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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Footage
22. Re: Duke Nukem Forever Footage Oct 3, 2010, 21:40 Aero
Jerykk wrote on Oct 3, 2010, 20:54:
I'm pretty sure DNF never used the D3 engine.

As I recall, it originally was going to use it, but they switched over to the Unreal engine at some point. This was something like ten years ago though, and my my memories of that time are hazy.

This was the first sign that things were going horribly wrong with the development. (Actually, come to think of it, it might have been the *Quake* engine, and then the Unreal engine).
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
1. Re: Evening Consolidation Sep 30, 2010, 22:02 Aero
Great game. If I had a PS3 or an Xbox, I'd buy this in a second.  
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News Comments > On F1 2010 AI
7. Re: On F1 2010 AI Sep 28, 2010, 15:02 Aero
I don't buy that there is anything too fake going on in the actual race (though they do warp back to the track after spinning out into a sand trap and do some goofy things--things that are largely acceptable for them to do, but they should never do them while in the player's field of view). The AI isn't great, of course, but I can't think of any racing sim (or semi-sim) that has great AI. Virtual Grand Prix 3's AI is probably the best, but even they are a little robotic sometimes.

Mostly this whole thing seems to be a small number of people making valid criticisms and then a huge horde of trolls making a big annoying noise.

The biggest problem with the AI is their inability to navigate the tight hairpins and chicanes on many of the tracks at anything like a human pace. This is probably where the qualifying issue comes from as well.

That is a common problem in even the better racing sims. Aside from VGP3, in every single sim I can think of, you can generally pass three of four cars easily on the entry to a chicane by out braking them on the inside. A certain amount of the problem comes from the fact that this is something you would never, ever do in the real world because it's too reckless, but probably a larger amount comes from the difficulty AI have navigating around each other in tight bunches.

Overall, I'm relatively pleased with F1 2010. It has a few bugs that NEED fixing (like the lollipop man thing), and it isn't nearly as realistic in terms of physics as I would like (there doesn't seem to be any differential simulation at all... the rear wheels always lose traction at the same time), but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

I'd give it an 7.5/10 myself, mostly for bugs and somewhat disappointing performance (and not taking off points for the physics, which are the way they are by design).

I really don't see the AI being improved much in a patch, given that it is actually a very difficult thing to program. It's not buggy, it's just that CM are at the limit of their ability.
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News Comments > Formula 1 2010 Interview
1. Re: Formula 1 2010 Interview Sep 21, 2010, 23:06 Aero
Hehe... the "Geoff Brabham games."

Wrong Geoff.
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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - Evochron Mercenary & Demo
10. Re: Spaceships Ahoy - Evochron Mercenary & Demo Sep 17, 2010, 21:43 Aero
I actually like to think of it as a combination of naval combat (capital ships) and WW2 style dogfights (Star Wars style, pretty much) with fighters.

I like the X games, but for me they tend to be too large-scale economics based (factories and stuff, I prefer the lone trader approach). I also don't care for the organization of the universe as a bunch of effectively empty cubes of space between jump gates. That is where Evochron has its biggest strength IMO, in that it is one big continuous galaxy with the appropriate planetary system structure (though scaled way down, of course... planets seem to be about five miles in diameter). If you had a few years to kill, you could, for instance fly from one planet to another in another star system on just thrusters.

That said, the X Universe somehow seemed more alive to me than Evochron, though it's hard to say why. In that sense, I think Freelancer was excellent. Even though in reality it is a much, much simpler implementation, the radio chatter, being able to pick up missions from characters at bars and such, made for excellent atmosphere, even though it was all very superficial and repetitive.

I suspect you'd like Evochron, but it is a very different breed of game than X3. It's probably worth putting in the tutorial time plus the 90 minutes of gameplay you get in the demo.
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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - Evochron Mercenary & Demo
8. Re: Spaceships Ahoy - Evochron Mercenary & Demo Sep 17, 2010, 19:51 Aero
More of a single player game like Elite/Freelancer, but it does have multiplayer. You use your singleplayer character in multiplayer and the multiplayer portion is otherwise identical to the singleplayer except that other players are present in the galaxy. So, in that sense, it is rather like an MMOG, with the exception of the "massive" part. The confusion probably comes from that. There isn't really a distinction between single player and multiplayer.

So far as I know (it's been a while), there are not any "official" servers, and I don't know how many people can be on a server at once. The community based around the official message board is small but pretty tight knit though and very friendly to new players, so it works out pretty well.

The previous versions were pretty good if you are into the Elite/Freelancer style space sims. It felt a little sterile and repetitive to me when I last played (two versions ago), but it looks like things have improved quite a bit along those lines. I think I'm going to buy a copy.

My biggest gripe with previous versions was that combat was too missile oriented. I don't really like missiles in space combat games.

This comment was edited on Sep 17, 2010, 20:19.
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News Comments > Formula 1 2010 Trailer
6. Re: Formula 1 2010 Trailer Sep 15, 2010, 18:35 Aero
I'm looking forward to it, but I worry it's walking the dangerous path between an arcade racer and a sim racer. I mostly like sims, though I do enjoy a good pure arcade racer from time to time, but the area in between usually brings me no joy. I am willing to accept a softer approach to realism, but I still want it to handle like an actual car. Hopefully this will fill the bill.

Especially with the recent release of Ferrari Virtual Academy, which has really brilliant physics (but that's about it), it would be hard to change over to something where the cars drive like a hovercraft.

That said, there hasn't been a commercial F1 project for PC's in so many years now, anything is welcome.

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News Comments > Formula 1 2010 Trailer
2. Re: Formula 1 2010 Trailer Sep 15, 2010, 13:43 Aero
Last I heard, there wasn't going to be a demo. Some excuse or other about the FIA not allowing it (though it beats me why not). I can't put my finger to a source for this though.  
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News Comments > House, M.D. & Demo Released
1. Re: House, M.D. & Demo Released Sep 13, 2010, 21:28 Aero
Er... okay.

Anyways... this made me think: a remake of that old surgery game (Life and Death, I believe), with modern bells and whistles might be a really interesting game. With fancy graphics and physics.... well, maybe it wouldn't be a game for me, but I can see potential there for a lot of people. Probably would be good on an iPad or Wii. It could probably have significant applications as a training tool, too, were it detailed enough.

But it would be gross (GPU accelerated jiggly guts physics Freak )
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News Comments > NVIDIA Mafia II Offer
11. Re: NVIDIA Mafia II Offer Aug 27, 2010, 18:45 Aero

Yeah, well, I'm enjoying it. And in all fairness my system is having trouble running it - I had to remove a number of APEX files to make it playable - but it now runs okay with the occasional few seconds pause. So long as I'm not holding down a key the pause passes fairly quickly

I've found that the performance degrades severely after a couple hours of playing. Likely a memory leak or similar flaw. A number of other people have reported the same behavior on their forums. Restarting clears it up. Annoying and hopefully sorted with a patch, but for the time being, it's just serving to remind me that I've been playing too long.

All things considered, I get excellent performance. On a 9800GTX and E8400, I get a consistent 50-60 fps at 1920x1080 with the details on max, but without Physx and no AA. I get occasional little stutters when I'm booking it across the city, but nothing you could take offense at.

I'm really digging it too. I dunno what the deal with that 4/10 Eurogamer review is about. It made some valid points to be sure, but seems to me that someone probably just has an axe to grind for whatever reason. I'd probably give it an 8.5 myself. It's not spectacular or groundbreaking in any way, but it does what it says on the tin very well.

My biggest gripe is that it doesn't support a wheel without jumping through a lot of preposterous hoops. That's how I played the first one and it makes the driving much, MUCH more enjoyable. I don't see how or why they left that out. Though it would be nice, I don't need fancy FFB or anything, just standard generic control configuration. Maybe they'll add that in some time, though I'll probably be done with the game by then.

Other than that, the firefights and cover system work very well, and the fistfight system works well for what it is (a little too easy perhaps once you get the rhythm down, though).

The city is fantastic looking. They did a really brilliant job with that. It's by far the most impressive looking open-world city I've ever seen. Lots of character to it and nice detail. It could use a little more variety in the pedestrians though.

Anyways... the only way I could see someone being totally disappointed in it is if they were expecting it to be something it isn't trying to be.

It is a linear game. That's perfectly fine with me. It would be great in a different way if they made a sandbox game along similar lines, but that's not what this is.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Mafia II
87. Re: Ships Ahoy - Mafia II Aug 24, 2010, 20:40 Aero
I don't get too worked up over piracy itself. I was a dumb kid once too, but the self righteous justification is annoying as hell. Posting about how you pirate games on a public forum just makes me think of that broke, unemployed friend from high school that comes and crashes on your couch for a week, eats all your food, smokes all your cigarettes, and then gets drunk (on your beer) and launches into some diatribe about how evil capitalism is and how he's too good to work for The Man. Nobody likes that guy, and everybody knows one.

We're right to chastise that sort. That's how we promote and pass on proper mores. If the prevailing attitude was that piracy was justified, everything would actually come crashing down like the industry doomsayers are always doomsaying.

Anyways, I'm digging the game so far. It's nothing extraordinary, but it's very solid all around (I'd say the 8-8.5 reviews nailed it). I'd probably recommend the patient sort waiting for it to drop to $30 or so. I'm willing to bet there will be a Steam sale along those lines in the coming weeks.

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News Comments > Mafia II Roundtable Interview
10. Re: Mafia II Roundtable Interview Aug 23, 2010, 20:57 Aero
I'm a little disappointed by the general meh-ness of the reviews, though I'll surely buy it anyways. I'm a little confused about the "not being an open world game" thing (mind you, I haven't really been following the previews). I rather just assumed it would be the same as the first, which at least at the time, I considered to be an open world game.

It's not clear whether they mean "not open" as in there aren't any side quests or other things to do in the city, or whether it's segmented into different levels. If it's the former, I don't care. The whole running amok in a city doing random things hasn't held much interest for me since GTA3 (and the whole dating/hanging-out-with-friends thing in GTA4 put me right off that game). I would be disappointed if each mission had it's own unique limited area though (maybe... depending on how they did it). Come to think of it, I recall there being some separate levels in the first one as well for the many of the missions themselves, like when you were chasing the guy in the big yellow car on country roads. Worked reasonably well there.

I'm also wondering if the controls will be similarly configurable to the first. I played that one with a steering wheel slightly off to the side on my desk to drive with and it worked fantastically. The wheel I have now though is a much more elaborate force-feedback affair that doesn't share a desk well, so that might not work out. It would be pretty cool if it had proper physics-based steering wheel force feedback though.

Anyways... I'm just musing as I decide whether to buy it now or wait for it to come down in price. Odds are if I'm taking the time to post something like this, I probably will just buy it tomorrow regardless.

edit: NM, screw it. I bought it. Why not. First time I've ever pre-ordered anything via Steam. Hopefully it will just automatically download tonight while I sleep. Presuming it's released at midnight.

This comment was edited on Aug 23, 2010, 21:19.
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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Space Combat Trailer
1. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Space Combat Trailer Aug 18, 2010, 18:43 Aero
Well... that only goes to illustrate how incredibly kickass a genuine X-Wing style Star Wars game *could* be.  
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News Comments > Rumor: The Old Republic Space Combat on Rails?
21. Re: Rumor: The Old Republic Space Combat on Rails? Aug 8, 2010, 23:10 Aero
I find this a little tough to swallow. I can see it being simplified in many ways, but I really can't envision them going down the rail shooter route. I hope not anyways. These days, that sort of approach is well below the bottom of the barrel.

If it does turn out to be just manning turrets on larger ships, that's a disappointment for sure and shows the space portion is more of a tacked-on minigame, but at least it isn't ridiculous as it would be with fighters.

I think something WASD+Mouse like Freelancer would probably be ideal. It's straightforward, anyone who has played an FPS can figure it out, and you don't need a joystick or anything. While not quite as good as a full-on space sim like X-Wing with a joystick, it checks most of the right boxes. In truth, it probably even is a more effective control scheme than a joystick, but it does kill the immersion a bit and goes against the WW2 dogfight inspiration for the Star Wars space fights.
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News Comments > Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Available Worldwide
3. Re: Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Available Worldwide Jul 24, 2010, 10:22 Aero
So, crazy aside, is it any good?  
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News Comments > Alien Swarm Patched
6. Re: Alien Swarm Patched Jul 22, 2010, 18:09 Aero
I'll try that, thanks a lot for the link.

eRe4s3r wrote on Jul 22, 2010, 09:15:
There is in the console -> asw_controls 0
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News Comments > Alien Swarm Patched
3. Re: Alien Swarm Patched Jul 22, 2010, 07:03 Aero
Is there a way to configure the controls so that the movement directions are relative to my character/cursor rather than the cardinal directions?  
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News Comments > Free Alien Swarm Release
33. Re: Free Alien Swarm Release Jul 20, 2010, 19:08 Aero
That's a fun shooter. Good Stuff.

My first time, in the first mission, I was on the elevator and hit the 'G' key, thinking this was going to launch a grenade or something at all the critters climbing up the shaft, but as it turns out, that is the throw-your-gun-off-the-elevator button. Don't be quick to judge though, it's all just part of the grand strategy, you see.
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News Comments > Deep Shadows Games Translated
5. Re: Deep Shadows Games Translated Jun 7, 2010, 18:44 Aero
I was actually looking forward to both of these games in a way. They were ambitious if nothing else. Prescursors looked to be the more interesting of the two, but I've heard White Gold is a disaster.

What's the scoop? Worth going to the effort of importing copies of either?
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News Comments > Ubisoft DRM Analysis
2. Re: Ubisoft DRM Analysis May 30, 2010, 15:49 Aero
I'm willing to accept a little bit of obtrusiveness from a DRM scheme, provided that scheme actually works. That's the root of my objection to DRM in general. I wouldn't be all that opposed to these constant connection schemes if they really did prevent piracy. But they don't, and until they do, I won't think twice about any game that uses them. Of course, that's pretty unlikely, so better to just drop it entirely.  
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