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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: M$ Nov 6, 2007, 23:45 Homoludens
No more bold than Sony claiming the PS3 - IN ITS ORIGINAL LAUNCH STATE - to have a 10 year lifespan.

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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
3. Re: TF2 patch Oct 16, 2007, 23:06 Homoludens
I can definitely vouch for TF2. You MUST think, and constantly, along with your teammates to win the round, and to have a great time with the game. This is NOT an every-man-for-himself fragfest, the classes are unique enough that there needs to be a representative of each one in each team. And then after that each team must be beautifully coordinated and interdependent to have a chance at winning.

@Tumbler: "it would have been much cooler to have each class come with some grenades or something that makes them a bit more special."

If you think that then you have failed to understand the idea behind TF2.

This comment was edited on Oct 16, 23:08.
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News Comments > Morning Previews
1. Alone in the Dark Sep 24, 2007, 20:53 Homoludens
_ And yet there is STILL NO WORD on the gameplay itself. Jeezus Cripeys, Infogrames and Atari! The game has been in development for this long and no word on how it will play? WTF. LOL!

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
2. Re: No subject Sep 21, 2007, 03:24 Homoludens
Why are you complaining? There are TONS of games without any kind of story and you're bitching about one game with a story?

Personally I love having meaningful reasons for my actions in games. I loved Bioshock's story and a concept.

Go play Tetris if that's what you're looking for.

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News Comments > Friday Game Reviews
7. Re: Bio suck Sep 1, 2007, 00:43 Homoludens
@Bone43: "Maybe its cause Im such a huge fan of System Shock that this game just didnt do it for me?"

Hey, if you wanted System Shock then GO PLAY SYSTEM SHOCK! Leave Bioshock to the rest of us who can TRULY appreciate it. In other words, I'm sorry it couldn't EVER meet your insanely high standards. :-\

This comment was edited on Sep 1, 00:46.
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
1. No subject Aug 12, 2007, 17:06 Homoludens
You would think 3DR would focus all their energies on trying to port Duke Nukem [Taking] Forever to very, very, very latest engine instead of trying to milk past cows.

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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
5. Re: For the love of God... Jul 17, 2007, 01:15 Homoludens
And the PS2 sold three times as many units as the 360 in Japan in June.

It seems pretty lame for Moore to be gloating (or whatever he was doing) about Sony failing when his system can't even muster half of what Sony's LAST system is still doing.

But isn't your statement rather skewed? After all, sales of the PS2 didn't skyrocket until after its price went down (at least twice), and a few years after it debuted, thus establishing its reputation as the must-have console. Also factor in that it had virtually no competition for a long time, and that 3rd party developers invested in it for that reason, thus they focused their energy on learning the nuances of the hardware to better exploit.

The Xbox 360 has been out for only about 2 years. So doesn't it seem awkward to compare its track record to that of a previous console that had the advantage of 7 years to accumulate that many sales, that big a library of games, and that luxury of being just about the only enriched console out there for a while?

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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
7. Re: Cant wait for Mass Jul 16, 2007, 00:47 Homoludens
I suspect that Mass Effect will pretty much be the same as every other Bioware RPG. Linear, story-driven, party-based. From what I've read, Mass Effect will be more open-ended than Bioware's previous games but that isn't saying much.

I would imagine it would be in the signature Bioware formula. But I also imagine it'll branch out from that formula in new ways. Which is a very good thing, I think. I admire and appreciate the craftsmanship of their titles.

As for Bioshock, while I'm looking forward to it, I wouldn't call it a successor to Bioshock. The game is clearly being designed as a console game, meaning that it won't have the depth of SS2.

I think Bioshock to be a spiritual successor. And also, I stress that it may not have the depth of SS2, but it could very well have a depth all its own. In which case, it may not be so fair to force the SS2 criteria unto Bioshock, especially if Bioshock sets its own benchmark...and its own criteria.

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News Comments > Sunday Previews
20. Re: Read Game Informer Jul 1, 2007, 16:03 Homoludens
If you seriously think a fanbase is out of line for asking a sequel to be in the same genre as it's predecessor, then it is clear that there is no further reason to talk with you about this.

Thanks! Saved me further trouble.

Anyway, this game has my interest piqued. Let's see how it turns out.

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News Comments > Sunday Previews
17. Re: Read Game Informer Jul 1, 2007, 15:44 Homoludens
No more extreme than turning a turn-based traditional RPG into a first person shooter.

You mean Shadowrun? Wasn't that the point? That it was decided to be a FPS with elements from the RPG, but a FPS nonetheless?

Bethesda seems to think that what made Fallout great was it's atmosphere, story and setting; gameplay, in their opinion, was completely irrelevant to making Fallout a great game. Their Fallout 3 reflects that belief: they have completely jettisoned the gameplay that existed in the first two while keeping the setting. From what they've released so far it sounds like even their vision of the "Fallout Atmosphere" consists solely of taking a generic post-apocalypse setting, slapping on some anachronistic '50s iconography where it doesn't fit and then mixing in some toilet humor for good measure (you drink from toilets and eat corpses for christ's sake).

Well the, Bethesda thinks differently from you. What will you do now? You can just not buy it and move on.

Would you be interested if it meant that you never saw another Deus Ex sequel because a FPS-RPG hybrid is "so outdated" and racing represents the new direction of the Deus Ex franchise?

I would be interested if it were a damn good racing game. As for a DX sequel, well if they made another one I would wait to sample or play it and judge ultimately on its own merits, not on my draconian fantasies of how closely it's 'supposed' to be like the original. I'd rather not make unreasonable - and unrealistic - demands, on the developers.

I wouldn't, and that's why I'm upset about Fallout 3. Even if Fallout 3, like Deus Ex Street Racer, turns out to be an outstanding game it won't play anything like the games I fell in love with to begin with.

See what I mean? You've already passed judgment on a game that won't be out for another year and a half. No matter how good it may be it will never, ever be accepted by you. So in that case you're better off playing the original over and over.

I didn't realize asking a sequel to be in the same genre as it's predecessor was asking "TOO MUCH".

Yes, it is. And it's a pretty rampant psychology amongst many fans in various genres. FPS, RPGs, RTSs, adventure games, I've seen it in all of them.

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News Comments > Sunday Previews
11. Re: Read Game Informer Jul 1, 2007, 15:07 Homoludens
I played the first Deus Ex and it's easily in the top five best games I've ever experienced. I wasn't able to play Deus Ex: Invisible War because I was no longer interested in stressing out over whether my PC could run it (I've since switched to laptop for writing work, etc., not gaming), but I did get to play the demo.

Your example of a Deus Ex sequel being a racing game is silly as it's going for the extreme. But even if it did happen I'd probably be interested IF it was a damn good racing game.

Thing is, comparing a sequel TOO MUCH to the original, IMO, places far too much pressure on the sequel to, in effect, be the 'be all, end all' of a series. On some levels I think it's unfair to the point where no matter how the sequel may stay true here and/or diverge there, it will never be accepted by the fans. If the sequel, however, is well made and good, it should attract NEW FANS (perhaps at the expense of the old fans).

So if you already hate Fallout 3 (which in itself is already unfair), or wait when it comes out and play it and hate it anyway, just move on.

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News Comments > Sunday Previews
8. Re: Read Game Informer Jul 1, 2007, 14:48 Homoludens
I myself have never played any Fallout game and look forward to this one based on what I know so far.

But it seems like many fans are placing a nearly unbearable amount of pressure on Bethesda. It's almost as if they want Fallout 3 to be absolutely a carbon copy of the first Fallout - i.e., no changes whatsoever, period (with the exception of up-to-date graphics).

I feel kinda badly for Bethesda (or even the original team if they were working on this), as no matter what they do they'll never, ever satisfy the fans.

And this psychology seems typical across the board in gamedom. I find it also amongst FPS and adventure game fans.

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News Comments > Sunday Previews
3. Re: IGN preview Jul 1, 2007, 11:10 Homoludens
So if you enter one of these scaled areas and find it too difficult, you can come back after you've gained a few levels and have a better chance of taking on the challenge.

Doesn't that explain it?

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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
13. Re: Meh Jun 30, 2007, 00:54 Homoludens
The Wii doesn't interest me at all at this time.

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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
11. Re: Meh Jun 30, 2007, 00:15 Homoludens
" I see the Xbox 360, I see a fun game console that's overpriced and has an absolutely horrendous amount of hardware failures. "

Seeing all the craze over the iPhone makes me wonder, what ISN'T overpriced these days?

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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
1. PS3 Has Become 'Whipping Boy' for Press Jun 29, 2007, 21:15 Homoludens
All I can say is, you reap what you sow, Sony. You reap what you sow.

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News Comments > Op Ed
4. Re: No subject Jun 25, 2007, 04:28 Homoludens
The fundamental concept, design, and aesthetics of adventure games have by and large remained the same for the past 10+ years, really. I think that's one huge reason why there have very, very few adventures that turned people's heads. Add to that the fact that even 'traditional' adventure games for the most part rarely bother to improve and refine the dogmatic formulas, so what we get are derivative drivels, wannabes of past great adventure games.

But I don't think it's a matter of episodic formats as a way to innovate, much less improve, adventure games. If anything, it gives developers an excuse to keep giving us the same unoriginal derivative drivel, but more frequently, unfortunately.

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