 RenownWolf
Totally agree with you dude.

Best example is the game explorer for Battlefield 2.... it's so awful, so very awful.

Server browsers are awesome for playing multiple games, "ohh none of my fav bf2 servers have enough players, I'll play q3a/fear combat/bf2142/COD instead *click - servers listed*".
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News Comments > Free Demigod Preview
1. Re: Free Demigod Preview Aug 24, 2009, 15:37 RenownWolf
but he doesn't thing the art will be ready in time

Quick correction, "think" =)

And on topic... Demigod killed itself with it's buggyness and issues with multiplayer. I don't think this will help people jump in for a new hero.
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News Comments > DUST 514, CCP's MMO Console Game
17. Re: DUST 514, CCP's MMO Console Game Aug 18, 2009, 15:01 RenownWolf
It's a game. What's wrong with instant gratification in games? And there's a monthly fee involved in this game...

This is excatly what I was getting at. I enjoy space games including the mining and missions etc... I-War, Freelancer, X series, Freespace series, Decent and so on. But when I pay a monthly fee to progress on something that will take me months to get any where rather bothers me.

The $17.50 per month I save by not playing a mmog I save towards my real life "top of the line ship" (see house to own). Taking months in a game that didn't cost me per month would be amazing but this is not the case.

Yes yes, it isn't that much money, but the money you save now leads to those long term investments, rather than my immediate happiness =)
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News Comments > Wolfenstein Layoffs
8. Re: Wolfenstein Layoffs Aug 18, 2009, 14:49 RenownWolf
It's pretty common within the industry. Only, it usually isn't broadcasted to the media.

Unfortunately those who got asked to move on don't get the choice and they can't excatly moan and complain. From what I hear it's a rather incestial setup in the game development industry so if you burn a bridge it generally means other bridges burn with it.

Suits those who don't mind jumping from place to place once their main project is completed, but it really doesn't help their overall cause in the long run.
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News Comments > DUST 514, CCP's MMO Console Game
6. Re: DUST 514, CCP's MMO Console Game Aug 18, 2009, 11:44 RenownWolf
Can't help myself.

But no doubt it will include endless excel style spreadsheets for your enjoyment.

Otherwise I could be interested, Eve looks fantastic and appears to have a huge player base. One day I'll have to give the 14 day trial a go. Though from I gather it is really slow to start, and it will be a long time (months?) before I could see a top of the line ship, and then again I will require being in a large group to stay alive.
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News Comments > On the Demise of Gamecock
10. Re: On the Demise of Gamecock Aug 15, 2009, 23:56 RenownWolf
Mike Wilsons involvement with Ion Studios was nasty also.

He was the cheerleader of Romeros "going to make you my bitch" ad that did the rounds... He sounds like he should be in high risk investor schemes or something.
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News Comments > Dragon Rising LAN [Updated]
44. Re: No Dragon Rising LAN Aug 15, 2009, 04:11 RenownWolf
I'd be making some changes to the spending and distributions hierarchy around your home, 'bro.

Well the games that do this are far and few between, maybe 1 a year at most. so rather than buy 3 other games I can only enjoy by myself for a limited time I buy 3 copies of another game for them to play with me.

They are my brothers, family is family. I earn more than them (they have after school jobs) but they are saving to buy their first cars etc... Soon as they have their cars, it's their problem =)
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News Comments > Dragon Rising LAN [Updated]
33. Re: No Dragon Rising LAN Aug 13, 2009, 18:38 RenownWolf
See this is just disappointing for myself and my brothers.

Being as I'm a uni student while working to pay the bills and my 3 brothers are in highschool it means I buy the games... (4 copies of each game is a nice profit for companies no doubt). However, since we LAN together rather then use the net (why waste bandwidth?) every time a game cancels lan support or skips on a co-op mode it's just a loss on their part.

There is no way they will gain sales by punishing people like me who will buy 4 copies just for tha ability to play it with my brothers.

Starcraft 2 will be bought as 1 copy and shared around for the single player mode only. I was looking forward to this with it's co-op... but no lan means I won't be joining in.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
9. Re: etc., etc. Aug 12, 2009, 03:31 RenownWolf
Interesting point, but I like to be able to save my games so I can head out for a afternoon walk with the wife, on the weekends head out to skirmish with my mates and go see my family.

I played WoW for a bit, but no too the excessive point that some do. Biggest annoyance was not being able to save an instance at a point. I wasn't big into raiding and mostly stuck to 5 man instances.

I was hated by other players because if we weren't done in the time I had set aside to play, I left to take care of my life rather than a virtual life. Unfortunately games don't lend themselves to set periods of time (a game of football generally has a set play time limit, overtime being the expection and even then 5 minutes). The ability to save your progress where you are and continue is fantastic.

I own a Super Nes and Chrono Trigger... I never finished it as a kid so I played it last year, however I used a emulator to save state during a long battle.

The ability to save gives players more ability to leave the game... unfortunately some developers think you should devote your time to it because it's their art. But art and culture only have a limited place in society like all things. As you said, all things in moderation.

Edit -- Fail at english

This comment was edited on Aug 12, 2009, 03:38.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
7. Re: etc., etc. Aug 12, 2009, 03:11 RenownWolf
I have to disagree with you Jerykk. He actually states that it should not affect the difficulty of the game.

Being some elite awesome powerful super wicked cool game nerd who finds most games easy is great, but off the topic.

I can pause a movie, rewind it and watch it later. Yes it can have an affect on how the story applies to me but life goes beyond games and movies at all times.

If it really is such a big deal developers just have to add a "hardcore mode" or similar. Developers generally have a lot to think about in developing a game and don't always cover all topics as they would like, such a feature is one.

And Bobbob this is his point, why should a game have such an importance when factors in life are far more important.

This comment was edited on Aug 12, 2009, 03:14.
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News Comments > Risen Banned Down Under
9. Re: Risen Banned Down Under Aug 11, 2009, 11:31 RenownWolf
Ahh welcome to Australia.

Gotta protect us from them evil hookers and whores games... Still have to love the fact that brothels are completely legal here and even advertise in your local paper!

Damn it! If I can't get a virtual hooker to have her way with my character in a game I'll head out to a real hooker... Actually teenagers have more sex with random people than the majority of people over 18 I'm sure... (unless they are that creepy old dude at the club with the under 21s).

Doesn't really affect us at the moment, those who want it will buy it overseas and have it shipped... Until the internet censorship plan gets approved and they start blocking sites that promote or sell games banned in Australia because we don't have a R18+ rating...
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
19. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 9, 2009, 05:59 RenownWolf
For those who may be interested in it "Masters of Doom" book is awesome for a slightly dramatic history lesson into Carmack and Romero's past.

Good read though it ends during the primetime of Q3A rather than after that.
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News Comments > StarCraft II This Year?
3. StarCraft II This Year? Jun 1, 2009, 10:45 RenownWolf
I just love that it was the CEO who said it. Makes you wonder if his press conference wasn't getting the attention he expected so he decided to throw this jewel into the mix.

Blizzard says "when it's done", the CEO of Activison Blizzard says "ohh it might be done by years end". Ahh how things can change after a take over.

What makes you wonder more is why at E3 since Blizzard now has their Blizzcon for announcements of this nature.

Theories, all theories but totally worth a giggle.
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News Comments > id the "Multiplatform Developer"
131. Re: id the Apr 13, 2009, 20:01 RenownWolf
I'm not sure about the Jaguar port of Doom, but Sega of America did the 32X port and Midway handled the Saturn, PlayStation and SNES ports. The 3DO version was handled by some unknown developer who completely botched it. Lobotomy, Midway and Activision handled the Quake trilogy ports.

As I recall Carmack performed most of the engine porting to the Jaguar, even going so far as to write an optimized C compiler for its unusual architecture. Take a look at for some interesting highlights - the Jaguar stuff starts on page 26.

A bit late on my behalf (128 comments since I checked yesterday... jeez!).

But excatly, Carmack has worked on a couple ports, and that is about the best example of how far he will go. His work across various platforms has always had my interest. His ability is awesome to say the least.

Unfortunately the world has changed, and trying to keep up is interesting as always. Although I believe Carmack has been and always will be more interested in pushing the technology to achieve something glorious in graphics. id's games have always been simplistic, and I don't believe this is a bad thing, which has helped him create even more beautiful games which lead to the engine being licensed out.

Now the licensed users have created some fantastic games which have become hits, adding complexity and flavour the the id engines. id's games are hit and miss for each person, just like some people like coke while others prefer pepsi or neither at all. Look beyond the fanboy action, and see the ability that is there.

Dare I say it, I would love to see something like Alice ported to the Rage engine. id's games have their place, and I only hope that maybe before Carmack retires that he gets a couple more engines in, and that the engines lead to some beautiful games (remember the first time you played Quake? or even Quake 2... simple game and pure quality).
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News Comments > id the "Multiplatform Developer"
2. Re: id the "Multiplatform Developer" Apr 12, 2009, 12:42 RenownWolf
id has always really been a multiplatform developer since console makers gave them the chances to create games on the consoles. Doom was ported by id to quite a few different consoles. The next logical set for carmacks technology was to work on multiple platforms.

The id engines have always scaled well with computers, the more powerful the computers get, the better the game looks, plays and runs. Quake is a prime example especially with the additions by moving from Quake software rendering to Opengl in Quake and Quake 2.

It's also basic business, the more customers that have access to your item/content the more will buy it. Just like a bed store, they don't only sell to people living in homes, but to anybody who can store a bed in their house/apartment/unit/townhouse/alleyway etc...

As long as each verision is optimized to their platform, and judging by Carmacks godlike ability to optimize, it will run fantastic and look better depending on the power of the system.

Games are growing... nothing wrong with being a fanboy, but there doesn't appear to be room for elitism.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. Short NBA Career Jun 9, 2008, 11:15 RenownWolf
Well, NBA isn't huge here in Australia... but that's no need to give us crap.

They called me "RETIRED"... I don't like that nickname unless I get the millions to go with it =(

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News Comments > Tech Bits
16. Vista = ME 2.0 Jun 8, 2008, 12:39 RenownWolf
It all sounds so very much like Windows ME. The first PC I paid for came with Win ME, ohh I got it home quick smart and installed Win 2k on it.

Ahh that day the Gods smiled upon me... well not ME

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News Comments > id Leaves the ESA
5. ESA not ESRB May 23, 2008, 20:31 RenownWolf
I think you guys are quite confused as to which one you're talking about ESRB is the ratings board, the ESA is just a industry group, which also runs E3 which also due to it messing up E3 (moving it away and then back to LA) and put up it's fees insanely high.

It has nothing to do with being legislated by the american congress. Amd without the ESA to lobby the government their is also the EFF who prove themselves as a worthy alternative.

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News Comments > Valve on PC Gaming
17. yeah.. ion storm May 23, 2008, 08:47 RenownWolf
gizmostuff I was arguing that their little company was similar to Ion Storm by calling it Ion Storm 2.0. Big mouth, lots of money, sub par game etc...

To those who have studied economics just look at the teachings and take note of free markets and you'll know that it's just another part of the cycle. Heck even MS is having issues, but then again I see Vista as Windows ME. hehe.

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News Comments > Valve on PC Gaming
13. Just a repeat... May 23, 2008, 05:40 RenownWolf
Back when arcades were doing great things came the consoles... then years later came the big console market crash where crappy games were made... Eventually people decided to stuff i t and stop paying for shitty games. The 80's video game crash was born.

Fast forward a few years and PC gaming is top of the crop for hardcore gaming and the Nintendo Entertainment System is king of the console world, then comes Genisis and finally the Playstation. Slowly we are moving towards yet another crash as games cost more to make, yet are of worse quality, just to appeal to the masses (E.T. vs Current Movie licensed games).

Heck look at the American economy it crashed back then, and hit a peak... now it has crashed again. It's just cycles, funnily people still don't learn from their mistakes without such events taking place (better yet learn from the mistakes of the past, wars, economics etc...) So we are here again watching as a few good games come and shitty ones coming out faster then they sell.

We even had a Ion Storm 2.0 (Hellgate london imo, big guys from highly respected company go out on their own, talk it up and it goes ass up). I'm not saying it was excatly the same, but very similar.

Also "American developers do not because gaming is more mainstream in the U.S. than in Europe." what a ignorant thing to say. I'm not usually one to say negative things about Americans (grew up with them) but that is so full of crap and self concided. Europeans love their games and their market is larger then yours (go check the population difference). Also their economy isn't gone to all hell.

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