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News Comments > etc.
32. Re: etc. Apr 27, 2015, 00:09 Aero
ASeven wrote on Apr 26, 2015, 16:15:
Aero wrote on Apr 26, 2015, 14:13:
...but the sense of entitlement...

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Ah, of course. In your case, I should have said "god given inalienable right to other people's free labor." My mistake.
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News Comments > etc.
30. Re: etc. Apr 26, 2015, 14:13 Aero
Though there are some greedy people involved for sure, I find it very depressing that people asking to be paid for the work they put into a project are being called "greedy." That is seriously backwards.

The 75% commission is greedy, though. I also see difficulties in actually making it work. The ideal should be the third party addon scene for flight sims like FSX and DCS World. The opposite would be like a smartphone app store.

In short, I don't know that it's being handled well on Valve's end, but the sense of entitlement that colors a lot of the argument is appalling (though I wouldn't agree it's a generational thing at its heart).
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News Comments > etc.
20. Re: etc. Apr 26, 2015, 10:29 Aero
I find lots of the uproar disappointing. Valve could be handling it better, but mostly what I hear (more elsewhere than here) is moaning from people who seem to feel entitled to other's peoples work. If modders want to give away stuff for free, that's great, if they want to sell their work, that's great too.

Steam isn't handling it especially well right now it seems, and there are a lot of potential pitfalls, but I think it's hopefully the start to something awesome. It's looking more like an app store right now rather than the payware FSX mod scene, but hopefully that will come.
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News Comments > IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Patch; Steam Transfers
3. Re: IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Patch; Steam Transfers Apr 24, 2015, 16:15 Aero
Yeah, the reason I was willing to pay $100 to begin with was because I've come to understand that because hardcore flight sims are a niche, it's not necessarily unreasonable to pay a premium price to support the development. But then came the unlocks (which as I understand things, can be worked around now), locking the graphics options down to high,med,low (in the alpha you could change all the settings you'd expect), rushed and inconsequential SP "campaign," and poor if non-existent support for third party mods and campaigns. Also, the developers can be self righteous pricks.

Don't get me wrong, there's lots of good stuff in there and good potential that it may well one day be the sim it should have been, but that's a long ways off.

I just can't recommend it at the price they're asking. If you want a more casual experience, Warthunder has you covered. If you want a more serious experience, COD+TFmod has you covered. There is no benchmark WW2 sim at the moment, but I have trouble seeing BOS ever stepping up to that role. Despite its setbacks on the WW2 front, it may be DCS World that ultimately provides that, but that is surely a long ways off.
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News Comments > IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Patch; Steam Transfers
1. Re: IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Patch; Steam Transfers Apr 24, 2015, 13:28 Aero
Meh. BOS isn't as bad as a lot of people would make it out to be, but I definitely couldn't bring myself to recommend it to anyone at the price point they are asking. I think I paid about $100 for the alpha way back when it seemed like it was going to, at worst, be ROF with WW2 aircraft (which is all I wanted and would have been brilliant), but gradually it became clear they were going for the more casual audience (but in a maddeningly superficial way), making the price sort of insulting. It does do some things quite well, but it gets as many things wrong as it does right and they're typically of the infuriating 'why would you design it that way?!?' variety.

If they knocked the "deluxe" edition's price from $90 down to $50, and made the regular edition $30, I'd say go for it. It has a few strong points and decent fundamentals, but just as many arbitrary weaknesses and an obstinate and capricious development lead that doesn't at all inspire confidence in the future.

Also, if you don't have a WW2 flight sim and want one, you're much better off buying Cliffs of Dover for $5 or whatever it is now and applying the Team Fusion patches (with another big one coming in any day now). That has its own problems (mainly AI), but is hands down the superior product compared to BOS as it stands.
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News Comments > Elite: Dangerous Powerplay Update Next Month
17. Re: Elite: Dangerous Powerplay Update Next Month Apr 24, 2015, 13:13 Aero
IMO, you don't actually want a big chunky flight sim HOTAS to play ED--in particular the sticks, which are designed for the smooth, considered inputs that an aircraft demands. Even though from my flight simming, I own lots of fancy sim gear, ultimately I decided the best control setup was an X-65 throttle and a cheapo Logitech stick. I'd probably recommend a Thrustmaster HOTAS-X ot T16000 to a new user ($50 or so) rather than anything more expensive, and definitely over the Saitek sticks.

All that said, ED is definitely and unfortunately limited in content. I still enjoy it, but I've found it's best enjoyed in limited doses. I go on an ED binge for a few hours a weekend every couple of weeks or so, and that seems to be a good balance. As I've said before, I don't think it will actually be the full Elite experience I want until all of the expansion packs have been released, which is still probably a good two or so years or so in the future.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront Date Announced
3. Re: Star Wars Battlefront Announced Apr 17, 2015, 17:29 Aero
If the SP/coop description implies bots, that's way better than a BF3/BF4 style single player campaign.  
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News Comments > Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to be Steamy
22. Re: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to be Steamy Apr 10, 2015, 17:42 Aero
Since they've had it working well (for a while), I think Steam has been excellent. You have to remember that online DRM was going in a bad way with Starforce crap, limited activations, locking to machine configurations, constantly phoning home to re-authorize and such. Of course, I don't like any DRM, but Steam isn't all take like things looked to be heading, it uses the online nature to give too. It keeps my game library organized and updated automatically, keeps your save games and data in the cloud, and so on. If I rebuilt and re-installed, I'd just have to install Steam, login, select the games I wanted to install from my list and let it do its thing (even mods for things that support Workshop). It does a relatively good job as a vendor as well.

It's not that I approve of any DRM, especially online DRM, but if it was going to happen, Steam made it happen the way it should happen. It's not that it's the ideal situation for PC gaming, but things could have been so much worse.

ed: Oh, and the only really serious loss is resale. I should be able to transfer my games. If Steam let me sell, give away or lend my games, I'd go so far as to say despite the DRM, Steam is a net benefit. Even if it didn't necessarily facilitate sales, but just let me transfer a game from my library to someone elses's, that would be enough. Of course, that won't happen, but that's the one thing it could and should do with its setup that it doesn't.

This comment was edited on Apr 10, 2015, 17:54.
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News Comments > EFF vs ESA on DMCA for Abandoned Games
10. Re: EFF vs ESA on DMCA for Abandoned Games Apr 9, 2015, 18:10 Aero
Way back when some folks and I were looking into renting a BF3 server (with considerable distaste), it seemed as though there were a considerable number of providers offering the service. Could be they were nearly all just resellers, but with the apparent proliferation I'm kind of surprised pirate or hacking groups haven't been able to get their hands on the server code. Of course I have no idea how that works, but if it has its own DRM, that could probably be cracked like everything else.

I don't condone that sort of activity normally, but I can't say as I'd feel much sympathy for EA and other companies keeping game servers to themselves for entirely anti-consumer based reasons.
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News Comments > Star Control Reboot FAQ
15. Re: Star Control Reboot FAQ Apr 8, 2015, 18:13 Aero
It's my understanding that Toys for Bob have long expressed an interest in doing a Starcon sequel but because of their other commitments and funding it wasn't likely to happen. Frankly, I'd rather that dim possibility continue to exist than this imitation be made. Starcon 3 was a traumatic event in my video gaming life. I'd hate for that to happen again but at least now I'm more informed.

Frontier wanted to do Elite 4 forever too but similarly couldn't justify it until crowdfunding came along and they made it work. Sure, it's not quite the same situation, but at least there is a small chance.

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News Comments > Game Reviews
2. Re: Game Reviews Apr 6, 2015, 15:30 Aero
I've enjoyed it for what it was even in beta, but I feel that it won't truly be finished until the expansions are done, which is probably a couple years down the road. I'm sure lots of other little features will be added and refinements made during that time as well and it will ultimately be incredible. Right now, I go on an ED binge every couple weeks or so and have lots of fun but tire of it after I've put in another five or six hours. Still, it says a lot that after a two week break when I come back it's as if it's all fresh again. I also think there's a part of me that is consciously not burning myself out on it in anticipation of a deeper experience down the line. That experience has improved a lot since 1.2 with combat being more lucrative. That means you don't have to grind anymore. You can just explore the galaxy getting into trouble, and make enough along the way to easily keep yourself in ammo, repairs and upgrades.  
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News Comments > Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Pricing & Specs
12. Re: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Pricing & Specs Mar 28, 2015, 17:08 Aero
Yeah, looked at that way it is pretty disappointing. If you bought it from Steam, you might try complaining. I don't know if it will get you anywhere, but it's worth a shot.

It always sucks when you buy something then the price drops significantly a few days later.
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News Comments > Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Pricing & Specs
3. Re: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Pricing & Specs Mar 28, 2015, 10:49 Aero
Yeah, too much money. I'd maybe pay $10 for it on the high end. Especially since it hasn't been out all that long and is far from being a technical masterpiece.

I suppose, on the other hand, since it will probably be about a year from now that I want to replay it, it will hopefully be about that or less by then.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
5. Re: etc., etc. Mar 28, 2015, 09:39 Aero
Yeah, me too. Seems like adblock might be doing it's thing, but it's been a long time since I remember adblock working on these sorts of video sites.

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News Comments > F1 2015 in June
1. Re: F1 2015 in June Mar 26, 2015, 19:23 Aero
I understand this is supposed to be the most significant update since the series started. I didn't bother with 2014 but 2013 was okay for what it was.  
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News Comments > GOG.Com on Customer Service
11. Re: GOG.Com on Customer Service Mar 25, 2015, 20:35 Aero
Using it as a rental service seems like an odd thing to do given you could just pirate games outright for about the same amount of effort and without having anyone hold on to your money in the mean time. I'm sure it would be done, but not by many people.  
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
3. Re: Evening Tech Bits Mar 24, 2015, 20:55 Aero
Yeah, that seems like a lot. I think even if you counted all the time at work, in the car or on the phone as 'on a gadget' and only cared about weekdays, I'd *maybe* average eleven hours a day, but only just. I don't see how that could be right.

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News Comments > Dying Light Mod Tools Closed Beta
3. Re: Dying Light Mod Tools Closed Beta Mar 20, 2015, 22:06 Aero
True, it would be a waste of one of its strengths. It does go to show how well they did with it that I can imagine it in so many scenarios, though. Something like a remake of Tenchu would be pretty freaking cool.

I remember thinking someone was doing a dungeon crawler using the engine, but I think last I heard there were issues with development and the name escapes me at the moment. I'm more interested in that now, though, than when I was basing my expectations on Dead Island (which did melee reasonably well too).
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News Comments > Dying Light Mod Tools Closed Beta
1. Re: Dying Light Mod Tools Closed Beta Mar 20, 2015, 21:12 Aero
I keep thinking about interesting things that could be done with that engine that don't involve zombies. Strange as it sounds, I believe it could make a really good foundation for a semi-realistic tactical shooter. With the right level design and tweaking of the free-running mechanics, you could do really interesting things with the heist theme that's been popular lately among other things.

I'm imagining cool scenarios sneaking into a bank or enemy base or whatever with climbing and rappelling and zip-lines and stuff, smoothly transitioning to a stealth-oriented tactical shooter style entry sequence to grab the mcguffin, and then a fast-paced running gunfight escape through alleys and across rooftops to the other side of the map. Or, that could be switched around in different ways with a loud frontal attack to get the mcguffin, then a stealthy melting away into the crowd escape, or taking AI hostages to use as human shields or all sorts of things.

Okay, so that will never happen, but I really think they built an impressive game engine that's totally wasted on zombies. It even has some fairly impressive (at times) AI. They've got a really great sandbox, it's just that the toys in it are a little lame.
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News Comments > Dying Light Ultimate Survivor Bundle DLC Released
5. Re: Dying Light Ultimate Survivor Bundle DLC Released Mar 16, 2015, 22:22 Aero
Old Town is definitely better than The Slums. I think they should have forced you out of The Slums earlier somehow. Like Dead Island and Far Cry 3/4, it doesn't quite get the open world pacing right for players like me who tend to put off the main plot.

Anyways, if you haven't played it yet and plan on to, it's probably best to pick up the pace a bit until you get to Old Town and then go at whatever pace you like thereafter. I would have liked my character to have been a few levels lower when I reached Old Town. I too had already put about 40 hours into the game by that point. It was at about the 50 hour mark or so that I'd had my fill of the game play, and that would probably have been more like 60+ hours if it was divided more equally between The Slums and Old Town.

Either way, even though it's glaringly mediocre in many ways, it still easily makes my short list of best games made in the last couple years. Techland's getting their engine and fundamentals pretty tight, and I'm hoping their talent isn't wasted on zombies again for their next big effort.
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