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News Comments > Company of Heroes & Opposing Fronts Patched
7. Re: Company of Heroes & Opposing Fronts Patched Mar 30, 2009, 19:14 Aero
Six months ago or so I reinstalled my retail COH to give it another go and the entire patching process probably ended up taking at least two hours. Not only were there a gig+ of patches, but I had to install them all one after the other. It was also hard to find them all. If I remember correctly there were something like five of them that all had to be downloaded and installed separately in the correct order.

I'm never going to do it again, and it's a shame because I probably otherwise would reinstall occasionally when I get an itch for a WW2 RTS on some random weekend. It is a good one after all. Lots of explosions and stuff.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 Footage
4. Re: Mass Effect 2 Footage Mar 27, 2009, 23:10 Aero
The poor action in ME1 was a disappointment, and at least for me ultimately made it kind of a let down when I knew I was coming up on some long action sequence. Compared with Gears of War, which had more or less the same gameplay approach, it really felt clunky. I wouldn't want it to be as full on shooter like GoW, but more responsive controls and a smoother cover system would have gone a long way. The very plain, repetitive levels didn't help much either. When it comes down to it, if it weren't for the quality of the narrative it would have been a very poor game.

I'd prefer it if they could make the action gameplay a lot more fluid and just fun in general, but failing that I'd rather they just ditched it entirely. Something like VATS from Fallout would be excellent, or even just going back to the Kotor style, even though I'm not a big fan of RPGs in general.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
14. Re: Morning Consolidation Mar 16, 2009, 21:13 Aero
The peripheral thing really irks me about the Xbox360. I've been keeping my eye on the consoles, waiting for the prices to fall to a point where it's worth it to me.

I like racing sims a lot, but the pickings for good simulations on consoles are slim: Gran Tourismo on the PS3 and Forza & RACE Pro on the 360.

I understand that realism-wise Forza is the best. The trouble is that by all accounts the Microsoft steering wheel is utter garbage. Moreover, they won't license their force feedback implementation to other manufacturers, so there is no way out of getting shafted one way or the other.

The PS3 on the other hand will take a G25 which is an excellent wheel, and force feedback support isn't restricted (I understand there were some licensing catches, but that they've been sorted out by now). It also works with a PC to boot so knock $100 of the price of the PS3 because I don't have to buy another wheel as I would with the Xbox.

A good wheel really is necessary for these sorts of games, and even if Forza is more realistic than Gran Tourismo, having to use a crappy Microsoft wheel or a wheel with hobbled force feedback would pretty much wreck the experience.

Then there are the other games, and I'm told here that the Xbox360 is better in that regard. Racing sims may be my primary interest, but I like other games too, so I have to keep this in mind as well.

Really, that's what's messing it all up. I'm probably towards the extreme end of people nitpicking about peripherals, but from my perspective, each console has a very fundamental flaw--peripherals or software. Ultimately, that is putting me off all of them. It probably won't be until next Christmas that the prices of both start getting in the range where I'd pick up one or the other just for the hell of it, so we'll see how things go by then.

Maybe I ought to just buy a Wii and one of those boards for my girlfriend to dance around on.

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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
3. Re: Sunday Tech Bits Mar 15, 2009, 20:27 Aero
It's not perfect, but Netflix really is where it's at these days. I was attracted to that return-to-the-store bit about Blockbuster's service and I had a sub I got as a gift, but given that the turn around with Netflix most of the time is one day, two at most (unless its something obscure), driving to the store just wasn't worth it. Since I already had the Netflix account, I stopped using Blockbuster long before my sub even ran out.

Netflix instant view started off as sort of a gimmick, but lately its been getting pretty impressive. There actually is a lot of really good stuff on there now, not just the second rate collection it started off as. That alone is probably worth the $12 a month for me given how often I use it.
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News Comments > BF Heroes Server Beta Key Deal
9. Re: BF Heroes Server Beta Key Deal Mar 15, 2009, 00:39 Aero
The owning a server thing doesn't strike me as being all that useful, "king of the castle" and all that. Because of the whole 'casual' angle, I don't see enough clans/groups interested enough to invest in a server. Probably their best bet would be to let the server owner show an ad between rounds. Then we might see companies (say, Logitech, etc.), investing in some servers.

I got a beta key a few days ago. It's alright I guess. I have fun playing it. The simplicity is nice in its way. It does feel repetitive though. I've only put two or three hours in and I'm already getting a little bored. I can definitely see myself loading it up for a half-hour here and there though.

I'll be interested to see how it goes. I'm not at all opposed to the model. I'm perfectly happy to look at some ads or whatever if the game itself is otherwise free to play.
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News Comments > Utah's Game Bill Rolls On
8. Re: Utah's Game Bill Rolls On Mar 13, 2009, 16:54 Aero
Everyone I ever knew who grew up in Utah said the only two things to do out there, especially in SLC, is to do drugs and screw like bunnies.

Well, at least it's good to know they're getting a proper upbringing then. Some things are more important to developing a young man's character than video games. This is provided they leave as soon as they have the means though. I understand the benefits wear off as you get older and your resistance to assimilation wears down.
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News Comments > Pirate Galaxy Open Beta
8. Re: Pirate Galaxy Open Beta Mar 12, 2009, 14:21 Aero
I might try it if for no other reason that it would be awesome if it was good. I don't really need fancy graphics. The screenshots look decent enough to me. It looks like a pretty low rent operation in general though. I'll at least keep an eye on it. I'd be more inclined to checking it out if it had trading and that sort of stuff space-sim stuff.

Just a browser based MMO version of Freelancer would be awesome. Someone ought to do that. Even without making all that many changes it would be a pretty good candidate. It's light on resources, already works reasonably well with almost a couple hundred players on a desktop server and a cable internet connection, and it has pretty simple pick-up-and-play type gameplay. The mechanics and player management would need work, but it's not so far out there.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Grey's Anatomy
4. Re: Ships Ahoy - Grey's Anatomy Mar 12, 2009, 14:05 Aero
Life & Death was kind of a fun game. I can maybe see the appeal of the surgery parts, at least for some people. I bet with modern hardware they could do a pretty cool surgery simulator game. I wouldn't want to play it, but I bet it would be pretty cool

As for the rest of it, are they kidding or what? Do games like this sell? Apparently I suppose. Maybe if I liked the show I would have a different opinion.
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News Comments > Legends of Zork not an MMORPG
2. Re: Legends of Zork not an MMORPG Mar 10, 2009, 13:28 Aero
That depends. The original games were all text based adventure games (similar to MUD's), so they'd be a little hard to swallow these days. I actually had a giant floppy version of the first one when I was a kid, I forget which size, but much bigger than 5.25's, but it was a relic at that point--I'm not that old.

Return to Zork had graphics, kind of pointy and clicky like Myst or The 7th Guest, and was likewise near the beginning of the whole FMV thing, and lord knows that was sort of a dark time in computer gaming history. It was okay though I guess, at least I thought so at the time.

There were others following, I've never played any of those.

I imagine they're all going to feel pretty dated no matter which you play. They were definitely cool in their way though.
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News Comments > H.A.W.X Interview
6. Re: H.A.W.X Interview Mar 6, 2009, 08:52 Aero
What does that quote mean? What's the difference between 'expert mode' and 'assistance off?'

I haven't tried the demo, but I was looking forward to a Strike Commander-esque flight action game. This whole thing about forcing a 'cinematic' view in what is supposedly the most realistic flight model is totally backward. What's wrong with a padlock view if we need to see enemies and missiles, or at least a no-cockpit first person padlock view?

I was going to try the demo this weekend, but from what I've heard, it sounds like it isn't even worth the bandwidth. I would get no joy at all playing from a 'cinematic' view. The only hope would be if the easy flight mode is still enjoyable enough. I don't want a sim necessarily, but I want it to at least feel more or less like I'm flying an airplane.
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News Comments > Rumored DX3 Shots
3. Re: Rumored DX3 Shots Mar 3, 2009, 23:29 Aero
If they make a decent sized world, this could be okay. DX2 would have been okay but for that it felt as though it took place entirely on one block, if not one building.

There is so much potential for an amazing game here though that the disappointment if it turns out like DX2 would be too much to bare.

I'm going with Tuddies on this one. I have low to nil expectations but I would love to be proven wrong.
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News Comments > JT's Bill Passes Utah House
22. Re: JT's Bill Passes Utah House Mar 3, 2009, 18:38 Aero
American film ratings aren't legal, they're just guidelines set by a private organization.

That is the problem with this law though. The government deciding what is and is not okay for anybody to play/watch/read is bad news. It's also confused because the ratings themselves, like film ratings, are set by a private organization, so it's a corporation deciding what is or is not okay, and the government enforcing it.

To avoid this, game developers could just choose not to have their games classified. Most stores now voluntarily won't sell unrated games, but if it could get them in trouble selling rated games based on their rating, you might possibly just see that happening. Unlikely, but it's a possibility, and illustrates another reason why this law is silly.

I don't disagree with the spirit of it though. I just don't think its the government's job.
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News Comments > The Wheelman Movie
1. Re: The Wheelman Movie Mar 3, 2009, 18:22 Aero
That looks pretty disappointing IMO. I can see how it might be fun, maybe, but way too linear for an urban driving game--one big, really wide road with no side streets right through the middle of the city. It looks like it would get old. It probably would have made a really cool arcade game ten years ago though, so maybe that will be its charm.

The on-foot combat looked like a pretty weak incarnation of a third person shooter too.

Who knows though. I've only seen a few videos, they may find some ways to change it up yet. Given how impressive Riddick is, it's surprising such a mediocre looking game has his name on it.

This comment was edited on Mar 3, 2009, 18:23.
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News Comments > TF2 Cheats Disciplined
42. Re: TF2 Cheats Disciplined Feb 27, 2009, 18:32 Aero
I only bought TF2 yesterday so I don't really give a damn about achievements yet as I still can't use the default weapons for shit, but I think the rampant attempts to circumvent the achievement system is enough to suggest something isn't right.

Perhaps you will always just get that sort of thing, but to my mind, achievements should be things that encourage players to play the game as they normally would, supporting their teammates, but with more skill. It ought to be along the lines of 'steal the enemies intel X many times in Y many minutes'--something you would otherwise be doing anyways, but with the encouragement to try yet harder.

If the achievements are so ridiculously laid out that you have to abandon the spirit of the game and your teammates solely to earn some far flung achievement for yourself, it's probably just as well that people are using achievement servers or cheat apps instead of mussing up proper servers with their antics.

As has been mentioned before, make the achievements more along the lines of military decorations--something that you can flaunt that demonstrates your skill, not an entirely new gameplay element. The weapons they just ought to give you.

All the same, the third party app is definitely cheating, regardless of whether or not it gives players an advantage. The achievement servers are cheap for sure, but IMO still within the bounds of fair play, though boring, grinding, OCD-rife, fair play of course.

The bit about the stamps is genius though.

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News Comments > Terra Nova Retrospective
5. Re: Terra Nova Retrospective Feb 27, 2009, 07:18 Aero
This was an excellent game. It was pretty advanced for its time, like most of Looking Glass's games. Looking Glass is easily one of the best PC developers of all time when they were on the ball. They just had a few hiccups along the way.

It's a shame they didn't quite keep it up.
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News Comments > Chronicles of Riddick Movies
1. Re: Chronicles of Riddick Movies Feb 27, 2009, 00:39 Aero
Looks pretty cool.  
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News Comments > Game Release Dates Spreading?
13. Re: Game Release Dates Spreading? Feb 25, 2009, 22:20 Aero
I'd make a point of shooting for a May release. There usually isn't a glut of releases, but it also isn't an uncommon release target. Most importantly, it's when those tax returns show up. I know quite a few people right now planning on using their tax returns to buy a console. It's like free money--from a certain perspective anyways, one often held by the mid-twenties, male, typical gamer-types.  
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News Comments > TF2 Scout Update
1. Re: TF2 Scout Update Feb 25, 2009, 01:29 Aero
I never did get around to buying TF2. Half price huh? I guess I might have to. They're doing a pretty impressive job of supporting and updating it.  
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News Comments > QUAKE LIVE Beta Live
19. Re: QUAKE LIVE Beta Live Feb 25, 2009, 01:25 Aero
Actually, it works great now. I was in the queue at 5000. Gave up, tried again a few minutes later, was in the queue at 80. Then it only took a minute or so, downloaded the thing, had to re-queue, this time at 60, and was in the trial right away. Good stuff actually.

Now the only problem is that I can't even imagine how I used to play Q3. I used to be able to be able to land almost every plasma bolt on a target while flying through the air across the level. Now I can barely hit a stationary target while circle strafing on a flat plane.

I guess I'm just getting old maybe. It might just be too quick for me now. Maybe tomorrow on a couple cups of coffee I'll have another go. Maybe just need some practice... I don't remember that zoom thing though. Is that new?
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News Comments > QUAKE LIVE Beta Live
16. Re: QUAKE LIVE Beta Live Feb 25, 2009, 00:20 Aero
Is it always going to be like this or what? Am I going to have to spend fifteen minutes in the 'queue' whenever I want to play? That almost defeats the purpose of the whole thing. I thought the point of these web based jobs was that it's easy to just jump in and play whenever you have twenty minutes free.

I suppose it just opened though. It will probably calm down.

upd: So far it's taking about 10 minutes per thousand slots. I ought to be in in an hour then. Have mercy. I'm a patient man though.

This comment was edited on Feb 25, 2009, 00:29.
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