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News Comments > Battlefield 3 Community Town Hall Summit
7. Re: Battlefield 3 Community Town Hall Summit Oct 23, 2011, 17:36 Aero
Still on the fence with this one, though I will surely buy it eventually.

I didn't try the beta, nor have I seriously played a Battlefield game online since BF2 (played BBC2 sp, and tried online a couple times but didn't stick with it). Videos I saw of he beta being played demonstrated everything I didn't like about BF2. Though it has the potential to be one of the best gaming experiences ever, that only works with good players, and there aren't many of those. Instead you get a bunch of snipers playing their own individual deathmatch game, aircraft inexpertly piloted straight into the ground, and some guy spinning around in circles and shooting everything that moves.

And I had given up before the large scale cheating started.

So, pretty much I'm waiting to hear what the single player is like. If it has a decent SP element, I'm in for sure. I even had a lot of fun with BF2's bots now and again. They weren't much of a challenge, but it was a good shooting gallery experience. I suspect BF2 will have an SP element more along the lines of BBC2, which would be kind of a shame for replayability.

That way, if the MP works out okay, that's just a bonus. I'm not a big MP FPS guy in general anymore, but I will say the few times I was in a full BF2 server with serious (but not too serious), mature players, that was just gaming bliss.
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News Comments > Batman: Arkham City Specs
3. Re: Batman: Arkham City Specs Oct 21, 2011, 22:55 Aero
Been debating whether to pick this up for the PC or the PS3. The PS3 has the benefit of being out now and I can trade in some old games to get it cheaper. The PC obviously will have better graphics, and I prefer my Xbox360 controller to my PS3 controller.

Hard to say. PC version is cheaper too.
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
1. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Oct 17, 2011, 21:05 Aero
First I'd heard of the Newegg-Lucent thing, and I don't give a damn about it, but it's worth pointing out that City of Industry is the coolest name for a city ever.  
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News Comments > C.A.R.S. Crowdfunding
3. Re: C.A.R.S. Crowdfunding Oct 12, 2011, 11:03 Aero
One time payment.  
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News Comments > RAGE Interview
20. Re: RAGE Interview Oct 4, 2011, 23:49 Aero
Agent.X7 wrote on Oct 4, 2011, 22:39:
The graphics are impressive if you haven't played a video game since the 90s. Seriously, there are parking meters and other objects that are so blurry and smeared that it hurts my eyes to look at them. It's bad.

While true that if you focus on individual scenery objects, they can be lacking in texture detail. IMO, it more than makes up for it in variety and the cohesion of the scene as a whole. Many games have a lot of detail in, say, a parking meter, but then the scene built up of those objects looks like a cut-and-paste job. Like one artist built a bunch of objects, and then another assembled them into a scene. Rage, on the other hand, looks like an artist just created a scene with near complete freedom, and I think the end result is better. You do pay for that in that you can't read the serial number on a parking meter, but everywhere you go in Rage it always feels like a unique environment, not more of the same objects arranged in a different way. The "big picture" is better.

I personally spend more time considering the environment as a whole rather than closely examining individual objects. It's an aesthetics thing. You are not wrong, though, in your appraisal of the quality of a parking meter in Rage.

It will all come down to what you notice when you play, and of course, different people will notice different things. I personally think it's a pretty big step forward for this sort of game, but it obviously does not come without a cost in some regards.
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News Comments > RAGE Interview
10. Re: RAGE Interview Oct 4, 2011, 22:16 Aero
I dunno, I'm really enjoying Rage so far. I suspect it must be a victim of over hype (which for this, was unavoidable really, but I pretty much entirely ignored). It did take a little twiddling to make it run the way I wanted at first, and some of it was counter-intuitive, but once that was behind me, I was having a lot of fun. Good, solid shooter mechanics (not at all like Brink, which had pretty broken shooter mechanics IMO).

I think the graphics are very, very impressive and the framerate is pretty well perfect. Sometimes the texturing on objects isn't as sharp as more traditional engines, but the overall effect and cohesion of the megatexture stuff more than makes up for it IMO.

I do get that small flicker of texture pop up in the periphery when panning quickly, but it only lasts for a frame or two and I don't even really notice it anymore, so I call it a fair trade off for the graphics quality otherwise.

For the sake of other folks who may not have tried it yet, for my system (GTX 580, 2600K) I had to do the following:

*Set AF to "application controlled" (otherwise I get seams on the geometry) and force vsync on in the Nvidia CP.
*Run the in-game AA at 8x rather than 16x AA (gives sharper textures, presumably auto-detail scales back to account for the extra AA, took me a bit to notice this).
*Enable "GPU Transcoding" in the game options.
*I also created the /id software/rage/ folders in my appdata folder because I read this improved things somewhere, but I dunno if it changed anything.
*I'm using NV driver version 285.37 beta.

Anyways, I can understand people having technical details being upset, and gameplay-wise it surely isn't anything revolutionary, but I don't really get how much some people are hating on it. Too each his own, of course, though.

edit: Oh, and I probably should point out, I did not like Borderlands much at all, so didn't play it much. That could be part of it too. I do see the similarities there.
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News Comments > More id RAGE Midnight Madness
8. Re: More id RAGE Midnight Madness Oct 3, 2011, 21:31 Aero
I'm pretty excited. Since I 12 years old playing Wolf3D, a major id release was a Big Deal. In fact, memories of my adolescence can almost be partitioned around id releases.

Of course, it isn't nearly the same these days. I don't really get all that excited about video games in general anymore, and my expectations aren't all that high, but there is definitely a little part of me that has that same feeling when I was running home with the shareware version of Doom on a couple of floppies, or waiting the hour or so it took to download the five-odd megabyte Quake test demo (god, that seemed to never end).

Good times.
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
14. Re: Sunday Consolidation Oct 3, 2011, 00:41 Aero
I started off with inverted mouse aim, but ten years ago or so I forced myself to switch because every once in a while there would be a game that didn't let you choose which way to do it. It was rare, but happened often enough and was frustrating enough that it was worth switching.

It took a while to get used to it, and it pissed me off a lot at first, but I managed.

Now my problem is that I still want to use joysticks and thumbsticks in the inverted fashion, so I just can't cope with first person shooters on consoles. Third person games aren't a problem though, and I still do those inverted. I'm not really sure why, but I suspect it's because there is translational motion to the camera rather than just rotational.
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News Comments > Max Payne 3 Bullet Time Features to Expand
5. Re: Max Payne 3 Bullet Time Features to Expand Oct 2, 2011, 13:58 Aero
This is a little concerning. What I found so nice about bullet time was how simple it was. Press the bullet time button, and you just slide dive and roll around all John Woo style simply by pressing the jump button.

I don't want it to get too complicated. If they can stick in *some* context sensitive stuff in there (like, say, diving over a ledge or sliding under a table), that could be cool if it's well implemented, but I don't want it to get too complicated. And, *for the love of god*, I do not want anything that takes over control like pre-animated automated multiple take downs... which is exactly what it probably is.

I surely believe they could find some cool ways to improve it, but if taken too far, it could SCREW things up in a big way.

Additional: What was cool about MP1 and MP2, was that it sort of became like the Tony Hawk games with the bullet time. It had replay value simply because killing a room full of bad guys wasn't just about clearing obstacles, but clearing them with style and creativity. Too heavy on the context stuff, and we'll end up with rooms where there is some preconceived way to use bullet time to get through, and there is no longer player creativity and a lot of the fun goes away.

This comment was edited on Oct 2, 2011, 14:04.
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News Comments > Red Orchestra 2 Patched
3. Re: Red Orchestra 2 Patched Sep 23, 2011, 00:17 Aero
EddieTheHack wrote on Sep 22, 2011, 23:20:
so were still waiting on the patch that makes the game not suck...

Yeah, that would be nice. Surely it will come one day though.

It will probably cost $20 by then though, so I probably should have waited.
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News Comments > New Via Digital Distribution
1. Re: New Via Digital Distribution Sep 15, 2011, 20:53 Aero
Star Control 3 should be wiped from existence. Forgotten forever.

What a travesty.


Not to be entirely negative, if you've never played Starcon2, you should. It's free these days.

This comment was edited on Sep 15, 2011, 21:04.
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News Comments > Take On Helicopters Next Month, Preorders Get Beta Access
4. Re: Take On Helicopters Next Month, Preorders Get Beta Access Sep 15, 2011, 16:13 Aero
Yeah, it could be good. They definitely have the graphics engine for it, so with a better flight model it could end up being a hell of a simulator.

It's been a while since we've had a good helicopter sim. Black Shark is okay, but a little bit too hardcore for me.
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News Comments > Game Reviews
6. Re: Game Reviews Sep 14, 2011, 12:44 Aero
That RO2 review is pretty harsh, but I can't say I disagree with it. Presumably it will improve with time.

It just doesn't quite work. The mixture of arcade and sim elements ends up much, much less than the sum of the parts.

It does get a lot of things right though, so I have hope for it yet.
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News Comments > Max Payne 3 Trailer
3. Re: Max Payne 3 Trailer Sep 14, 2011, 12:37 Aero
Oooooh, nice. Please, be good. I don't see any particular reason to believe it won't be. It's not like it's a series that would suffer all that much from consolitis, provided they get the technical details right. Please get the technical details right.  
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Red Orchestra 2; Free Content Plans Unveiled
5. Re: Ships Ahoy - Red Orchestra 2; Free Content Plans Unveiled Sep 13, 2011, 23:11 Aero
Yeah, the bots suck. Though if they could fix the whole multiple bots (or player) occupying the same space, that would go a long way.  
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Red Orchestra 2; Free Content Plans Unveiled
1. Re: Ships Ahoy - Red Orchestra 2; Free Content Plans Unveiled Sep 13, 2011, 19:01 Aero
How's the single player mode? Same as multi-but with bots, a la Battlefield 2? If so, are the bots any good?  
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News Comments > Dead Island Patched
26. Re: Dead Island Patched Sep 7, 2011, 07:43 Aero
Thanks everyone who mentioned the priority thing. That sorted out every problem I was having and it runs flawlessly all the time now.

I dunno, I think it's great. I'm still in the first act though, and I hear it's later on that it falls apart more. I would actually call it a $40 or less game at this point, just a step below a big AAA title so far as production value is concerned.

Of course, it isn't worth anything if you're one of the people who is having insurmountable stability difficulties, so it's definitely worth giving it some time.
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News Comments > Dead Island Patched
8. Re: Dead Island Patched Sep 6, 2011, 22:52 Aero
I bought it against all better judgement, and so far (about two hours in), I'm having quite a bit of fun to be honest. It is definitely very rough though. I haven't had any game breaking problems like crashing, but the framerate is sometimes inconsistent on high-ish end hardware, and I get little half second pauses every few minutes that are kind of annoying.

Exploring and fighting the zombies, though, that's a lot of fun. The melee system works very well--about as well as an fps melee system can. Usually it's brilliant, but can get a bit dodgy when you're being swarmed from all sides. I would like the weapons to last about three or four times longer than they do. Perhaps that will be modded or something (wondering about the online thing though).

I also think the graphics are pretty damn good. Nothing ground breaking or technologically impressive, but good nonetheless.

It's kind of a shame really. If they had a couple more months to work on it, it probably would have ended up a fairly highly rated and well remembered game.
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News Comments > Game Reviews
22. Re: Game Reviews Sep 6, 2011, 08:04 Aero
This is the third incidence in the last two months I've seen where the Steam release or update of a game was an incorrect executable version (usually a slightly older build).

Anyways, people that have tried it, would you say it is more in line with the mid 80's PC reviews or the lower generic (Xbox) reviews?
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News Comments > Game Reviews
12. Re: Game Reviews Sep 5, 2011, 19:25 Aero
Ah, I hate that. Interesting that one of the PC reviews says the hit detection is excellent, whereas the Xbox ones all bitched about the hit detection. Given that hit detection is ultimately the single most important game mechanic for an fps melee game, that's significant in itself. I can also easily see such a game with very fine grained location location based damage being more or less wasted on a game pad, and probably also hugely (HUGELY) frustrating.

Also, none of the reviews are (presumably) based upon the most recent (day 1 patch) version.

Maybe there's a chance for this one yet. I do so want it to be good.

Fion wrote on Sep 5, 2011, 17:57:
Note that these are all Xbox 360 reviews. If you go to Metacritic the PC reviews are scoring quite a bit higher, in the mid 80% for the most part. Considering the game was made with PC as it's primary platform, I don't wonder if the team that converted it for consoles just did a shit job doing so.

This comment was edited on Sep 5, 2011, 19:30.
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