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News Comments > On BioShock 2 Vita-Chambers and Backtracking
9. Re: On BioShock 2 Vita-Chambers and Backtracking Jan 13, 2010, 13:48 elefunk
Yes, in Bioshock it was possible to return to almost every previous level even from the very end of the game. A nice technical feature that could be used for bragging rights, but totally useless and inconsequential from an actual gameplay standpoint. Not to mention the fact that it was annoying to do so, since you'd get a 20-30+ second load between every level.

The fact that people are actually attacking 2K for the removal of this feature that their research showed people barely ever used, and that most people even on this site probably barely ever used, despite the fact that it's an incredibly complex feature to implement, which inherently takes away the quality of other features in the game, is absolutely mindboggling.
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News Comments > On BioShock 2 Vita-Chambers and Backtracking
6. Re: On BioShock 2 Vita-Chambers and Backtracking Jan 13, 2010, 13:35 elefunk
Jesus christ people, this has nothing to do with technical limitations of the hardware, otherwise Bioshock wouldn't have done it.

Some of you guys have no concept of the difficulty actually required in creating a game. Enabling backtracking requires a ridiculous amount of level design and technical work to implement, without much benefit.

"Nothing wrong with backtracking", you say? Bullshit. Backtracking, as 2K reasonably explains, was barely ever actually used by people playing the game, yet was immensely expensive to implement because of the level design, gameplay, scripting, and other considerations.

I'd much rather them focus on improving the game in other areas that actually affect things people actually do then spend all this time and effort implementing something that their own research shows people barely ever used.
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News Comments > StarCraft II Protoss "Mini-Campaign"
81. Re: StarCraft II Protoss Jan 9, 2010, 12:38 elefunk
Just look at the Gamestop listings for both SCII and Diablo 3 for a prime example of ol Bobby and Activision's influence going forward. MW2? 59.99, Diablo 3 and SCII? You guessed it 59.99.
Uh....Blizzard released new games at $60 long before Activision ever purchased them. World of Warcraft was $60 on release, and I think either Diablo 2 or Starcraft was too.

Even if Diablo II released for $50 back in 2000, that's $62 in 2010 money anyway.

This comment was edited on Jan 9, 2010, 22:15.
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News Comments > StarCraft II Protoss "Mini-Campaign"
49. Re: StarCraft II Jan 3, 2010, 12:12 elefunk
So let me get this straight. All the animations, graphics, sounds, and most of the coding of the game is done with the first release. However to milk money from all the hardcore fans they will charge them full price for what amounts to campaign scripts?

Sure, let the suckers pay
For "getting it straight", you sure are making up all kinds of bullshit with absolutely nothing to back it up.

Yeah, let's conveniently ignore the fact that every new campaign requires tons of FMV to go with it - and Blizzard is still at the top. Then there is copious amounts of voiceworks to span an entire 30-mission campaign. Then there are all the custom animations, custom units, brand new units for each side, and more.

And what gives you the idea that they'll re-use all the graphics for each campaign? Are you kidding me? Protoss and Zerg are so drastically different from the Terran in every way, yet you don't think Blizzard will be developing any new custom assets, environments, home bases between missions, or anything else of the sort?

This comment was edited on Jan 3, 2010, 12:16.
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News Comments > StarCraft II Protoss "Mini-Campaign"
34. Re: StarCraft II Protoss Jan 2, 2010, 23:24 elefunk
Hours and hours? Are you talking about the download or are you assuming that everybody who pirates a game actually plays it for hours and hours? If you're talking about the download, the time it takes is irrelevant because you can do other stuff while downloading. If you're talking about the game, it usually doesn't take more than hour to figure out whether or not you like a game. That's about how long a typical demo lasts too. If you can't spare an hour to try a game you may or may not like, I'm not sure what to say.
Yet I was responding to someone who said he would buy the first game, and pirate the second two out of spite because they are apparently a waste of time, money grabs, and not worthwhile games. He never said jack shit about pirating them first to see if they were good, and then buying them. Despite your constant claims to the contrary over the past many years, that mindset is incredibly rare. An extremely tiny minority will actually go out and buy a game after pirating them. You are a part of that minority, supposedly, but the person I was actually responding to is not. He is a disgusting pirate who cares jack shit about actual quality, only feeling entitled to anything and everything regardless of quality.

Interesting how that works, context and all.
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News Comments > StarCraft II Protoss "Mini-Campaign"
30. Re: StarCraft II Protoss Jan 2, 2010, 20:58 elefunk
If pirating something gives it value, it must be the most minimal value one can attribute to anything. It doesn't take any effort to pirate something. Just a few clicks, really. It's not like you have to sit there and monitor the download progress. You aren't really investing anything into downloading something for free.

Truth is, people are cheap. The cheaper something is, the more likely they are to take it, even if they aren't all that interested in it. Look at the Steam sales or impulse buys in general. A lot of people buy stuff simply because it's cheap and convenient to do so. Piracy is about as cheap and convenient as it gets.
Maybe your time is worthless, but mine certainly isn't. Spending hours and hours on a game that "isn't worth it" seems like quite the waste. The fact that you might spend any time with a pirated game inherently assumes an incredible entitlement complex, unless you're so hopeless that your time is literally not worth anything.
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News Comments > StarCraft II Protoss "Mini-Campaign"
16. Re: StarCraft II Protoss Jan 2, 2010, 16:35 elefunk
My biggest concern since the announcement of 3 separate campaigns has always been that one of the major charms of the original is how brilliantly the original interwove the 3 races' stories and deftly kept things constantly fresh at the same time. With just one race per release, that is lost. I personally think it's a big mistake, but we'll see. Some time before the apocalypse I hope, given Blizzard's track record for game releases.
Yet despite having only one race per game, Dawn of War II certainly kept interesting. And all the missions they've shown off for Starcraft II so far look much more interesting than anything in the original Starcraft.

Starcraft's missions were all so cookie-cutter, that it needed the story behind the 3 races to keep interesting. Why do you automatically assume that Blizzard won't be able to handle making an interesting game with just one race?

Besides, you guys remember that you're replying to a comments thread about a news article, right? A news article which, *gasp* explains one of the ways they'll keep it interesting and varied throughout - including mini-campaigns for the other races inside of the main campaign. Who's to say they won't be doing other stuff like this too?

For all the accolades Blizzard gets for making amazing, long-lasting, and timeless games, you people certainly don't give them the slightest benefit of the doubt that they'll succeed in different circumstances.
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News Comments > StarCraft II Protoss "Mini-Campaign"
14. Re: StarCraft II Protoss Jan 2, 2010, 16:30 elefunk
And if you honestly believe that, I've a bridge to sell you real cheap. Personally I don't support piracy period, so I'm right with you on that part of your post. But seeing this whole situation for anything other than the cash grab it is by Activision is nieve at best.
What is so complicated about this? Why do I need to stretch to believe this? Blizzard has never made a game I've been disappointed in, why the hell would I assume that to be the case right now?

What "other situation"??

There's no fucking situation here. Blizzard said they're doing something. What they say they're doing sounds fucking awesome - 3 completely awesome, separate, entirely unique, entirely substantial games.

If they're awesome, great, I'll buy them.

If they suck and it's a cash grab, whooptie-doo, I won't buy them. I certainly won't pirate them and waste my time playing them either.

"I'll buy the first and pirate the other two" says one thing, and one thing alone - "I'm a jaded piece of shit, I'm entitled to play everything, I'm entitled to pay absolutely nothing despite the game's possible quality. I don't care how good these games are in the end, I just know that they're not doing exactly what I want them to do, so fuck them and I'll steal their shit just to prove a baseless point to them"

So much meaningless controversy. Did Blizzard kill your dog or something? Why must such rash decisions be made years ahead of time when you still know absolutely nothing about the games outside of what Blizzard has said so far?

This comment was edited on Jan 2, 2010, 16:31.
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News Comments > StarCraft II Protoss "Mini-Campaign"
9. Re: StarCraft II Protoss Jan 2, 2010, 16:10 elefunk
Sounds like they're still planning on releasing the same game in 3 parts and charging full price each time. I think I'll buy it once and pirate it the next two times. In fact, no one should buy this game more than once, it will only encourage their bullshit.
You're are a disgusting piece of shit that represents everything wrong with PC gaming fans.

Blizzard is making 3 complete single-player games. What don't you understand about that? Dawn of War II had a single campaign for a single race. It was a fucking phenomenal game. Same goes for tons of other RTSs, both in the last couple years, and from more than a decade ago.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Blizzard is promising to release three complete campaigns. Every single campaign will be far more varied, far more interesting, and far more entertaining than all of the original Starcraft put together.

If, when the games come out, they prove to be disappointing - then don't fucking buy them. Don't fucking pirate them.

By pirating the game, you are inherently giving value to it by saying "this is worth spending my time to play it". If you genuinely think it's a rip-off, if you genuinely think it's not worth the money, then man up, put your tiny ballsack where your mouth is, and don't play it. It's a waste of time, right? It's a rip-off, right? Then why are you wasting the time to pirate it in order to play it?

By deciding now, "I'll buy one and pirate the two others", that says nothing but "I'm a completely entitled asshole who thinks I deserve to play everything, but not actually pay for it, and I simply don't give a shit if the products they release are actually worth the price they're charging or not".

This comment was edited on Jan 2, 2010, 16:13.
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News Comments > Steam Torchlight Patched
6. Re: Steam Torchlight Patched Dec 18, 2009, 20:14 elefunk
I feel the worst for people who jumped on Direct2Drive's holiday sale for today  
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News Comments > No Shattered Horizon Engine Licensing
4. Re: No Shattered Horizon Engine Licensing Dec 14, 2009, 22:11 elefunk
I fail to understand why you think that XP support would have actually drastically increased sales of this game by any more than what they're at now. 3D Mark isn't trying to pretend the game needed DX10 to do what they wanted to do, they're coming right out and saying it - it's extremely easier to develop DX10-exclusive, and their lost sales are probably easily made up for by a drastically smaller development and QA budget.

If the game failed - and that's a big if, no one knows their sales but them, and they could always reinvigorate it with a second marketing wave next year - it failed for many other reasons other than the fact it was DX10-only.

Shattered Horizon is a game for enthusiasts. Enthusiasts with great graphics hardware. Enthusiasts like that have been moving to Windows 7 in spades for the last couple of months - the Steam hardware survey shows that. DX10-capable systems are almost at 50% by now. And if you narrowed that down to the percentage of enthusiasts - the target audience for this game - who have DX10-capable systems, it's probably well into the majority.
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News Comments > Left 4 Dead 2 Add-on Announced
6. Re: Left 4 Dead 2 Add-on Dec 14, 2009, 15:30 elefunk
"Pricing to be announced closer to launch" = "we want 360 gamers to have less time to be pissed about the fact that they have to pay for this while PC gamers don't"

They did the same thing with Crash Course.
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News Comments > Dead Space 2 Multiplayer?
2. Re: Dead Space 2 Multiplayer? Dec 7, 2009, 16:23 elefunk
If done well, why not? As long as it doesn't take away from the single-player, I have no qualms with this.

EA released numbers showing that the game sold 1.5 million copies, but 3 million people had played it (on console, not PC). That's not due to piracy, but because of used game sales and rentals. If they can entice those people to purchase new instead of renting/selling it/buying used because of multiplayer, there's reall no reason for them not to.
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News Comments > Threewave Layoffs
3. Re: Threewave Layoffs Dec 5, 2009, 16:02 elefunk
Honestly, while they pioneered CTF in FPSs, what have they done since? A studio doesn't earn its right to survive by its initial roots, and looking at their accomplishments since then isn't all that impressive:
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News Comments > Left 4 Dead 2 Patched
13. Re: Left 4 Dead 2 Patched Nov 22, 2009, 02:01 elefunk
hah wow I had that shoot-tank-stutter issue and thought that it was some extremely rare thing that I would be forever stuck with. Pleasant surprise seeing that at the top of the fixes list!  
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News Comments > Valve Working on "Stuff"
16. Re: Valve Working on Nov 12, 2009, 17:24 elefunk
By doing that, they are implicitly admitting that episodic gaming is a failure. Not that everyone with a little bit of skepticism could have seen that one coming a mile away.

Imho, episodic gaming only has a chance if seperate teams work on their own episodic content (levels/scripts/etc), and major engine development is frozen
Considering that Valve has stated on numerous occasions over the last year that "episodic" was obviously the wrong way to go about naming this series, it's curious why so many people continually attack them at every announcement as if Valve is still oblivious to that fact.

Episode One was a fantastic 5 hour shooter, and Episode Two was a fantastic 7-hour shooter. Episode 2 was one of the best shooters I've ever played, hands-down, and it came in a package with one of the best puzzle games I've ever played, and with what's continually proven to be one of the best multiplayer shooters with the most robust support ever created.

Isn't that all that matters? That the games are awesome? And that they all came out within a 2-3 year window of each other? Who the hell cares so much about a freaking naming convention that they have to go and call it a "failure" at every opportunity?
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News Comments > Valve Working on "Stuff"
9. Re: Valve Working on Nov 12, 2009, 15:56 elefunk
I doubt it will be a brand new engine since Source has proven to be so scalable....but I sure as hell wouldn't mind some full level streaming.

Episode 3 in the best case for me would be a complete lack of 15 second "LOADING" screens every 10 minutes.
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News Comments > Valve Working on "Stuff"
6. Re: Valve Working on Nov 12, 2009, 14:09 elefunk
Gabe Newell said in a recent interview that no one at Valve wants to go to work on a "Left 4 Dead 3" any time soon. This is opposed to how *everyone* wanted to work on Left 4 Dead right after the release of the first game:

There won't be a L4D3, at least not for years.

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News Comments > Diablo III After 2010?
5. Re: Diablo III After 2010 Nov 12, 2009, 13:49 elefunk
I'm surprised that anyone actually expected Diablo III to come out next year. Blizzard has said time after time that Starcraft II would be coming first, and the beta for that game isn't even coming out till next year.  
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News Comments > New FRAPS Adds Win7 Support
2. Re: New FRAPS Adds Win7 Support Nov 7, 2009, 14:45 elefunk
Launches perfectly fine for me in Win7 Home 64-bit. Though it also doesn't minimize to the tray.  
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